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25+Top Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas That Will Make Your Room More Impressive (2021)

Top Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas That Will Make Your Room More Impressive (2021)

Windows are one of the most appealing aspects of any bedroom. And Bedroom window treatment ideas are crucial to transforming your sleeping quarters into fantastic ones. 

If you have stunning Windows but have no idea how to dress them up, then you have to come to the right place. If you’ve ever wondered what should I put on my bedroom window to transform it, then we’ve got a great list of ideas for you. 

Our bedroom window treatment ideas will help you explore different ways to play with the natural light that streams in. We’ll take a look at some trending window treatment aesthetics as well as some contemporary ones. We’ll also talk about color, patterns, and different fabrics you can use on your windows. 

Ready to transform your bedroom into an amazing sleeping space thanks to your windows? Read on to find a fantastic window treatment for your bedroom tonight.

Best Window Shades for Bedroom

1.Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Cellular Shades

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Cellular Shades
(Source: sanantonioshuttersandscreens )

A popular window treatment style that is great for energy efficiency is a cellular shades window treatment. This type of window treatment is really popular because of its unique design. 

Instead of traditional shade blades, you’ll find a really opaque material that takes on a sort of honeycomb construction when you pull the shades down. The little light that comes through makes this a great treatment for quickly darkening your room. 

2.Bedroom Window Roller Shades Ideas

Bedroom Window Roller Shades Ideas
(Source: Make My Blinds)

Roller shades of one of the most traditional window treatments in modern decor. The rollers allow you to easily pull the shade down when you want to block out the sun. 

This type of window treatment works great if you have large windows and want to block out the hot summer sun. Because you have a variety of fabric valances to choose from as well, the shade can offer UV protection as well as stellar blackout capabilities. 

3.Roman Shade Window Treatments 

Roman Shade Window Treatments 
(Source: Better Decorating Bible)

Roman-inspired window shades can offer such an air of elegance. This look works particularly well if you want to put together a luxurious, gorgeous bedroom. 

Roman curtains have a very translucent construction allowing some of the sunshine in. This gives you a really soft glow of natural light in whichever room you set them up in. Shabby chic, farmhouse and bohemian-style bedrooms all look great with Roman shade window treatments.

4.Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Silhouette Shades

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Silhouette Shades
(Source: Pinterest)

Window shades like these are a really great way to balance out privacy and the amount of light that comes into the room. This unique type of window treatment allows you to create softly filtered light in your room. Because you can tilt the blades of silhouette shades in either direction, you can control the flow of light. 

You can also control the amount of privacy you have in the bedroom. If you really like natural light but want to block out any visuals, this can be a great window treatment to opt for.

5.Combine Window Shades with Drapes

Combine Window Shades with Drapes
(Source: Curtain World)

If you want a nice way to balance out privacy and brightness, consider combining your window shades with drapes. Your window shades have the functionality of blocking out any unwanted light that comes into your bedroom. 

If you want to have privacy, but want the natural light from the outdoors, adding in a drape is the perfect solution. Plus, drapery over your shades can be a great way to help you decorate your bedroom as well.

Dreamy Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

6.Stunning White Curtains Ideas

Stunning White Curtains Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Create an all-white bedroom and pair it with some delicate white silk drapes. This look in a master bedroom can create such an elegant and luxurious feel. 

The bright white of the linens will also reflect off of the sunlight that enters your room. This will in turn create a really vibrant bedroom full of brilliance. If you have unconventional windows or even a balcony area, consider white curtains instead of traditional window blinds.

7.DIY Bamboo Blinds

DIY Bamboo Blinds
(Source: Pinterest)

Window treatments inspired by the outdoors like bamboo blinds and rattan blinds offer such a nice aesthetic. These nature-inspired decor ideas will allow little natural light in and serve as great sunlight blockers. 

If you have a farmhouse bedroom, a shabby chic theme, or even a bohemian style, you will find that these types of blinds work great. Their natural aesthetic will lend really well to similar bedroom design themes.

