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30+ Dramatic Black Bedroom Ideas To Style Up Your Space in 2022

Dramatic Black Bedroom Ideas To Style Up Your Space in 2021
(Source: Trendir)

Creating a black bedroom can be a really bold aesthetic to go with. This dark color is not often associated with a color you would use in your sleeping space. However, today we’re going to show you all the amazing ways you can create a really stunning bedroom using this dark. We’ll also look at other beautiful bedroom colors that pair well with it too. 

If you’ve ever asked is black a good color for the bedroom? then you’ve come to the right place. Our detailed list will explore some of the best themes, styles, and decor elements to decorate with. 

Read on to find out how you can create a really masculine sleeping space as well as one with feminine touches. We’re sure you’ll find some inspiration in our extensive list of stunning bedroom ideas that use this bold color.

Luxury Black Bedroom Design Ideas

1.Aesthetic Gallery Wall art Ideas

Aesthetic Gallery Wall art Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Use this dark and mysterious tone to create a really masculine bedroom. A look like this also incorporates a bit of an eclectic style because it uses different shades of this hue. Some really neat decor elements to incorporate are blacked-out lamps and tufted accent walls. 

Instead of using white to brighten up the space, consider using a rich chocolate brown on things like the bedding and other linens. You can also use custom prints on the walls too. 

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2.A Minimalist Style

A Minimalist Style
(Source: Pinterest)

Put together this beautiful small bedroom by sticking with a muted minimalist decor theme. The key to pulling this look off is by using a matte black paint color scheme. It’s also best to try and stay within the same shade of the tone. 

This means using the same tone on furniture pieces, wall decor, and other design elements. If you have a glass wall or a glass window in the room, the natural light from the outdoors will help brighten up your space too. 

3.A perfect Backdrop for All Black bedroom

A perfect Backdrop for All Black bedroom
(Source: cifi.it)

Create a modern headboard by using recessed lighting. This unique headboard style will give your black-tone bedroom an incredible pop. A look like this works especially well in bedrooms that have high ceilings. 

You can have the recessed light cascade down in order to create a loud statement piece. Complement the lighting by using similarly themed lighting fixtures throughout the room as well.

4.Dreamy Black bedroom Ideas

Dreamy Black bedroom Ideas
(Source: Walmart)

You can create an incredibly dreamy dark toned bedroom for your children by using the glow-in-the-dark moon and wall stickers. 

A kid’s all-black room should have an element of fun to it. That’s why these glow-in-the-dark stickers are the perfect element to consider. Not only will they give the room a fun look, but it’s a unique way to style up a dark-tone bedroom.

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5.White Bedding Ideas

White Bedding Ideas
(Source: Clare Paint)

If you really like this tone but are not quite ready to go all-in, then you may want to start with unique a black and white bedroom

This charming and modern look will help you get acclimated to these two tones. Having bright white bedding will help you contrast the dark tones throughout the rest of the room. The end result is a really harmonious space that is elegant yet welcoming.

6.Large Ornate gold mirror ideas

Large Ornate gold mirror ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

This dark tone is perfect for creating a room that excludes luxury and charm. A great way to pull off this look is by having a black accent wall that is adorned with a large ornate gold mirror. 

If you have windows in the bedroom, the mirror will naturally reflect the light, brightening up the space. Overall, however, a gold mirror decor will help accentuate the theme of luxury in the space. 

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7.Modern Platform bed design ideas

Modern Platform bed design ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A really cool look in a dark bedroom is having a modern platform bed with recessed lighting underneath it. You can create this really cool look by using LED strip lights that are remote-controlled. Some fantastic color combinations include black and pink

However, if you’re putting together a more masculine bedroom, you can use colors like yellow and black instead. Either way, this platform bed design is the perfect mix of modern and unique.

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8.Dark hues in Scandinavian Styles

Dark hues in Scandinavian Styles
(Source: Pinterest)

Scandinavian bedroom decor works really well with monotone color schemes. A look like this works really well in a bedroom that has lots of windows and even vaulted ceilings. Start by creating a black brick wall that will serve as your backdrop. 

Then, incorporate a platform bed or a minimalist style bed frame that will be in the center of the room. Decorate with lots of dark tones, but balance out the space by using white as well.

9.Modern Black Bedroom with Large Window

Modern Black Bedroom with Large Window
(Source: Coco Lapine Design)

A look like this is incredibly cozy yet unassumingly bright. To create a bedroom like this, you’re going to use midnight hues throughout the whole room. You can incorporate spurts of white through a full-length mirror, or a picture frame. 

However, you’ll want to stick with dark tones for the most part. Center your bedroom furniture around the windows in the bedroom. This will allow the natural light to fill the space and brighten it up.

10.Industrial style

Industrial style
(Source: Design Cafe)

An industrial-style bedroom is a really great theme to incorporate for a master bedroom that wants to play around with dark tones. This look uses lots of dark shades all while incorporating rustic elements like wood and potted plants. 

