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27+ Elegant Rug Ideas For Master Bedroom In 2022

27+ Amazing Bedroom Rug Ideas To Transform Your Bed in 2022

If you have a bedroom with lots of floor space, then incorporating a rug can be a great way to decorate the master bedroom. Today, we are going to take a look at some great bedroom rug ideas that help not only boost up the warmth in your room but allow you to have a great space to play around in.  

Our extensive list will look at some great rugs that bring a stylish and elegant atmosphere to your sleeping space. 

Whether you are trying to create an inviting bedroom or are looking for a way to cover up unsightly floor space, you have come to the right place. 

We’ll take a look at some great ideas that will give your room a cozier effect that you are sure to fall in love with. Let’s get started! 

1.Chinese Art Decor Bedroom Rug Ideas

Chinese Art Decor Bedroom Rug Ideas
(Source: Rockett St George)

A beautiful Chinese-inspired vintage tapestry can be a perfect addition to any bedroom, especially one with vibrant and antique qualities. 

This item works really great in a bedroom that still has a silk velvet quilt and matching pillow set. It also works great in bedrooms that have turquoise and flowered Chinese-inspired accent walls.

 A beautiful floor covering like this is meant to be put on display so if you have a large bedroom, it’s nice to lay this Chinese art carpet out in an open area so that it is not completely hidden underneath your bed.

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2.An Airy Bedroom with Light Rugs

An Airy Bedroom with Light Rugs
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have an all-white bedroom, then keep the cool atmosphere of the room by using a white feather carpet on the bedroom floor. 

This simple addition will really complement the already neutral shades in the bedroom. If you have a nursery or a child’s bedroom, a soft white feather carpet can be such a great addition.

Because its comfortable feel makes for a great play area for little ones, especially those who are just getting started on their feet. Because the area is meant to be played on, this rug also works best when it is laid out on open floor space.

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3.Persian Bedroom Rug Ideas

Persian Bedroom Rug Ideas
(Source: Rugs.com)

Persian rugs are one of the most eye-catching decor ideas because they are so colorful, beautiful, and in most cases, large and elegant. 

Incorporate a Persian rug in your bedroom by setting it up underneath your bed and allowing about a third of it to be out. 

If you have custom pillows that have a very eclectic color scheme or pattern to them, then they can pair really well with a Persian rug. 

Bedrooms that utilize warm color schemes, a contemporary look, or even a rustic theme can all work great with the addition of a Persian rug.

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4.Shag Rugs Bring A Cozy Bedroom

Shag Rugs Bring A Cozy Bedroom
(Source: House Beautiful )

A gray shag rug can really open up the bedroom and accentuate a warm atmosphere already in place. 

If you have a large floor, especially one made out of tile or wood, a gray shag can help keep your feet nice and snug throughout the year, especially during the cold winter months. 

If you have an end of the bed bench, a gray shagfloor covering will also allow you to utilize your bench even more because the floor will feel so soft underneath your feet. 

Shag rugs work in any bedroom theme because they come in a variety of colors. Typically if you have a warm atmosphere, stick with warm colors like brown and green. Color atmospheres should utilize color colors like white and blue.

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5.Zebra Bedroom Rug Ideas

Zebra Bedroom Rug Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

An animal printfloor covering can be a fun way to bring some personality into your bedroom. If you have a black and white bedroom theme then a zebra print can be a really great complimenting price. 

Unsurprisingly, when you pair a zebra print item with a neutral room, you can still create a calming atmosphere. 

This monochromatic area item also works really great for rooms that need a bit of a masculine touch to them as well. Pair this lovely themed room with a black and white personalized photo and you’ve got a great sleeping space. 

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6.Bedroom Rug Ideas with Coastal Theme

Bedroom Rug Ideas with Coastal Theme
(Source: Curated Interior)

A coastal-themed bedroom can be such a relaxing and calming bedroom to doze off in. A classic coastal-themed bedroom will play with different shades of blue so it’s important that your sea-inspired coastal rug does the same. 

Pull this look off by using a simple blue and white patterned rug. Together, these two colors can create a really calming atmosphere. 

