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31+ Fancy Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas To Liven Up Your Bedroom

bedroom sitting area

Having a bedroom sitting area in your sleeping space can be a really great way for you to enjoy your bedroom without the need to lounge around in your actual bed.

There are a variety of reasons to consider incorporating a sitting area in your sleeping space, but perhaps the most popular is that it gives you another area in your home to enjoy, especially if you are seeking a quiet place to relax.

Today, we are going to take a look at some beautiful decor and design themes that will help you create a beautiful seating area.

We will take a look at different furniture pieces and different arrangement styles so that you can find one that best fits your bedroom, no matter the size. Let’s get started! 

1.Traditional Master Bedroom with Velvet Lounge Chairs

Traditional Master Bedroom with Velvet Lounge Chairs
(Source: marioninteriordesign)

Pairing a round tufted ottoman with a pair of beautiful velvet lounge chairs can be a great setup for the master bedroom, especially a traditional master bedroom that uses a lot of white, beige, and other lighter tones.

This look is especially great for our beds that have headboards made out of soft velvet material.

If you have a light-colored bedroom, match your lounge area with your bedroom by using dark velvet lounge chairs like a dark gray or even a dark purple, if you want to add in a touch of color.

Pair this sitting arrangement with a nice area rug that is also light in color. The area rug will highlight where the lounge area starts within your bedroom space.

2.Add A Porch Swing with Stand to Your Bedroom Sitting Area

Add A Porch Swing with Stand to Your Bedroom Sitting Area
(Source: huizedop)

Add a contemporary porch swing with a stand to your bedroom for a really nice industrial-inspired look.

Stick with a dark color like dark brown, or black if you have a bedroom that relies on a lot of darker hues. A look like this works really great for a men’s bedroom because the darker hues give off a very strong, masculine vibe.

Accent the chair with a nice throw pillow and customize it for a little bit of personalization if you want. Overall, this swing chair gives off a really nice relaxed look, so be sure to have fun with this design theme. 

3.Create A Vintage Look for Your Bedroom Seating

Create A Vintage Look for Your Bedroom Seating
(Source: apartmenttherapy)

Not all elements of your seating area need to be upscale and modern in design.

If you use traditional design elements like a wood chair, vintage accessories atop a floating shelf, and a really nice yet dated area rug, you can put together a really nice seating area that is functional, practical, and visually appealing.

One of the best aspects of a seating area like this is that your design elements are easy to move around. This will allow you to change up space whenever you see the best fit.

4.Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas with Working and Relaxing Seats

Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas with Working and Relaxing Seats
(Source: Wattpad)

If your bedroom also doubles up as your home office, then you can create a really relaxing seating area that is also functional if you need to get to work.

One of the best office chair alternatives is by swapping out your office chair and replacing it with a swinging bench. Plus, when you swap out your chair you can create a really fun vibe in your bedroom.

Balance out the serious look of your bedroom office space by also adding in some nice window seating area. The window seating will offset the part of your lounge area that is dedicated to working.

Windows seating with some nice shelves to display your personal belongings will help you create a beautiful lounge area that’s both for work and for play.

5.Place A Leather Lounge Chair for Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

Place A Leather Lounge Chair for Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas
(Source: hunker)

A leather chair in your bedroom can be a great way to tie in a comfortable classic looking seating area. If you want a really nice vintage look, you can use a big brown leather chair. Leather furniture can serve several purposes.

Not only will it look great in your bedroom, but you can use it to set up your wardrobe for the next day. Complement your leather chair with a nice throw blanket and some personalized pillows and you’ll be good to go with this mature yet stylish look. 

6.In Front Of Bed and Center Of Bedroom

Seating Area In Front Of Bed and Center Of Bedroom
(Source: behance)

Put together a luxury seating area with a beautiful design layout like this. You can create this seating arrangement by displaying your lounge chairs and table at the foot of your bed.

This design theme works best in a primary bedroom or master bedroom that has a lot of space to offer up. You can dress up the lounge area anywhere you would like, but be sure to make it blend with the design theme already in place.

For some bedrooms, this means using linens over the table that match linens already in your bedroom.

7.Farmhouse Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas 

Farmhouse Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas 
(Source: homebunch)

Having a farmhouse-themed seating area blends very well with a farmhouse interior design themed bedroom and this setup can be such a great one to work with.

Put this look together by using a lounge chair that is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Pair the lounge chair with a trunk that is placed at the foot of your bed and depending on how much space you have in the room, you can arrange the lounge chair and trunk in a way that complements one another.

