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21+Luxurious Black and Gold Bedroom Design Ideas in 2022

Luxurious Black and Gold Bedroom Design Ideas in 2021
(Source: Behance)

Nothing screams elegance and class more than a black and gold bedroom interior. Such a glamorous interior adds an element of luxury to the most intimate room in your house. 

In addition, this color scheme is a luxury color scheme that blends beautifully to create a unique bedroom vibe. You can never go wrong with gold, a perfect choice of bedroom color that gives a facelift to your room. 

Gold also tones down the aura of mystery that black adds to your room. Anxious about pulling off such colors?  The following black and gold design ideas will inspire you:

1.Golden Lightings in All-Black Bedroom

(Source: Pinterest)

Are you tired of the simple vibe that your all-black bedroom has been giving you for the longest time? You can add lighting elements like a beautiful gold chandelier and golden bedside lamps to liven up the color scheme. 

The result is a classy bedroom with golden lighting colors that wouldn’t have complimented your room so well if it wasn’t all black.

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2.Modern Black and Gold Bedroom Sets

Modern Black and Gold Bedroom Sets
(Source: VIG Furniture)

These sets, coupled with good lighting from a beautiful chandelier or the soft, relaxing candlelight, uplift the mood in your inky bedroom. You may be tempted to stay indoors for a perfect dinner date with your partner inside your bedroom. 

Who wants to go to an expensive hotel when you can order food, wine and dine with your lover and feel like royalty sleeping in your luxurious room?

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3.Elegant Gold Four-poster Bed 

Elegant Gold Four-poster Bed 
(Source: AprylAnn)

A classy master bedroom for a classy person like you needs to have an elegant four-poster bed. Imagine having a black-painted bed with a unique headboard, which would be glammed up with gold or white pillows and beddings. 

Sounds like royalty, doesn’t it? Set against magnificent black walls, add some golden bedside lamps onto the mix, and you will marvel at how elegant your bedroom looks.

4.Aesthetic Black White and Gold Bedroom Ideas

Aesthetic Black White and Gold Bedr
(Source: Homedit)

Black, white, and gold décor is the perfect combination of colors that complement each other beautifully without overwhelming you. White bedding on a bed set against a black wall with wall art that features stars and the moon will add to the astrological décor of the room. 

The room will be aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye, creating a perfect resting place to relax after a long day.

5.Luxurious Vibes

Luxurious Vibes
(Source: Behance)

Whether you are a royal or not, creating a royal bedroom fit for a king or queen is possible. Assuming you have no other bedroom, the room is your primary bedroom, so why not go all out and give it luxurious vibes? 

Wouldn’t you love sitting by a purple couch at the foot of the bed, spending a quiet evening with soft lights highlighting the golden fixtures around the room?

6.Beautiful Gold Tiles Ceiling Ideas

Beautiful Gold Tiles Ceiling Ideas
(Source: The Home Depot)

Do not limit your bedroom to a gold color on the walls alone. You can leave the dark walls and the black bed frame intact and instead decorate the ceiling in beautiful gold tiles. 

A gold-tile ceiling will send glitter ripples across the room whenever you turn the lights on. Also, you will fall asleep while admiring the antique ceiling, making you feel like an ancient Egyptian king.

7.Light up Your Dark Bedroom

Light up Your Dark Bedroom
(Source: Sculpt Neon Signs)

Your dark bedroom doesn’t have to be a dingy and depressing affair, thanks to a glamorous accent wall that could add some character to the plain walls. 

Consider installing cozy lights along the perimeter of the headboard or the walls to give enough illumination to your room. Golden neon LED lights are the ideal fixtures to light up a dark bedroom.

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8.DIY Black and Gold Wall Art Ideas

DIY Black and Gold Wall Art Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

 There is no reason for black to be too overwhelming for your liking, especially when you can introduce a beautiful accent wall featuring golden wallpaper. 

Gold will neutralize the black color in your primary bedroom and give the room a more inviting look. Also, you can make a DIY painting or a simple art piece and add it to your room to make it more vibrant.

9.Fashion Black and Gold Rooms for Teenager

Fashion Black and Gold Rooms for Teenager
(Source: Homegirl London)

Giving a makeover to a girl’s bedroom to make it more appealing for a teenager-turning young lady is scary to many parents. It should not be a daunting task since you can do a mini-makeover by including shiny metal accessories in the room. 

The accessories, including dark patterns complemented with beautiful gold décor, will give the room a more grown-up feel.

10.Large Gold Baroque Mirror 

Large Gold Baroque Mirror 
(Source: Decorpad)

A large gold baroque mirror is a thoughtful item that makes a room look much bigger than it is. Such a mirror offers a hint of ornate décor that reflects how a French bedroom should look like. 

A large Baroque mirror is your ideal accomplice if you are into fancy décor. The mirror adds unique, vintage-style accents to your bedroom, giving it a timeless look.

