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20+ Fantastic Black and Yellow Bedroom Ideas (2022)

black and yellow bedroom ideas

Yellow is often an underrated color when it comes to interior design. However, it’s one of the best hues to use if you want a calming color for bedrooms. The hue gives rooms a bright and airy look. It’s also a really cool color to use if you want a darker-toned decor style as well.

Today, we’ll explore some BLACK AND YELLOW BEDROOM IDEAS that will help you change the way you look at this bright and happy hue. This color combination of a dark hue with a really sunny tone is not one that is often used.

Our list will take a look at some of the best decor designs that pull off a really impressive aesthetic. From creating a really masculine sleeping space to creating a charming bedroom, we’ve got some ideas you don’t want to miss out on.

Sophisticated Black and Yellow Bedroom Ideas

1. Monochromatic Effect

black bed in yellow bedroom
(Source: Elle)

Rooms with black beds are really unique because this is a design element you don’t see so often. You can dress your bed with noir bedsheets, but there’s something stunning about having a black bed frame too.

Let the bed stand as the statement piece in the room. For the rest of the bedroom, throw in a backsplash of goldenrod paint that conserve as an accent wall. This wall will help frame your bed nicely.

2. Accent Furniture

(Source: Homepolish)

Yellow can be a really loud color, so it’s understandable why you might want to use it on accessory pieces instead. A really great way to incorporate this bold hue is by setting up a yellow canopy bed or even a charming red armchair in the corner of your room.

You can add in another pop of color by setting up a red curtain as well. Together, these colors will help you create a beautiful modern red, black and yellow bedroom decor theme.

Designed by Homepolish

3. Moody and Dramatic

dark and dramatic black and yellow bedroom
(Source: Pati Robins)

Create a really moody and dramatic space through this black and yellow bedroom decor style. To pull off this dark-toned theme, you’ll want to use noir decor elements everywhere.

You can brighten up the space here and there by using white and yellow pillows and throw blankets. Let the color in the room stand out by using a darling yellow makeup vanity. You can also use accent furniture too. that has this bold color on it too. 

Designed by Pati Robins

4. Yellow Details

black bedroom with yellow details
(Source: Home Designing)

Yellow can be such a charming and darling color too. When you use it in elegant accessories, like hanging artwork and another wall decor, you can create a really stunning look.

To pull office this theme, used shades of yellow that are not bright and harsh. Instead, opt for a pastel look with and light yellow undertones instead. Use lots of white as well to help give the room lots of brightness too.

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5. Distressed Look

antique art on the bedroom wall and yellow canopy bed frame
(Source: archiproducts)

Give your bedroom a distressed look that plays around with more muted beige tones. There are so many different ways you can create a distressed bedroom theme.

One of the best ways is by incorporating the look on the walls but keeping the bedroom furniture modern or contemporary. You can use antique art on the wall to accentuate that vintage old age feel.

Then incorporate black, or a yellowish beige bed frame with matching furniture to dress up the room. If you have large windows, the natural light will help to brighten up the space.

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6. Gorgeous Sleeping Nook

mustard yellow sleeping nook with checker-patterned bedding
(Source: Original BTC)

Create a stunning mustard yellow interior design with an equally stunning sleeping nook. A style like this allows you to play around with a black, white, and yellow bedroom really well.

Allow the mustard tones to accentuate the walls. Some great patterns to consider are monochromatic checkers and stripes. Pair these patterns with solid white and black tones for a really cool look.

7. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian-inspired bedroom
(Source: Living.corriere) 

We love Scandinavian-inspired decorating ideas. That’s why this is one of our favorite looks for a yellow and black sleeping space. For this style, you’ll want to use lots of abstract elements.

Utilize abstract wall decor alongside modern furniture pieces. Stick to a more minimalistic theme to pull off that Scandinavian style. While it’s fun to play with the dark hues, you can always brighten the space by using white on the walls as well.

8. Add An Eye-Catching Decor

eye-catching marbled wallpaper behind headboard
(Source: James Merrell)

Eye-catching wall decor can really offer your bedroom a stand-out statement piece. A really easy way to do this is by using some marbled wallpaper decor. For this bedroom theme, opt for a marble design that uses gold alongside darker hues.

The gold accents will create a really lovely look in your bedroom. Not only that, but the style is really upscale and mature too. You can play up some childish tones by using colorful throw blankets and pillows. This will complement the bedroom aesthetic as well.

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9. Pink Base

pink bedroom with yellow blanket and black doors and fireplace
(Source: Fraher and Findlay)

A stunning bedroom decor style like this designed by Fraher and Findlay one uses a soft shade of light pink as the base. Use this light hue on the wall and ceiling to brighten up the bedroom. Then, add in light shades of sunshine yellow through bed linens and throw blankets.

If you have a fireplace in the bedroom, light yellow is the perfect tone to help warm up the space. Dress up the mantelpiece using decor elements that complement the tones throughout the room 

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10. Cozy Autumn

black, gray, and yellow bedroom
(Source: VT Wonen)

Ochre yellow is the perfect tone to use if you want to create a cozy Autumn inspired bedroom. A look like this will help you pull together a black, gray, and yellow bedroom. You can also pull in other darker tones as well. Set the mood by using dark gray throughout the walls.

