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23+ Trendy Boho Bedroom Ideas to Get in Touch with Your Earthy Side

boho bedroom ideas

A boho bedroom is a specific style that plays around with a lot of different core elements that are all rooted in natural, earthy themes. This means playing around with Earthy tones such as light brown, white, tan, and orange.

This style of bedroom is all about connecting to the Earth and some popular design pieces that help this theme achieve that are by using materials including wicker, rattan, and plenty of houseplants.

If you want to create a sleeping space that is calm, relaxing, and at times simplistic, then a boho bedroom can be a great design theme to consider. 

This aesthetic bedroom design has helped us generate a list that plays with all sorts of boho elements today. Because of that, we’re going to take a look at some of the best boho-inspired bedroom themes that play around with bohemian style.

Whether you want a room that has a twist of gypsy elements, cultural design, touches of boho chic, or something that just matches your hippie spirit, you have come to the right place.

Let’s take a look at some of the best trending bohemian-inspired bedrooms for you to look at.

1.French Boho Bedroom Decor

French-Inspired Bedroom Decor
(Source: oldbrandnew)

You can create a beautiful boho French-inspired bedroom by using accents and vibrant colors that appeal to classic Parisian style.

Rich colors along this color spectrum can play a great role in giving your bedroom the feeling of French vibrancy.

When it comes to the wall decor, play around with famous French paintings and vibrant artwork to help dress up your French-inspired bedroom.

2.Witchy Boho Bedroom Decor 

Witchy Decoration in Sleeping Space  
(Source: Houzz)

You can have a lot of fun with a witchy boho-inspired bedroom decor theme. A look like this will rely heavily on using natural elements as decor pieces.

This means including pieces like a Himalayan salt lamp, stones that radiate energy, and even wall decor like fragmented mirrors that show the moon phases.

Don’t be afraid to use colorful design elements either. You can do this by using vibrant accent pillows and beddings to help infuse color into this witchcraft-inspired boho design style.

3.Black and White Boho Bedroom

Black and White Boho Bedroom
(Source: theloomia)

A bohemian-style bedroom that focuses on a black and white color scheme can be such an elegant decor to put together if you like a mix of boho and elegance.

There are different ways you can pull this together but one of the best is by using a simple upholstered bed frame that is dressed with other modern furniture pieces.

Let the theme of the room stand out through the boho bedding and other light-colored pieces that give the room a really airy feel. This modern look is very unisex and appealing allowing it to work well in a variety of homes, for a variety of people. 

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4.Vintage Meets Bohemian Style

Vintage Meets Bohemian Style in Bedroom
(Source: bhg)

This unique boho style design theme plays with a lot of vintage elements to create an old-world space that is unique yet warm and inviting.

You can pull together a look like this by using an eclectic collection of Moroccan-inspired plaques and frames. Accentuate this cultural vibe by using Moroccan pillows too.

Play around with mahogany, bright red, and goldenrod to pull off a very vintage and antique feel throughout the room.

A style like this is all about mixing and matching different decor items all while staying in the same palette. Have fun with this look.

5.Let’s Bloom

Floral Bedroom Wall Decoration
(Source: anewall)

One of the most beautiful types of boho-inspired bedrooms is a design that plays around with a lot of floral elements. A look like this is a great kid’s boho bedroom for the girl or princess in your life.

Create an accent wall that has plenty of large blooms on it including roses and peonies. You can paint them on or use a mural or wall decal to pull that look together.

Then, incorporate other elements of colorful floral patterns through throw blankets, accent pillows, and even an accent lounge chair.

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6.Go Bold with Furniture and Interiors

Go Bold with Vibrant Bedroom Furniture and Interiors
(Source: dazeyden)

A really eye-catching and inspiring boho design theme to work with is one that plays around with a lot of colors.

Warm tones are the way to go with this look because they reflect the beautiful aura of the outdoors. Start by using an elegant velvet modern bed frame in a bold blue to center the master bedroom.

Then, incorporate multiple styles throughout the room. For example, a farmhouse ceiling, contemporary mid-century nightstands, and table lamps, and other bedroom elements that have vibrant patterns to them.

A look like this that plays with multiple styles and hues can be such a vibrant bedroom to relax in. It’s perfect for individuals who love pulling decor inspiration from the outdoors while also having a knack for color.

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7.Off White Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Off White Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas
(Source: alohaboho)

If you want to create a classic boho-inspired bedroom, then playing around with white and off-white tones will be where you want to start.

Put together a bed that has all-white linens and white pillows, and then add in elements of off-white to help brighten up the bed.

