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40 Bedroom Storage Ideas and Solutions to Organize Your Small Bedroom (2022)

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Whether you have a large or small bedroom, storage space is something that always seems to be in short supply. Today, we are going to take a look at some great bedroom storage ideas or solutions for your space.

In our extensive list of great storage hacks, we will take a look at how to use decor and design to your advantage to maximize the space that you already have in place. Also, we’ve racked up some of the best small bedroom storage ideas that will help transform your room into a beautiful oasis that is organized, tidy, and simply beautiful.

Along with that, we’ll explore some different bedroom storage furniture and units you can use in your bedroom that will simply change your life when it comes to storing away your belongings.

We’re sure that with our long list of different storage for bedroom ideas, you will find a tip that will change how you navigate the organizational elements of your space from using shelves for your bedroom to taking advantage of hidden space under the bed or behind the headboard. Let’s get started!

Must-Try Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Storage Throughout Your Bedroom

Storage Throughout Your Bedroom
(Source: archzine)

There are all sorts of places where you can find ingenious ways to create storage throughout your bedroom. Creating bedroom storage along a railing if you have stairs that lead up to your bedroom can be a great way to do this.

Set up shelving under the eaves that will allow you to house all your belongings including books, linens, and anything else you might need to put away.

Be sure to use plenty of baskets as well in order to help store away smaller items that can often lead to the illusion of clutter.

2. Use Floating Shelves

Use Floating Shelves
(Source: bocadolobo)

Wooden slats in the form of floating shelves can be a great way to set up a creative storage solution in your bedroom. This is especially true if you have a master bedroom.

You can set up the floating shelf on the back of your bed or on the sides of your bed so that they serve as nightstands. Depending on how intricate the floating shelves are, you may or may not want to put a lot of your items in storage here.

A wooden slat nightstand can be incredibly decorative and by overwhelming it along with your belongings, you might accidentally take away from the aesthetic that the slabs have to provide.

3. Use a Rolling Cart

Use a Rolling Cart
(Source: momenvy)

Even minimalists need storage solutions in order to store their belongings, that’s why having a simple rolling cart as a bedside table can be a great feature in your bedroom.

This simple design will allow you to keep the room decluttered yet the overall look lends itself well to a minimalist design theme.

Shop rolling carts at amazon.com

4. Use Rattan Storage Pieces

Use Rattan Storage Pieces
(Source: amazon)

Natural rattan storage pieces including wicker baskets, Boho-inspired ottomans, and other natural themed elements can be a really great way to put together a peaceful bedroom that maximizes storage.

By setting up your wicker baskets at the end of the bed, you can create a functional way to store away extra pillows, blankets, and linens.

Because wicker can be such a loud statement piece, it’s best to pair your different wicker storage elements with a bedroom theme that uses lots of white.

Shop rattan storage pieces and ottoman at etsy.com

5. Build A Walk-In Closet Behind Your Bed

Build A Walk-In Closet Behind Your Bed
(Source: oscarproperties)

One of the best master bedroom storage solutions is having a partition wall that allows you to hide the master closet right behind your bed.

This unique bedroom storage idea is great because it removes your traditional closet and instead incorporates a more modern take on storage space within the bedroom. It does not take much to build a walk-in closet behind your bedroom.

All you need is a wall of shelving, a couple of racks, and some unique lighting to help focus the attention away from the closet and onto the rest of your bedroom. Using color can also be helpful too.

Design your bedroom around lighter colors like beige and white and design your closet in darker hues including black and brown.

6. A Vanity in the Wardrobe

A Vanity in the Wardrobe - Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Bedroom
(Source: Anna Stathaki)

Having a vanity in the wardrobe can be a great way to create a stunning wardrobe storage solution that is visually appealing, practical, and effective.

If you are someone who enjoys makeup, skincare, health, and all other types of self-care products, then having a vanity to display these items can be a great choice for decorating your sleeping space.

A vanity such as this one works great in allowing you to store away your favorite products including fragrances and makeup. Plus another great aspect of vanity like this is that the neat and tidy organization will encourage you to use and maintain your vanity.

7. Organize in the Way You Like

Organize in the Way You Like
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a large space in your bedroom, then you can design a storage space that revolves around all of your needs. Whether this means vamping up a closet from one that’s already in place or rebuilding it from the ground up.

