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27 Stylish Bedside Table Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

white bedroom with aesthetic bedside table

One of the most necessary types of bedroom furniture pieces is a bedside table. Some people often confuse a bedside table with a nightstand, but many might be quick to correct you. Unlike a nightstand, a bedside table does not offer pull-out drawers. These drawers are helpful for offering extra storage. Typically with a nightstand, you will find just a tabletop. Sometimes you might even find a bottom shelf for additional storage. Aside from the differences, bedside tables and nightstands generally do the same job. 

They offer a sense of style and personalization to your bedroom. Today, we are going to look at some stunning bedside table ideas to dress up your bedroom. Our list will look at different styles you can use regardless of the style of your bedroom. We will explore more traditional looks and unique styles, textures, and materials too. Stick around to see which lovely decor idea for your bedside table you will fall in love with. 

1. Stylish Look In The Simplicity

small black wired metal table
(Source: Etsy)

This small black wired metal table is perfect for someone who is looking for a minimalist bedside table decor idea. The black metal frame is ideal for a minimalist look. The main feature is that there aren’t bulky pieces that detract away from the simplicity of the design.

You can incorporate this type of look in bedrooms that have all different types of color schemes. The black wiring allows this piece to stand out but not be overly decorative too. While it’s lacking drawers, thin shelving allows you to store away books and electronics easily.

2. Transparent Bedside Table

transparent mobile bedside table
(Source: Clear Home Design)

This unique transparent mobile bedside table is perfect for a college dorm or teenage bedroom. Because this table is on wheels, it’s also super mobile too. You can move it around the room as you see fit. This transparent structure lends itself really well to a minimalist bedroom, an eclectic theme, or even a really modern decor style. 

3. Biscuit Leather Strap Bedside Table

Biscuit Leather Strap Bedside Table
(Source: H and G Designs)

Create a really simple yet sleek look with this ingenious strapped bedside table style. This type of bedside table uses a wooden tabletop and biscuit leather straps that are attached to the walls.

This really distinct style stands out in a variety of bedrooms. The simplicity of it lends well to a minimalist-themed bedroom. However, The rustic vibe also lends well to a farmhouse theme or a rustic bedroom as well.

4. Bedside Floating Shelves With Hidden Lighting

Bedside Floating Shelves With Hidden Lighting
(Source: Contemporist)

Create a really contemporary look on the side of your bed by installing floating shelves. Floating shelves offer a very sleek and modern take on bedside storage.

If you want to create a really cool vibe, you can even install a strip of LED lighting under the floating shelf. This will help you illuminate the space. It will also give you a nice night light if you don’t like sleeping in the dark.

5. Upholstered Bedside Table

Upholstered Bedside Table
(Source: Umage)

Incorporate some fun fabric into your bedside table to create a really neat upholstered look. A blue bedside table can really stand out as far as color goes.

If you have a master bedroom that you are decorating, then a distinct table like this will look really neat. Have fun with the type of upholstery you use. This is a great way to incorporate your own personal style into the bedroom furniture. 

6. Fluted Bedside Table

Fluted Bedside Table
(Source: west elm)

Using a textured bedside table with a fluted design can be a really cool aesthetic in your sleeping space. If you have an all-white bedroom, using textures in this manner can be a neat way to incorporate personality.

You can even incorporate matching textures on the bedside table and other elements in the room. Consider matching the textures to the curtains on your window, throw pillows, and even personalized wall art.

7. Brass Bedside Table Ideas With Gem Cut 

Brass Bedside Table Ideas With Gem Cut
(Source: west elm)

Sculptural bedside tables can be really unique eye-catching design pieces to incorporate in a bedroom. You can use different geometric gem cut tables that have a flat surface on top.

This will give you a place to set your belongings on. A really classic color to go with is brass or bronze as these colors will stand out. However, if you want something more muted, going with black or white can be just as fine.

8. Bedside Table Ideas With An Ottoman or Pouf

Bedside Table Ideas With An Ottoman or Pouf
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Got a low platform bed that needs a low bedside table? Consider using a low-lying ottoman or pouf. There are so many different low bedside table ideas to incorporate into your sleeping space, but an ottoman or pouf are very unique.