This can include a DIY knitted throw blanket, floral bouquets with pampas grass that rest in the corner, and even a bohemian circle rug that rests in the corner of your room.

Use lots of beige and tan throughout your sleeping space. The end result is a very bright and airy bedroom that is also classically boho chic.

8.Moroccan Boho Bedroom Set

Moroccan Bedroom Furniture Set
(Source: Pinterest)

This beautiful bed takes elements from a very vibrant culture. A Moroccan carved bed with a set of matching hand-carved nightstands can be beautiful centerpieces that draw attention to your bedroom.

With this carved furniture set, it’s best to accentuate it with silver decor pieces that help turn up the glam level.

This means incorporating silver light stands, silver hardware pieces in your furniture, and even silver as light fixtures and nightstand decoration. In this bedroom, the white will allow the textures of the furniture to stand out.

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9.Boho Bedroom with Scandinavian Style

Boho Bedroom with Scandinavian Style
(Source: Da Vinci Lifestyle) 

Another great culture you can infuse in your bohemian-inspired bedroom includes elements from Scandinavian interior design.

You can create a really simple and calming bedroom by using neutral tones in any way you want. A great place to start is by putting together a bed that lies really low almost like a platform bed.

Then, just place some beautiful abstract artwork or personalized canvas portraits above the bed. If you have a seating area in your room, this can be another place to display your artwork.

Keep clutter at a minimum so don’t put too many objects on top of nightstands and dressers. Instead, use storage options to keep smaller items away and out of sight.

10.Western Inspiration in Men’s Boho Bedroom

Western Inspiration in Men’s Boho Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Put together a very beautiful masculine bedroom that has overtones of rustic decor inspired by the west. A bedroom like this can work great for a bachelor pad or even a teenage boy’s bedroom.

The decorations that you’ll want to use in this room rely heavily on dark hues. Consider incorporating a dark bed frame, nightstand, and even dresser. When it comes to the fabrics in the room, play around with an even balance of dark and light hues.

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11.Beachy-Style Boho Bedroom

Beachy-Style Boho Bedroom
(Source: adoremagazine)

Put a bohemian spin on your coastal house or cottage bedroom by mixing together elements of a beach theme decor style and a contemporary decor style.

For this bedroom design, pull in natural elements including rattan and wicker. Whether it be a rattan bed frame or a rattan end of the bed bench, this natural look will lend itself really well to this style of bedroom design.

Next, use lots of sandy-toned linens and design pieces. Canvas artwork, photos, and other images should all be displayed in nice frames throughout your walls.  

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12.Minimalist Boho Bedroom with Impressive Arch Architecture

Minimalist Boho Bedroom with Impressive Arch Architecture
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really beautiful minimalistic-inspired bedroom using very simple design elements that revolve around neutral bright tones.

Pull together a look like this that is artistic yet stunning by swapping out a traditional headboard and using the natural arch of your accent wall as the headboard instead.

Headboard alternatives like this can really help set the tone of the room, and they can create a really beautiful design without requiring you to add more stuff to your bedroom.

Keep the decor within the room simple and use a beautiful tassel blanket and matching tassel pillow for the bedding.

13.Boho Rattan or Wicker

Boho Rattan or Wicker Bedroom Furniture
(Source: anthropologie)

One of the most trending looks for a teenage bedroom is a boho rattan and wicker-inspired bedroom theme. Pull this look together by using a wicker boho bed frame that is framed with tassel bedding, pillows, and blankets.

For the rest of the furniture in the room, if you have matching rattan or wicker furniture too. Then, add in some tropical plants in the corner of the room to really give off that tropical boho vibe.

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14.Use Curtains As Space Dividers

Use Curtains As Space Dividers
(Source: Pinterest)

Using curtains as space dividers in your bedroom can be a great way to create the illusion that your room is larger than it actually is.

Curtains in your bedroom can help separate off different sections of your sleeping space so that there are more elements to your bedroom than just a space where you go to sleep in.

You can use all types of textures to put together the space dividers in your bedroom.

Macrame curtains for example can be a great way to create a cozy environment that just sets a mood commanding relaxation and calm. This type of style fits in well with a boho-themed bedroom too. 

15.Bohemian Bedroom for Hippie Souls

Bohemian Bedroom for Hippie Souls
(Source: thegoodluckduck)

If you have a little bit of hippie in your soul, then this bohemian-inspired bedroom might be a great fit for you. A look like this relies on a lot of wooden elements like a wood floor, and a wooden accent wall.

Incorporate different items and fabric pieces made of gray fabric to create the really classic boho-chic environment that this decor theme is known for.