Depending on the size of your room this item works well either directly underneath your bed or in an area of the bedroom where there is an open space. 

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7.Chevron Pattern Rugs

Chevron Pattern Rugs
(Source: Pinterest)

A black and white chevron rug is a great design piece for a retro-themed master bedroom. Fill a large sleeping space with this neural but eye-catching element and you will find that this simple pattern can really create cohesion in a bedroom.  

This pattern works great in bedrooms that have eclectic patterns, artwork, and design themes that are fun and vibrant. 

If you have a more neutral-toned room, you can also pull off a great look using this unique rug. Don’t feel bound to decorate in a certain way just because the areafloor covering has a unique pattern to it. 

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8.Jewel Tone Rug Ideas for Your Bedroom

Jewel Tone Rug Ideas for Your Bedroom
(Source: The Rug Shop Uk)

A patterned shag with a lovely jewel effect to it can be a beautiful addition to any girl’s bedroom especially one that has lots of white furniture in it. 

This prettyfloor covering allows you to tie together a whimsical, fairytale-themed room because the lovely green hue can do a fantastic job of complimenting bedroom themes that are already in place. 

If your daughter uses the floor space often, then this tapestry will work best displayed on the open floor, not underneath a bed. 

A bold jewel green-colored shag like this is vibrant and eye-catching, but any other vibrant color can work just as great too. 

9.Vintage Inspired Bedroom Rug Ideas

Vintage Inspired Bedroom Rug Ideas

(Source: Maison de Pax)

Vintage-inspired bedroom rugs work great for all types of bedroom designs. Especially bedrooms that have twin beds and utilize a lot of wooden furniture like a wooden nightstand and wooden end bench. 

Because these types of rugs are rather common, they are typically affordable and can be great for someone who is putting together a variety of bedroom styles. 

Bedroom themes this type of rug design works well in including rustic bedrooms, minimalist bedrooms, and even farmhouse style bedrooms. 

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10. A Minimalist Bedroom with A Bold Rug

A Minimalist Bedroom with A Bold Rug
(Source: HouseandHome.com)

If you have a small bedroom that is rather simple in design and includes very minimalistic elements such as a neutral bed and a single nightstand, then this shag idea may be the one for you to use. 

Start by picking out a bold color rug that will serve as your accent rug. The bold color will help draw attention to your bedroom floor and will help pull together a minimalistic neutral-toned bedroom. 

Typically, if your bedroom is a light color, then use a bold dark color. If you have a darker-toned room, then you should use a bold light-colored area rug. 

11.Mocka Circa Rug

Mocka Circa Rug
(Source: Pinterest)

Not all rugs need to be large and cover the entire surface of your bedroom floor. A small circle tapestry can be a nice addition to any bedroom giving it another neat element of decor. 

You can set up a small circa carpeting in an area of your room that you stand or walk around in most. For many people, this might be in front of the nightstand. You can also set the rug down in a part of the room where you place either a floor lamp or a bookshelf. 

If you have bedroom plants, then you can also use a small rag to set up your floor plants down. Inconspicuous colors and patterns are great for small rugs because they won’t take up all the attention, but they will allow you to notice that thetapestry is there.

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12.Sexy Bedroom

Sexy Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Pull together a really intimate theme bedroom by using a faux fur shag for the bedroom floor. An abstract one like this rug will complement additional animal-themed items like faux fur throw blankets and fur pillows. 

This unique animal skintapestry will add an element of intimacy and romance to the bedroom as well. With this style, it is best to stick with darker hues because they help bring out the allure of the design theme. 

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13.Boho Tassel Runner Rug

Boho Tassel Runner Rug
(Source: FabHub)

Bohemian bedroom design themes are so popular, it’s no surprise that this decor style has its very own rug style as well. This unique item matches a bohemian decor style really well because of its chic texture and comfortable appeal. 

A long tassel runner is one of the best rugs for bedrooms that have limited space for long stretches of empty floor space. It’s best to allow thistapestry to be on display and not be hidden underneath your bed. 

This is because many bohemian-themed rugs are unique rugs that are meant to offer a visual appeal. As always with this unique and inspirational decor theme, it’s best to play around with light colors.

