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15+ Blue and Gray Bedroom Ideas in Most Ranking (2022)

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Blue and gray bedroom colors are the newest popular trends you don’t want to miss. Combine the two colors into an ambiance of both chic style and masculine setup. Blue is serene, calm, and associated with inspiration, imagination, freedom, and signifying power. Gray lies in between black and white. It soothes, relaxes, and stabilizes.

Most interior designers prefer to work with a blue bedroom as it presents loyalty. The color combines well with a wider range of other colors. Mixing the two colors brings serenity and happiness. Globally, blue and gray shades are common in most homesteads. Let’s dive into the elegant color combo.

Wow Your Bedroom With New Blue And Gray Style

1. Artwork and Wall Decor

(Source: 365Canvas)

Give life, beauty, and attractiveness to your bedroom with an artistic canvas inspiration. The artwork should be calm with simple frames that don’t exaggerate the theme. Make them large and hang them above the bed or opposite the wall of the bed. Use lighter shades of both colors to give attractiveness.

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2. Ocean Inspiration  

(Source: Karyn R. Millet)

Combine lighter shades of blue and gray for smaller bedrooms to give a masculine touch. Light blue and gray bedroom colors give the room a fresh look. You can add Turquoise to enhance greater visual impact. Add a mixture of sea inspiration and trending colors for pillows, drapes, and bedding.

3. Tones of Gray

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Suppose you don’t have plans for any wall hanging? Dark furniture, beddings, decor, and light walls look elegant when combined. Allow the bed to be the center of attraction. Somehow, it’ll give you excellent relaxation without any distractions. Lighter walls help illuminate daylight rays.

4. Shade of Blue 

(Source: Sarah Montgomery Design)

Beautifully spread bed leaves with an elegant accomplishment. Make a blue stand out even when you go minimalist with your color. The color will give a coastal and stylish atmosphere. Try harder not to have a monotonous sleeping space. You can add some accessories, gray beddings, or pillows to make the room brighter.

5. Modern Inspo 

(Source: Adagio Luxury Homes)

Gray walls, curtains, floor, and furniture will combine well with blue bedding in your master bedroom. Combining the two colors gives a stylish look. Add modern inspo and trending items like lampstands to round off the look. The pillows and sheets will give your sleeping space the splashes of color it needs.

6. Elegant in the zone

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For a trendy look, use light-varying shades of blue. Mix in a pop of gray like a throw-in blanket with accent pillows to give your bedroom a whole new effect. Either be minimalistic, basic, and fun or use some color of minty blue. Simple blue decor near the bed will help incorporate the accent without overdoing it.

7. Just Chic 

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Work with different shades of gray and blue. You’ll create an elegant and soothing contemporary chic bedroom. No need for too many colors as these dark blue and gray bedroom ideas easily combine. Blending blue with turquoise pink adds a touch of femininity that gives you so much warmth and peace. 

8. Calm and Cozy

(Source: galleriebinteriors)

Replacing dark-colored paint with decorative wallpaper puts more emphasis on the wall. You can develop professional-looking blue and gray bedroom ideas with a stick-and-peel application. Go minimal on the bed with a glamorous touch of glistering foil for the floor. You can do away with wall hanging. The design itself is relaxing.

9. Catch the Attention

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Don’t fear playing around with blue and gray accent hues, colors, and styles. Keep the original color scheme in mind if you want to redecorate the walls. To avoid debating the initial scheme, work on walls and floors. Use blue in your drapes and floor. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your decor. 

10. Create a Spotlight

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Blue is a color that combines with almost any other color. Bold, contrasting throw pillows in solid colors will give your room a nice touch of depth. Think about pink, purple, dark brown, or burgundy. Solid pillows go with any color scheme or pattern and are a quick way to spice up your room. Bold-blue combines well with the red color palette.

11. Kids 

(Source: visitmontanejos)

Select blue and gray decor for kids to give their bedrooms a cool feeling. Please work with the two colors in the kids’ bedroom, although they look mature and serious to the kids. Add a touch of Chevron shades to give the room a pleasant, childlike, calm, and playful style.

12. Inspired by Bohemian

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Gray is the to-go-to shade when it comes to your bedroom. One way to go along with this theme is to paint an accent wall. Keep the blue walls and gray color scheme by putting more emphasis on the gray shades. Use the different shades of blue all over the room.   

13. Scandinavian Style  

(Source: Nordroom)

Design a blue and gray bedroom. Scandinavian bedroom design doesn’t eliminate all elements and materials, but it focuses more on warm colors and hand-made textiles and needs few or no accessories. The style encourages the use of materials, fabrics, and colors that work well with the weather in the area.

14. White is a New Concept

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White combines all colors and themes. White color has been dominant in decor ideas for a long time and is mostly associated with peace and purity. Nothing means fresh, clean, and bright than a white-themed concept. Enjoy the calmness it brings.

15. The Orange Combination

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Introduce an additional color that will combine well with blue and gray for your bed frame. You might be tempted to add white. Try other colors like orange to change the pattern and bring a more magnificent look. Aim to bring a vintage style that is closer to the theme color. 

16. Navy Blue and Gray 

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Place a navy blue medium-sized to large throw rug under your bed. It will become the room’s central focus and tie together any other pieces of decor. Using a rug is another way to keep the gray walls neutral while soothing your feelings. Such a combo will work wonders for your navy bedroom.

17. Light Blue and Gray 

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Blue and Gray colors are a sure bet for a manly bedroom. Incorporate a shade of blue with consistent gray if you are substituting anything bright. Suppose gray paint is the most dominant color, add some neat thrown-in blue pillows. Incorporate blue bedding designers to bring an ambiance of consistency.

18. Electric Blue and Gray

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Your bedroom will be nicer and more modern. If you desire to brighten your room, this is your go-to theme. Also, incorporate accessories like blue electric lights or a lightning-shaped light fixture to lighten the rooms. When arranged according to the color scheme, both colors seem like a power couple.

Final Thought

Blue and gray bedroom walls can’t go wrong and will never go out of style. When it comes to decorating your bedrooms, you can play around with several colors. Select the best color combination ideas for redecorating and have fun with colors until your heart’s content. 

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