Having a look like this in your bedroom will allow the space to stand out. And because the bedside table will be made out of fabric you can have extra creative license. This can be a great way to incorporate fun patterns and designs that reflect your style. 

9. Folding Wall Shelf

Folding Wall Shelf
(Source: archiproducts)

If you need some tiny bedside table ideas for a bedroom restricted on space, then consider a wall-mounted folding shelf. This type of bedside table folds down and goes into your wall when it is not in use.

When you do need it, however, you can simply pop it open and use it for the night.  When the table is closed and put away, you can paint the outside to match the aesthetic of your room. You can also use Mod Podge to adhere a cute image that can act as wall art too.

10. A Stack Of Vintage Suitcases

 A Stack Of Vintage Suitcases Between Beds
(Source: Architecture Art Designs)

A classic way to incorporate a bedside table is by setting it up in between beds.  A really fun theme to go with is stacked suitcases that serve as the bedside table.

The suitcases themselves don’t have to be functional as it’s only the top that you will use. The handles of the suitcase can serve a purely decorative purpose. This look is great for putting together a bedroom where two siblings or twins share the space. 

11. Bedside Table Attached To The Bed Frame

Bedside Table Attached To The Bed Frame
(Source: Wayfair)

If you have a Japanese-style bed frame, then you probably have a low-lying platform bed. Finding a great bedside table that can match a low-lying bed can be tricky. However, the best approach is to use an equally low lying table.

A neat way to create the illusion of height, however, is by using tall table lamps. These lamps will give the illusion that the furniture is sitting higher than it actually is. This will give a nice balance to the room as well.

12. DIY Box-Style Bedside Table

DIY Box-Style Bedside Table
(Source: Decoist)

Hairpin legs are one of the latest trending furniture ideas. Using a bedside table that uses hairpin legs can be a great way to incorporate this style into your room.

You can use a style like this even if you don’t have other furniture that uses hairpin legs. Having an old-fashioned wooden box-style table looks great on hairpin legs. It’s a really fun look for a rustic, farmhouse, and even minimalistic bedroom.

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13. Bedside Niche With Decorative Stuff

Bedside Niche With Decorative Stuff
(Source: Liven Design)

Swap out a bedside table entirely and use a built-in shelf instead. Having a built-in bedside table shelf can be a great way to use the wall space as storage space too.

The number of shelves you have will dictate how much you can decorate. Overall, these shelves can be a great place to display your favorite items. Include some decorative frames, your favorite flower arrangement, and of course books.

14. Stone Bedside Table

Stone Bedside Table
(Source: west elm)

You can create a really fancy yet interesting look in your bedroom by using a stone bedside table. This really distinct look works very well in an eclectic bedroom.

The texture and style of it can match phenomenally with other different styles and textures. If you have a more neutral bedroom like a boho-chic style or earthy decor theme, this table is great as well.

15. Bedside Table Attached To The Headboard

Bedside Table Attached To The Headboard
(Source: Pinterest)

This look is one of the coolest trending headboard ideas this season. This headboard and bedside table combination does double duty as it includes an attached shelf on the side.

What makes this style one of the best modern wooden bedside tables is that it can easily become a DIY project. You can use slabs of wooden slabs that you paint over or leave unfinished. It creates a really nice simple look that lends well to all sorts of decor themes. 

16. Use The Windowsill

windowsills as a bed table alternative
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a small bedroom where your bed is propped up against the window, this idea is for you. Use the windowsills as a bed table alternative.

You can place some small potted indoor plants right on the window sill to give the room a nice vibrancy. Use the space to also store some books, an alarm clock, and of course your electronics.

17. Maximus Bedside Table

a slide-out shelf that gets installed underneath the mattress.
(Source: Etsy)

Another one of the best bedside table ideas for small spaces is an under the mattress table. This type of table is actually a slide-out shelf that gets installed underneath your mattress.

If you are someone who enjoys working in bed, this can be a great place to set your laptop. It’s also a great place to house journals, reading books, and other small items that you use before bed.

