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41+ Amazing Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas You’ll Fall In Love (2022)

(Source: Pinterest)

Bedroom wallpaper ideas can transform your bedroom with little effort. This design theme can help you pull off a simple, elegant, colorful, or unique look. Want to learn how you can use decorative wallcovering to transform your bedroom? We’ll show you the many ways you can do just that. 

From contemporary looks to vibrant style and even peel-and-stick wallpaper bedroom ideas, our list has it all. Read on to see which style best suits your personality and design needs.

1. Leafy Green

(Source: Alanna Hale)

Leafy green bedroom wallpaper ideas are one of the best ways to transform a bedroom. Prints like ferns, fronds, and even dandelions can add an element of calm to the room. A nice tone of green is not overwhelming, even if the pattern is. If you want to use this only on one side of the room, incorporate it as a headboard. Placing your bed right alongside this accent wall can give you a unique design style. 

2. Graphic Gray

(Source: Trevor Tondro)

Gray bedroom wallpaper ideas are perfect for a more mature bedroom. This tone is very calm and muted. What’s great about this look is you can use it with other patterns in a room. Check out the geometric rug that compliments the wallpaper. Plus, because gray is a rather neutral tone, you’ll have a lot of decor options. Pair this look with similar colored linens For a monochromatic theme. 

3. Purple Pop

(Source: Whittney Parkinson)

Don’t be afraid of using pops of color on your wallpaper. One of the best wallpaper ideas is using a gradient that incorporates a bold color. For example, this bedroom uses a purple gradient that helps brighten up the bedroom. Is also cute how a purple potted flower is used to accentuate the wallpaper.  

4. Pinky Power

(Source: Thomas Loof)

This pink aesthetic wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to put together a little girl’s bedroom. You can even use it for a teenage or young adult bedroom too. Pink is such a charming and beautiful tone to play around with because it exudes femininity. Lighter shades can help you put together a cute bedroom. Whereas darker pops of pink will be a lot better for a colorful space. 

5. Soothing Blue

(Source: Studio Peake)

Give your bedroom an absolute sense of calm by playing around with a blue pattern wallpaper. Blue can be a really bold tone if you’re using it as wallpaper. You can also use it as an accent wall. If you use a light-tone wallpaper, incorporate a burst of blue through bedroom decor. If the Paul paper is really loud, use more muted shades of blue in your bedroom furniture. A monochromatic blue bedroom can be a place of tranquility because it’s so soothing. 

6.  Black and White

(Source: Nude and the Novice)

You can keep it as classy as ever by going with a black and white bedroom theme. Do this by using bedroom wallpaper that only uses black and white. It’s more versatile than you think. You can keep the rest of the bedroom modern by using black and white furniture and complementary accents. On the flip side, you can go bold too. White and black wallpaper in a bedroom is the perfect base color for using loud pops of color throughout your room. 

7. Rose Gold

(Source: Pinterest)

For decades, rose gold has been the color of a fabulous and luxurious aesthetic. This tone is bold yet feminine, and undeniably modern. With all these great qualities, it’s no wonder why it has become a great wallpaper aesthetic to try out. Use wallpaper that creates a sort of scenery in your bedroom. Better yet, limit the rose gold aesthetic to one wall that serves as the accent. This wall is the perfect place to push your bed against so that you have a sort of makeshift headboard.

8. Golden Glitter 

(Source: Lime Lace)

Create a work of art in your bedroom with wallpaper that shimmers. This beautiful look is contemporary, girly, and sparkly. Don’t just use any sparkles, gold glitter will allow your bedroom to shine. This metallic look can be pretty loud so be sure to use it as an accent wall only. This accent will be a bold focal point for you to decorate around. Use complementary tones like pink and gray throughout the bedroom. 

9. Floral Accent

(Source: Serena Eller Vainicher)

One of the easiest ways to put together a beautiful bedroom is by using floral wallpaper.  This type of wallpaper is inherently delicate because of the flower prints. It doesn’t matter if the prints are large or dainty little buds. Either way, the floral aesthetic will shine through, giving you a really charming space. If you have a bedroom with lots of windows peering over trees and greenery, this look is for you. Floral prints pair well with rooms that have natural light and open space. 

