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23+ Styling Tips For Blue And White Bedroom Ideas (2022)

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If you’re seeking ideas for decorating your bedroom, try checking out some of these blue and white bedroom ideas. Not only do these colors look great together, but they also have a lot of different elements that create a stylish bedroom. Many believe the bedroom should be a place where little exists besides sleep and privacy. However, one of the best places to express your style is the bedroom, and there are many beautiful options for this room.

Let’s check them out.

1. Combo Gray

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Using contrasting colors to create visual interest creates silver and blue bedroom ideas. A gray dresser with colorful bedding will add some life to your classic bedroom. Opt for neutrals in combination with bright accents. You can use white trim on a navy comforter or blue accessories on a gray background.  Inject charm into your room using rustic wood furniture accented with small details in light colors.

2.  Baby and Light Blue and White Bedroom Ideas

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Looking for a modern take on the baby blue and white bedroom ideas color for your guest bedroom?

Choose white linens to add some brightness and lightness to the light blue and white bedroom ideas theme. Go for sheer or patterned curtains to match your bedroom decor and to add an extra bit of feminine elegance to your space. Add pieces of white furniture like a white dresser for a touch of luxury.

3. Exotic Navy Blue and White Bedroom Ideas

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When choosing beddings for your modern gray and navy blue bedroom, be sure to select pieces that will compliment the colors of your furniture. Pick light blue sheets and white bedding, dark green and light blue, or light purple and light blue bedding. You can also choose prints or patterns in shades of blue or white. Accessorize with pink pillows, white rugs, and throws for a pop of color.

4. Dark Blue And White Bedroom Ideas

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Go for white furniture to create a bright and airy atmosphere for a navy and gray bedroom. It’ll make the blues in the room pop more. While dark blue can be very masculine, light blue can be more feminine. Choose dark accessories to complement the room’s lighter colors, such as bedding, rugs, or curtains. Use light blue walls and ceilings to balance the darker shades of blue in the accessories.

5. Royalty Blue and White Bedroom Ideas

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If you want to amp up the style of your sapphire blue bedroom without breaking the bank, go for a stunning bedspread or quilt in these colors. Decorate the walls with large simple images or prints in royal blue colors. Include pieces of furniture in these colors; a bookcase or a headboard. Add some pops of color by choosing accessories in bright shades- think flowers, fruit baskets, or brightly-colored burgundy pillows.

6. Deep Sky Blue and White Bedroom Ideas

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If you’re looking for accessories to personalize your sky blue and white bedroom, pick a  colorful blanket or rug to add personality to a room. For an extra layer of softness, consider a bedspread in a delicate shade like light blue and blue in bedroom ideas. Add a pop of color with a brightly-colored throw. Add a decorative lamp like a traditional chandelier or an LED light if you want something more functional.

7. Pink

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Whether you’re a pink, blue, or both fan, go for a design that suits your needs and style. For pink with blue and white bedroom ideas, go for a classic bedspread in one of your favorite colors to set the tone for the rest of the room. Add fun pillows in different colors and patterns. You can go with something simple like polka dots or something more aesthetic like lace.

8. You’re My Tiffany

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Looking for an eye-catching way to spruce up your turquoise bedroom ideas?

Opt for a cool, modern look with a vintage feel of Tiffany’s blue and white bedroom designs. Pair a bright blue bedsheet with cream wall decorations or curtains. Add a few blue accessories like pillows or trunks to highlight the color. Add subtle details like delicate blue wallpaper or window drapery for a pop of color.

9. Icy Blue Chillin

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If you’re looking for a fresh and modern bedroom design that will stand out, combine icy blue and light blue colors!

Keep things simple with an icy blue duvet cover and white pillow cases. Add a few accents of blue to your walls with trendy bedroom wallpaper designs. For an extra touch of luxury, add an ice white vanity set with a frosted glass top and matching drawers.

10. Cozy and Warm

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Teal is a great choice for a blue and white bedroom since it’s one of the most unique and versatile colors available. You can create a teal-themed bedspread or quilt to combine with any other bedding in your room. Incorporate teal, mustard, yellow and pink accents into your chosen wallpaper or paint scheme to create an interesting visual contrast.

11. Modern Style

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If you want to add a touch of modern style to your bedroom, consider using blue and white as your palette. Accentuate the room with pops of color by adding colorful accessories. Create a focal point in your room by selecting a large focal piece such as a bed or dresser. Opt for simple lines or geometric patterns instead of brightly colored prints or artwork on your walls for a clean and modern look.

12. Elegante

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If you’re looking for a bedroom design that’s both stylish and elegant, blue and white is the right color combination for you. Use blues as the primary color of your bedroom, and mix in white accents to create a subtle but strong look. Keep the furniture simple and sleek with both functional and stylish pieces. Add some interesting wallpaper or floor pillows in blue and white patterns to give it extra personality.

13. Great in Small Blue and White Bedroom Ideas

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To create your unique style for small rooms, use bright, primary colors to make the space stand out. Pair blue with yellow or pink for a happy, cheerful look, or go for a more sophisticated look with navy or purple. Opt for white walls, furniture, and accessories to give your space a sense of calm and order. Choose pieces like wide-plank wood floors or painted furniture that will look good years later.

