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21 Inspiring Black and White Nursery Ideas

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A black and white nursery is not an idea that immediately pops into the mind for most people. The usual choice for most would be to go for gender-expressive colors. Little boys get different shades from the blue palette. For girls, it is a mishmash of pink, creams, and purple.

Well, the new trends are about exploring more gender-neutral colors. Throw out the nursery design rulebook. Instead, go crazy on motifs, monochrome pallets, graphics, and contrast to bring in a chic, contemporary or whimsical look. 

Whatever your design leanings, you are sure to find some fantastic inspiration. Read on for some awesome nursery decor ideas for your baby room worth trying out.

Best Black and White Nursery Ideas to Inspire You

1. Bring Out the Fun with Boho Touches

Bring Out the Fun with Boho Touches
(Source: Hunker)

Bohemian decor is about freedom and fun. There is no limit or structure to what you can do. That gives you space to add as many textures, patterns, and monochromatic touches as you wish.

Black and white art prints on the rug would look great. Use natural wood to create cozy nooks or play spaces. And, don’t neglect the walls. Art prints or interesting paintings will add to the fun element.

Shop this Stalcup Off White Area Rug at allmodern.com

2. Embrace Pattern Mixing 

black and white baby room design: playing with patterns
(Source: Little Crown Interiors)

Bring a fun element to the black and white baby room by playing with patterns. The baby cot will look fantastic with polka dot beddings. Some gingham throw pillows will look good on an all-white or black recliner. 

Splurge on a fluffy rag featuring swirls, circles, or geometric shapes. Just make sure it does not shed. Your little one’s respiratory system is still very delicate.

3. Glam Art Deco Decor Style

black and white themed nursery: Art Deco Decor Style
(Source: Pottery Barn Kids)

Invest in a few art decor pieces to glam up the black and white nursery. A gold mirror frame looks sleek and modern. It will also provide fantastic contrast with the black or white wall.

A cabinet with large brass or gold handles looks stylish. A hand-crafted custom baby cot speaks of luxury and comfort. And yes, don’t forget the lights. Pendant lights will wrap up the look nicely.

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of Wallpaper

black and white nursery decorated with black and white patterned wallpaper
(Source: Nicole Franzen)

One fantastic fact about wallpaper is that you can change it as often as you wish. Take the time to shop around for some pretty trendy designs. There is no limit in terms of style and ideas. You can express your trendy or funky style with interesting patterns.

Here’s an idea. Create an accent wall with black and white patterned wallpaper. You can keep changing the designs to make the room look new. You save cash by not having to change the wallpaper in the whole room.

Shop this wallpaper at etsy.com

5. Get a Contrastive Look

Get a Contrastive Look: mix and match shades, patterns, and textures
(Source: Modern Interior Design)

Furnishing and beddings provide the chance to mix and match shades, patterns, and textures. A black comforter with white patterns looks great. Pair this with an all-white cot, and the style goes a notch higher. You get modern and cute without too much effort.

6. The Floors Also Matter

Paint treatments on wood floors
(Source: designoform)

Bring the decor ideas together by giving the floor some attention. A black floor in an all-white room is chic and brings out the minimalist design style. Paint treatments on wood floors can help achieve exciting designs.

Checkered floor patterns look fantastic in a black and white nursery. Pair this with rustic nursery decor. Don’t limit your creativity, though. Get artsy with paintings of animals, cars, flowers, and much more.

7. A Little Color Doesn’t Hurt

black and white nursery with red statement
(Source: Lonny Magazine)

Introducing a splash of color is a fantastic idea. Imagine an all-black and white baby room with red curtains. How about a yellow seat with gingham throw pillows.

A subtle touch of red brings in an element of glam. And it will provide a wonderful contrast with the black and white touches.

8. Black Furniture in a White Room

Create a complete contrast with black furniture in a white room
(Source: Domino)

Create a complete contrast with black furniture in a white room. A black crib or seats will create a dramatic effect. Fua mix-on black can create a moody atmosphere. Bring in some brightness with touches of white on pillows, beddings, or floor rug. 

9. Go Black and White with the Beddings

Go Black and White with the Beddings
(Source: Rachel and Noah Ray)

A mix of black and white beddings can help achieve a modern and cute black and white baby room. Bring in more character with patterns and prints. Instead of an all-white comforter, choose one with interesting animal or geometric designs.

10. Floral Patterns Bring Cheer

Floral Patterns Bring Cheer
(Source: Nikole Ramsay)

Who does not love floral patterns? Flowers bring out the cheer in everyone. And, like in the case of potted plants, such applications will bring in the outdoors. Use floral designs on curtains, wallpaper, decals, or accent walls.

Some may think flowers are feminine. But, floral patterns can help achieve a whimsical, peaceful, sophisticated, or contemporary look in boy’s and girl’s rooms. Wildflowers make you think of the outdoors, while large roses bring a touch of peace and love.