8.Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Classic Shutters

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Classic Shutters
(Source: Appeal Home Shading)

Put a twist on your window treatments by incorporating traditional window shutters Instead. This contemporary style plays on the vintage design theme of window shutters. A look like this also lends really well to European decor style as well. 

If your window is on the smaller end, consider using light colors like white or beige on the window shutters. For larger windows, you can go a little bolder with darker colors.

9.Aluminum Window Awnings 

(Source: Obeki)

One of the most classic and functional exterior bedroom window treatment ideas is an aluminum awning. Having an awning over your window offers an added element of privacy. 

Plus, it’s a great way to block out the sun if you live in an area where the sunshine can be strong during its peak. You can stick with a classic rustic aluminum awning or you can paint it to match the exterior of your home. 

10.Cannes Blackout White Roller Blind

Cannes Blackout White Roller Blind
(Source: Web Blinds)

A really unique way to use window shutters is by having them double up as a design element for your headboard too. One great way to dress up a double window is by incorporating a roller blind on the back. These roller blinds will allow you to adjust the sunlight accordingly. 

Plus, if you have a beautiful view outside, this can be a great backdrop against your bed’s headboard as well. 

11.Frosted Privacy Window Ideas

Frosted Privacy Window Ideas
(Source: The Home Depot)

If you have windows in a specific part of your room where it can be difficult to put blinds or drapes up, then consider frosted glass windows. These cling-on window treatments work especially well in bathrooms that are attached to your bedroom. 

Frosted glass windows can provide you extra privacy all the while allowing the natural light from outside to filter in. There are other types of unique designs as well if you want to add a pop of color to your frosted glass treatment. 

12.Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Folding Screen

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Folding Screen
(Source: This Old House)

One really easy way to set up some privacy on your windows is by setting up a folding screen. Some of the best design elements are useful decorative elements like a folding screen that offer an aesthetic and functional purpose. Because this folding screen can be a loud statement piece, incorporate it into a part of your room where you want to draw attention to. One of the best ways to use it is as a backdrop for your bed.

13.Country Shutters Ideas

Country Shutters Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Classic country shutters can be a great way to dress up a country-themed bedroom. Farmhouse shutters made out of old wooden planks or a wooden shelf can help you create such a rustic look. 

If you have a stone wall accent in your bedroom, then these shutters will look especially great. In true country fashion, stick with neutral tones like white, beige, or even add in distressed wood.

14.Rustic Cottage Sliding Window Shutters

Rustic Cottage Sliding Window Shutters
(Source Pinterest)

Sliding barn doors can work as a really unique window treatment too. If you’re looking for a functional way to dress up your room and block out the light, then consider setting up sliding barn doors over your window. 

This window treatment works naturally well in a farmhouse-inspired bedroom. But, it’s also a great treatment to use if you want to create a modern style in your sleeping space as well.

15.Black and White Lines Printed Roman Blinds

Black and White Lines Printed Roman Blinds

Black and white linens are some of the most classic materials to use for window drapery. If you’re putting together a masculine bedroom, then this is one of the best ideas for window coverings. Black and white patterned drapes lend well to a variety of bedroom styles. 

If you have a very minimalistic bedroom, then this color palette will work well. An all-white bedroom and a gray bedroom, and even a rustic bedroom can be balanced out by black and white patterned drapes too.

16.Louvre Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Louvre Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas
(Source: Breezway)

Louvre windows create a really unique ambiance in your bedroom. This is one of the most modern window treatment ideas because it offers a very uniform and contemporary style. The large blades are typically two inches wide and can be adjusted to allow you to control the privacy as well as the natural light entering in. 

If you go with white blades, you can double up over them with a pair of bold drapes as well. A look like this lends really well to a modern, contemporary, and even industrial-style bedroom. 

17.Print Valance Curtains Bedroom Ideas

Print Valance Curtains Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Incorporate a printed valance in your bedroom for a nice pop of color. You can create an eye-catching bedroom by using a Moroccan tile print valance designed in blue and white. These color combinations work really well for a light-colored bedroom or an all-white tone bedroom.