You can add other elements to this design theme like a rocking chair or a seating area table as well.

8.Shabby Chic Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas 

Shabby Chic Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas 
(Source: onekindesign)

If you have a shabby chic bedroom, then there are a variety of design themes you can go with to create a seating area in your bedroom. One of the best looks to go for is an aesthetic that has a wild vibe to it.

That means using animal print or abstract carpeting to set your seating area on. If you have hardwood flooring, an area rug like this will really help pull together space.

Decorate using lots of earth tones including white, beige, navy green, and even brown to complement the wood floor. Try to stay on a brighter color scheme overall because shabby chic utilizes lots of white and beige, to begin with.

9.Rocking Chair with Trendy Pouf

Rocking Chair with Trendy Pouf
(Source: Pinterest)

Having a seating area in a nursery is a splendid idea especially if you are a first-time parent. A seating area will allow you to get comfortable with your child as you rock them away to sleep.

The furniture you should consider in a nursery seating area includes a big comfy rocking chair and an ottoman to kick your feet on.

There are different styles of rocking chairs to shop for so you should be able to find one that matches the aesthetic of your nursery.

A rocking chair with a big round pouf can be a nice design idea for a modern nursery that uses neutral tones. While you rock your baby to sleep, the pouf can serve as a nice footrest so you can relax as well. 

10.Place A Chaise Lounge in Bedroom

Place A Chaise Lounge in Bedroom
(Source: theeverygirl)

If you have a guest bedroom, it can be a nice idea to include a seating area in it as well. A daybed or a chaise lounge can be not only comfortable but practical for your guests.

This will allow your guests to have the option of how they want to relax while they are in their room and it gives them another area to set their belongings down on.

If you have a large guest bedroom, consider setting up a chaise lounge area for your guests to enjoy. Of course, remember to stick to the bedroom’s current design theme. 

11.Loft Bed with Sitting Area Underneath

Loft Bed with Sitting Area Underneath
(Source: glaminati)

Even if you have a small bedroom, you can still create a wonderful small seating area. One of the best ways to put this look together is by using a loft bed.

A loft bed will allow you to utilize ceiling space so that you can keep floor space open for your small sitting area. Incorporate a beautiful couch that matches the aesthetic of your room and place it underneath the loft bed.

This space-saving tactic will make your room feel like it has a lot more space than it actually does and you’ll have a nice area where you can lounge around when you are not sleeping. 

12.Elegant Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas with A 3-Piece Ottoman Set 

Elegant Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas with A 3-Piece Ottoman Set 

(Source: spazio)

A really cool seating area to consider in your master bedroom is a three-piece ottoman set. A three-piece ottoman set looks like a regular end of the foot bench that will break up into 3 cubes that can serve as extra seating.

This cool look works really well in modern and contemporary-style bedrooms. What makes this look great is that you have the functionality of a seating area without actually having one on display.

If you do not like the look of a seating area in your bedroom, this inconspicuous design idea can take away that design while still allowing you the option to have seats for any guests that come over. 

13.Boho-Inspired Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

Boho-Inspired Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas
(Source: simplygrove)

A boho-inspired seating area is one that plays with lots of layers, feelings of good vibes, and muted colors.

You can pull together a really nice seating area for your boho-inspired bedroom by using a really neat-looking accent chair. This accent chair features natural components like a dark wooden color and rattan components.

A chair like this will blend well with your boho-chic bedroom because it will complement any light tones or household greenery that you have in your bedroom. 

14.Morning Relax Corner

Morning Relax Corner in Bedroom
(Source: decorpad)

One of the best types of bedroom seating areas you can create in your sleeping space is one that helps wake you up and invigorate you in the morning.

If you have an impressive view from your bedroom or have an area of your room that brings in plenty of natural light, then consider setting up a nice coffee table with two small modern chairs.

This seating space will allow you to relax in the mornings, sip on any coffee, and help you establish a solid frame of mind for getting your day started on the right foot. 

15.Bedroom Sitting Area with TV

Bedroom Sitting Area with TV
(Source: behance)

Whether or not you’re limited on space in your bedroom, an L-shaped sitting area can be a great design element to incorporate as a seating area in your bedroom.

This corner seating is best set up by using a small sectional sofa that does not take up too much room. The best part of this sitting corner is that you can set up a TV so that you can lounge around in style.

Remember to follow the color scheme of the bedroom, so use throw blankets and pillows that complement the existing design style. 

