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21+ Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Elevate your Mood, Rest, and Pillow Fights 2021

Your bedroom walls can talk. And no, that is not meant to spook you out. Your bedroom wall decor ideas can lure you to a good night’s sleep. A blank bedroom wall can also ruin your mood.

It can make you feel as if you have perpetually unfinished business in there. Bedrooms are also great for catching up, reflecting, and fun pillow fights with a loved one. Here is a collection of bedroom wall decor ideas to inspire your lifestyle.

1.Sconce Out the Headboard

Sconce Out the Headboard bedroom wall decor ideas
(Source: Amazon)

Place wall sconces above your headboard. It will add an attractive accent to your walls, uplifting your mood. 

You can pick from a selection of colors and temperatures. Then choose which one(s) to light up on any night. That’ll help give your bedroom a unique personality at the flick of a switch.

2.Out with Stands and in with Light on Strings

Out with Stands and in with Light on Strings
(Source: Pinterest)

Fairy lights are a festive alternative to a nightlight. 

No need to wait until Christmas or a birthday party to take them out. You can string them on curtains in the master bedroom. Or string them around the headboard, which is ideal for teens and kids. 

Plus, you won’t have to worry about the LEDs turning into a fire hazard.

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3.Keep it Clean

Keep it Clean bedroom wall ideas
(Source: Pinterest) 

Minimalist bedroom walls will help you fall asleep instead of keeping you busy moving things around.

These basic color walls such as white, blue, green also help you clear the mind away from the responsibilities and struggles of everyday life.

.Overlap your Square Wall Gallery
( Source: Pinterest)

Square frames exude balance. It is the calming aura you want when trying to relax. 

Be sure to bring your artistic self with this DIY bedroom wall decor. For example, blend new and nostalgic images with unique frame designs.

Twist: Use accent-color strings to turn your wall display into a floating gallery.

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5.Get Personalized Canvas Art in Print

Get Personalized Canvas Art in Print Bedroom wall decor ideas
(Source: 365canvas.com)

The stretched canvas print can bring home the most profound wall art you’ve seen. Want a close-up portrait of a farm with Scottish Highland cattle?

Personalized canvas art is an excellent alternative to wall decals.

6.Add Sparkle with Flower for Your Bedroom Wall

Add Sparkle with Flower for Your Bedroom Wall
(Source: Tiffany’s Online Finds and Decals )

Floral wall decor can add the soft, aesthetic appeal you want in a bedroom. Place your favorite flowers inside several sconces. 

Then mount them on either side of your bed. Then add a statement piece in-between to complement the magnetism. Or, arc several flower sconces over the headboard’s perimeter. It strikes a romantic cord with the impression of a rising sun. Perfect for breakfasts in bed. 

Yet the design’s feminine allure also makes it perfect for the girl bedroom.

7.His and Her Initial Letter Above Your Bedroom

His and Her Initial Letter Above Your Bedroom
(Source: Etsy.com)

Love is on the wall with this statement bedroom wall decor for couples. His and Her Initial Letter can be a refreshing reminder of what you two share beyond the bedroom.

Be sure to put them up together on a special day to make it even more memorable.

8.Kaleidoscope Tiles to Tacky Your Bedroom Wall

Kaleidoscope Tiles to Tacky Your Bedroom Wall
(Source: Appie.org)

The Magnifique tile patterns evoke the charm of a farmhouse bedroom wall decor. The style offers plenty of tile designs, too.

Think : hexagonal, encaustic, floral, patterned, or vintage. The exotic sophistication is sure to inspire grand dreams.

9.Express your Truth on a Sign Board

Express your Truth on a Sign Board
(Source: Pinterest)

How do you sleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose? Adorn your bedroom wall with your most inspiring quote. Hang up your best Bible verse. Pour out your heart with a message of love. Here’s our favorite: Have you done something that scared you today? 

See, that signboard is the first and last thing you’ll likely see daily. Make it count.

10.Tiles Accent Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Tiles Accent Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: The Home Depot) 

The wall behind your headboard is not the only ideal place for an accent wall. Have dramatic artwork across the room? Planning to get an antiqued furniture piece soon? Then Accent the wall behind your masterpieces.

