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20+ Black Nursery Ideas To Transform Your Child’s Room 

20+ Black Nursery Ideas To Transform Your Child’s Room 

A modern black nursery is a strong and commanding space for your kids. Because of this, it’s one of the least used hues in home decor. 

Despite its reputation, the latest trends dictate that you should be using it more often. One of the most popular ways to use this tone is through a child’s nursery. 

Implementing it on a nursery wall, or incorporating a gorgeous black background are some common ideas to consider. 

Today, we’ll take a look at this season’s most stunning black nursery ideas. Learn how to incorporate this tone in your child’s bedroom furniture, linens, and much more.

Stunning Black Nursery Design and Decorating Ideas

1. Black accent wall

Black accent wall
(Source: Pinterest)

A black accent wall is a really great way to create a statement piece in your child’s nursery. This simple bedroom design can absolutely transform the space, no matter the size. 

Accenting this black accent wall with gold letters of your child’s name is a really nice touch too. This is a great way to personalize the nursery room all while keeping it elegant, welcoming, and undeniably stunning.

2. All black nursery ideas

All black nursery ideas
(Source: Petit & Small)

Instead of the clean look of an all-white nursery, go for an all-black look instead. This look is very unique and offers a modern, cleaner, and almost minimalistic design to the room. 

This is a charming way to make your child’s nursery bedroom stand out. If you want to add additional decor elements, go for a rustic vibe. This lends well to the all-black look too. 

3. Black and gold nursery

Black and gold nursery
(Source: Project Nursery)

If you’re putting a twin nursery together, then a black and gold look is a great way to go. This stunning design will give the nursery a really luxurious feel. It’s also a great way to glam up the room for the little prince or princess in your life. 

Because this room can be a little dark, brighten it up using mirrors. This will help make the room feel a lot more spacious than it actually is. 

4. A creative chalkboard for a baby’s room

Creative chalkboard for a baby’s room
(Source: hellowonderful)

A really fun design element to incorporate in a child’s room is a black chalkboard wall. This serves as a black wall and a unique focal point of the room. 

But it also provides an atmosphere that is just plain fun. Your little one will have such a joyous time writing on the chalk wall. It’ll be a great source of inspiration for them too!

5. Modern black and white tones

Modern black and white tones
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most popular color combinations for a child’s bedroom is a black and white modern room. This look is very standard but can be personalized in so many different ways. It makes for great baby room decor because it’s so minimalistic, yet childish. 

Decorate the room by including personalized photos, bedroom decor, and other elements your child loves.

6. Beautiful bohemian nursery

Beautiful bohemian nursery
(Source: The Spruce)

You can create a really stunning bohemian-themed nursery by using black as the accent color. Incorporate elements including back macrame and matching linens alongside your boho style furnishings. 

Because you still want the boho theme to dominate, don’t go overboard with the black. 

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7. Black wall with pretty canvas

Black wall with pretty canvas
(Source: Modsy Blog)

A really simple yet lovely bedroom design is a black wall with an accent piece. The dark accent wall will serve as the focal point of the bedroom. 

Draw your attention in by displaying your favorite piece of accent wall decor. Incorporating a personalized canvas can be a great way to do this.

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8. Black crib 

Black crib 
(Source: Target)

If you’re going for a minimalist design theme, then keep it simple by incorporating a black crib. The simple crib should really be the only black element in the bedroom. 

This way the focal point will stay on it. The bold color will pop out amongst all the white and it will create a really modern look. Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity.

9. Black outer space nursery ideas

Black outer space nursery ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a stunning space-inspired nursery by using galaxy wallpaper in the room. A space-themed wallpaper that displays the planets and stars will help boost your child’s imagination. 

As they sleep at night, they will be whisked away into a magical land. Plus, it creates such a playful aesthetic in the room.

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10. Black and mustard hues

Black and mustard hues
(Source: Kids Interiors)

Mustard yellow is a great color that compliments black. Because of this, it’s a great color combination to use when putting together your baby’s room. The yellow will help bring in a warm element. 

