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30+ Gorgeous Blue Bedroom Ideas That Will Transform Your Space into a Magical Oasis In 2022

(Source: Houzz)

If blue is your favorite color, then why not turn your sleeping space into a stunning room that plays around with this popular hue. Aesthetic Blue Bedroom Ideas can help you create a lovely space that is not only peaceful but relaxing too.

Blue is the color of all things calm so it’s not surprising that this shade is loved by so many in the design world. 

Today, we are going to take a look at how you can transform one of the most personal rooms in your home into a relaxing and inspired oasis. Read on to fall in love with this marvelous color! 

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1.All Blue Color

All Blue Color
(Source: Emily Henderson)

Use a monochromatic design concept to create a peaceful and inspiring setting for you to doze off in. This room with a splash of blue throughout is ideal for young couples and even gentlemen who wish to create a peaceful environment. 

To make this room come alive you can add spotlight lighting fixtures too. This will create an almost aquatic feel to the room.

2.French Country Designs

French Country Designs for blue bedroom
(Source: Architectural Digest)

A French country theme using this color can be so charming and calming. A floral classic pattern or a chinoiserie wallpaper pattern can be a great way to create the French country feel.

Add a mixture of white and sheer curtains to accentuate the natural light that comes in. Incorporate other elements of blue in decorative accessories, framed images, and even furniture like an end of the bed bench. 

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3.Calming Blue and Green Bedroom Ideas

Calming Blue and Green Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Ideal Home)

Blue and green are some of the best colors that pair well together on the color wheel so it only makes sense to use these colors in interior design as well. 

Tropical Color will help cool down a room and can be incorporated through a bed, pillows, or throw blankets. 

Pair your furniture by putting up a forest mural as a backdrop. Decorating these colors together can create a lovely atmosphere that is easy to relax in.

4.Hot Orange Provides the Contrast

Hot Orange Provides the Contrast
(Source: Pinterest)

Create an energy-driven space for your teenager’s bedroom by painting orange walls and contrasting them with pops of blue. 

You can incorporate this bold look through a bed, orange throw pillows, and other orange accessories. 

If you’re going to hang up artwork, you can even use orange framed pictures for an added effect.

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5.Masculine Blue and Black Design Ideas

Masculine Blue and Black Design Ideas
(Source: The Spruce)

Tiffany blue has become such an iconic pop culture color. Using color can be a great way to design any teenage girl or young couple’s room. Tiffany color can be a stunning color to decorate with, especially when you use it alongside bedding. 

Incorporate bedding and plenty of custom pictures to decorate with and you’ve got a nostalgic space full of love.

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6. Floral Bedroom Make A Classic Look

Floral Bedroom Make A Classic Look
(Source: Pinterest)

A gorgeous wallpaper paired with a beautiful floral patterned bedding set can be such a nice combination. 

And when you play with the color scheme as this design theme does, you can create an elegant yet feminine atmosphere. 

Incorporate solid blue colors through the pillows and furniture pieces to help balance out all the energy of the floral patterns.

7.Eclectic Blue Bedroom Ideas

Eclectic Blue Bedroom 
(Source: Modsy)

Create an eclectic atmosphere by mixing different patterns and shades that utilize blue color. Start by setting down an eclectic rug and setting up a light-colored bed set that utilizes hints of this color. 

At the foot of the bed, use a bench that has a distinct pattern on it. And don’t forget to pair your design with a nightstand on either side of the bed. Artwork is another great way to bring an eclectic feel into the room.

8.Pale Blue

Pale Blue
(Source: Pinterest)

Light color is the ideal color to use if you want to pull together a simple look. This design idea is very simple and requires you to play around with a very light tone. Start by creating a light backdrop for the walls and add in a matching carpet. 

Then, utilized white furniture, framed images, and a bedspread to play up the light color theme of the room. The result is a very calming and relaxing environment.

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9.Contemporary Blue And Brown Bedroom

Contemporary Blue And Brown Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Blue, especially navy blue can be a very masculine and sophisticated color to decorate with. Incorporate this hue on an accent wall and decorate using a headboard made out of shiplap or wooden paneling. 

Incorporate a custom pillow that is designed not only around you but around the color scheme of the bedroom too. Tie together this look by using other wooden elements like a wooden nightstand or wooden desk.

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10.Minimalist Vibe

Minimalist Vibe
(Source: Idle Hands Awake)

Dark blue is a very dramatic color but this special hue can help you drift off to sleep because it will naturally calm you down. Paint using a deep color and decorate the room based on that color. Dark bedding paired with light color linens is great. 

