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24+ Clever Bedroom Shelf Ideas for 2022 To Help You Save Space

24+ Clever Bedroom Shelf Ideas for 2022 To Help You Save Space

Cool Bedroom shelf ideas are one of the best ways to cast a personal touch into your bedroom. The right type of shelving offers you more space on a functional level. But they are such a necessity because you can display your favorite items too. Today, our extensive article will look at trending styles to consider for your own beautiful bedroom storage space

Our list of awesome bedroom shelves will consider styles, materials, and colors. We’ll also look at the functionality of how you can maximize your space. If you have a small bedroom, this is a list you will want to especially pay attention to. We’ve got some great ideas on how to create more storage space when you’re strapped, to begin with. 

Read on to see some fun ways you can incorporate shelving in your room. We’re certain you will find a design theme that you will fall in love with. 

Cool Bedroom Shelf Design Ideas

1.Floating Shelf as a Nightstand

Floating Shelf as a Nightstand
(Source: Hausful)

Take a spin on a traditional nightstand by using a floating walnut shelf instead. This functional yet aesthetically pleasing style is perfect for a range of bedrooms.  

Unlike a traditional floating shelf, you want to make sure that you make a shelf that is not too long. A wide shelf will allow you to display photographs, small canvas artwork, and other smaller items. 

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2.Bedroom Window Shelf Ideas

Bedroom Window Floating Shelf Ideas
(Source: Decor Home Ideas)

Hanging shelves over top of your window can be a really fun bedroom decor element. With all the natural sunlight that comes in, this can be a great place to display plants and flowers.

Consider using a string hanging shelf. This design style is such a great way to freshen up your sleeping space with a bright burst of greenery. 

If you live in a small rented flat with limited room, consider these Practical Indoor Window Shelf Ideas for Plants to grow your plants efficiently.

3.DIY Hanging Shelf Ideas

DIY Hanging Shelf Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A really beautiful minimalist decor style is a unique bedside shelf that is hanging from the wall. Use a slab of sturdy wood that will serve as the tabletop. 

Install some sturdy wiring or twine to help hold the wooden slab up. You can also incorporate several slabs if you want to create a layered shelving unit. 

How to Make a Hanging Rope Shelf

4.Corner Shelves for Bedroom

(Source: Pinterest)

You can maximize your existing space by setting up a corner shelf in your room. Unlike a traditional bookshelf, corner shelves won’t take up much room. Yet they can be a really great way to display your most prized possessions. 

A great way to set up this look is by using floating shelves. Stack the floating shelves as high as the ceiling will allow. This will create a really nice vertical appeal. Having floating corner shelves on either side of your bed can really help frame the bed too. 

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5.Functional Shelf Near The Ceiling Ideas

Functional Shelf Near The Ceiling Ideas
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Another great way to create small space storage functionality is by setting up a shelf near the ceiling. A shelf that is high up can help you put away things that you want out of sight. If you use baskets, you can store away smaller items that you don’t regularly use. 

Not only is this design element really stylish, but it’s a time saver. It’s a great way to keep a neat bedroom that’s tidy and organized. 

6.Bedroom Crate Bookshelf Ideas

Bedroom Crate Bookshelf Ideas
(Source: Making Manzanita)

Some of the best storage solutions are DIY projects. Using crates as bookshelves can be a great way to create some cheap storage solutions. This idea works great if you have a large bedroom. 

You can use the crate bookshelf as a way to have a separate space in the room. Stack the crates on top of each other to create the makeshift shelves in the arrangement you like. 

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7.Shelf Tricks for Small Bedroom

Shelf Tricks for Small Bedroom
(Source: simplelifeofalady.com)

Transform the floating shelves you already have by using this smart solution. Install brackets on the bottom of your floating shelves. Use these brackets to hang up a smaller storage bin. 

Depending on the way you install the brackets, you can slide the smaller storage bin in and out. This idea is great for a child’s bedroom. It’s also great for a floating shelf that serves as a nightstand. 