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14.Beautiful Bedroom with Floral Rugs

Beautiful Bedroom with Floral Rugs
(Source: Pinterest)

A fun floral-shaped round rug looks really well as atapestry to use under pieces of furniture like your nightstand or an end of the bed bench. 

If you have a nightstand that has a lot of pieces on it like a desktop plaque or a small lamp, then displaying your items over a nightstand that is nestled on top of a carpet like this one can help balance out what can often be a cluttered look. 

Depending on the theme of your room, you can change the style and design of your rug to match your bedroom’s theme. For example, a cute shag like this can work really great in helping pull together a romantic atmosphere.

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15.Decorating with Navajo Rugs 

Decorating with Navajo Rugs 
(Source: Pinterest)

Navajo carpets are one of the most popular types of interior design elements because they can create such a vintage, historical, and overall beautiful bedroom aesthetic. 

If you have a smaller-sized bedroom, then using a smaller size Navajo carpet that you can put on display in an open part of your room is best. 

If you have a large bedroom, then you can conceal portions of the carpet underneath your bed. Your end result will be a really beautiful design theme that is simply relaxing.

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16.Oriental Hand-Knotted Rugs 

Oriental Hand-Knotted Rugs 
(Source: Your Rug Blog)

Oriental carpets can be such a beautiful accent piece because of their detailed beauty and vintage antique look. 

These types of rugs are best in large spaces because an oriental carpet, much like a Persian carpet, looks best when it is displayed in a large size. 

A blue and white toned oriental carpet works really great in a French country bedroom theme or a bedroom that has all-white or neutral tones in it. 

Set up this carpet right underneath your bed so that half is exposed and half is not. This will create a nice frame for the flooring of your bedroom.

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17.Handmade Natural Jute Rug

Handmade Natural Jute Rug
(Source: Pinterest)

A handwoven rug like a natural jute carpeting can be a really nice addition to a bedroom that is using a farmhouse or rustic design theme. 

This quiet and calm floor covering is natural and assuming but can play a large role in helping a bedroom feel whole. If you have other DIY elements in your room, then the natural texture of this shag will pair nicely with those DIY elements. 

The natural jute also looks great in a room that uses natural decor items like potted plants. Overall, use this shag in bedrooms with neutral tones, neutral themes, and simple style decor themes.

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18.Antique Turkish Rugs

Antique Turkish Rugs
(Source: Nazmiyal Rugs)

An antique Turkish rug is a really contemporary look even though these rugs can date back to antique furniture and room designs of the 19th century. 

The bold red color of these rugs allows them to turn up the warmth in any bedroom. It’s best to use this shag in a bedroom with dark tones. 

The dark tones can be through dark furniture and dark wall paint. Much like oriental rugs, a Turkish item like this works best when it is displayed in a large size. Allow the carpeting to serve as a centerpiece for all the items of your room by displaying it underneath your bed, making sure that at least half is out in the open too. 

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19.Scandinavian Bedroom Design Rug Ideas

Scandinavian Bedroom Design Rug Ideas
(Source: Roohome)

This inspired Swedish rug uses a really common crochet pattern that gives it a little edge without the need to use a lot of colors. 

This is an awesome floor covering to use if you have a bedroom that is aiming for a very Scandinavian design theme. A black and white shag like this one can help make your bedroom feel alive and welcoming because the pattern is fresh, simple, yet fun. 

If you are going to hang pictures around your room, you can complement this item by using black and white frames as well. Have fun with this contemporary item and create a room that compliments your personal style. 

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20.Retro Wool Kilim Rug

Retro Wool Kilim Rug
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

This traditional style retro wool kilim rug is beautiful in any bedroom, especially one that has a country house theme. 

Also, the vibrant colors in this traditional carpeting work really well in a variety of ways. One of the best ways is by using this shag under the bed. 

Doing so will help frame the bed, giving it a nice placemat to sit on. This style of floor covering comes in a variety of colors but typically darker hues like this one work best in a bedroom that uses black or wooden furniture. 

To contrast the darkness in the room, it’s best to use all-white bedding to help brighten up space a bit.