18. Bedside Table Ideas With A Cart

Bedside Table Ideas With A Cart
(Source: Decostore – Casa & Decoracao)

A mobile cart can be a really great addition to a space like a guest bedroom. If you don’t regularly use your guest bedroom, then it might not make sense to invest a whole lot into the decor.

A mobile cart can easily roll in and out of the room allowing you to use it for other purposes too. Opt for a cart that has a really nice decorative appeal to it. However, make sure that you are also opting for a cart that blends well with a variety of design styles too. 

19. Use A Vintage Chair

(Source: SFGirlByBay)

Chairs as bedside tables might sound like an odd thing, but this style is actually picking up momentum. A style like this looks especially well in an industrial-themed bedroom.

If you are putting together a teenager’s bedroom or even a dorm room, this style works especially well. Generally speaking, a vintage or rustic style chair without wheels works best for this look.

20. Bedside Console Table

Bedside Console Table
(Source: lifemstyle)

If you want to put a table beside the bed but need lots of space, consider using a console table. Having a bedside console table is perfect for someone who is looking for larger bedside table alternatives.

Console tables offer a lot more space yet they are slim enough that they don’t take up much room either. Because it’s rather large, opt for a color and design that stands out and adds to the style of the room. 

21. Show The Personality

A leaning canvas and a stack of books beside bed
(Source: Desmondo)

A really unique alternative to having a bedside table is by creating a space that shows off a little of your personality. You can do this in a variety of ways. You can create a personal bedside area by incorporating some leaning art.

A personalized canvas that displays your interest can work as well. Stack vintage books to create a faux bedside table too. You can even consider using a long pendant light that puts this area on display.

22. Pedestal Bedside Table

pedestal table beside bed
(Source: Decorpad)

One of the more classic looks of side tables for bedroom decor is a pedestal table. Having a pedestal table is a great way to use minimal furniture that offers maximum space. Use a design that complements your bed frame. Some classic types of pedestal tables are ones that are made out of wood or use a white finished metal.

23. Reclaimed Pallet Bedside Table

Reclaimed Pallet Bedside Table
(Source: Woodwaves)

Reclaimed wood and pallet bedside table ideas are some of the best ways to upcycle your bedroom decor. You can use a finished reclaimed wood table or you can create a makeshift one of your own.

This look lends itself especially well to a rustic or farmhouse bedroom. If you are putting together an all-white sleeping space, this style can work well too. 

24. A Low Bar Stool

A small bedside stool
(Source: facilisimo)

If you want to incorporate a masculine bedside table, then consider a small stool. A small bedside stool can be a great way to use furniture practically in a way that does not overwhelm the look of the room.

A metal stool looks great in a minimalist-style bedroom. It also lends well to an industrial-themed room or bachelor pad. 

25. Bedside Table Ideas With A Cube

(Source: Caliber)

Use a bedside cube to create a really beautiful aesthetic. What’s great about this idea is that you can use a pretty design or opt for something funkier. The type of design you use wholly is dependent on the theme of your bedroom.

You can use a funky pattern if you want something for an eclectic bedroom. For a girl’s room, consider florals and pastel colors. If you want something more modern and minimalist, then consider white or black. 

26. Use A Storage Basket Instead Of A Bedside Table

 A Storage Basket Beside Bed
(Source: Wonder Forest)

Bedside table ideas are one aspect of your bedroom where you can get really creative. If you simply need a space where you can throw your belongings in, this idea is for you. Consider swapping out your table entirely and opt for a large storage basket instead. This can be a great place to throw away knick-knacks, blankets, and pillows. 

27. Pedestal Floor Lamp

Pedestal Floor Lamp
(Source: Mooielight)

A really modern way to dress up your bedroom is by having a piece that offers more than one use. One great piece to consider is a bedside table lamp combination.

This pedestal floor lamp will allow you to have the benefit of more table space because you have a lamp overhead. This modern look works great in industrial, modern, and minimalist bedrooms. 

If your bedroom does not have a bedside table, then it’s not hard to see that your room might be missing out. There are so many benefits to using a bedside table. Perhaps the most important is the fact that they can really help you personalize your bedroom.

We hope that our extensive list of bedside table ideas has helped inspire you. Let us know in the comments section which of these ideas were your favorite and why.

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