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The Ultimate Guide on Proper Bedroom Rug Placement In 2022

The Ultimate Guide on Proper Bedroom Rug Placement In 2022

If you are looking for some great ways to design your room, then adding in a rug can be a great place to start. In addition, bedroom rug placement is also very important for any space. Rugs can add so much personality to a bedroom and they can further complement the current aesthetic of the bedroom too. 

Because there are so many different colors and styles to choose from, you will literally have limitless options when it comes to decorating and styling up your room. In today’s guide, we are going to take a look at some neat renovations that can take place in your bedroom. 

We’ll take a look at the correct placement of your rugs for a perfect and even look and we’ll also take a look at some great measurements that you can use for guidance when you are putting together your room. 

Let’s dive into our list of different bedroom rug placements you can use in your home. 

Rug Placement in Bedroom

1.Bedroom Rug Placement At the Foot of Your Bed 

Bedroom Rug Placement At the Foot of Your Bed
(Source: SwankyDen.com)

If you have a small bedroom, then place a rug at the foot of your bed. It can be a really great way to help dress up the floor space. You will want the rug to be large enough that it covers the majority of the flooring where your bedsit. 

Don’t worry about the flooring underneath the bed as it is OK if it is bare. One of the best reasons for placing a rug in this position in your room is the fact that you can use it as a hang-out spot to sit on. If you have little kids, then it’s an especially great place for them to play on.

2. Bedroom Rug Placement underneath the bed

Underneath the bed for bedroom rug placement
(Source: numbers.com)

Having a rug replacement that goes directly underneath your bed. It can be a really conventional technique for helping make your room look a lot more organized. 

Depending on whether you have a small space or a large space, you will need to figure out if you should put your bed horizontally or vertically. 

If you will have a lot of bare floor space left over, then laying down a large rug horizontally underneath your bed can be a really nice way to even it out. For smaller, tighter spaces, a vertical layout will work best.

3.Place only the Top few Inches of the Rug

Place only the Top few Inches of the Rug
(Source: Apppie.org)

A really neat layout technique for oversized rugs is allowing the majority of the rug to be exposed with only just a few inches underneath the foot of the bed. 

Having a layout like this will help divide the room into different parts. There is an area marked with a carpet at the foot of your bed. Where you can put a dressing table, a small table for a children’s room, or you can simply leave it naked.

4.Three-Quarters of the rug underneath the bed

Three-Quarters of the rug underneath the bed
(Source: Maple Drapery)

If you have a large, spacious bedroom, then this next layout technique can be great to use when it comes to putting rugs under your bed. 

Allow a majority of the rug, roughly about 3/4, to be nestled underneath the bed. If you have nightstands on either side of the bed, you will want to keep these nightstands placed on the bare floor. 

A layout like this will give you plenty of carpet space on either side of the bed as well as the foot of the bed. Having this functional carpet space will give you a nice, warm place to put your feet down every morning when you wake up.

5.Bedroom Rug Placement at An Oblique Angle

Bedroom Rug Placement at An Oblique Angle
(Source: HGTV)

A stylistic interior design theme that works great in a larger bedroom is this unique rug layout. By setting your rug down at an angle, you can create a really neat look and feel for your bedroom. 

Use a medium-size area rug and lay it so that a majority of it is under the bed while a good portion is still exposed. 

To really pull this look off, consider decluttering the room and following a minimalistic bedroom theme. Typically with a rug angled like this, it is best to use a solid-colored rug as opposed to a patterned rug. 

6. Bedroom Rug Placement at the One side of the Bed

Bedroom Rug Placement at the One side of the Bed
(Source: Walmart)

Another unconventional technique that works really great is placing a rug on either side of the bed. 

Small area rugs that are textured, soft, and just overly comfortable to lay on are one of the best types of rugs to use for this technique. 

What makes this bedroom furniture layout great is that the rug can serve as a designated area meant for a specific function. 

For example, placing a small rug on one side of your bed will work well if that side is where you have your desk or vanity laid out.

7.At the Both Side of the Bed

At the Both Side of the Bed
(Source: Sarahjacquelyninterior.com)

 If you really like the look of a small area rug on one side of your bed but are really not sold on the lack of consistency, then using a small rug on both sides of your bed can be a great alternative. 

Although this is a bit of a unique design, it creates a perfect effect for someone who really likes to balance out the theme in their bedroom. Once you have a bed on either side, you can also place a nightstand on either side for a nice symmetrical effect. While you can use this technique in any room, it really works better in a master bedroom as well.

8.Layer under The Bed

Layer under The Bed
(Source: Decorpad)

Layering rugs on top of one another can be a really neat way to add cushion to the floor and a decorative element to the aesthetic of the room. 

In order to lay rugs, you need to use a large size rug under a relatively smaller rug. When it comes to colors, it’s always best to use complementing colors or contrasting colors. 

Make sure that the large rug on the bottom of the layer is a solid color. 

Then, pick a complementing color or pattern like a solitary rug to layer on top of the first one. Laying rugs creates a really cool look to your bedroom all while providing a functional element of added cushion and warmth underneath your feet.

9.Rug Under All your Bedroom

Rug Under All your Bedroom
(Source: Dear Lillie)

Another one of the best ways to design a bedroom is by laying down an oversized rug so that it covers the entirety of your bedroom. 

This bedroom rug placement should be large enough that any nightstands, side tables, and all furniture on the rug fit nicely without being too crowded. 

This bedroom rug placement creates a really nice cohesion to the bedroom because all of your belongings in the room are nicely organized on top of your oversize rug.