16.Cozy Gathering At Both Sides Of The Fireplace

Cozy Gathering At Both Sides Of The Fireplace
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, then this can work as a great centerpiece for a seating area in your sleeping space.

Set up comfortable seating on either side of the fireplace for you and your guests to enjoy the ambiance. If you want more seating options, you can even set up a nice couch at the foot of your bed that will serve as a nice end of the bed bench.

Remember to incorporate lots of pillows and throw blankets so that you can really create an environment of calm and relaxation. 

17.Long and Cushioned Bed Bench

Long and Cushioned Bed Bench
(Source: hackrea)

You can create a very muted seating space in your bedroom by using an end of the bed bench that offers an area for you to sit on. Having a bed with seating like this lends itself really well to a traditional master bedroom.

The end of the bed bench is not overwhelming, is not the center of attention in the room, yet still manages to play a very important role in the overall design of the room.

Pick out an end of the bed bench that follows the color scheme of your bed’s upholstery for a nice inconspicuous look. 

18.Dreamy Green at the Bedroom Corner

Dreamy Green at the Bedroom Corner
(Source: theheartbook.tumblr)

If you have an all-white bedroom, then consider incorporating a beautiful green lounge chair. This unique style lends itself really well to bedrooms that are all white because the pop of green stands out as a beautiful accent in the room.

This unique style has a very mid-century feel to it so it’s fair game to play with other design elements that have a very antiquated feel to them as well.

If you have space on top of your lounge chair, you can decorate with personal accessories, photos, and artwork to help liven up the corner as well. 

19.Small Sofa Tucked Into the Corner for Couple Seating

Small Sofa Tucked Into the Corner for Couple Seating
(Source: homebunch)

Another great idea for a small bedroom is a couch or a loveseat tucked into a corner of your sleeping space. This layout can create a really nice and intimate atmosphere because it’s cozy and inviting.

Dial up the vibe of this seating nook by using comfy throw blankets that match the ambiance of the bedroom. If you have space, you can even incorporate a nice marble table to set your belongings on top of. 

20.Create A Lazy Nook

Create A Lazy Nook in Bedroom
(Source: betweendesign)

If you want to create a fun and cool space for your child to relax In, then consider creating a lazy nook in your bedroom. This seating area should be an arrangement of cool furniture pieces like a cool-looking recliner chair and foot poufs.

Depending on whether it’s a boy’s or girl’s room, you can design using cute colors or a more modern design aesthetic. Your end result is a really neat seating area that doesn’t immediately stand out as such, but blends in with the overall look of your room. 

21.Bedroom Sitting Area Featured By An Egg Chair

Bedroom Sitting Area Featured By An Egg Chair
(Source: Pinterest)

Decorate a teen girl’s bedroom by using this modern seating area idea. Set up a hanging egg chair that is secured to the ceiling for a really unique way to relax.

A hanging egg seat is a super neat and modern look that pairs really well in a contemporary-style bedroom.

Because these types of seats can be a bit uncomfortable, be sure to style them up with cushions and pillows that match the aesthetic of the bedroom. 

22.Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas with Single Seating

Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas with Single Seating
(Source: architonic)

This great contemporary bedroom idea works really well in a black and white designed sleeping space. You don’t need to have a lot of space to put together the seating area either.

All you need is a small section of space on either side of your bed. Set up a comfortable reclining chair with a matching ottoman for you to relax in. Make sure that the reclining chair matches the design theme of your bedroom.

If your chair is all white, pair it with black pillows and a black checkered throw blanket. This will create the ultimate contemporary look. 

23.Combined Master Bedroom with Sitting Area 

Combined Master Bedroom with Sitting Area
(Source: behance)

If you have a large master bedroom with plenty of room to spare, you can create a nice living room in your sleeping space.

Designate one part of your room as the sleeping area, and designate another part of the room as the sitting area. A look like this helps combine the bedroom and living room together and works really well in studio homes or loft apartments.

Your large seating area can incorporate all the elements that are found in a traditional living room if the space is big enough. Consider setting up elements like a television, a coffee table, and even side tables on either end of your sofa. 

24.Master Bedroom with Separate Sitting Area

Master Bedroom with Separate Sitting Area
(Source: wattpad)

Another great design to use for a master bedroom that incorporates a separate seating area is having a room divider that helps designate between the two spaces.

This works really well in studio homes and large apartments where the living room and bedroom are combined. Having a room divider in place can create a transitional effect so that your guests always know which part of the room they are in.