If you have high ceilings, incorporate potted plants that are in dark-tone containers. Industrial rooms like this usually have large windows, so allow that to be the source of brightness in your space.

11.Sexy Canopy bed Ideas

Sexy Canopy bed Ideas
(Source: InteriorZine)

One of the best interior design ideas to create a really intimate setting is using a canopy bed. The canopy bed should be made out of a dark-toned metal. This can help you pull together a really luxurious, stylish, and even romantic bedroom. 

This is even a great style to use when putting together a men’s bedroom. You can give the room a feminine touch by putting up curtains on the canopy bed. If you leave the bed bare, opt for using gray or beige curtains on an accent wall or the windows instead. 

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12.Neon Lights and Signs for Your space

Neon Lights and Signs for Your space
(Source: Shelterness)

Create this really masculine aesthetic bedroom by incorporating light grey along with your dark tones. Light gray will help give the room a really cozy, yet masculine, and almost mature feel. A really great way to tie thIS look together is by incorporating a neon sign as well. A white, blacklight, or even grey neon sign can help you illuminate the space. The illumination will add to the aesthetic of the room and not detract from it. 

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13.Earthy tones in Black Bedroom Design

Earthy tones in Black Bedroom Design
(Source: Bobby Berk)

Earthy tones go really well in a black-toned bedroom. Consider incorporating brown bedding sets that cover your bed completely. These brownish tones will give your room cozy vibes that work alongside the rest of the room’s dark theme. 

If you’re going to use wall art, or hang picture frames, this is another place to incorporate earthy tones. If you prefer, however, you can also use all white to give the room some brightness too.

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14.Amazing Silver Furniture 

Amazing Silver Furniture
(Source: Pinterest)

Silver bedroom sets work really well in a monochromatic bedroom that uses dark hues. Silver bed sets are especially attractive when you’re creating a contemporary themed bedroom. The amount of silver frame furniture pieces you use is up to you. However, all silver and mirrored furniture pieces will help reflect the light in the room, making the space look a lot brighter. 

This is a good way to go if you want to create an airy, bright bedroom. Otherwise, opt for furniture that is fixed with silver hardware instead.

15.Impressive Gothic Black bedroom ideas

Impressive Gothic Black bedroom ideas
(Source: DigsDigs)

A gothic bedroom would not be complete without dark midnight tones. A bedroom like this can absolutely exude luxury if you style it using the right design elements. For example, you’ll want to consider using a four-poster bed That has almost a jet black color scheme. 

Pull in an element of elegance by incorporating a chandelier that dangles right above the bed. Throughout the rest of the room use lots of noir curtains and silver Hardware accents to help play up this gothic style. Of course, you can’t forget the all-black hardwood flooring.

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16.Unique Black Stone feature wall design ideas

Unique Black Stone feature wall design ideas
(Source: home-designing)

If you love playing with earthy elements but really want a dark atmosphere in your sleeping space, then consider this look. This modern bedroom design plays with natural elements like mountain rock stone. 

What makes this look really cool is that the stone has a very dark gray hue to it. Couple this stone with recessed lighting and you have a fabulous accent wall to incorporate in your room. Don’t detract from this wall. Instead, use simple furniture and design elements throughout the room.

17.Vintage Decor ideas

Vintage Decor ideas
(Source: The Spruce)

Black vintage accessories are a perfect way to create a bedroom that is charming yet mysterious. A look like this plays around with lots of dark floral elements. It’s okay if you use pink, red, and other floral colors. 

However, you want to make sure that the dark tones are what drive the look of this bedroom. To play up that vintage style, you can also incorporate distressed wooden furniture in the room or even authentic wooden cabinetry like an armoire or chest. 

18.Install Modern Wardrobes

Install Modern Wardrobes
(Source: living4media)

Create a statement piece in your bedroom by using a modern wardrobe as the centerpiece in your bedroom. Use an all-black wardrobe in place of your closet. 

If you already have a closet space there, consider swapping out the doors for a glass wall closure and repurposing that space for a mini home office instead. 

Your wardrobe can feature whatever you like, but sliding opaque doors are a great way to pull off that sleek look. Throughout the rest of the room, match the aesthetic of the wardrobe by using a contemporary style black and white bedding and an oversized dark gray rug.

19.Small Black Office Area to boost your productivity

Small Black Office Area to boost your productivity
(Source: ArchZine)

If you have additional space in your master bedroom, then incorporating a home office might be a good idea for you. To give your home office a really modern look, then stick with an all-matte blackish-toned color scheme. 

The matte cabinetry, shelving, and desk, can give your room a really upscale and mature look. Plus, the home office won’t be overbearing and it will sort of blend into the rest of the room.

20.A functional shelf

A functional shelf
(Source: Pinterest)

A really neat design element to incorporate into an all-black color scheme is a beige recessed shelf. Incorporating design elements that use the color beige is a great way to brighten up the bedroom. 