Because you can play with colors, this look works great in a child’s bedroom too. If you want a more wormer aesthetic, then you can use colors like yellow, red, and even orange. Have fun with this look and personalize it to your liking.

18.Beautiful Bay Window Bedroom Layout

Beautiful Bay Window Bedroom Layout
(Source: Pinterest)

Oddly shaped windows like a bay window are a great place to set up a reading nook or sitting area. A really beautiful way to dress up a bay window is by using personalized pillows, comfy cushions, and beautiful throw blankets. 

Because of this, focus on different elements of comfort that will lend to the design aesthetic already in your bedroom. If your window overlooks a unique view, incorporate the colors from the view into your decor as well. 

19.Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Arched Windows

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Arched Windows
(Source: Country Fabrics)

Arched windows can be a bit tricky to dress up, especially if they are high arched windows. One of the best window curtain ideas for an arched window or even an oddly shaped window is an oversized curtain. 

Having an oversized curtain that is draped in a  manner that is complementary to your window frame can help you create a really stunning look. An anesthetic window like this works really well in a master bedroom or any other space where the window is the main feature. 

21.Color Block Curtains 

Color Block Curtains 
(Source Overstock.com)

Neutral color-blocking curtains can be a great way to set the tone in your bedroom. Using natural hued linens works especially well in a warm and cozy bedroom. 

For more industrial-style bedrooms, darker, monochromatic tones work best. Because these color block trends can be rather simple in design, it’s best to pair them with some wall art. Hanging up some custom canvas artwork will really allow you to showcase your individuality.

21.Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas for Multiple Window

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas for Multiple Window
(Source: Decorpad)

If you have a unique windows setup like corner windows, then it can be tricky to find the right window treatment. You can never go wrong with having a drapery set up, however. 

Having drapes on corner windows will allow you to maximize the amount of sunlight that enters. You can pull the drapes on either end of the wall to help give the room a really nice open feel.

22.Sky Window Ideas

Sky Window Ideas
(Source: TripAdvisor)

Having sky windows can be such a fantastic way to let natural light into your bedroom.  If you’re vacationing in a beautiful location like the Swiss Alps, then a room with skylights is so gorgeous designed to allow you to soak in the outdoors. 

For a unique design like this, it’s best to opt for some sort of sliding blind system that is easy to use. Any other type of blinds can be cumbersome to set up and may limit your view.

23.Taffeta Window Curtains Ideas

Taffeta Window Curtains Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a simply stunning and luxurious bedroom by using taffeta window curtains. These unique window curtains work really well if you have a sitting area in your master bedroom. Draping these curtains along the top of your windows will give the room a more ethereal atmosphere. 

Pick a light and airy color that is cool and inviting. This will also give the room the feeling that it is much larger and open than it actually is.

24.Minimalist Glass Window Ideas

Minimalist Glass Window Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a simple glass window, then using an equally simple window treatment is the way to go. A roll-down option or blinds that stack with one another can really lend well to a simplistic look. 

If you have a sitting nook, then you want to match the cushions with the window treatment. Keep it nice and simple using basic cushions in muted colors to dress up the space.

25.Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Open Space

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas with Open Space
(Source: Pinterest)

Another beautiful window setup is a full glass window. A windows setup like this is especially perfect for a bedroom that has fantastic views of the ocean or forest. 

Compliment the amazing views with a modern vibe throughout the room. Don’t use large or loud furniture as this will detract away from the beauty of the view that is outside. A look like this is really great for putting together a romantic or contemporary bedroom. 

If you have never decorated or dressed up your windows then it’s clear you have been missing out. The good news is, it’s never too late to get in on the action. We hope that our extensive lists of the best bedroom window treatment ideas have helped inspire you. 

Let us know in the comments section below what type of windows you have and how you have dressed them up. Know someone who has fantastic bedroom windows? Be sure to share this article with them as well! 

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