A custom closet can include as many storage shelves or racks as you need in order to organize your belongings the way you like. One of the best options to consider when it comes to storage for clothes is creating a closet that is measured to your space.

8. Use a Jewelry Cabinet

Use a Jewelry Cabinet
(Source: amazon)

If you have a large jewelry collection, then one of the best ways to store it is by using a nice jewelry cabinet.

Jewelry cabinets like this one are great for storing women’s accessories like necklaces, rings, and other fashionable items because they allow you to group and organize your jewelry by type, size, and other criteria.

One of the best reasons a jewelry cabinet can be a great storage idea for your bedroom is because these cabinets are typically hidden by a mirrored door.

At first glance, this inconspicuous storage solution might seem nothing more than just a mirror in your bedroom.

Shop this 360° Rotatable Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Storage Shelf at amazon.com

9. Set Up a Stylish Corner Desk

Set Up a Stylish Corner Desk
(Source: homestolove)

Get creative and set up a fancy bedroom corner that will also double up as your home office.

A corner desk setup like this is a great way to maximize your storage space because you can use the top of the desk and the underside of the desk as a place to store your belongings.

If you have a desk that has drawers and shelving in it, this can be another way to incorporate storage space for your office needs exclusively.

Create this cool look by using plenty of white furniture and by setting it up next to a window so that the natural light reflects directly off of it.

10. Create a Storage Runway Leading to Bathroom

Create a Storage Room Leading to Bathroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A really great bedroom design idea is having a combination of a walk-through storage room that leads to the bathroom. This connection might seem odd but having it will allow you to take with you all your belongings to the bathroom that you need.

It also makes it easier for you to leave the bathroom and store away any clothing before you get to your actual sleeping space.

Little things like this will allow you to keep your room more organized and clean because you will constantly be forced to put away your belongings when you take them out.

Plus, the overall look is really unique and a great storage solution from a visual perspective too.

11. A Headboard with Storage Compartments

A Headboard with Storage Compartments
(Source: elmueble)

You can get creative with your sleeping space by using your headboard as a way to store small items that belong in your sleeping space.

This headboard for example has three square compartments that can offer a great aesthetic for a minimalistic bedroom design theme. These little cubbies are great for storing books, personal effects, photos, and even potted plants.

For even more creativity, on the backside of the headboard, you can even set up another shelving unit for you to store away from other larger belongings if you need additional space. Overall storage headboards can be a creative yet purposeful design solution to implement in your bedroom.

12. Cover Your Clutter Corner with A Curtain

Cover Your Clutter Corner with A Curtain
(Source: brit) 

A clever way to declutter your bedroom and store away all your belongings is by creating a wall of shelving that is hidden away by a curtain. This is an especially great way to store away shoes if you are someone who has a vast collection.

This method is a great way to declutter your sleeping space because it does not require much setup and you will not be sacrificing a lot of space in your bedroom to put the look together.

Plus because you are using a curtain, you can easily and quickly hide your belongings when you want them out of sight and then open up your belongings when you want to grab something.

13. Set Up A Multiple Nook

Set Up A Multiple Nook
(Source: lonny)

Having a reading nook in the bedroom, especially under a bunk bed, can be a great way to incorporate natural storage compartments into the room.

A reading nook in your child’s bedroom will allow them to have the autonomy to relax in a space that is theirs all while encouraging them to put their belongings away when they are done using them.

Incorporate a comfortable element like this circle reading lounge, and ensure that there are plenty of nearby storage compartments that they can easily reach. The storage compartments can be great ways to house pillows, blankets, books, and any other items that they might use while they are enjoying their reading nook.

14. Use a Room Divider

Use a Room Divider as Shelving Units
(Source: Bjurfors)

You can use a small storage shelf as a sort of bedroom divider that separates your room into two different parts. It allows you to use storage boxes to store and showcase stuff and decorative items.

If you live in a small apartment, this can be a great storage idea to implement.

15. Create a Shelving Wall Alongside the Edge of a Window Seat

Create a Shelving Wall Alongside the Edge of a Window Seat
(Source: homeworlddesign)

If you have a window seat in your bedroom, then this can be a great place to set up and create easy and effective storage space.