10. Modern and Classy

(Source: Reena Sotropa)

You can still have a modern and classy look even if you have a bedroom with wallpaper. Simple tones or modern classy bedroom wallpaper designs can create simple styles that look effortless. Once you have a wall that exudes simplicity, you’ll have a bedroom that looks like a wall of art in itself. The end result is a space that has a clean and fresh feel to it.

11. Simple is the Key

(Source: Victoria Larson Textiles)

Just because you use wallpaper does not mean your bedroom has to be loud. Simple bedroom wallpaper designs are easier than you think to put together. Rely on a base pattern that incorporates one or two colors. Then, use the same tone throughout the rest of the room. You can use patterns, but it’s best to keep it simple and monochromatic. This way, your wallpaper will remain the focal point of the bedroom. 

12. Romantic Style

(Source: Brian Woodcock)

Tap into a romantic English aesthetic with this charming wallpaper decor idea. This romantic bedroom wallpaper relies on warm tones and complementary furniture. This look pulls together a really inviting cottage-style feel thanks to the wrought iron bed frames. The complimentary cream quilt also helps amplify the warmth in the room. Other ways to exemplify warmth are by using delicate wood furniture, and light-colored linens.

13. Small Space

(Source: Reena Sotropa)

Small spaces? No problem. If your bedroom is small like a nursery or bedroom office, this idea is for you. Create a feature wall with a large pattern to help pop out attention. Believe it or not, large prints can actually make a small room appear larger. Make sure not to cover all the walls, but instead select a feature wall specifically. Opt for the larger wall and have fun picking a bold pattern. 

(Source: Pinterest)

Incorporating trendy bedroom wallpaper designs is one of the best ways to personalize your space. While trends come and go, your personal sense of style is more permanent. Select a wallpaper that complements your style and design preferences. No matter how bold, loud, or creative the pattern is, if you like it that’s all that matters.

15. Wallpaper a Panel

(Source: Annie Schlechter)

Who says your print coverage should be limited to just the walls only? When you wallpaper a headboard panel or window panel, you achieve ultimate personalization. This bedroom is really unique because the walls, tufted headboard, curtains, and linens all complement one another. This look is simply stunning because it exudes a calming and inviting feel.

16. Contemporary Design

(Source: Reid Rolls)

This next look offers a really edgy and creative aesthetic. While this design is certainly contemporary, it takes the term contemporary art to a new level. Your walls literally come alive as a piece of artwork color perfect for designing a space. Interestingly enough, using a wallpaper print like this is the best way to create a neutral bedroom. 

17. Minimalist Fierce

(Source: Morse Design)

Wallpaper bedroom ideas blend really well with simplicity and minimalism too. For example, this wallpaper does not have the “gusto” most wallpapers do. Instead, the pattern is really muted, light, and almost unnoticeable. Despite this, it’s the perfect backdrop for a simple bedroom design. It pairs well with white, beige, and other neutral tones.

18. Cooler Wallpaper

(Source: Christopher Stark)

Cooler wallpaper bedroom colors are the easiest way to create a calming space. Cool tones including beige, blue, aqua, and white can help you pull off this relaxed look. It’s a very modern and almost industrial style color palette. However, these tones work really well to create a very clean and sleek space.

19. Elegance 

(Source: Bjorn Wallander)

Put together an undeniably elegant bedroom by using elegant wallpaper. In fact, elegantly patterned wallpaper is the easiest way to put together a bedroom fit for royalty. This bedroom has a very vintage look to it thanks to the timeless wallpaper used. Warm tones are complemented by the wood molding and wood furniture. 

20. Royalty

(Source: Pinterest)

Elegant wallpaper bedroom decor is defined by gold wallpaper. This bedroom looks especially elegant thanks to the complimentary gold tones throughout the space. The wallpaper itself has a very royal pattern with gold and yellow overtones. With a simple look like this, you can use it for an accent wall or all the walls.

21. Master Bedroom Wallpaper

(Source: Pinterest)

Master bedroom wallpaper ideas are as plentiful as the patterns available. What’s important about this look is to create a space that speaks to you. Using a cool palette can create a really soothing and relaxing environment. Both warmer and cooler tones can also beckon you in as well. Figure out which color palette you want to work with, and explore trending wallpaper aesthetics. 