If you have space, incorporating furniture like a black lounge chair can help play up this calming color too. Have fun decorating in dark colors and create an atmosphere that is simply relaxing.

11.A Glamorous Bedroom

A Glamorous Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Use a statement piece to decorate and create an atmosphere of luxury. You can do this by incorporating a tufted velvet bed in your sleeping space. Because velvet and dark blue are both bold, it’s best to leave this color as the focal point in your bed only. 

Decorate with light gray in all other parts of the room. This romantic color that stands out on a neutral background can be such a charming design idea for couples of older kids. 

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12.A Pastel Blue is Restful for Your Bedroom

A Pastel Blue is Restful for Your Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Pastel is such a restful color and can be a great one to design with, especially if you have a large door that opens out to a balcony or the outdoors. Start with an easy backdrop of light color on the walls. 

Then, incorporate plenty of bright colors to help brighten up your sleeping space. If you would like to bring in elements of the outdoors, you can also accessorize using potted plants.

13.A Cottage Bedroom

A Cottage Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Blue is a great color to decorate with if you want to create a relaxing country feel or if you want to decorate a room in a beach house. 

Incorporate this charming color through any light blue quilt and delicate patterns on bedding and curtains. Keep things light by using this color sparingly. Along with this hue, use plenty of beige to help brighten up space.

14.Beautiful Blue and White Color

Beautiful Blue and White Color
(Source: jane at home)

One of the most popular color combinations to use during the warmer months is mixing the color white with a summer blue hue. This light color is also very vibrant because it’s very reminiscent of a blue sky. 

You can utilize it in a variety of ways but it works best if you decorate using beautiful bedding, pillows, and even artwork. Because this color is so light, you can go overboard in the room and it will not be overbearing.

15.Choose Navy Color to Create A Restful Bedroom

Choose Navy Color to Create A Restful Bedroom
(Source: Ideal Home)

Navy blue can also be a restful and calming color and it’s perfect for creating a room that has a coastal feel. You can even paint fluffy clouds onto a navy accent wall if you want to create an animated feel. 

To create a calming effect use plenty of other colors within the room to help offset the darkness of a navy color. You can use light color in the furniture and window curtains. This beautiful design is perfect for individuals young and old.

16.The Shade of Turquoise Expresses The Tropical Flair 

The Shade of Turquoise Expresses The Tropical Flair 
(Source: Decor Pad)

Turquoise is such a fun color that also brings with it a level of sophistication. Although it’s not traditional, it’s becoming one of the most popular colors to decorate with because it helps freshen up a room instantly. 

Use this color in a bedroom through the curtains, the bedding, and other accessories like a sitting chair or an end of the bed bench. Add a delicate touch to your turquoise room by decorating with daisies and other bright flowers.

17. Modern Gray and Blue Bedroom Ideas

Modern Gray and Blue Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Decoist)

For a more modern and almost masculine look to your bedroom, decorate using gray and blue elements. Start by painting deep navy walls for an instant calming effect. 

Brighten up the room by using a gray headboard, a gray rug, and even gray framed artwork and images. If you need to cool down space some more.

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18.An Ocean Vibe

An Ocean Vibe
(Source: Pinterest)

Blue is the quintessential color to go with if you want to create a beach theme environment. Many people consider this nautical color their favorite hue and it is no surprise why. 

Use plenty of sea pictures highlighting starfish, coral, and other marine signatures for a really distinct nautical environment. Don’t forget to make the coastal theme stand out through ocean bedding too!

19.Cornflower Tones

Cornflower Tones
(Source: Insight Egypt)

Cornflower bedding sets are so pretty and can work well to help pull together a country-themed room. This lovely shade pairs very well with the color white so incorporate it in by creating a ceiling, an accent wall, and bedding and accessories. 

If you have a little girl, this can be a great design theme to use because it’s so delicate, yet beautiful.

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20.An Inspired Wall

An Inspired Wall
(Source: AliExpress)

Most people ignore painting the ceiling but with this next design idea, creating a cloudscape on your room’s ceiling is a must in order to create a restful environment. 

Painting your ceiling walls, depending on how you do it, can make the rooms appear smaller or larger. With this idea, the best size room to paint is a master bedroom. 

Mix swatches of blue and white and use a large brush paint over the walls. Don’t paint over one section multiple times, instead, have fun with it and let your paintbrush decide the pattern.

21.Watery Blue Bedroom Ideas 

Watery Blue Bedroom Ideas 
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a stunning nautical and coastal-themed bedroom design through this next idea. Start with an accent wall that uses rolling waves or seascape wallpaper. 