Creating a wall of shelving alongside the edge of your window seat will allow you to have a place to put away books, belongings, and even decorative items.

In the shelving, you can also incorporate pull-out drawers if you want to store away belongings that you do not want to make visible.

This can include things like pillows, blankets, and any extra linens for your bedroom. Use plenty of white so that the outside light can reflect off of it and make the room appear larger.

16. Stylish Storage Beside and Above Your Bed

Stylish Storage Beside and Above Your Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

One really stylish storage solution beside and above your bed that replaces a traditional nightstand is a recessed nightstand and a wall shelf.

This space-saving design element allows you to keep the sides of your bed open and clutter-free because all your belongings will be stored away nicely on your recessed nightstand.

17. Integrated Spaces

Integrated Spaces
(Source: homedit)

Loft bedrooms are one of the best ways to create storage in your bedroom if you are lacking in space. Having a loft bed will allow you to use the underside as a study area.

While it might be a little bit compact, you can make the space feel larger by opting for a loft bed that sits higher.

For even more ways to maximize your bedroom space, you can split the underside of the loft bed into two areas so that one section is where you do your studying and the other section serves as a small walk-in closet.

18. Fit Into the Area Under the Eaves

Storage Cupboards Fit Into the Area Under the Eaves
(Source: SxS Design & Build Ltd)

Take advantage of every nook in your small bedroom by considering a built-in storage cabinet. These kinds of bedroom storage ideas works really well in a loft bedroom because of the unique shape.

You can utilize every nook and cranny of storage in an attic because the storage molds into the awkward edges of the room. Plus you will have plenty of space leftover in the room for other necessary items like a nightstand, or even a desk.

19. Made to Measure

Made-to-Measure Shoes Storage Beside Window Bay in a Master Bedroom
(Source: ralfschmitz)

In a small master bedroom, the lack of space can be very limiting when it comes to considering different ways to use the bedroom space.

One of the best ways to create storage in the master bedroom is by doing so next to a window. You can create a really nice reading spot by putting together a bench beside the window complete with comfortable cushions and pillows.

Next to the bench, you can set up a vertical shelving storage unit that can serve as a really good shoe storage solution. This is especially great if you want to put your shoes on display in your bedroom. 

Shop throw pillows to decorate your window bay at 365canvas.com

20. Store Inside Headboard

Clever Storage Hack Inside a Headboard
(Source: ombiaobia)

This creative storage idea gives a new meaning to hidden storage compartments. A headboard with a hidden storage compartment in it can be a really great way to utilize space that would otherwise remain blank.

What makes this an amazing organizational hack is the fact that you can easily reach in and grab what you need all the while allowing it to remain out of sight.

If you have a minimalistic themed bedroom, or just want to declutter in general. This can be a great design theme to go with.

21. Create an Out-of-Sight Storage

Create an Out-of-Sight Storage with a TV wall
(Source: brit)

If you have a TV in your bedroom then create a TV unit design theme around it that will allow you to hide the TV whenever you want it out of sight and then pull it open when you want to use it.

One of the best ways to conceal the TV is by installing it in a cabinet that has doors you can open and close as you need. When selecting a cabinet, be sure to aim for one that has plenty of shelving options as well.

This will allow you to keep organization at the top of your list whenever you are in your bedroom.

22. Use a Bench

Use a Bench as a Book Storage
(Source: livabl)

This nature-friendly storage wooden bench that goes at the foot of your bed works really well with a rustic design-themed bedroom.

The seating on a bench like this is made out of wood and so it lends itself really well to a natural design theme, a farmhouse theme, and even a rustic design bedroom.

If you are on a budget, you can create a seating bench simply by repainting and repurposing a large piece of reclaimed wood.

And because it is a natural piece, you do not have to worry about the edges being perfectly straight or the top being perfectly flat.

23. Mirrored Storage

Mirrored Storage
(Source: idealhome)

Whether you have a closet or a clothes wardrobe that houses all your personal items, consider setting up a sliding mirror door to cover up the closet space when you are not using it.

This design theme works really great in any ladies’ bedroom because it creates such an elegant and beautiful aesthetic within the bedroom. It’s especially great for bedrooms that are small in space, to begin with.