Rug Size Guide for A Bedroom

1.A 4 Ft by 6 Ft Rug

A 4 Ft by 6 Ft Rug

A 4 ft x 6 ft rug is a relatively small rug that works really well in a small sleeping space. This rug size works best in a small-sized bedroom or a medium size bedroom. 

One of the best ways to place a rug this size is at the foot of the bed. What makes this one of the best placements is that it gives your bedroom an area where you can play around in. 

If you were going to use this rug placement in a child’s bedroom, then it’s best that you use a soft rug like a shag rug that is comfortable for them to play around on.

2.A 5 Ft by 7 Ft Rug

A 5 Ft by 7 Ft Rug for bedroom rug placement

A 5 ft by 7 ft rug is another great small rug size that works well for a small bedroom or a medium size bedroom. 

If you are limited on space, then one of the best ways to use this rug is directly underneath a queen-size bed. This rug size will give you enough room on the edges of the bed so that you have a soft area to place your feet on when you wake up in the morning. 

Depending on whether or not you will have side tables on either side of your bed, know that this rug placement will not be large enough to cover the bed in its entirety.

3.A 5 Ft by 8 Ft Rug

A 5 Ft by 8 Ft Rug bedroom rug placement

A 5 ft by 8 ft size rug is the perfect size rug length to use underneath a twin-size bed. What makes the size rug a better option than most is that you have several ways of laying it down. 

If you lay the rug down horizontally, you can have ample rug space on either side of the bed. The horizontal layout works really well for medium-sized bedrooms that have twin beds in them. If you have a smaller bedroom that has more vertical space, then laying down your rug in a vertical manner will nicely frame your twin bed as well. 

4.A 6 Ft by 9 Ft Rug

A 6 Ft by 9 Ft Rug

One of the best medium-sized rugs is a 6 ft by 9 ft rug. This rug size is large enough that it works well for an average size bedroom. 

You can use this bed to frame a queen size bed (though it will be tight) or you can use it with a twin size bed. 

If you use it with a twin, you will have ample space left over on either side of you which is really nice. Allowing the rug to cover up a little over 3/4 of the floor space is a really nice way to frame the bed. 

5.An 8 Ft by 10 Ft Rug

An 8 Ft by 10 Ft bedroom rug placement

An 8 ft by 10 ft rug is a really great size rug to use in a larger bedroom. What makes this rug size a great option to go with is that it offers plenty of floor coverage. 

Although this rug size is quite big, it can still work in a medium-sized bedroom although a larger bedroom like a master room is where you’ll find it works best.  

6.A 9 Inch by 12 Inch Rug

A 9 Inch by 12 Inch Rug

If you have an extremely big room or have enough space where you can set a king-size bed down, then you may want to consider using a 9 ft by 12 ft rug. 

This large area rug may be able to cover the entire flooring of the bedroom, depending on how large your bedroom is.

In older homes, the flooring is outdated or unsightly, having a large rug like this can be a great way to cover up the flooring without having to remodel it.

Because the carpet can be so large, it’s best to use a solid color or a simple pattern with this rug design.

Best Rug Shape for Your Sleeping Space

1.Bedroom Runner Rug

Bedroom Runner Rug
(Source: AliExpress)

One of the best elements to incorporate in a bedroom is a bedroom runner rug. These long rugs work really well on either side of the bed or even at the end of the bed. 

If you use it on either side of the bed, you can set up your nightstand so that it fits on top of the runner rug. 

If you have a small bedroom, this runner rug can serve as a cute addition at the foot of your bed. Where half is underneath the bed and half is exposed. 

If you have a larger bedroom, however, you can use the runner rug at the foot of your bed to pace and end of the bed bench on. Runner rugs are not only cute, but they are great because they offer a lot of versatility. 

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2.Round Rug

Round Rug
(Source: Home Inspiration Ideas)

One of the best aesthetics that is trending this season is a round rug at the foot of your bed. Round rugs are really unique because their shape allows them to add a little bit of personality to your bedroom. 

One of the best ways to use a round rug is at the foot of your bed. If you are going to use it at the foot, do not cover it up with an end of the bed bench. 

You can also place a round rug in the middle of your room. Or at the foot of your bed and have it be the rug where your lounge chair or tea table sits upon. The size of your bedroom will really dictate the manner in which you use a circle rug. 

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3.Bedroom Square Rug

Bedroom Square Rug
(Source: Mohawk Home)

A square rug can be a really great aesthetic because of its symmetry. One of the best ways to use this rug is underneath a king-size bed in a master bedroom. 

What makes this look really great is that it allows your bedroom to be proportionally even. You will have an equal amount of space on either side of the bed which is always great for creating a nice, even look. 

Depending on how large the bedroom is will dictate how large of a carpet you should use. Some great-sized square carpets are 10 ft by 10 ft or even 9 ft by 9 ft. 

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4.Bedroom Rectangular Rug

Bedroom Rectangular Rug
(Source: AliExpress)

Perhaps one of the most common and popular types of bedroom rugs to use are rectangle ones. 

Rectangle rugs are particularly popular because you have plenty of options on how you can use them. When you have a decorative or soft rectangle rug that you want to use in your bedroom. So one of the best places to use it is at the side of your bed. Or at the foot of your bed with the bed not covering it at all. 

This allows the rug to be on display fully and it allows it to serve a functional purpose where lounging can happen on top of the rug. 

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We hope our extensive list of the different rug and furniture arrangements has helped inspire you into redesigning your bedroom. 

Which of these bedroom rug placement ideas were some of your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below! f

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