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22 Beautiful Blue Nursery Ideas That are Perfect for a Calming and Soothing Baby’s Room 

Blue Nursery Ideas banner
(Source: Emily Gilbert)

Are you stuck for inspiration for your baby’s room? If so, we have some fantastic blue nursery ideas to share with you. Blue has a calming hue that you will absolutely love.

We promise you a whimsical, beautiful, and gender-neutral nursery. That means the ideas will be suitable for a baby boy or girl.

Our 22 calming and soothing blue nursery ideas will incorporate different shades of blue that you can mix and match or go full scale on one palette if that is your preference.

Beautiful Blue Nursery Ideas

1. Coastal Charm

blue nursery ideas: a baby room with ocean-inspired colors and rattan furniture
(Source: Home Builders)

There is something so calming about the soft blue of the ocean. Bring that inspiration to the baby room with ocean-inspired colors and rattan furniture.

Wrap everything up with a few nautical elements. Boat baby mobiles would look great hanging from the ceiling or in strategic places within the room.

2. Navy Blue

a navy blue nursery - blue baby boy nursery ideas
(Source: Jillian Rose Photography)

Dark blue is bold and brings in an element of mystery. Use this palette for the walls. If you have a leaning towards bohemian designs, bring it out with a colorful floor or wall rag. These should contain a mix and match of deep blue and other lighter colors.

3. Baby Blue

blue nursery ideas: baby blue nursery
(Source: misskyreeloves)

Baby blue will make the room look bright and airy. Use this light blue palette on the walls. Here’s an idea: paint the lower half of the room white to make the room look larger. Add contrast with furniture containing earth tones like brown.

4. Night Sky

nursery with moon-themed inspiration: blue moon nursery
(Source: Hartendief Design)

The moonlit sky is very calming. Create the same effect in the nursery with moon-themed inspiration.

Paint the walls a dark blue. Place an eye-catching moon wall light on one wall. A canopy over the coat with fairy lights will add an adorable element to the stylish baby room.

5. Touches of Blue

Decorate a blue nursery with touches of blue
(Source: Studio McGee)

If you don’t want to go all blue, include touches of the different shades of blue. Decorative items like wall art or a dresser will look fantastic. The idea is to make the blue details stand out by providing contrast. Do this with a neutral palette like a white or grayish-themed baby nursery for a modern, classy look.

6. Fresh and Soothing Aqua

using another shade of true blue to design a fresh aqua nursery
(Source: Maisy Meow)

We love the gender-neutral look of soothing aqua. This color palette will look great in a room with big windows. You get a bright, larger-looking room, even if the space is small. Bring pops of color with decorative elements like pillows or wall hangings.

7. Light Blue

a nursery with light blue and white color palette
(Source: Jane Merritt)

Are you looking for a bright baby room without using white on the nursery walls? Well, try light blue instead. Keep the theme running with the curtains and floor as well. The space will look clean and contemporary.

Here’s an idea. Shop for interesting wall paintings to add excitement to the walls.

8. Cobalt Blue

cobalt blue nursery
(Source: Rebecca Sanabria Photography)

Cobalt blue is a rich hue and will look great in the baby’s room. It can, however, be overwhelming if you use it on all the walls. So, provide plenty of contrast with a much lighter color with the furniture and wall hangings. An alternative is to use the paint color on an accent wall.

9. Hints of Blue

dusty blue nursery
(Source: suzannahstanley)

Create a focal point in the baby room with dusty blue. The beautiful color will work well as an accent wall. Maintain a simple minimalist style to draw attention to the focal point.

Earthy tones or neutral palettes on other elements will bring out the beauty of the unique dusty color.

10. Half-Wall Treatment

blue nursery idea with Half-Wall Treatment
(Source: Laure Joliet Photography)

Do you want to make the baby room look more vibrant? Then, go for the half-wall paint treatment. Keep the top portion light and the lower half a darker blue palette. The inspiration works very well in a small room due to the space-enhancing effect.

Create an accent wall with bold patterns featuring both colors to make it more fun.

