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30+ Creative Boy’s Bedroom Ideas That Will Make Him Adore In 2022

30+ Creative Boy's Bedroom Ideas That Will Make Him Adore In 2022

No matter how old your child is, our collection of the best boy’s bedroom ideas will help you find a design scheme that he will adore. Because growing boys require their own personal area in which to explore and experiment with their creative energy.

Our extensive list will play around with different youthful themes, color schemes, and room sizes so that you can find the look that is perfect for your kid’s bedroom.

Allow your son’s personality to shine through with our design schemes that will have them feeling good about their space.  

Top Boy’s Bedroom Design Ideas

1.Bring The Fun Playground With A Swinging Bed

A Swinging Bed: boy's bedroom ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the best modern boy’s construction bedroom ideas is this fun and architecturally neat swinging bed design.

Using a full-size mattress, you can create a hanging canopy using a strong wooden base that is as unique looking as it is relaxing. Create a calming zen space by decorating using greenery and light colors that open up space. 

How to DIY hanging bed

2.Hang Inspired Sports for Boy’s Bedroom

Inspired Sports
(Source: Madebymood.com)

Boys will be boys and you want a room that will reflect this. What better way than by setting up a punching bag that adds to the sports vibes that many boys love creating in their room.

You can hang the punching bag in a corner area that your son can easily get to and practice on. For an added touch, you can add some artwork that appeals to great fighters like Muhammed Ali or Mike Tyson. 

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3.Pastel Color Palette

Pastel Color Palette for cool boy's bedroom ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Who says a pastel color pallet can’t work for a boy’s room? To pull this look off, use light hues of brown, yellow, grey, blue, or any other color that highlights your child’s personality.

Use main pieces like curtains, desk furniture, and a rug to play around with the pastel color scheme. You can even create a pastel theme that brings out inspiration in your child too! 

4.Make Tropical Ideas for Your Son Bedroom

Make Tropical Ideas for Your Son Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A tropical-inspired bedroom can be a simple yet amazing way to create an adventurous environment that is calming and refreshing. To pull off this jungle look, you can use a living mini tree and other potted plants that bring out the greenery in the room.

A bedspread set that plays around with the tropical theme can be a great way to tie the room together as well. Because greenery can be dark, be sure to add an ample amount of light colors too!

5.A Mature Foundation with Dodgers-themed

A Mature Foundation with Dodgers-themed
(Source: Pinterest)

The Dodgers are an American professional baseball team based in Los Angeles, and if your child is like a lot of boys around the U.S., then your teen boy might love a warm Dodgers-themed room.

The splash of blue can offer a chic yet inspirational sophistication that will encourage your boy to chase his dreams. 

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6.Choose A Nautical theme Ideas for Boy’s Bedroom 

A Nautical theme Ideas for boy's bedroom ideas
(Source: Platt’s Beach House Furnishings)

A classic design theme that you absolutely cannot go wrong with is a nautical decor style for your son.

Using bright blue hues, easy to put together accessories, and personalized beach canvas artwork, you can create a space that is not only relaxing and refreshing but will give your child vacation vibes all year long. 

7.Create A Ship Bed for Boy’s Sleeping Space

A Ship Bed for Boy Sleeping Space
(Source: HomeDecorMastery)

If your boy is all about child’s play, then a fun ship bed can be a great accent piece to put in your child’s bedroom.

Not only will this unique bed allow them to play around in their pirate ship dreams, but it serve as an amazing centerpiece for the room.

Add in some nautical pieces and you have a room that’s perfect for a child with a sense of adventure! 

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8.A Kid area rug are movable accents 

A Kid toys rug are movable accents: boy's bedroom ideas
(Source: AliExpress)

A 3D rug can be a cool and impressive way to design the floor space of your son’s bedroom.

If your boy is like many, then chances are he loves getting down on the ground and playing with all his favorite toys.

Having an interactive rug like a trending galaxy rug can be a neat way for him to explore his sense of imagination and exploration. 

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9.Display Favorite Toys for Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

Favorite Toys for boy's bedroom ideas
(Source: Livingetc)

One of the best rooms is boy’s rooms that play around with bits of nostalgia. This next design idea takes the aesthetic of modern contemporary toys and blends them with design ideas that create fun.