Then incorporate the lighter shades of this color scheme through the bedding. You can also brighten up the space by using lighter-toned wall art that hangs above your bed. Bedrooms that have lots of natural light really look great with this decor style.

11. Contrastive Effect 

(Source: Mulroy Architects)

Create a really contrasting look in your space by putting together a black and gold bedroom. For an elegant and mature look like this, you’ll want to stay away from eccentric patterns and other colors. Instead, keep things nice and simple.

Wall art and wall decor should be at a minimum. Instead, focus your attention on selecting high-quality furniture pieces. Keep with the modern look by swapping out traditional curtains for solid lines as well.

Designed by Mulroy Architects

12. Maximalist Dream

different textured patterns on bed
(Source: Katie Lee) 

Using texture can be a really fun way to put together a lovely room. Incorporate elements like bedding that has lots of different textured patterns on it. You can even incorporate a shag area rug that complements the patterns in the room. If you want a really cozy atmosphere, then layering different pieces together is also a plus. 

Designed by Julia Eldon

13. Space Sharing

home office in the bedroom
(Source: Larissa Shalygina) 

One of the more modern home designs this year has been space sharing. For remote workers, having a home office in the bedroom can be a really great way to utilize your space.

This design encourages you to divide your room so that different parts of the room serve a different purpose. Create this really modern look by using solid shades of yellow, white, gray, and black. Recessed lighting can also help you achieve this look too.

Designed by Larissa Shalygina

14. Star Wars Theme

 Star Wars-inspired canvas in bedroom
(Source: 3ddd)

A black, white, gray, and yellow bedroom is perfect for putting together a Star Wars-inspired theme. What makes this bedroom so wonderful is that it’s a perfect teenage room yet modern and mature as well.

Because Star Wars rooms play around with darker tones, lighting up the room by using lots of gray and white. With bed linens and area rugs, air on the lighter side of the color palette. Keep things simple and muted by using modern design furniture pieces as well.

15. Tall Headboard

yellow bed frame with a tall tufted headboard
(Source: Gold Drops Design)

A tall bed frame can be the perfect way to pull together a master bedroom oozing with luxury. When you incorporate a tall tufted headboard that has a bold Goldenrod shade, you can create a really commanding look.

Pair this bed frame with a unique lighting fixture to give the room a sense of personality. Throughout the rest of the room, use lots of white and light grey as well.

16. Practical and Decorative

yellow nursery stool in black bedroom
(Source: Studio Zerbey)

If you’re putting together a nursery, consider a cute item like this yellow nursery stool. This is stool is not only decorative but purely practical as well. This can be a great place for you or older children to perch on if they want to read a story for your little one. It’s also a great place to store or set up stuffed animals and other prized possessions.

Designed by Studio Zerbey

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17. Layered Backdrop

headboard that uses variety of textures
(Source: Green Squares Design Studio)

This layered bed background is a really neat way to create a mature look in your sleeping space. A neat feature about this headboard is that uses a variety of textures that are layered one on top of another.

There is a solid wood panel that features recessed lighting in the back. Over this wood panel, there’s a nice goldenrod tufted headboard that complements the bed frame. The layered look can extend to your bedding as well. 

Designed by Green Squares Design Studio

18. Add Blue

set up a blue tapestry behind headboard
(Source: Lavka Design)

If you’re putting together a room that has a pop of color, sometimes adding in another bold color can help pull everything together. Blue is really calming color that can be added to your bedding or wall art.

If you have a large a blank wall behind your bed, this can be a great place to set up a blue tapestry as well. Have fun with this look and play around with the different styles and elements to create a fun and mildly eclectic theme.

Designed by Lavka Design

19. Wall Drawings

bedroom interior design: an LED light strip over the wall mural
(Source: Nottdesign) 


A really neat accent wall to incorporate is a mural that has different delicate drawings on them. The drawings can be random, or they can complement the current theme of your room. A look like this lends really well to a child’s bedroom.

Either way, this is a really cool look that can transform your sleeping space. For an added touch of “coolness,”  you can even include an LED light strip over the wall mural too. 

Designed by Nottdesign

20. Charming Look with Gold

gold bedside table, dressing table and chair in bedroom
(Source: Maisons du Monde)

Hints of gold throughout your room can be a really great way to pull out the feminine and decorative side of you. Using furniture pieces like a dresser or side table that incorporates gold accents is a great way to start.

Complement the gold throughout the room by using beige bedding. If you’re putting up a wall mural, incorporate one that uses a monochromatic scheme as well. 

21. Accent Pillow

black and white bedroom with yellow pillows
(Source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.)

Another fun way to incorporate yellow in your room is by creating a black and white bedroom with yellow accents. There are all sorts of ways you can incorporate this bold color into your space.

You can do so through your throw pillows, throw blankets, any molding pattern that you have in the room, or of course wall art. Subtle hints of white can a really nice way to pull together a modern bedroom. 

Designed by Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

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We hope our extensive list of black and yellow bedroom ideas has helped inspire you. There are so many ways you can use this color combination to create a really personalized, vibrant, and beautiful sleeping space. Which of these bedroom decor ideas has been your favorite? Be sure to share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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