22. Luxury in Bedroom

(Source: Simon Bevan)

Finding the best luxury bedroom wallpaper ideas is one that simplifies high-end bedroom decor. For example, consider creating a wall-mounted headboard that pairs well with your unique wallpaper. The headboard itself should have a luxurious and elegant finish so that it creates the look of luxury. 

23. Boutique Bedroom 

(Source: Tim Young)

Put together a cute boutique-style bedroom using boutique bedroom wallpaper ideas. Create this look by incorporating a bold wallpaper that’s paired with a wall-attached headboard. Add in twinkle lights, cute decore elements, and a boutique-themed color palette. This will help you create a space that is relaxing and undeniably charming.

24. Creative and Bold

(Source: Soane Britain)

This next look is really fun because it utilizes all sorts of creative elements. Start by incorporating a bold red wallpaper that sets the tone for the bedroom. Then, add in a nice mix of bedroom frames to pin along the wall. These frames give the space a really welcoming and open feel. Plus the bold bedroom background color creates a warmth that beckons you in. 

25. New in Bedroom

(Source: Jan Baldwin)

Get something old and treat it like new to create a stunning bedroom. Instead of using a bedroom wallpaper design, use the wallpaper on used furniture. Wallpaper on an upcycled wardrobe, dresser, or side table can be amazing. This will help you create a really unique look in your sleeping space. Plus it will give used furniture a new breath of fresh air. 

26. Interior Texture

(Source: Divine Savages)

Textures on your bedroom walls are a really neat way to create a unique aesthetic. This decor idea relies heavily on using patterns and muted textures. Textures to use including flocking and star prints help bring a real natural feel to the room. Because of this, it’s best to pair these textures with neutral tones. Earthy tones are also great color palettes to choose from as well. 

27. Nature Inspiration

(Source: Future)

Bringing the outdoors into your bedroom is the easiest way to create a calming space. Tones like brown, green, and yellow can help warm a space up. Just because you are using earthy tones does not mean you should stay away from color, however. Use bold pops of color on throw pillows and furniture. This will help bring some vibrancy to the room. 

28. Classy in Bedroom

(Source: Nude and the Novice)

Keep your bedroom classy with traditional, fun patterns. For example, this bedroom utilizes pink bedroom wallpaper that makes the bedroom feel inviting. There are other classy bedroom wallpaper designs that you can choose from as well. Traditional patterns on bedding, throw pillows, and rugs are also nice touches. A room like this is fit for a child of any age. 

29. Create a Mural

(Source: Nude and the Novice)

It’s easy to create a mural in your bedroom by using wallpaper. Wall murals for bedrooms are one of the easiest ways to bring a burst of personality to your space. There are wall murals of all sorts to compliment your personal sense of style and even hobbies. For example, this wallpaper mural uses pink trees that highlight the feminine tones in the room. 

30. Maximalist Matchy

(Source: Pinterest)

Maximalism is easily one of the best ways to make a bold statement in your bedroom. In true maximalism bedroom fashion, you’ll need classic wallpaper art that boasts a bold print. Using a sort of mural, or abstract wallpaper artwork is the best way to do this. A look like this works really well in a large bedroom that has lots of natural light. 

31. Geometric Wallpaper

(Source: Paul Raeside)

One of the best geometric bedroom ideas is using geometric-themed wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is really cool because it brings a 3D effect to the room. In order to maximize this decor idea, be sure to simplify the rest of the room. Use muted furniture and solid tones, and avoid excessive patterns.

32. Calming Groovy

(Source: Reena Sotropa)

This next bedroom idea has a really inviting feel to it. This room utilizes calm bedroom wallpaper designs to give off a very relaxing vibe. You can easily do this in your own bedroom. Use an abstract yet calming wallpaper that is light and airy. Designs that use watercolor themes can work really well. Lots of white and grey will help brighten up the bedroom as well. 