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11.Gold- Bronze Details 

Gold- Bronze Details
(Source: Pinterest)

A dark room needs a contemporary color combination of gold and bronze to give it a fancy appeal. These colors are the perfect idea for men’s bedrooms because they offer a stylish and laid-back look without appearing too girlish. 

Gold-bronze details like wallpaper on one side of the room accentuate a black wall and could appeal to the masculinity in men as they are not soft colors.

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12.Elegant Black Gold and Dark Blue Bedroom Ideas

Elegant Black Gold and Dark Blue Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Audenza)

Add some cozy vibes to your black and gold bedroom by including a dark blue color to the theme. Dark blue is a fantastic complementary color to gold and adds a mysterious and relaxing visual effect to help you sleep better. 

A dark blue backdrop paired with beautiful dark tones and gold fixtures would be even more appealing to give your bedroom a peaceful ambiance.

13.Luxurious Black and Gold Comforter Sets

Luxurious Black and Gold Comforter Sets
(Source: Ubuy)

Nothing complements a dark room more beautifully than luxurious black and gold comforter sets. The colors blend beautifully to create an Asian-style room that gives the occupants a cheerful and relaxing ambiance. 

Draw your inspiration from the idea that changing the comforters alters the vibe of the whole room. That way, you will have the best comforter sets that leave the original look of the room intact even when you change them.

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14.Unique Black, Gold, and Red Bedroom Ideas

Unique Black, Gold, and Red Bedroom Ideas
(Source: home-designing)

Bring out a luxurious and elegant appeal in your room by incorporating a unique bedroom color combination featuring black, gold, and red colors. 

Red and gold are warm colors, so be careful when paring them to avoid clashing. That is why you should include black in the mix to create a balance between the two, avoiding making the room too hot.

15.Moroccan Bedroom Designs

Moroccan Bedroom Des
(Source: Lonny)

Your bedroom needs some glamor and drama from the intricate Moroccan bedroom designs that feature strong gold and black fabrics. 

The fabrics blend well with the rest of the features across the bedroom, creating perfect tones of color and adding finesse to the room. For a more dramatic appeal, include an artistic wall mural that will immediately capture the attention of whoever comes into your bedroom. 

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16.Beautiful Picture Frames

Beautiful Picture Frames
(Source: AprylAnn)

You would want to include a personalized touch to your gold and black room for sentimental or romantic reasons. 

The personalized touch may include framed photos or personalized canvas. It holds precious memories you would want to wake up to every day. Adding beautiful picture frames is an excellent choice for couples who intend to be together for the long haul.

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17.Incorporate Nature into Your Decor

Incorporate Nature into Your Decor
(Source: Balcony Garden Web)

Nature is a beautiful way to turn your bedroom into a fresh space with a relaxing ambiance. You can decorate your room with beautiful indoor plants if you want to achieve a green, black and gold bedroom. 

A room with indoor plants has a constant supply of fresh oxygen, offering an inspiration to spend a relaxing and peaceful time in your bedroom. Indoor plants also make your room aesthetically appealing. 

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18.Black and Gold Marble Texture Tiles

Black and Gold Marble Texture Tiles
(Source: AGL Tiles)

Black and gold marble tiles add a timeless and distinguished look to a room. Marble floors are ideal options to add décor to a room because they effortlessly match with various fixtures. 

The marble texture tiles add an ultra-modern appeal to your bedroom, giving it a sophisticated finish. Also, they are anti-skid, durable, low maintenance, and timeless, serving you with aesthetic flooring that will last long.

19.Black and Rose Gold Room Designs

Black and Rose Gold Room Designs
(Source: LA Furniture Store)

Besides having luxurious and elegant bedroom furniture, consider adding beautiful bedroom accessories like toss pillows, area rugs, artwork, and impact lighting. 

The accessories should have a hint of black and rose gold colors to give the room a personal touch, creating a romantic aura. The accessories also provide more than a decorative function, as you can use them for different functions within your bedroom.

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20.A Cozy and Stylish Design with Golden Headboard

A Cozy and Stylish Design with Golden headboard
(Source: Livingetc)

How about a stylish and eye-catching design with a golden headboard, making your bed the focal point of the room? 

A golden headboard is an attractive way to complement your black and gold bedroom theme, giving it a classy and coordinated vibe. The headboard will stand out against the walls, and it is easier to accentuate with other colors to neutralize the black color.

21.Pair of Gold Velvet Curtain 

Pair of Gold Velvet Curtain
(Source: Livingetc)

A pair of modern and luxury gold velvet curtains is one of the important accessories you should include in your room to give it a sophisticated appeal. 

The curtains add to the bedroom’s color scheme and compliment the theme, making the room feel complete. Don’t forget to add fixture sconces that hold wall lamps, candles, and other illumination types to give the room a finished look.

The above are luxurious black and gold bedroom interior designs that inspire you to transform your bedroom into a luxurious haven. 

Choose the design that appeals most to your style and create a modern and glamorous room where you look forward to spending time after a long day.


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