Plus a great feature of the mirror is that light reflecting off of the mirrors will make the room appear larger than it already is. This design theme works in all types of bedrooms but lends itself especially well to a rustic or farmhouse-style bedroom.

24. Jewelry Storage with Pieces of Art

Jewelry Storage with Pieces of Art
(Source: womansday)

A very neat organization technique for storing all jewelry is the canvas, which can also double as a jewelry organizer.

This unique organization system has a dual role because it can be hung on the wall as a piece of art while providing functional elements to hide storage space.

If you have a lot of jewelry, you can use a few jewelry canvases to hang in your bedroom. You can also use different canvases to distinguish the different types of jewelry you own.

25. Use Hanging Nightstands

Use Hanging Nightstands
(Source: brit)

A really nice and simple design idea that provides a really beautiful aesthetic as well is this easy-to-make hanging nightstand.

This hanging nightstand matches really well with a rustic or farmhouse design theme. It uses a beautiful wooden slab that is hung up with a farmhouse twine.

A little decor element like this can go a long way as far as creating a really peaceful and calming environment. This nightstand is rather unique, it’s perfect for displaying small pictures and plants, or little items on the top.

26. Use Smart Organizers

Use Smart Organizers to maximize your storage capacity
(Source: ikea)

Wardrobe organizers that are installed directly in your closet can be a great way to organize all your clothing and accessories. There are different wardrobes that offer functions including racks for hanging, and shelving for storage boxes.

Wardrobe design ideas like this one work especially well in small walk-in closets. They allow you to utilize the space efficiently so that you can maximize your storage capacity.

27. Use a Branch Clothing Rail

Use a Branch Clothing Rail - bedroom storage ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

This unique DIY clothes rack incorporates elements of nature by allowing you to pull in a long wooden branch and repurpose it as a hanging rack that is strung up by rope for your clothes.

You can create a really nice vibe that lends itself well to a boho-chic-designed bedroom by pairing it with a leaning ladder shelf.

Depending on the color scheme you want to go with, you may want to leave the branch in its natural element, or you can spray paint it white for a really neat look.

28. Create Storage in Bedroom without a Closet

Create Storage in Bedroom without a Closet
(Source: okchicas) 

Having a small bedroom with no closet can be a little bit frustrating, especially if you are already limited on space.

If you have an industrial-style room or are living in an apartment where space is rather limited, one of the best closet alternatives is having a metal clothes rack that is set up in a corner of your bedroom.

This clothing rack can completely replace your dresser. It can offer you the benefits of hanging your clothes, folding and storing them away in drawers on the bottom.

29. Use the Back of an Interior Door 

Storage Behind of Bedroom Door 
(Source: Wayfair)

One of the best ways to use bedroom space wisely for organizational purposes is to use the area behind the door. Installing shelves or hanging baskets behind the bedroom door is a great way to store small and common items.

This organizing idea gives you the ability to quickly reach for your items without having to dig through your entire closet. You can find all types of behind-the-door storage setups that match the color scheme and design of your bedroom.

30. Minimalist Storage with a Bedside Caddy 

Minimalist Storage with a Bedside Caddy 
(Source: womansday)

Have an inconspicuous storage caddy at the side of your bed for a really neat way to put away your belongings when you are done using them.

A bedside caddy is usually set up on the side of your bed and is hanging so that it is out of the way both visually and practically.

There are all types of caddies you should consider but having a transparent one is best if you don’t want to disturb the overall design theme of your bedroom.

This simple hack is perfect for storing away commonly used items like your laptop, books, and any other electronic devices or gadgets that you might use before bed. It’s also a great place to store your phone, wallet, and keys as well.

31. Showcase Items

Showcase Items around the entirety of a bedroom door
(Source: idealhome)

A really great storage solution for any bedroom but especially one that belongs to a book lover is shelving that goes around the entirety of a bedroom door.

Having floor-to-ceiling square shelving in this manner is a great way to display both decorative and necessary items. Items that work well with this storage solution include books, potted plants, and other decorative items.

For many children, especially older ones, this is one of the best bedroom storage ideas that allows them to express their personal style.

