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17+ Bedroom TV Ideas You Need To Explore In 2022

17+ Bedroom TV Ideas To Explore In 2022 cover
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Bedroom TV ideas in Roommagic here are initially thought of, as adding a little comfort to your life. After a long day, you want to come to your room and relax uninterrupted. Consider if you want a wall TV, stand-alone, conceal your tech, or incorporate the features you want in the room.

Once you are comfortable with the idea, the next step is to look for bedroom TV ideas that will work for you per the room design. Focus on a favorite place to place the TV and bed. Look for a modern design that won’t conceal the lighting.

Here are some top bedroom wall decor TV ideas to consider.

1. Bedroom TV Wall

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One of the standard methods of having a TV in a master bedroom is mounting it on the wall. A wall-mounted TV can offer master bedroom ideas that are more orderly in appearance. The TV wall ideas should not allow you to hang anything on the wall randomly. It should serve as a large decoration in the center of the room. Make the idea look natural.

2. Bedroom TV Mounting

17+ Bedroom TV Ideas To Explore In 2022 - 4
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Take things into account before mounting the TV on the wall. It is best to consider your position for relaxation and sleep, the design of your bedroom, and the location of your windows while hanging a TV in or on the wall of your bedroom. Ask for help if you find the task too complicated. Make it as simple as you can manage. Don’t exaggerate.

3. Hidden Bedroom TV

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Work with a hidden TV by integrating a TV cabinet. To achieve the setup, the cabinet can have the TV coming out of the bed or the curtains on its sides to cover the complete ensemble. Although the cabinet already has a compartment, the curtains further secure its cover. When the drop-down TV is not in use, it’s hidden in a ceiling cavity daily. It’s the most fantastic idea you should adopt.

4. Wall Mounted Bedroom TV

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The combination of a TV in the bedroom and worn antique sideboards works well for the wall mount. They are consciously paired together, with the decorative pillars purposefully framing the screen. Having a TV will make it evident that this is a modern bedroom. Add other contemporary features like tropical pot plants and the bedroom’s crisp white walls to ensure it doesn’t stand out too much. To have a theme, make sure the colors of the bedding match the rest of the room’s decor.

5. The Edge of the Bed

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Another option is to install the TV at the edge of the bed. Consider the house’s shape and design to get the right spot for placing your TV set. Incorporate some modern wall designs to match the bedroom decor. To avoid straining your eyes, ensure the space across the edge of your bed is not the room’s door.

6. TV on Dresser

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Play around with ideas like having the best TV on the dresser. Bedroom ideas are where you use simple yet comfortable methods to achieve a luxurious setup. Streamline your room to look spacious and neatly organized. If your dresser is always empty, placing a TV on top forms the best bedroom layout idea with TV. Remove any unnecessary items you might have placed on the dresser.

7. Built-in Furniture

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Learn how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom, no matter the space you have. You don’t want the TV to take over your decor ideas and become the center of attraction. Go minimal. Choose TV stand decor ideas that complement the overall original space. Choose a flat-screen TV that’s easy to hide.

8. Bedroom Corner

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Check out the shape of your bedroom to determine whether you can wall-mount the TV in a corner there. The bedroom corner is another great mounted tv idea in the bedroom that will help you save on space and features. Place the TV in the corner next to the bed frame, keeping in mind the lighting and your eye care.

9. Bedroom Shelves

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Introduce shelves around your television display to maximize the bedroom space. Place the TV right across the bed and, if possible, face the balcony. You can choose to watch TV or other unique features of this The shelves’ interior can be used to place flower pots or as bookshelves. Allow your creativity and mind to do the work.

10.  Fireplace Top

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Make a smart move by adding a fireplace to your TV-watching area. A fireplace is a great partner and complements diners. Consider how high you need to mount your TV. However, this will depend on the type of fireplace in place. Go for the best bedroom TV stand ideas to finish the flashy look. Airing your TV inside a fireplace might add to the room’s attractiveness.

11. On the other side of the bed

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Place the TV directly to the other side of the bed to avoid obstruction and a confusing point of attraction. You should ensure the Tv is in line with your eye level. It’s important to consider how large your bed is, its size, and its height. Your master bedroom tv ideas should first consider your comfort to avoid straining your eyes. Tuck yourself in bed and enjoy your favorite show.

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“Write it on the wall. Find a spot to hide your TV among the pictures on your wall. The art print, mirror, and gallery form part of the decoration around the TV. Disguising your TV unit in the gallery gives it a dynamic and appealing appearance. Check out the paint that will go well with the painting on the wall.

13. Vintage TV Back Wall

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Create a visually appealing look by enhancing the back of your dress by giving it a vintage look. The TV background will make your TV on the wall in a small bedroom look high-end and prestigious. Try adding more beauty to the room by placing the dresser under the TV. It forms a brilliant TV wall ideas

14. Parallel Style

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Knowing where to attach your TV is essential for modern bedroom ideas to understand where to mount it. If the TV is next to you or slightly to the side, you could discover that it is more comfortable. Everything really is up to personal preference. You definitely don’t want that glare to affect you. For your master bedroom TV wall ideas, be alert when you’re watching TV. If you are not confident you can mount the TV by yourself, hire someone to assist you.

15. Bedroom TV in the Seating Area

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Create a cozy seating nook in your master bedroom with creative bedroom TV ideas. The best way to make a TV wall mount appear beautiful is to carefully match it to the other pieces of furniture in your space. If your bedroom is bigger, you might choose to build a seating area around it or use a statement sideboard as its anchor.

16. Bedroom TV in an Alcove

(Source: Stephanie Brown)

The benefit you get from having a TV in your bedroom will determine where to place it. The idea is to not separate your room’s television area from the area where you sleep. If you can, place it off to one side of the room, perhaps in an alcove with a seat. Attic bedroom TV ideas have plenty of shelves, but also the color should rhyme with the ceiling to maximize available space.

17. The Wall Beside the Bed

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Consider placing your TV on the wall bedroom next to your bed instead of directly across from it if you find it too bothersome and direct. You’ll enjoy an excellent view away from natural light. Take care of your eyes and maintain your sight. A bed unit with a retractable TV can work. Pull the top out and back in when not in use.

18. Flat Screen

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Use the space between the closets and the en suite to conceal the flat-screen TV. A sophisticated homeowner who is design-driven has the option of blending a contemporary appearance with the cutting-edge technology of an integrated electric fire. For the feature, the wall to be complete and the space perfectly balanced, pair it with a high-tech flat-screen TV. There are so many bedroom TV mount ideas for a flat-screen, but the choice depends on how frequently you spend time on the screen.

19. Minimalist Aesthetic

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Simple but elegant decor and a gallery on the wall will add a touch of beauty and calm to your bedroom with a TV. Transform your home with fantastic bedroom TV wall ideas. The room should not appear too busy anytime you switch the TV on. Be as minimal as you can with the TV in the master bedroom ideas. Choose a black TV if the colors of the walls are bright.

20. Bathroom

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You can position your TV in the bedroom so that it helps you while you take that long bath. It works well if you are not sharing the room with someone else. Thanks to the elegant bathroom TV ideas, you won’t ever want to get out of the tub. There are different ways to hide your TV in the bathroom by adopting some living room decor ideas like a mirror finish.


Whether it’s right to embrace TV in bedroom ideas depends on your taste and preference. You have many bedroom TV ideas to choose from. Keep in mind that the height and size of your bed are major considerations in your choice. Protect your sight by not adding too much light to the already existing decor. Enjoy a calm night’s sleep after watching your favorite characters.

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