This warmth will quickly brighten up the space because of all the black. Some great ways to incorporate yellow are through an all yellow crib and matching wall decor. The end result is undeniably charming. 

11. Green and black nursery ideas

Green and black ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

The color green is another tone that lends really well to black. Use this hue to your advantage in your child’s room by incorporating shades of green alongside black. Start by putting together a black crib and matching furniture. 

Then, pull in some greenhouse plants and set them around the room. You can even incorporate a green area rug too. 

12. Black and pink 

Black and pink 
(Source: Josh Benson)

A really cool color combination to incorporate in your baby’s nursery is pink and black. This classic color combination has a very feminine feel to it. Plus it is bold, unique, yet beautiful. 

An easy way to pull this off is by incorporating a pink neon sign above your child’s crib. You can opt for a simple slogan or a personalized neon sign.

13. Black and red decor for baby’s room ideas

Black and red decor baby’s room ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A red crib is a really fun way to bring a pop of color into your child’s bedroom. Set the red crib alongside a black and white striped wall and you’ve got an amazing look. This one design element works for both little boys and girls. 

The contrasting colors will catch your little one’s attention. Not only that, but your kiddos will likely want to spend all day in their room thanks to it.

14. Large black rug for nursery

Large black rug for nursery
(Source: Switzerland)

One of the simplest ways to incorporate the color black into a nursery is through an area rug. A super cozy rug set in the middle of the room is such a versatile design element. 

It can serve as a way to warm up the room while offering a practical purpose too. The soft area rug can be the perfect place for your little one to practice tummy time and crawl around on. 

15. Black and orange

Black and orange
(Source: Pinterest)

Black and orange are the perfect combinations of colors used to create a warm room. These two colors will work together to create a harmonious space that is bright and inviting. 

Best of all, this look lends itself well to a very modern nursery. You can even use it as the backdrop of an animal-themed room. Overall, it’s not overbearing, but it’s fun and creative. Elements, your child is sure to love. 

16. Farmhouse black nursery ideas

Farmhouse nursery ideas

(Source: Cozy Nursery)

A farmhouse bedroom aesthetic works really well for a child’s nursery too. You can create this beautiful look by using a rustic crib for your little one to sleep in. 

Put the crib alongside an accent wall that utilizes black shiplap. Add in house plants, and potted plants throughout the rest of the room, and you’ve got a calming space.  

17. Colorful decor items

Colorful decor items
(Source: The Spruce)

Set up a black accent wall and then dress it up with some colorful bedroom decor. Fun and colorful design elements will give the bedroom a really nice and welcoming feel. 

The atmosphere will be very playful, and your child will have so much fun looking at all the different colors. Have fun with this room and let your little one put their own touches into the space as well. 

18. Bright blue and black tones

Bright blue and black tones
(Source: Decoist)

Bright blue alongside a black accent is a charming look for a child’s nursery. The bright blue will create such a  light and airy vibe throughout the space. 

Don’t go overboard with the black, however. Incorporate this dark tone through bedroom trim, linens, and other accents. You merely want the black to complement the blue, not overpower it. In areas that need brightening, you can add white to help offset the darkness.

19. Black canopy for small nursery

Black canopy for small nursery
(Source: Pinterest)

A really fun and simple idea is a black bed canopy for a small bedroom. A canopy is a great way to block out unnecessary light in the room. But it’s also a great way to create a nice look in your child’s sleeping space. 

If the canopy is the only black design element in the room that’s all right. This will command attention to the crib. This will also help it to serve as the main focus of the bedroom. 

20. Black bedding sets for nursery

Black bedding sets for nursery
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really pretty nursery by using a gender-neutral black bedding set. A Black and white bedding set with a lens will cover a variety of bedroom decor themes. 

However, using it in a minimalist-style bedroom is typically best. This will allow the cuteness of the bedding to stand out. 

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With all the different ways you can put together a nursery using this tone, it’s no wonder why black nursery ideas are one of the most popular design trends this season. Which of these unique decor ideas have been your favorite and why? 

Be sure to share it with us in the comments section below. Know someone who loves this ominous hue? Don’t forget to share this post with them as well!


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