How to Hanging A Storage Bin

8.Headboard Crates for Bedroom

Headboard Crates for Bedroom
(Source: DIYCraftsGuru)

This next idea is the perfect DIY project for someone who needs a lot of storage space. Use crates and arrange them around your headboard to create additional storage space. You can spray-paint the crates to match your bed frames. 

For an added touch of brilliance, you can even add LED lights to the back of the crates. This will help illuminate any objects like the desktop plaque that you store away.  

9.Corner Ladder Shelf Ideas

Corner Ladder Shelf Ideas
(Source: Simple Life of a Lady)

A corner ladder shelf display can be a great idea if you need a space-saving solution. This leaning ladder bookshelf has different size shelves that accommodate all types of decor items. 

You can set larger desktop plaque and frames on the bottom shelves. Leave the top shelves open for storing away smaller items like your phone or wallet. 

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10.Cute Bookshelves for Kid’s Bedroom

Cute Bookshelves for Kid’s Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A really cool shelf idea for a bedroom geared towards children is a tree bookshelf. Tree bookshelves are really great because they play a functional role and help to decorate a wall. 

The branches of the tree act as shelves where you can store away books, stuffed animals, and other smaller toys. This storage solution is a great way to pull together a nursery. You can also use it in a child’s playroom too. 

How to Make a Tree Bookshelf

11.Repurpose Old Ladder Into Wall Shelves in Bedroom

Repurpose Old Ladder Into Wall Shelves in Bedroom
(Source: L’Essenziale)

A really cool DIY project that incorporates rustic style is a reclaimed wood ladder. Hang this ladder up on the wall and use the sides of the ladder as your bookshelf stand. Because you won’t have a lot of room on the “shelving” of the ladder, it’s best to use smaller items. 

Display artwork and your favorite canvas prints by setting them on the ladder and leaning them against the wall. Incorporate some string lighting to add to the magical decor.

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12.Combine a Shelf and a Study Nook into One

Combine a Shelf and a Study Nook into One
(Source: Home Art Mania)

If you have a workspace in your bedroom, then shelves can play a really important role. Incorporate wooden floating shelves that match your desk. 

Install the shelves over top of your desk, or on the sides of your desk. These floating shelves can be a great place to display your personalized desktop plaques. It’s also a great way to showcase certificates, personal photos. Of course, you can even store away office supplies too.

13.Shelves Above Bed

Shelves Above Bed
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

A really modern look to consider is a shelf that is fixed over the top of your bed. This floating shelf will also give your bed a really nice framed look. 

This is especially true if it’s locking a headboard. Display some of your most favorite pieces of artwork, potted plants, and canvas prints. 

14.Bedroom Hidden Shelf Ideas

Bedroom Hidden Shelf Ideas
(Source: Contemporist)

A really neat shelving idea is one that is hidden in the wall. This unique design can work really well as a headboard fixture. Because this type of wall shelf will be situated inside your wall, the area can be a little bit dark. 

It can help to install a strip of LED lighting on the top to help illuminate the shelf. If you do use an LED light source, this will help brighten up this part of the whole bedroom as well. 

15.Sky-High Box Shelves Ideas

Sky-High Box Shelves Ideas
(Source: IKE.com)

A really neat idea is to incorporate a shadow box and literally turn it upside down. Consider installing shadow boxes on the top of your wall, right next to the ceiling. This funky look makes it one of the best perfect teenage bedroom shelf ideas. 

This look is also a great way to maximize space in the bedroom too. Plus, it has a funky element to it that children will absolutely love. 

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16.Stunning Wall Shelf Ideas

Stunning Wall Shelf Ideas
(Source: Ashley Winn Design)

By using some floating shelves and some fabulous LED lights, you can create a stunning bedroom. This is one of the most exclusive bedroom corner shelf ideas for creating a modern yet luxurious space. 

