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21+ Best Dressers to Incorporate in Your Bedroom 2022

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No bedroom is complete without having a great dresser to accentuate it. Today we’re going to take a look at different furniture options to help you put together a really beautiful bedroom. On our list of the best dresser options we’ll look at a variety of dressers including affordable, expensive, and of course, cheap furniture pieces to go with. Read on to see how the material you choose, the size, and the color can all impact the overall look of your bedroom.

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Best Dressers For Bedroom in 2022

1. Best With Mid-Century Look: Gemini 6-Drawer Dresser

Gemini 6-Drawer Dresser

If you’re in need of the best dresser under $1000, then this medium size dresser is for you. This beautiful mid-century style six-drawer dresser will help you organize all your clothes. The flat top is perfect for decor including a desktop plaque, a lamp, or even a vase of flowers.

2. Best Affordable: Naoki Dresser

Naoki Dresser

This six-drawer dresser for under $200 is really modern and classy. Not all cheap dressers have to look like they’re on a budget. The sleek black look gives you a really mature and elegant aesthetic. The hairpin-style legs and rustic exterior lend well to a variety of bedroom styles. 

3. Best Ancient Pattern: Tokyo Bone Inlay Three Drawer Dresser

Tokyo Bone Inlay Three Drawer Dresser

A bone inlay dresser is incredibly decorative because of its textured, hand-carved embedding. These types of dressers tend to be on the smaller side and are perfect for small spaces. While they offer a really stunning look, they lend well to a variety of bedrooms. 

4. Best Tufted Upholstered

Luminescence Wood Contemporary Upholstered Dresser

Luminescence Wood Contemporary Upholstered Dresser can complement a room with tufted furniture. This features full leather and touches of luxury including faux crystal buttons. The steel legs also expose a really strong look.

5. Best With Chic Cane Rattan

Lyra 6-Drawer Dresser

This Lyra 6-Drawer Dresser is perfect for a boho-style bedroom. It has woven panels on the front and offers a really warm aesthetic. If you have used a lot of rattan in the bedroom, then this is an ideal option to go with.

6. Best Kid-Friendly: Kids Jewel Blush Dresser

Kids Jewel Blush Dresser

This is the best dresser for nursery bedrooms because it is simple and cute. This small one features a diamond pattern that gives the dresser a chance to pop out. It will work really well in a little girl’s bedroom or a child’s playroom.

7. Best With Scandinavian Style: BJÖRKSNÄS 5-Drawer Dresser

Best With Scandinavian Style: BJÖRKSNÄS 5-Drawer Dresser

Opting for a Scandinavian look is really calming and peaceful. This solid wood dresser will help you achieve that look. This is one of the best IKEA dressers if you want something simple yet stand out.

8. Best Long: Lawson Low Glass Top Dresser

Lawson Low Glass Top Dresser

This features solid acacia wood drawers. The long design of this dresser allows you to add a glass top table. This will give you a beautiful space to place items like decorative plaques, flower vases, and even books.

9. Best With Farmhouse Style: Finley 7-Drawer Double Dresser

Finley 7-Drawer Double Dresser

Another one of the best nursery-inspired dressers is this seven-drawer farmhouse-style dresser. This is designed with cottage inspiration with small drawers on top is a perfect size for a child’s room. Once your little kid grows up, they’ll be able to reach for their belongings on the top all on their own. Plus, because it’s a white piece it offers a really relaxing feel to the room.

10. Best With Vintage Style: Distressed Accent Chest with 4 Drawers

Distressed Accent Chest with 4 Drawers

This is one of the best dressers for closet spaces under $500. It features a really retro and cool design aesthetic that gives it a chance to pop out. You can create this look on your own dresser by using the fabric of your choice and some Mod Podge.

11. Best With Rustic Style: Bodhi Six Drawer Dresser

This might be one of the more expensive options on our list, but it’s certainly a stylish one. This all-black makes it the perfect men’s dresser. The drawers are large and white, plus the outside features very masculine decorative accessories.

12. Best With Topography-Inspired: Huron 6-Drawer Dresser

Huron 6-Drawer Dresser

This really unique dresser features curving corners and cylindrical blocked feet. What makes this so unique is the beautiful wood that lends really well to warmer toned bedrooms. You can decorate the top of it or leave it blank for a really mature aesthetic.

13. Best With Industrial Style: Cilek Dark Metal Dresser

Cilek Dark Metal Dresser

You can add a really funky dresser to your industrial-style bedroom. This features a really unique metal construction made up of four drawers. It can serve as a small side table or a dresser for a small room.

14. Best With Minimalist Style: Clad 6 Drawer Dresser

Clad 6 Drawer Dresser

This six-drawer white dresser with no handles is very simple yet modern looking. This modern dresser blends well to a variety of bedrooms including boho-chic, contemporary, and even modern. It’s simple yet makes a loud statement in any bedroom.

15. Best Fabric: 8 Drawer 31.5” W Double Dresser

8 Drawer 31.5'' W Double Dresser

This sturdy bedroom dresser under $200 features cabinet drawers that are compact yet spacious. This type of dresser with shelves on the top serves really well as a bedside table or nightstand too. You’ll get plenty of built-in space for more than just your clothes.

16. Best Glam: Tara Mirrored 6-Drawer Dresser

Tara Mirrored 6-Drawer Dresser

A really sleek and stylish piece of furniture to incorporate in your bedroom is this smoked mirror dresser. This style is very elegant and works well in several bedrooms. For smaller rooms, the smoked mirrors really help brighten up the room giving it a nice spacious feel.

17. Best Double: Rockefeller 10-Drawer Double Tall Dresser

Rockefeller 10-Drawer Double Tall Dresser

This Rockefeller tall double dresser is really wide, long, and spacious. The all-white construction of this piece can really be highlighted when it is set against an accent wall that has a decorative design. Adding a circular mirror over top of it is a nice touch for a finishing look.

18. Best Mixed Materials: Oberlin Low Dresser

Oberlin Low Dresser

Mixed materials like a wood frame, leather exterior, and brass detail are the makings of this beautiful dresser. This stunning look lends well to really warm tone bedroom aesthetics. It’s also a great piece of furniture to consider if you’re putting together a masculine bedroom.

19. Best With Mirror

Best Dresser With Mirror

A dresser that comes connected with a matching mirror can be a lovely piece for your bedroom. This traditional piece of furniture allows you to have a space to store your clothes as well as a reflective piece that makes the room look larger. A white-tone dresser will always make your room look a lot bigger and open than a darker-toned one would.

20. Best With Wheels

Wooden Dresser With Wheels

Having a wooden dresser with wheels can be a great option to go with if you are in need of versatile storage. You can move it around to accommodate your space. Mobile dressers like this work well for small bedrooms or even dorms.

21. Best Large: Niagara Dresser

Niagara Dresser

This is a really contemporary style thanks to its geometric design. The all-white construction allows this unique dresser to lend to a variety of modern and contemporary styled bedrooms. Because it’s so wide, you will have lots of storage space as well.

22. Best For Nursery: Henley Tall Dresser

best baby dresser styles: Henley Tall Dresser

If you’re in need of tall dressers for bedroom spaces, then this is a great option to go with. This is one of the best baby dresser styles because it offers you plenty of storage space. If you have children who share a room, this can be a great dresser to opt for as well.


Finding the best dresser for your bedroom starts with knowing the aesthetic of your sleeping space. We hope our list of the best bedroom dressers has helped inspire you. Be sure to share with us in the comments section below which of these dresser styles have been your favorite and why.

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