32. Open Storage

Bedroom with Open Storage
(Source: Ikea)

Having open storage built into your bedroom can be a great way to store your belongings if you live in an apartment, dorm, or share a living space.

This bedroom storage idea is also great for teenagers because it will help encourage them to clean up their belongings and store them away properly.

By having your storage area out in the open and not hidden behind doors the way this open closet encourages, you or your child is more likely to pick up and tidy the room around when they are not using their things.

33. Downsize Bedroom Furniture for Kids

Downsize Bedroom Storage Furniture for Kids
(Source: homify)

Transform your child’s bedroom into a storage oasis by getting rid of traditional storage pieces like cabinets and armoires. Instead, consider using a step-up bed that has pull-out cabinets underneath it.

Kids love this functional, almost tiny furniture style because it is easy for them to use, it is fun to use, and it’s really great design-wise. You can also decorate around the bed by setting up shelves that your kid can store different items in too.

34. Ceiling-Mounted Storage

Ceiling-Mounted Storage for small space
(Source: Pinterest)

Ceiling storage can be very underrated especially since ceiling storage is often synonymous with kitchen and living room storage.

What makes the storage idea one of the best concepts to use in a bedroom is the fact that it lends itself really well to bedrooms that also double up as home office spaces.

You can set up the bookshelf above your desk or have your ceiling-mounted drawers installed alongside one wall. For a smart look, you can even use abstract design and muted colors for a very sophisticated finish.

35. Under Bed Drawers

Under Bed Drawers - bedroom storage solution
(Source: Pinterest)

Having a slide-out storage compartment under the bed can be a great way to maximize space in a small bedroom. This is also a great toy storage idea to incorporate in your child’s bedroom, or a little boy’s or a girl’s nursery.

This storage compartment will typically slide out easily giving you ample room to put away all your belongings. The best part is that you don’t have to do much organization in order to pull off this organized look.

Simply throwing your belongings into the storage compartment is enough to get them out of sight and out of mind. This is something even your youngest child can easily do on their own.

36. Don’t Skip the Corners

Don’t Skip the Corners - bedroom storage ideas
(Source: urbanoutfitters)

A new way to create storage in your bedroom and maximize your organizational capacity is by setting up a storage area in a corner of your bedroom wall.

This storage area can incorporate a variety of elements including floating shelves. This small corner is ideal for organizing small personal effects and decorative stuff like photographs, jewelry, and even small house plants.

You don’t want this look to be cluttered so using a couple of shelves or drawers should be all you need in order to put this look together.

37. Over-the-Door Hook

Over-the-Door Hook - bedroom storage
(Source: urbanoutfitters)

One of the simplest yet effective methods to create easy storage space in your bedroom is through an over-the-bedroom door storage hook. You can find all different types and styles of hanging storage hooks from white to black to rose gold.

These easy-to-setup and use storage hooks are great for hanging items that you use on a daily basis including your clothes, purses, and coats. They also serve well as a great key storage place, especially if you are someone who is constantly misplacing your keys.

Shop this Moon Phase Metal Over-The-Door Multi-Hook at urbanoutfitters.com

38. Choose a Bed That Incorporates Storage Units

Choose a Bed That Incorporates Storage Units
(Source: cuckooland)

One of the small bedroom storage ideas is a four-poster bed frame that incorporates bookshelves as opposed to bedposts. This idea can fit both teenage boys and girls’ small bedrooms. These shelving units are great for displaying books, personal items, plants, and any other elements that are important to you.

39. Bed in Closet

Choose a Bed That Incorporates Storage Units - Bedroom Storage Ideas
(Source: myscandinavianhome)

You can convert your sleeping space so that you have a bed that is hidden inside of what would appear to be a closet. When you convert your bedroom to a bed that is out of sight, you will be left with plenty of space that you can use for other purposes.

A unique concept like this that incorporates bed-in closet ideas is especially popular for individuals who work from home.

Converting your bedroom in this manner allows you to have a separate office space that you can decorate however you see the best fit with a faux closet that conceals your actual bed.

Final Words

As design themes continue to change, there is certainly no shortage of different bedroom storage ideas you can use in your sleeping space.

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below which of these ideas were your favorite and why.

Know someone who always seems to be short on storage space in their bedroom? Be sure to share our handy tips and tricks with them as well. 

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