You can complement the recessed shelf by using a similar tone color on the bedding. If you really don’t want the dark tones to dominate the room, then keep them limited to the accent wall. For the rest of the room, you can use lighter colors to help brighten up the space.

21.Cozy Bohemian style

Cozy Bohemian style
(Source: Pinterest)

A black boho bedroom aesthetic is a really unique look that is seldom used. When you use the style to put together your room, you’re creating a really unique space that has a lot to offer. 

Much like traditional boho decor, you’ll want to use lots of lights to help give the room a warm feel it. You can use string lighting, lanterns on the floor, and even boho-inspired table lamps. 

Throughout the rest of the room, you’ll want to use dark tones in place of the traditional white and beige tones associated with boho. 

22.Romantic Red and Black Bedroom Decor

Romantic Red and Black Bedroom Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really sumptuous atmosphere by incorporating red into your dark theme bedroom. Red is such a bold color especially when it’s used alongside darker tones. Consider incorporating a bold light fixture that illuminates a red tone when it is turned on. 

You can also incorporate a red accent wall behind your bed to complement the rest of the dark tones throughout the room. To transform your space, look at additional Elegant Black and Red Bedroom Ideas HERE

23.Feminine Black bedroom ideas

Feminine Black bedroom ideas
(Source: TLC Interior)

Even with a dark tone like this, you can still create a really girly interior. To pull off this stunning look, consider using an oversized flower painting that serves as an accent wall in your room. Incorporate dark tones through the wall and the flooring of your bedroom. 

Throughout the rest of the room, however, use light and airy tones like beige, rose, teal, and of course white. These complementary colors will be a stark contrast to the black throughout the room.

24.Make a Panel molding for your headboard 

Make a Panel molding for your headboard 
(Source: Pinterest)

If you enjoy DIY projects, then this look is for you. You can create a stunning accent wall by using panel molding and putting it together. 

Once you have your panel molding in place, paint over your wall using a blackish or dark gray paint color. This will create a really mature vibe in your bedroom and also lends really well to modern decor style. 

Learn more about how to make a DIY board and batten wall HERE

25.A Unique Wood Floor Design

A Unique Wood Floor Design
(Source: Gibi)

One of the best ways to create a really unique theme in your bedroom is by focusing on the flooring. Use a rustic and modern hardwood floor to create a really masculine look in your space. 

These dark stone floors also lend really well to an all-black bedroom. Accentuate the dark tones by using an all-black bedding set as well. You can even include natural elements like a stone accent wall too.

26.Outstanding Marble Wall 

Outstanding Marble Wall 
(Source: TINO Natural Stone)

One of the best ways to create a really unique look in your room is by putting together a marble wall. When it comes to darker tones, a black accent wall bedroom aesthetic can create a really bold statement in the room. 

You can use wallpaper to pull this look off. Opt for a style that incorporates the look of natural stone. This will blend really well with other darker earthy tones in the room.

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27.Plants to purify the air

Plants to purify the air
(Source: Pinterest)

Incorporating greenery into your bedroom is one of the best ways to create a relaxing atmosphere. While green potted plants are typically associated with light and airy bedrooms, you can also use them for darker spaces. 

Use plants that are fixed in dark-toned pots to help blend into that blackish color scheme. For a bold touch of elegance, you can even use gold pots too. These indoor plants will contrast the dark tones really nicely. Plus they’ll give the room a nice vibrancy too.

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28.Contemporary Black bedroom with pendant lights

Contemporary Black bedroom with pendant lights
(Source: LSA Company)

You can create a really contemporary aesthetic master bedroom by putting together this monochromatic look. Start with an all-black-toned accent wall that is highlighted with bright white pendant lighting. 

This accent wall and lighting will serve as the focal point that pulls the rest of the room together. Throughout the rest of the room, use lots of white to help balance out the black. By playing around with these two colors, you can create a really monochromatic effect that’s modern yet stunning.

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29.Royal Black bedroom ideas

Royal Black bedroom ideas
(Source: VWArtclub)

This dark tone is also synonymous with luxury. It’s one of the best tones to use if you want to put together a classy bedroom. To pull this look off, you’re going to want to use lots of different shades of silver. Incorporate silver in the hardware of your furniture. 

A silver dangling chandelier can also be a great focal piece to incorporate. Use black and grey tones throughout the bedroom linens including curtains and bedding.

30.Make a 3D wall art 

Make a 3D wall art 
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the best ways to create a really neat look using this tone is by using 3D wall art. If you don’t want to commit to physical 3D wall art, then you can use geometric abstract wallpaper Instead. 

This wallpaper will give the illusion that you have 3D art on your wall. A look like this gives off modern vibes, it’s incredibly unique and downright stunning. 

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It’s easy to see how the color black might be a tone you’d want to stay away from when putting together your bedroom. 

However, we hope our list has inspired you to think otherwise. When used correctly and with complementary colors, you can create a really fabulous sleeping space. 

Be sure to share with us in the comments section below what some of your favorite bedroom design ideas are using this marvelous color. 

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