Arrange the shelves along the corner of your wall or on an accent wall. Illuminate the bottom of the shelves using large LED bulbs. The bulbs will cast magnificent lighting that will put all your items on display. Stick with a bright white color for your shelves to help make the space pop.

17.Lack Wall Shelf Ideas for Bedroom

Lack Wall Shelf Ideas for Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Whether you are low on space, or just want to create a unique look, this idea is for you.  find a vertical space in your bedroom where you can set up a floating shelf. 

This vertical shelf should be slim yet tall. This will give you ample room to store books, canvas prints, and other decorative items. To help make your room bigger, stick with a white-tone bookshelf.

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18.Make a Desk Out Of a Floating Corner Shelf

Make a Desk Out Of a Floating Corner Shelf
(Source: Pinterest)

A small floating office shelf can benefit greatly from a bookshelf. A really neat idea to incorporate is a leaning ladder shelf on top of your desk. This look works especially great in a little corner of your bedroom. 

The leaning shelf should not be too big or too wide. Instead, you want it to function as a piece of the desk and not a piece all on its own. A leaning ladder shelf is one of the best types of shelves to use for this look.

19.Bookcase with Drop Down Table Ideas

Bookcase with Drop Down Table Ideas
(Source: Furniture At work)

You can really save on space by installing a fold-down working table. This working table features a modern design that is super functional. The top of the table acts as a shelf when it’s closed. 

When you pull down the front of the shelf, you’ll have a convenient tabletop to use as a desk or nightstand. This works especially great in a teen’s bedroom or dorm.

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20.Make a Bed Frame Out of Shelves

Make a Bed Frame Out of Shelves
(Source: PullCast)

For a small bedroom, you can create a loft-inspired sleeping space to help maximize your storage. Some really neat shelf placement ideas include using cube shelving underneath the bed frame. 

Not only will this cube shelving help support the bed, but it will offer you cubbies as well. If you have enough space, you can even set up a desk underneath the bed. This will allow you to maximize bedroom space. 

21.Shelves Around the Window Ideas

Shelves Around the Window Ideas
(Source: Young House Love)

White floating shelves around a window are a great way to set up a kid’s bedroom. White floating shelves are especially great because the natural light will help brighten them up. The backdrop of the white will also allow your decorative items to pop out too. 

The color scheme of items like books, toys, and globes will help cast a really nice color throughout the room. This is also a great place to display toys, books, and even magazine collections

22.Bedroom Over-Door Shelf Ideas

Bedroom Over-Door Shelf Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Consider installing a built-in bookcase around your bedroom’s entryway. This is one of the most clever storage ideas for small bedrooms because it literally takes up no space. 

The built-in shelves will look like they are part of the room, taking away from any hint of clutter. Not only does this design look great, but it’s also a really fun DIY project to put together too. 

23.Box Shelves for the Kids Bedroom

Box Shelves for the Kids Bedroom
(Source: Paul & Paula)

Box shelves for a kid’s room are a really colorful and creative design element to incorporate. Whatever the color scheme of the bedroom, you can create a really pretty design by using different colors. 

Tones like pastel colors or pops of colors can work really well for this idea. Your kids will also love this look because it makes cleaning up fun and enjoyable.

24.Bedroom Glass Wall Shelf Ideas

Bedroom Glass Wall Shelf Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A really neat and creative master bedroom shelf idea is using glass shelving. Glass shelving is incredibly beautiful because the light will reflect right off of the glass. It’s also really unique and uncommon. 

This look is great for putting together a  contemporary style in your bedroom. You can create a simple shelving style. For fun designs, you can even arrange the glass tiles in unique formations too. 

How to Install Glass Wall Shelves


We hope that our extensive list of bedroom shelf ideas has helped inspire you. The key to finding a great bookcase style for your room is consistency. Work with the color, style, and texture scheme that you already have in place. 

Let us know in the comments section which of these ideas have been your favorite and why. Be sure to share this article with someone who is in need of a little extra storage space as well. 

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