11. Bring In the Outdoors

Bring In the Outdoors: Adding Potted Plants in black and white nursery
(Source: Allison Kuhn)

Potted plants are a fantastic homage to the beauty and wonder of nature. You will love the feeling of the outdoors in the nursery surroundings.

Here’s an idea to try. Space allowing, go for large black or white pots. Place the plants in strategic positions, especially in the corners. For smaller rooms, the alternative is to hang the plants.

12. Patterned Walls for the Really Creative

Patterned Walls for the Really Creative
(Source: dammithali)

Instead of plain nursery walls, how about some exciting patterns. We love the look of gingham or plaid painted walls. An idea is to use the patterns to highlight the area above the crib. Some text art would provide an interesting break and a chance to include favorite words, passages, or phrases.

Best of all, you can take on the projects as DIYs. Of course, you can always opt for wallpapers, as we shared above.

Shop other text art prints at etsy.com

13. Pops of Color

black and white nursery: bring in pops of color in interesting ways
(Source: Mike Rooke)

Nursery decorations featuring only black and white may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Introducing pops of color can create an excellent balance. Explore the range of monochrome palettes. Alternatively, bring in pops of color in interesting ways.

Mint green stripes will look great against a black or white background. Geometric stripes in different colors will add more character to the walls.

14. Create a Memento Wall

Create a Memento Wall or Gallery Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Instead of an accent wall, create a memento wall. Your collection of wonderful memories will continue to grow as your child progresses through the years. A gallery of pictures is one idea.

Try stylish canvas artworks or frame animal prints. Stick to the theme with black and white photos. They will look great against a black backdrop. You can be sure of great conversations around some of the memories later on. 

Custom your baby canvases at 365canvas.com to create his/her own memento wall

15. Animal Themed Baby Room

Animal Themed Baby Room

An animal-themed baby room is fun. And, your little one will get an early start in identifying them. Go full safari with the big five stuffed toys. Alternatively, paint them on the walls or floors.

You can also get wall decals or art that will work well in the black and white themed baby room. A jungle mural on the ascent wall will bring drama and texture to the room.

16. Statement Saying

Create statement with a blanket or a piece of fabric
(Source: Virginia Macdonald)

Create statements with simple ideas. Contrasting with a black and white piece of fabric will look great. A fabric or blanket with a message on the crib canopy will draw the eyes to the crib.

Create a focal point above the crib with architectural designs or handwritten messages. Framed art pieces, accent pillows, area rugs, and attractive light fixtures are other excellent decor pieces.

Shop custom blankets with messages for your baby’s room at 365canvas.com

17. Black and White Furniture

Pairing black and white furniture brings contrast to the baby's room
(Source: 1stDibs)

Pairing black and white furniture brings contrast to the room. A striped dresser featuring the two colors adds charm and character. All black seats with white cushions or pillows will stand out. An all-white crib with black trim looks chic and super stylish.

18. Add a Baby Play Rug

Add a Baby Play Rug

A baby play rug will look great in the baby room. It will also provide a wonderful place to play and bond with the baby. Go for one color or a mix of black and white.

Ensure the rug covers the area if you have a nook for the toys or playthings. Your little one will probably spend a lot of time there.

Shop Modern Performance Play Rug at potterybarnkids.com

19. Create Statements with Above-the-Crib Decor

Create Statements with Above-the-Crib Decor: large-scale pattern
(Source: Llizbrown)

An accent wall is just what you need in your black and white themed nursery. Remember, it will be a focal point in the room. So, don’t be afraid of trying out a large-scale pattern.

You have two options when creating an accent wall. Go the DIY route; all you will need is a paintbrush, paint, some creativity, and time. The other option is wallpaper.

Shop this Wiggle Room Wallpaper at anthropologie.com

20. Nursery Prints

Nursery Prints Above the Crib
(Source: Modsy)

All-white walls look clean and functional. But, they could benefit from a little livening up. Now would be the time to bring out your artsy side with some display ideas.

Hand-painted black and white prints would look great. Shop for botanical or nature-inspired prints for a cozy, calm feeling.

21. Accent Pillow

accent pillows create a powerful statement
(Source: Megan Lorenz Photo)

A simple addition like accent pillows can create a powerful statement. They are functional yet beautiful accessories for the baby’s room. Pick contrasting colors, patterns, and textures for a more interesting look. Since the crib is small, stick to a maximum of three accent pillows.

Shop throw pillows at 365canvas.com to create a statement in your baby room

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to give your little one a conversation-worthy nursery? If yes, use the black and white inspiration ideas above. What you will enjoy is that there are no limits when it comes to creativity.

Apply color, textures, patterns, and materials to create that perfect space. Good luck with transforming your baby’s room. It would be interesting to see the black and white decor outcome. 


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