33. Bohemian

(Source: D Burns Interiors)

Bohemian wallpaper for bedroom walls is a really fun way to pull in this natural style. Light pattern neutral tones can help you put together a boho chic vibe. This look relies heavily on white, light gray, and beige. With furniture fixtures, incorporate wood, pine, and other earthy tones. This will give you that Bohemian style that’s much sought-after.

34. Rustic Charming

(Source: Douglas Friedman)

A rustic vibe in your bedroom is often associated with physical decor elements and furniture. However, using rustic wallpaper designs for bedroom walls is the easiest way to put together this theme. Start by utilizing a vertical pattern wallpaper. This will help set the tone of a rustic, barn-like, natural theme. Throughout the rest of the room, continue incorporating traditional rustic decor items. 

35. Pattern Decor

(Source: Reena Sotropa)

Patterns are always a fun way to decorate a room. It’s also one of the most popular wallpaper decorations for bedroom walls. Because wallpaper can be overbearing, be sure to stick with simple and light patterns. If you want to incorporate bold patterns, area rugs and bedding are the perfect places to do so. Have fun with the patterns and mix them up to create a unique look. 

36. Statement Option

(Source: Charlie Interior Design)

If you have a large wall in your bedroom that you’re finding hard to decorate, then this idea is for you. The bedroom statement wallpaper is the perfect way to jazz up a boring wall. You can use any pattern, big or small. However, this wall in your bedroom will be where the focus gets drawn to. Because of this, it’s important to choose a pattern or design that complements the room favorably.

37. Classic Wallpaper

(Source: Future)

This next look is absolutely beautiful, especially if you’re someone who loves traditional style. This bedroom wallpaper uses a very elegant and classic design. A look like this can brighten up any bedroom with absolute ease. To keep the attention on the wallpaper, keep bedroom decor simple and traditional too. This means wooden furniture and classic lighting fixtures. With a wallpaper theme like this,  less is always more. 

38. Ceiling in the Bedroom

(Source: Reena Sotropa)

Who says wallpaper needs to be limited to just your walls? This next look does an amazing job transforming your bedroom. Browse through bedroom ceiling wallpaper ideas that will bring your bedroom to life. One of the best ways to do this is by pairing the wallpaper with patterns and color palettes in your room already. For example, if you have floral wallpaper, use similarly styled floral throw pillows. 

39. Children’s Wallpaper Bedroom 

(Source: Marili Forastieri)

Children’s wallpaper bedroom ideas are one of the best ways to transform a kid’s room. This adorable bedroom is perfect for twin boys or a pair of siblings. What’s neat about this look is that you can use different tones no matter how contrasting they are. Have fun with this design idea. More importantly, make sure your little ones have input so that the room reflects their personalities too. 

40. Girly in Wallpaper

(Source: Pinterest)

There are so many different options of cute bedroom wallpapers to choose from. This abundance of choice cam makes it seem so hard to create a really girly bedroom. One easy rule to follow however is to use white furniture no matter the print you pick. White furniture will help complement and brighten up the girly wallpaper you use. As always, make sure to use plenty of pinks, yellow, and purple to bring out those girly tones. 

41. Manly in Wallpaper

(Source: Hovia)

Just because you’re creating a manly bachelor pad does not mean you have to rely on dark tones. You can create a really unique and creative manly space with this wallpaper. This abstract wallpaper is black and white and is the perfect base for any men’s bedroom. The tones are light and airy and will give you a really bright and inviting bedroom. 

42. Teenage girl in Style

(Source: Laure Joliet)

One of the most enjoyable types of bedrooms to put together is a teenage girl’s bedroom. Teenage girl bedroom wallpaper ideas are so plentiful. You can find a design theme that complements your teenager’s exact style. Bold colors, fun patterns, and cute designs are all elements of a really girly room. You should absolutely have fun with this tile to find one that suits your teenage girl. 


Creating a stunning bedroom is actually pretty easy when you use the right wallpaper. I hope this amazing list of incredible bedroom wallpaper ideas has helped inspire you. From girly to elegant to manly, and everything in between, wallpaper can do it all. Know someone who needs the inspiration to create an amazing bedroom? Be sure to share this amazing wallpaper article with them. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below which of these themes were your favorite as well!

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