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20+ Amazing Black And White Bedroom Ideas To Fall In Love With In 2021

20+ Amazing Black And White Bedroom Ideas To Fall In Love With In 2021

Black and white bedroom design ideas are one of the most timeless and classic design themes to decorate with. We’ve got a list of gorgeous decor themes that utilize the elegance of this color scheme that we are sure you will love. 

If you are all about personalizing your bedroom, then black in white is a great color combination that lends itself well. Whether you are a minimalist, are looking for elements to add to a country chic room, or just want to remodel your room into a gorgeous space, we’re sure you will find a design theme you will fall in love with. Read on to find your next inspirational remodel. 

1.Off- White Tones With A Black Elegant Bed

Off- White Tones With A Black Elegant Bed
(Source: Apppie.org)

For a fabulous idea on how to decorate a black and white styled bedroom, consider using off-white tones in conjunction with your black bedding, curtains, and other accent pieces.

A black elegant bed can exude luxury in the simplest manner. put together this all-black bed by incorporating black linens, a black comforter, and black pillows.

2.All-White Bedding for A Clean Look

All-White Bedding for A Clean Look
(Source: Pinterest)

An all-white bedding setup can create a beautiful sleeping space because it exudes a light and airy atmosphere. All-white bedding that is complemented by white furniture, a white rug, and other white elements can be simply stunning.

For a  bit more luxury, you can incorporate elements of gold as well. Gold touches can be snuck in through light fixtures, personal decor items, and gold-framed pictures. 

3.A Gold and White Bed with High-gloss Black Walls

A Gold and White Bed with High-gloss Black Walls
(Source: Pinterest)

Gold is the symbol of glamour and fashion and you can absolutely incorporate it into your bedroom as well. A gold and white bed decorated with accents of black is absolutely magnificent.

Couple your bedding with a high gloss black wall accentuated by lighting fixtures from the bottom up, and you can create an atmosphere that exudes romance and luxury. 

4.A Fun Kids Bedroom with Black and White Theme

A Fun Kids Bedroom with Black and White Theme
(Source: Pinterest)

A Black and White theme can also be a great color combination for a children’s room. These contrasting colors can be very eye-catching especially if you use them in different patterns.

Compliment the room’s decor by using monochromatic images on the walls. These can be images of your little one or some of your kid’s favorite animals, hobbies, and interests. 

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5.Black and White Bedroom with A Suede Accent wall

Black and White Bedroom with A Suede Accent wall
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a beautiful black and white contemporary style room using a black accent wall, some stylish decor items, and simple pieces of furniture.

On base elements like the walls, the floors, and even the furniture, stick with black or white color schemes. When it comes to the bedding, play around with different patterns, and don’t be afraid to personalize items such as your pillows.

6.Industrial Feel With Exposed Brick

Industrial Feel With Exposed Brick
(Source: Design Corral)

Black and white furniture against an exposed brick wall can create a beautiful rustic look that contrasts the simplicity of black and white.

To create this bedroom design, utilize black and white as the base color and add in rustic elements through maroon or brown throw blankets, pillows, and other accessories. This rustic look can also be a great opportunity to use abstract artwork and abstract lighting fixtures like the one in the image. 

7.A Few Focal Pieces

A Few Focal Pieces
(Source: Pinterest)

Any minimalist will tell you that they appreciate the black and white design scheme because it is simple, stylish, and minimal in terms of color scheme. One of the best ways to pull this look together is by settling on a canvas print as the focal point of the room.

A black and white canvas print like a tiger image can be a great way to draw attention into the room. Decorate the rest of the room using minimal items and use storage bins to put away unsightly clutter. 

8.Add Black and White Lighting to Amp up Your Bedroom

black and White Lighting to Amp up Your Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Decorating with a standout black and white lighting fixture can be a great way to draw attention to your room as well.

Use a modern ceiling light fixture that is bold yet bright. This lighting fixture can work in a variety of room designs whether it is a contemporary, farmhouse, or rustic. 

9.Try A Beautiful Contrast Bedroom with Black and White

Try A Beautiful Contrast Bedroom with Black and White
(Source: Pinterest)

Pick one part of the room to make it different from the rest of the room. This different wall will use a contrasting color from the rest of the wall. If you want to create a classic look, you can use a more earthy tone like burgundy or maroon.

It’s okay to get creative with this color design. Once you have this setup, you can decorate the rest of the room using different elements that complement the unique colored wall. 

10.Drape White Curtains for A Calming Effect

Drape White Curtains for A Calming Effect
(Source: Sebring Design Build)

Draping white curtains from the top of your ceiling over windows can create such a calming and peaceful effect in your room. Have fun by mixing together different curtain colors, but try to stick with light colors like teal, beige, and white to keep up the brightness.

Incorporate the black and white style bedroom theme by using dark-colored bedding, accent pillows, and other elements that appeal to the color black. 