Imaginative space that can also serve as a playroom for any baby boy bedroom. Using shelves and ceiling fixtures, you can display all your boy’s favorite toys in a way that is functional yet decorative. 

10.Graphic Pillows

Graphic Pillows for boy's bedroom ideas
(Source: The Creativity Exchange)

You can create a simply cozy, personalized space for your boy that revolves around the love your family shares. Use plenty of warm colors including orange, and brown.

If you want to create a more sophisticated space, use mixtures of black, white, and grey to create a mature space that retains all the cozy feels.

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11.Display Vintage Sports Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

Display Vintage Sports Boys Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a vintage and rustic skate room using different elements that every skater boy will love.

You can use functional pieces like a guitar, skateboard, and even vintage sports memorabilia as ways to decorate the space.

If your child competes and has medals and awards for his achievements, these too can be used as decor pieces as they fit well with the vintage, rustic look. 

 12.Create With Custom Bunk Beds 

Custom Bunk Beds for boy's bedroom ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Custom bunk beds are a modern way to save space in smaller bedrooms. Although they were designed to be extremely functional, they can also be incredibly fun to design and put together.

Because they can be limited to smaller-sized rooms, it’s best to play with bright colors that will help to open up space. 

13.Hang A Fun Chair

A Fun Chair
(Source: VisualHunt)

Having a fun chair In your child’s room can be a unique way to create a pretty calming and relaxing spacing without putting in too much effort.

A fun chair can take on any design and you can find one that blends well with the existing decor of the room. Hanging chairs are a fun design to start with, but using funky styles and fun colors can be another great avenue to go with. 

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14.A Special Bed With a slide

A Special Bed With a slide
(Source: Foter)

One of the cooler bed designs you can create in your child’s bedroom is one that uses a bed with a slide.

This fun addition will make your son’s bedroom the best hangout spot in the house. This interactive design works best in bedrooms of younger boys, but who’s to say an upper elementary boy won’t get a kick out of it either! 

15.A Privacy Bedroom with Curtains

A Privacy Bedroom with Curtains
(Source: Amazon)

If you have a large space, you can use a curtain to divide the area up. Using a curtain wall allows you to split the room into two functional spaces.

One can be used for sleeping, and the other can be a reading nook. In both areas, you can create a cozy feeling by adding elements like books, personalized decor, and other objects that enhance the overall appeal of the room.

Using the curtain to close off the reading nook area of the room can also help create an inviting area that will make it easier for your child to fall asleep. 

16.A Platform Bed with Drawers 

A Platform Bed with Drawers for boy's bedroom ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A platform bed with drawers is a genius way to design your child’s space, especially if storage is something your child’s room absolutely needs.

The platform of the bed can incorporate storage bins and drawers and can be a graceful way to end the clutter if your child is prone to it. 

How to DIY platform bed for any kid’s room

17.Boy’s Bedroom with Lego Set Ideas 

Boy Bedroom with Lego Set Ideas 
(Source: Wall Art Kids)

One of the most iconic toys of any boy’s childhood is a proper Lego set. A Lego-inspired room is the perfect design scheme for little kids who love building and playing around.

This gorgeous theme is so fun because it is functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Incorporate Lego designs on the wall, on the bedding, and on the flooring. Plus any structures your child builds can also serve as a decor element.

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18.Use Old Items to Build Up Your Boy’s Bedroom Ideas

Use Old Items to Build Up Your boy's bedroom ideas
(Source: Appie.org)

If you are on a budget, then one of the best design ideas is a vintage custom room decorated with repurposed items like unique artwork, a boxed TV, and other warm and nostalgic elements.

Hunt through thrift shops and even your attic to find useful decor items. This vintage-inspired look can create a friendly space that will certainly allow your child’s imagination to run wild. 

19.A Bedroom as a Playroom 

A Bedroom as a Playroom
cool boy's bedroom ideas
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

One of the best types of bedrooms is the ones that can double up as playrooms too. In your child’s bedroom, put together different athletic elements including a climbing wall, a mountain mural, a mini rope course, and other sports elements that will keep your boy engaged and active. 

If you use light colors, you can create a calming and relaxing space that is great for his mental health as well! 