If you are going to have your living room and bedroom combined like this, then consider using similar design schemes between both parts of the room so that the overall look flows together.  

25.Back to Nature 

rattan table and chair in bedroom
(Source: adoremagazine)

If you are a nature lover, then a nature-inspired seating area can be a great design theme for your bedroom, especially if your bedroom already uses a natural design theme.

Incorporate a side table made out of rattan. This rattan table can stand alone or it can be part of a rattan table and chair set. When you use elements like this be sure to incorporate plenty of natural hues including tan, brown, green, beige, and even coral.

Lastly, this look works really well in a minimalistic bedroom, so don’t feel the need to go overboard with accessories when putting together this sitting area. 

25.Place A Cute Low Stool 

Place A Cute Low Stool in Bedroom
(Source: shakemyblog)

Whether you’re low on space or simply don’t want a lot of furniture in the room, you can use a small chair or a mini stool to serve as your seating area in your bedroom.

A mini stool like this one fits right into the small spaces of your bedroom. Because it is rather small, pick out a low stool that is unique in color or material.

A velvet stool that is tufted can be a really nice design element to incorporate into your room. Small stools like this can work well as stand-alone seating, but can also pair well as a vanity table stool too. 

27.Add Plump Upholstered Scout Chairs

Add Plump Upholstered Scout Chairs
(Source: nextluxury)

Plump upholstered scout floor chairs like these can be cool elements in any bedroom. When they are used in your bedroom sitting area, they can offer a really fancy look for a contemporary and modern styled bedroom.

If you have a boho-chic-themed bedroom, these chairs can also blend well as fun and abstract design pieces of the room. These adjustable floor chairs also work really well in a minimalistic-themed bedroom.

Because of their unique shapes, they lend well to a variety of design themes which is great if you’re unsure what type of seating arrangement to go with.

Play around with different hues and throw pillows and blankets to put together a look that you really like.

28.Sit By The Window or Sit On The Window Sill?

Use window sill as an storage nook
(Source: handhome)

Another one of the best seating areas in any bedroom is one that is placed next to the window. Window seating is so relaxing because the natural light that pours in will automatically invigorate you as you lounge around.

There are all types of seating arrangements you can use, but a classic armchair can be a go-to choice if you want something contemporary yet beautiful.

If your windows allow for it, you can even use the area around your window seat as book storage. This will give you easy access to any books, throw blankets, or other accessories you might need as you relax.

29.Place A Floor Lamp Next To The Seat

Place A Floor Lamp Next To The Seat
(Source: studio-mcgee)

One of the main reasons why people like having seating areas in their bedroom is because they serve the purpose of reading nooks.

If you are someone who enjoys reading then you’ll want to consider setting up a standing lamp next to your reading corner.

Not only is a standing lamp a great decorating idea, but it’s extremely functional during the evening hours when natural light is low.

A floor lamp keeps you from using the blinding overhead lighting and can create a really warm ambiance in the room.

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30.An Adult Shares Bedroom with A Child 

An Adult Shares Bedroom with A Child 
(Source: mrkate)

If you are a parent that shares a bedroom with your young child or if you co-sleeps with an infant, you can certainly design your room around the needs of both you and your little one.

Consider creating a custom bird porch swing that doubles up as a unique chair to lounge around in.

This sitting area is a glamorous design element for a woman’s bedroom that plays around with lots of salmon hues, floral colors, and other delicate design pieces. The overall look is a very whimsical fairy tail design theme that is simply beautiful 

31.Decorate Your Seat with A Faux Fur Pillow

Decorate Your Seat with A Faux Fur Pillow
(Source: bowsandsequins)

Your sitting area can be as simple as having a beautiful chair tucked into the corner of your bedroom. A beautiful chair like this tufted beige lounge chair can be beautifully accentuated with a coral faux fur pillow.

Because the design theme is so simple, this look blends in with a variety of bedroom design styles. It’s a great seating arrangement to consider if you want a minimalistic seating space but one that stands out at the same time.

Be sure to decorate the room with plenty of personal accessories including personalized canvas paintings and your favorite artwork. 

With so many different bedroom sitting area ideas to choose from, you will likely find yourself swapping around your bedroom furniture several times through the year in order to maximize all the different styles available.

Which of these wonderful arrangements were your favorite, and which furniture pieces did you especially like? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Don’t forget to share this article with someone you think could use a spruced-up seating area in their bedroom as well. 

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