For functional design and lighting sources, consider setting up a chic candleholder beside your bed or near your entryway for that added touch of natural style.

16.The Moon Card Jumps Out

The Moon Tarot Card Tapestry for Ceiling Decor
(Source: indietapestry)

You can create a really cool boho and vintage-inspired bedroom by playing around with all things gypsy.

A really neat feature to include is a tarot card tapestry that is hung on your ceiling for aesthetic effect. Around the rest of the room, use elements of gypsy life including lots of star and moon decor elements.

17.Layered Look

Sleeping Space with Layered Look
(Source: residencestyle)

A layered look in a bedroom can be a really neat way to create a Tumblr-inspired sleeping space. A look like this will play around with a lot of different types of elements because you are layering them on top of one another.

For example, layering rugs of patterns can be a really good way to set the stage in the bedroom. Then, add in bedding that plays around with different textures, patterns, and layer those as well.

Throw in additional blankets and throw pillows to help make your bedding be a comfortable and relaxing space.

When it comes to the other elements in the room, mix and match different lighting fixtures, canvas artwork, and other elements that lend themselves well to the layering look.

18.Add Some Plants Around The Bed

Add Some Plants Around The Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

A boho-chic style relies heavily on using elements that ground the design in a natural atmosphere. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing house plants throughout your bedroom.

Having standing planters in the corner of your bedroom is a great way to start incorporating plants in your sleeping space without having them be in the way.

If you have a large window sill, setting some potted plants on top of it can be another great way to fill your bedroom with green.

19.Touches of Blue in Bohemian Style 

Bedroom with Touches of Blue in Bohemian Style 
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really beautiful shabby chic bohemian style bedroom by adding a nice touch of blue to the different pieces that make up your room.

You can start by having a really chic dresser that is painted in a distressed light navy blue. If you’d like, you can also incorporate a chic area rug as well.

When it comes to the bedding, add in this beautiful shade by using a blue throw blanket that you can set on the edge of your bed. Have a lot of fun with these touches of blue that help your bedroom pop out.

20.African Boho Chic Twist

African Boho Chic Twist in Bedroom
(Source: italianbark)

African design schemes are stunning on their own, but when you give a boho chic bedroom and African twist, you can create a really neat and unique sleeping space.

Pull together a desert theme bedroom like this one by using plenty of tribal bedroom decor and African decor. This will include furniture pieces that utilize brown and lots of African patterns.

When it comes to specific patterns, you can incorporate them through pillows or even a small chair that sits in the corner of your bedroom. The end result is a really beautiful and tribal-inspired bedroom.

21.Design Floor Cushions As A Daybed

Design Floor Cushions As A Daybed
(Source: urbanoutfitters)

Get into the nitty-gritty of what it means to live a boho-chic lifestyle by using floor cushions as a way to put together a daybed.

This comfortable mattress can be arranged any way you want, but you want to make sure it’s cozy. To do this, be sure to use lots of decorative pillows to help style the daybed.

If you already have a bed in your room, no problem. Set this day bed in a bedroom corner that also doubles up as a lounge area. This will allow you to utilize your sleeping space for more than just sleeping.

Play around with vibrant hues including navy green, goldenrod orange, and plenty of brown to help ground the space in a really natural setting. 

22.DIY Your Own Chunky Knit Blanket

DIY Your Own Chunky Knit Blanket
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the best types of decor items to incorporate in your sleeping space is one that you made all on your own.

That’s why having a DIY chunky knit blanket in your bedroom can be a really great way to create a comfy bedroom that is perfect for cuddling in during the fall and winter.

When creating a chunky knit blanket, you want to stick with earthy shades like tan, light brown, and even dark brown in order to maintain that boho chic bedroom design.

For the rest of your room, incorporate elements like rattan bedding, wicker, and lots of natural hues.

23.Boho Accents with Mud Cloth Prints

Boho Accents with Mud Cloth Prints
(Source: sheknows)

A really underrated element of a boho-inspired bedroom is mud cloth prints. This burnt orange will look really great as both wall art and on fabrics that you decorate around the room with.

This subtle pattern does not overpower a bedroom, but it does help your bedroom look really inviting and unique.

This classic tone is also a great way to warm up your bedroom if you want your sleeping space to be a cozy area too. Use it in decorative pillows, canvas art, and even area rugs. 

A boho bedroom is incredibly inviting, calm, and relaxing. It’s no wonder this is such a popular design style that many people love using in their sleeping space.

Let us know which of these styles have been your favorite and why in the comment section below.

And of course, if you know someone who loves getting in touch with the Earth, be sure to share this article with them as well. Here’s to calming bedroom decor that anyone is sure to love!

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