How to Make an Indoor Climbing Wall

20.Animal Theme 

Animal Theme 
(Source: Pinterest)

An animal theme using jungle-inspired toys is always a fun idea to design with. Use elements from the jungle including a teddy bear, a giraffe plush statue, and other animals your child considers to be a favorite.

If you have twins or kiddos who bunk together, get their input as well to create a cooler space for them that they will love. 

21.Add Baskets to Upgrade Your Boy Bedroom

Add Baskets to Upgrade Your Boy Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the easiest ways to solve clutter in your boy’s bedroom is by incorporating different storage elements. Hanging baskets is a simple way to encourage your child to keep his room clean.

Use different colored baskets depending on the color scheme of the space and you’ll find that this unique idea is not so far out there. 

22.Design Using Unique Lighting

Design Using Unique Lighting
(Source: Pinterest)

The lighting in your child’s room can also serve as a unique design method. You can light up your kiddo’s room using unique sconces, beautiful lighting fixtures, and inspirational decor elements including aircraft lights.

Find the best lighting fixture for your child’s room using the theme that is already in place. 

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23.TreeHouse Bunk Bed

TreeHouse Bunk Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

A treehouse-inspired playhouse and bunk bed is a fun and creative way to design the anchor element of your boy’s room.

This playful design idea works for boys of all ages. All you have to do is incorporate other elements that your child loves. For example, if your son is a sports enthusiast, you can decorate the playhouse with sports memorabilia and collectible items. 

24.Gaming Boy’s Bedroom Ideas 

Gaming Boy Bedroom Ideas 
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a gamer on your hands, then they are sure to love this room. A gaming-inspired room will need a spacious desk area complete with a gamer’s chair.

Use their favorite games as wall decor ideas and darker color schemes for the bedding. Other trending design elements for this teen boy’s bedroom include bold and colorful light fixtures that allow your child to relax when they are done gaming. 

25.Master Boy’s Bedroom with Outdoor Spaces

Master Boy Bedroom with Outdoor Spaces
(Source: Pinterest)

A boy’s master room that has an opening to the outside can be a fun room to design. Use the glass in the room as a way to create a luxurious aesthetic and calming environment.

If the room is overlooking certain landscapes such as the ocean or the forest, use those elements to design the room as well. 

26.Boy’s Bedroom Ideas with Galaxy vibe

Galaxy Vibe Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Joe Vialls)

A galaxy and space-inspired room can be a great theme because it creates wonder, fascination, and curiosity in any boy.

Decorate with elements such as a galaxy mural complete with all the planets and stars. You can also incorporate canvases that highlight certain spaceships like the Challenger or even SpaceX rockets. 

27.Make It Cleaner with White Furniture

Make It Cleaner with White Furniture
(Source: Petit& Small)

White furniture is a great way to brighten up a room. This clean style is sleek, calming, and relaxing. To pull this look off, use white furniture including a white desk, white bed, and a white rug.

You can use slight touches of black in the bedding and artwork to help emphasize certain parts of the room as well. 

28.Ceiling-mounted Cargo Climbing Net

Ceiling-mounted Cargo Climbing Net
(Source: Decoist)

A ceiling-mounted cargo climbing net is a cool way to entertain your growing boy whenever they spend time in their room.

This amazing design idea will not only be a favorite of your child, but it will also be a great way to help them get their energy out as well. 

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29.Super Hero Costume Corner for Your Son

Super Hero Costume Corner for Your Son
(Source: DIY Network)

A superhero corner for your little man to play dress-up is a fun and creative way to allow your child to explore their imagination.

To pull this look off, all you need is a little bit of DIY and a lot of images of your own. Create the space using superhero artwork and a superhero color theme like blue and red. 

30.Use Tyre to Make Custom Chair

Use Tyre to Make Custom Chair
(Source: Pinterest)

Get creative in your seating fixtures by using old car tires to create cool seating placements for your boy. This great design idea can be a great addition to your child’s reading nook. They are sure to love it and stay hanging out in it for hours!

How to DIY Kids Seating Using A Tyre


We hope our list of fantastic boy’s bedroom ideas will spark you and your son’s imagination so that you can create an area where they will surely find inspiration and curiosity in.

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below what your favorite design idea from our list is!

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