11.Glam Up Your Black and White Bedroom with Shiny Metallics

Glam Up Your Black and White Bedroom with Shiny Metallics
(Source: Pinterest)

Shiny metallic colors like silver and space gray are perfect additions to the black and white sleeping space theme. This is because they can add in an element of luxury and elegance.

If you have a silver canopy bed, then you can drape a sheer curtain around it for an added touch of elegance and charm. You can also do without the sheer curtain for a more contemporary and sleek look too.  

12.Add A Third Color to Make A Focal Point 

Add A Third Color to Make A Focal Point 
(Source: Novocom. top)

Black and white is a fantastic bedroom color scheme but when you add a pop of color using the third shade, you can create an eye-catching atmosphere that is simply stunning.

If you want to add a pop of color like blue, you can do so through the area rug or the decorative pillows. Play around with the different hues of blue for a relaxing and calming look. For a more bold take, yellow and coral are great options to go with as well.

13.Shabby Chic with Black and White Pattern

Shabby Chic with Black and White Pattern
(Source: Shutterfly)

Create a feminine feel to your room by using a shabby chic design to accentuate the black and white tones you are decorating with. This beautiful design idea can be done by incorporating beautiful bedding and an accent area rug.

Elements like lace, ruffles, and even black and white floral prints are a fabulous way to start. Don’t be afraid to use too much black, this bold color can work great, especially in a larger room. 

14.Black and White Warm Wood for Your Bedroom

Black and White Warm Wood for Your Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

You can create a stunning farmhouse feel to your bedroom by using accents of black and white warm wood and other furniture that utilizes exposed wood.

Create a welcoming environment by incorporating pillows, throw blankets, and other accessories that complement already existing wood in the bedroom. If you have space, adding a wooden sitting bench at the foot of your bed can be a great addition as well.

15.Add A Checkered Pattern

Add A Checkered Pattern
(Source: HGTV)

A checkered pattern can be a funky design yet these simple elements can create an impressive look in your bedroom. One of the best ways to include a black and white checkered pattern is through the bedding.

Accent the bedding using checkered decorative pillows as well. If you don’t have checkered bedding, you can incorporate this pattern on the rug underneath the bed or even through artwork or murals that you put up.

16.Don’t be afraid of a black feature wall 

Don’t be afraid of a black feature wall 
(Source: Ideal Honme)

 A black feature wall can be a stunning addition to a bedroom so long as you contrast it with plenty of white. A black feature wall can be the best place to display abstract art, personalized photos, black and white canvas art, and other decorations that you want to hang up.

This unique design element will make your room stand out because it is so bold and commanding. Although black can be a bold and dark color, don’t be afraid to try this neat design idea out. 

17.Geometry Fascinates in Black and White Bedroom

Geometry Fascinates in Black and White Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

The black and white color scheme lends itself very well to a geometry-inspired bedroom. Use masking tape to create geometric triangles along one side of the bedroom wall.

Once you have laid down this painter’s tape, paint over the wall with black paint. Allow the paint to dry and then peel away the painter’s tape. You will be left with white streaks of geometric triangles that certainly make the bedroom pop.

18.Open Sleeping Space with Black Framed Window

Open Sleeping Space with Black Framed Window
(Source: Pinterest)

If your bedroom has lots of windows that allow for sunny mornings and cool afternoons, then you will want to emphasize the white in this black and white themed bedroom. White bedding, white furniture, and a white area rug will all reflect the natural sunlight and will brighten up the room even more.

This will create an environment that is simply relaxing, refreshing, and overall wonderful. If you want to cover up the windows, then use high-hung white curtains to keep the light and airy look alive. 

19.Polka Dots 

Polka Dots
(Source: Pinterest)

Polka dots are an absolutely fun way to decorate a nursery or a kid’s room. If you want to create a great space in your home, then this simple idea can certainly go a long way.

You can paint on black polka dots against a white background or you can use adhesive black dots or decals and apply them directly onto the wall. Your end result is a relaxing atmosphere that will attract anyone in your house who is in need of a calming space.

20.Black and White Industrial Bedroom

Black and White Industrial Bedroom
(Source: Cozyhome101)

If you live in the city or are in a studio apartment, then you can decorate using a black and white industrial theme without having to do much remodeling. Use natural industrial elements like exposed piping and brick wall to help you put together this beautiful room.

Hang up your most prized artwork in black frames and allow the windows to be exposed without curtains in order to let plenty of natural light in. Center your bed in the middle of the room to play up the industrial look. The end result is an urban-style sleeping space that is as relaxing as it is cool-looking. 

Black and white bedroom design themes are here to stay. As styles change and themes morph, black and white will remain a classic and elegant tone that you can always play around with for years to come.

Let us know in the comments section below which of our design ideas you loved the most. Know someone who loves to decorate with this monochromatic color scheme? Be sure to share our amazing list of design ideas their way!

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