This aqua blue can also be used in the furniture or an area rug too. If you have kids, this aqua hue can be a fun way to help them drift off into their dreams.

22.Modern Navy Library Bedroom with Shelves

Modern Navy Library Bedroom with Shelves
(Source: HGTV)

This next design idea is perfect for a little kids’ room or for siblings who share a room. This calming blue is akin to a patriot and is a great color if you are looking for something that pops. 

One of the best ways to incorporate this color is by painting embedded bookshelves. When you go to display any book collections you have, the spines of the book will stand out against your bookshelves. Pulse the calming hue makes for a great reading area. 

23.American Blue for the Perfect Backdrop

American Blue for the Perfect Backdrop
(Source: pinned be my)

Bold blue can be a great color for a patriotic-themed bedroom. To put this room together, utilize vintage elements like framed historical memorabilia. 

You can incorporate a vintage American flag as a design element as well for a patriotic take. If you have a young teenage boy, this global look can be a great design theme to incorporate into their bedroom.

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24.Midnight Blue with Functional Bed

Midnight Blue with Functional Bed
(Source: KidzBedz)

Midnight blue is a very commanding color and can be a great one to design your bedroom with. Start by entering a velvet fabric ottoman bed in your sleeping space. Pair your bed with a beautiful background and simple furniture like a mirrored nightstand. 

This neat bed will allow you to have some additional storage too and this bedroom design is perfect for minimalists who want to tidy up space.

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25.Mediterranean Style Ideas

Mediterranean Style Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A Mediterranean theme decor idea is perfect for older adults who want to create a relaxing environment. Start by incorporating a light blue bed in the center of your room. 

Pair your bed with a light sofa if you have space. By calmly dressing up your open space, you can create a calm environment full of inspiration and relaxation.

26.Greek Blue Bedroom Ideas

Greek Blue Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Roomstyler)

This next bedroom design is perfect for younger kids and teenage boys. This bold hue is perhaps the best shade of color for bedrooms because it is so commanding yet calming. 

Start by creating an accent wall and then pairing it with greek bedding. Balance out the color scheme by using plenty of different colors throughout the nightstand furniture. Lastly, don’t be afraid to use bold colors like orange or bold artwork. 

You can look at More Amazing Blue Bedroom Designs to see how different tones of this hue can be used to enhance your bedroom.

27.Bold Bedroom in Blue and Red

Bold Bedroom in Blue and Red
(Source: Next Luxury)

A blue pattern coupled with a nice bright red can create a beautiful design that exudes luxury and comfort. For this bold design, you’ll be using a variety of patterns in the ceiling, the curtains, and even in the area rug. 

Start by using a custom pattern headboard and accentuating it with a nice bedding set. If you have enough room, you can also add a sofa or a lounge chair that matches up with your bedspread. Personalize the room by hanging up custom pictures of friends and family. 

28.Pretty Blue Canopy Bed 

Pretty Blue Canopy Bed 
(Source: Pinterest)

A deep canopy bed can be a great touch of comfort for any children’s room, especially a young girl’s room. 

This deep navy canopy can be such a strong and vibrant color, so be sure to balance it out by using plenty of soft colors and other light colors around it. Have fun adding in other girly elements like light pink too. 

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29.Teal Blue Bedroom Ideas

Teal Blue Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Decoholic)

Teal blue is such a spectacular color because it is calming, relaxing, and simply beautiful. Start by painting a teal wall that will also serve as an accent wall. 

Next, add a beautiful rug and beautiful furniture that use this vibrant hue. Accentuate using amazing furniture or really pale teal furniture and you’ll have an aquatic dream room that is relaxing and calming. 

30.Royal Vibes

Royal Vibes
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are after a glam look, then a royal blue theme might be the perfect color for your bedroom, especially if you have a large master bedroom. The overall focus of this color will be on your walls. 

To create a cozy atmosphere, incorporate plenty of light colors in the bedding and through the furniture like a neutral nightstand. 

You can use romantic fixtures for the lighting and still achieve a calming yet stunning glam look. Have fun with this design theme and tailor it to your liking. 

A blue bedroom can be such a wonderful color to design with because it helps you create a calm and relaxing environment.

We hope our ideas on how to design your bedroom with this fabulous color have sparked some inspiration for your next sleeping space remodel. Let us know in the comments section which of these blue design ideas were your favorite.

If you know someone who loves this color, be sure to share this article with them too! 


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