14. Simple is the Best

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If you’re looking for a simple way to spruce up your master bedroom, choose a bedspread in navy blue and white stripes, teamed with creamy white curtains and a trim of navy blue fabric. Add a mix of bright, eclectic furniture, including antique pieces mixed in with modern pieces for comfort. Adorn the walls with colorful art pieces and finish off with a large window to bring in plenty of natural light.

15. Rustic Country Blue and White Bedroom Ideas

(Source: Heathered Nest)

One of the best ways to achieve a French country bedroom look is to use lots of blue and white accessories. Choose a neutral color scheme for the walls and furniture like a french blue bed to add a touch of rustic elegance to your room.  You can use traditional whites or blues or mix both colors to create a more interesting and peaceful look.

16. Whitening beach

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Blue and white striped sheets are the perfect way to show off your coastal style in your bedroom. Keep things breezy and bright with white linens, ceiling fans, and lots of sunshine yellow accents in accessories. Bright blue curtains create a cool contrast against the hot pink walls of this beach-themed bedroom. For a coastal feel, hang prints or artworks with a maritime theme on the walls.

17. Muted Coastal

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To give your bedroom a traditional coastal design, use muted colors like cream or beige. You can accentuate the color with geometric patterns or interesting textures. Use blue and white to create a cool and modern look. Try it on walls, furniture, or even accessories. Or ocean-inspired colors to give your bedroom a more natural and relaxed feel. Add some fun touches to your coastal bedroom by using bright, bold wall decorations.

18. Bohemian

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If you want to inject a fun and stylish touch into your bedroom, boho style is the way to go! Choose furniture with natural material, textured fabrics, and wooden floors. Go for a colorful wallpaper to add life to a room and also as an inspiration for bedding, bed frame, and accessories. Pair light blues or greens with creamy whites for a delicate look or brighter colors for an exciting appearance.

19.  Teenage Girls Love This

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Do you want to add a splash of color and style to your teenage girl’s bedroom using cool wallpaper designs in blue or white? 

Pick colorful floral patterns in shades of blue that complement beddings and create a beautiful and cohesive look. A polka dot wallpaper in different colors and sizes brings personality to your room. White background with blue accents will give a subtle look and keep the bedroom feeling light and airy.

20. Romantic Bed

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To style your blue and white bedroom that is sure to impress, use white walls and ceilings for a clean look. Choose furniture in neutral colors like black, gray, or white to keep the bedroom color scheme intact. Use bright accessories to add a pop of color. A brightly colored bedspread, pillows, or curtains to make the room lively. Use bright accessories to add a pop of color. Tone down the color palette with accents in lighter shades of blue and white.

21. Christmas Bedroom

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Many designs will fit the bill, whether you prefer blue or white for your white Christmas bedroom. Match your bedding to the season with elegant blue and white linens or curtains. Keep things light-hearted with fun and colorful Christmas pillows, blankets, and throws. Try using shades of the two colors throughout your room without overwhelming it with too much detail for a perfect balance between festive and elegance.

22. Chinoiserie in Bedroom

(Source: Jonathan Adler)

You can create a bedroom that feels both modern and classic with the help of some blue and white decor. Choose a modern bed frame in blue or white. Add a colorful headboard or footboard. Add white bedding, such as a fitted sheet, pillowcase, or duvet cover, to give the room a clean and sleek look. To add visual interest, use large geometric pieces in blue or white for your wall décor. 

23. Minimalist Bedroom

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When decorating a minimalist blue and white bedroom, remember that these colors are classic and can look elegant. Go for blue and white stripes on a light blue background to give your room a crisp, modern look. Create an oasis of tranquility with a bedspread in calming shades of blue and whites. Go contemporary with an all-white bedspread, or use bright pops of color like yellow or lime to add life to the room.

24. Kids Blue and White Bedroom Ideas

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When choosing master bedroom wallpaper ideas for kids, blue and white are two colors that always look good together. Choose a modular bedroom set with a mix of bright and calming colors. Opt for a fun theme like pirates or cars to create a unique atmosphere in your child’s bedroom while keeping things interesting!

Install large windows in your child’s room so they can enjoy nature or city views while they sleep.

25. Blue and White Sense

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One way to add a pop of color to a bedroom is to use blue walls. You can create a navy blue accent wall in the front or back of the room. Choose a blue paint color for navy blue bedroom walls and ceiling, or use blue tiles or wallpaper on the wall. Hang accessories like blue and white curtains or art pieces from the ceiling.

26. Charm in Blue and White Bedroom Ideas

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There are many ways to use blue and white decor in your bedroom. Use a light blue or powder blue sky ceiling for an airy feeling and make it look taller. Choose flooring that goes well with your chosen paint color. Hardwood floors or tiles in a lighter color can work well together. Accessorize with white curtains or bed sheets to brighten the room and tie it together.


In the bedroom, blue and white are two colors that are typically associated with both elegance and tranquility. These designs will help you achieve a sophisticated but comfortable look, from charming vintage bureaus to bold geometric pieces. 

So go ahead and put away those tranquilizers!

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