11. Show a Feminine Side

blue nursery idea: make it more feminine with blue floral patterns
(Source: mollyburtondesigns)

Do you feel that a blue nursery would be too much for your baby girl? Well, make it more feminine with floral patterns. You can get some awesome wallpapers to help you achieve the look. Don’t be afraid to do the same with the floor rug.

12. In the Sky

blue nursery with sky and clouds theme
(Source: anewall)

Want a bit of whimsical in the baby girl nursery? Well, here’s how to go about it. Choose an accent wall and paint it sky blue complete with some clouds. Include plenty of furry elements like cuddly pink toys or even the floor rug. Use the same theme for the cot beddings as well.

13. Vintage Lines 

blue baby room idea - mixing and matching blue and red
(Source: cameron ruppert interiors)

The vintage design is bold and forever classic. Achieve this in the nursery by mixing and matching blue and red. A vintage military wallpaper against blue baseboards and crown moldings will draw the eyes.

Paint the door and window trimming blue as well. Go for red furniture, including the crib, for that extra wow effect.

14. Woodland Nursery

blue mountain-themed décor nursery
(Source: brandon architects)

Bring the outdoors into the baby room with a mountain-themed décor. This is a fantastic idea for a boys’ room. A rustic baby cot or cabinet and rock mountain murals will tie everything together.

Go ahead and throw in a wooden rocking horse to make it look more authentic. Alternatively, create a campsite in one corner of the room to bring the theme home.

15. Gold Accents

subtle shade of blue: Newburyport blue nursery
(Source: Barrydowne Paint)

Newburyport blue is a unique, subtle shade of blue with green undertones. Use the shade for the nursery walls. Look for a rug with a neutral background and blue patterns.

Now, bring in some glitz and contemporary touches with gold pendant lights, mirrors, or floor lamps.

16. Mixing Old and New

Mixing old and new stuff, furniture and decor items in blue nursery
(Source: theinteriorsaddict)

Don’t throw out the older pieces in the baby room. Mix it with the new elements for eclectic decor inspiration. Shop at the flea markets for some exciting antique and modern finds.

17. Energetic Palette

an energetic blue and orange space for a baby
(Source: justrealmoms)

Incorporate bold color palettes for a masculine look in the baby boy nursery. We love the combination of orange and blue, contrasting with neutral shades like grey or white. You will love the vibrancy and energy that these colors bring.

18. Scattering Patterns

blue nursery - combined with patterns on drapes, pillow, ottoman cover, and bedding
(Source: Julia Dags)

Patterns evoke so many emotions. There is a whimsical aspect to them. And there is the fun, bold, creative decor expression.

To use patterns well, go for plain furniture. A neutral shade on the ottoman paired with a bold blue gingham pillow will look great. Carry on the patterned theme with the drapes, ottoman cover, and bedding.

19. Cover Wall with Fabric

Covering nursery wall with a large blue-patterned fabric
(Source: Julie Ansiau)

You don’t have to resort to paint or wallpaper all the time. A blue accent wall fabric can do the trick. Position the cot right next to the accent wall to draw the eyes to it.

20. Adding Animals

powder blue nursery with safari theme
(Source: Renee Hollingshead Photography)

Get your little one curious about animals by creating a safari feel in the nursery. Baby-friendly animal-inspired toys and items will look great in the room. A powder blue theme on the walls and drapes will introduce a calming effect.

21. Bring in Joy

blue nursery idea: add somme fun and cheerful atmosphere with yellow and blue interiors
(Source: Interior Designers)

Custom items in blue and yellow will add a cheerful and playful atmosphere to a twin nursery. Include a canopy over the cots to create extra dazzle. We love the theme park inspiration that incorporates a carousel feel under the cots.

22. Dark and Moody

Dark and moody blue nursery
(Source: Lorri Hicks Cazenave)

Mixing saturated blue and green evokes a warm yet dark and moody feeling. Mix patterns on an accent wall and hang green decorations in the nursery. Don’t forget to carry the patterns onto the rug as well.


We have shared 22 unique blue nursery ideas. The inspirations are gender-neutral making them ideal for your baby. We have also thrown in some ideas on making the rooms more feminine or masculine with different shades of blue. We promise a calm, soothing nursery that your child will love for a long time.

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