Or, use accent tiles to blend texture, color, and tone on any wall.

Go for more ideas to create an impressive focal point in your room.

11.Self-love with Self Portrait

Self-love with Self Portrait
(Source: ElephantStock)

There is not a place better suited for self-love than the master bedroom. So go ahead and treasure your photo-worthy moments by creating an image in your likeness.

Let there be a light on it so you can breathe life into it. Then mount it at the heart of your bedroom wall.

12.Make Sense with Wallpaper

Make Sense with Wallpaper
( Source: Pinterest)

Wallpapers are a versatile option whether you are on a budget or rented space. They create plenty of charm for little work and dollars.

Rustic red brick wallpaper can do. You can still use wall decor stickers to add old-school charm to your snoozing space. Or get stonework wallpaper to exude sophisticated confidence.

13.Find your Rhythm with a Transom Window

Find your Rhythm with a Transom Window
(Source: Pinterest)

Add a transom window to your bedroom’s exterior wall. Give it a modern or rustic twist. Be sure to keep it well above your bed’s headboard.

The natural light will work with your biological clock to always wake you up naturally.

14.Uplift your Space with a Poster Wall

Uplift your Space with a Poster Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Entertainment Earth) 

Adorn your space with personal favorite film posters, music albums, and magazine covers. Both vintage and modern posters pop with color.

Posters are also unique, affordable alternatives to headboards or wall galleries.

15.A Woven For Bedroom Headboard

A Woven For Bedroom Headboard
(Source: Craft Lovers)

But you don’t have to go overboard with headboards. You can still get a cozy headboard with style and grace.

Consider getting a woven fabric headboard. Complete the look with colorful textile wall hangings.

16.Get Creative with Shaped Mirrors

Get Creative with Shaped Mirrors bedroom wall decor ideas
(Source: Driven by Decor) 

Shop custom-shaped mirrors online to make your bedroom shine with personality. There are plenty of handmade designs to choose from, too.

Think: irregular mirrors, medievals, geometric, frameless, scalloped, and even Temple of Karnak collectibles. Your choice.

17.Tack in More Room with Built-in Shelves

Tack in More Room with Built-in Shelves
(Source: Homemydesign.com)

Rethink placement to add room and thoughtful design in the bedroom. Consider using a single wooden panel with shelves as a Scandinavian-inspired headboard.

Then blend vintage and newer items on the shelves, including books and lanterns.

18.Make it Clear with a Neon Sign

Make it Clear with a Neon Sign
(Source: Amazon) 

Here is a fun, awesome way to light up your bedroom. Get a neon sign designed in your initials, signature, or handwriting.

Them adorn it on a chalkboard center right in the middle of the wall on the side of your bed.

19.Pick A Tropical Tapestry

Pick A Tropical Tapestry bedroom wall decor ideas
(Source: Mimbar Schools)

Tapestries manifest warmth and a lived-in aura in any space. They are also handy for covering some imperfections on a wall.

Start by choosing a statement rod or bar. You’ll have a good deal of stylish options, from wrought iron to PU and sculptured wood rods for wall hangings. Then hang that tropical tapestry-like you mean it.

20.Inspire Good Vibes with a DIY Dreamcatcher

Inspire Good Vibes with a DIY Dreamcatcher
(Source: Pinterest) 

You won’t need to know much about the legend of the dreamcatcher to make this DIY room decor come true.

Just gather your choicest yarns, feathers, beads, and assorted fabric. You can add in as much color, texture, and woven patterns as you wish.

21.Turn the Artist on with Complex Carvings

Turn the Artist on with Complex Carvings bedroom wall decor ideas
(Source: Amazon)

So, you want something elaborate and polished? Then consider metal sculptures or wall engravings.

It helps that metal is a natural material, which can help add warmth to your bedroom. Plus, you can have it polished or stained in a shade you like. Or you can use pigmented varnish to finish the metallic work of art.

The bedroom is easily the most personal room in the home.

See, decorating a living room is great for welcoming family and friends. But the bedroom is your space. You can go wild and bring your most personal wall decor ideas to life in there. No one will judge.

So tap these bedroom wall decor ideas for yourself and see what you discover, will you. Then see these kitchen room decor ideas for the most rustic look.

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