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21.Sheepskin Bedroom Rug Ideas

Sheepskin Bedroom Rug Ideas
(Source: Pottery Barn)

A sheepskin rug offers an amazing texture because it is soft, comfortable, and really unique. Because sheepskin rugs can be rather small, you can use them in several ways. 

One of the most popular is to use the carpet as a cover for a small section of floor whether it be in a master bedroom or standard size bedroom. 

This type of floor covering is not meant to be used underneath the bed but rather in an open space. Doing so well complements the overall natural style of the rug.

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22.Mint Green Striped Rug 

Mint Green Striped Rug 
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are looking for simple bedroom carpet ideas, this lightly colored two-tone patterned rug can be a great starting place. This simple green striped tapestry looks really great in a cottage bedroom or farmhouse style bedroom because the color scheme is muted and natural. 

This carpet is not overbearing so you can use it to cover a large section of your flooring. If you want something to frame your bed with, this carpet really works well as far as helping center your bed and nightstands into the room too. 

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23.Bedroom Hooked Rug Ideas 

Bedroom Hooked Rug Ideas 
(Source: Pinterest)

This beautiful hooked bedroom rug can create such a lively look in any bedroom. Unique and fun patterns like this work great on big rugs for bedrooms with large spaces. Because you can incorporate the tapestry underneath the bed, outside the bed, or in a certain section of your bedroom. 

This eclectic style also really works great for bedrooms that use a lot of DIY elements. Eclectic bedroom themes and vibrant bedroom walls can all be complimented well with a united carpet pattern like this. 

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24.Abstract Rug Designs for Your Bedroom

Abstract Rug Designs for Your Bedroom
(Source: Cicig)

You can use this traditional abstract carpet in any type of bedroom because this type of carpet comes in a variety of different colors and shades. 

If you have a master bedroom that plays around with a lot of bold colors or if you have a room that is aiming for a luxury theme, an abstract rug that uses a dark green shade can be a great starting point. 

Use this versatile carpet underneath the bottom two-thirds of your bed in order to create a really succinct atmosphere in the room.

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25.Make It Clean with Dark Carpet

Make It Clean with Dark Carpet
(Source: Apppie.org)

A dark carpet that is a hue shades darker than your room’s bedding or furniture, can be a really unique and clean way to put together a modern look in your bedroom. 

A dark carpet such as a darker gray or black carpet can work wonders in helping pull together a contemporary styled bedroom. 

Don’t be afraid to let the carpet cover the entirety of the bedroom floor either. Doing so will allow you to have a really luxurious space that is comfortable, relaxing, and simply comfortable. 

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26.Pink Rugs for A Girl’s Bedroom 

Pink Rugs for A Girl’s Bedroom 
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are putting together a girl’s room, then you absolutely cannot go wrong with a pretty pink rug. A pink rug is a perfect addition to complement pink or white furniture. 

Because your child will likely hang out in her room a lot, a soft pink one is especially comfortable for sitting in and lounging around on. 

If there is a small reading nook in the area where the shag is, you can put a large personalized picture frame along with a small bookshelf of books to help decorate the area as well. 

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27.Cartoon Carpet Ideas

Cartoon Carpet Ideas
(Source: Amazing Games Online)

If you are putting together a kid’s bedroom or play area that serves as the playground of the house, then a fun and affordable carpet design theme is a cartoon-inspired carpet idea. 

This will help set the tone in the room so that your children and any guests will know it’s an area to have fun and relax in. 

You can use any color combination that suits your bedroom’s current design and you can use any cartoon characters or toy images that help accentuate the theme of your bedroom.

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Having a carpet in your bedroom can really help to create a warm and inviting space. We hope that our list of extensive design ideas has helped inspire you into creating a calming environment for you to lounge and relax around in. 

Furthermore, the placement of a bedroom rug is critical for any area.
We’ll look at how to properly lay your rugs for a uniform aesthetic, as well as some helpful measurements to use as a guide while putting your space together.

Which of these beautiful rug ideas was your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share this design idea with someone you know is in need of some fantastic bedroom flooring inspiration!

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