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23+ Best Bedroom Pendant Light Ideas In 2022

23+ Best Bedroom Pendant Light Ideas In 2022

Bedroom Pendant Lights, whether you realize it or not, may have a great impact on the overall design of your sleeping quarters. One of the most effective ways to liven up your sleeping environment is to replace your bedroom lighting with pendant lighting.

If you thought pendant lights were a simple and straightforward design idea, think again. There is a slew of different pendant lighting decor ideas that you can incorporate into your room. That’s what our extensive list is all about. 

Today, we are going to look at some fantastic bedroom pendant light ideas that can help spruce up your sleeping space. We’ll explore different styles, materials, designs, shapes, and looks that you can consider. You’ll be surprised at how many ways you can use pendant lights to create a stunning bedroom. Let’s get started! 

Best Bedroom Pendant Lighting Ideas

1.Simple Pendant Lamps Bedroom Ideas

Simple Pendant Lamps Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a really nice minimalist look by using a plain and simple light pendant. With this design, less is more. This simple design gives you a really clean aesthetic. 

Plus, a look like this pairs well with an all-white bedroom, a contemporary style, and even a farmhouse look. Install the pendant like this on either side of your bed, or in the corner of your room.

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2.Copper luxury led pendant light

Copper luxury led pendant light
(Source: lednews)

You can create a bedroom that is reminiscent of a chill cafe. Use abstract lighting fixtures that are suspended from the wall to achieve this look. Keep the design of the lighting fixture muted, but don’t be afraid to use fun shapes. 

You can even swap out the light bulb for a warm-toned hue to give you a really cozy atmosphere. If you have a sitting area in your bedroom, this would be a great place to display your abstract lighting. 

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3.Bedroom Lavender Pendant Light Ideas

Bedroom Lavender Pendant Light Ideas
(Source: Fy)

Help spruce up an all-white bedroom by using lavender lighting. This monotone lavender color can create such a cozy and warm atmosphere. It’s also great for creating the perfect mood for a teenager or young adult’s bedroom. 

Help accentuate this lavender color by using lavender-toned floral decor. By using lots of white linens, curtains, and furniture, you will really allow this unique color to stand out. 

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4.Black and White Bedroom Pendant Light Fixtures

Black and White Bedroom Pendant Light Fixtures
(Source: Pinterest)

Black and white is a great color scheme for putting together a masculine bedroom. Playing around with contrasting hues like this will allow you to create such a modern space. 

It can be easy to throw off the aesthetic of the room, however. You can avoid this by balancing out how much black you use. Aim for plack pendant lighting fixtures to help a white room stand out. 

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5.Wooden Pendant Light Bracket Ideas

Wooden Pendant Light Bracket Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create beautiful lighting with a rustic vibe by swapping out the brackets you use to hang up lights. Incorporate some cheap wooden light brackets to help hang up your light fixture on the wall. 

This will give you a really nice cozy aesthetic. Some great places to hang up a light bracket like this are over the headlights above the bed. Besides, a nightstand is also a good place. 

6.Unique Geometry Light

Unique Geometry Light
(Source: Dwell)

If you have a master bedroom, a really fun way to incorporate lighting is by using abstract-shaped pendants. 

Proportional geometry-shaped lights that are fixed on either end of your bed can create a really nice aesthetic. If you have a really modern bedroom, then these unique shaped pendants are a must. The light fixtures can help add a pop of personality to the space. 

7.Luxurious Bedroom Light Designs

Luxurious Bedroom Light Designs
(Source: DHgate.com)

One of the best ways to add detail to a luxurious themed bedroom is by paying attention to the lighting fixtures. Consider incorporating a copper crystal glass hanging lamp to create a really elegant aesthetic. 

The beauty of copper can help create a really elegant theme. Also, the gleam of crystal against the light will create a really glamorous look. 

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8.Scandinavian High Ceiling Pendant Lamp

Scandinavian High Ceiling Pendant Lamp
(Source: Aliexpress)

You can create a really beautiful and modern vibe using high bedside pendant lights. Pendant lights that have a unique to them like a Scandinavian-designed light work really well in most rooms. 

They can create such a calm and relaxed feel in a modern room. But in a more eclectic, colorful room, then can provide such a nice anchor to your design scheme. 

9.Amazing circular LED ring light in bedroom

Amazing circular LED ring light in bedroom
(Source: Northerncult.com)

This unique lighting fixture totally transforms what is expected out of standard bedroom lighting. The circular LED ring light will allow you to decorate using a modernist bedroom design. 

This light fixture works best in a dark bedroom. The contrast of the bright white ring light will look really lovely against a black backdrop. 

10.DIY Basket Pendant Light Ideas

DIY Basket Pendant Light Ideas
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A basket pendant light is such a sweet and cute decor element. This type of lighting fixture looks adorable in a variety of girly-themed bedrooms. Pair it in a bohemian style, rustic style, shabby chic, and even farmhouse style bedroom. 

The natural elements of the woven basket also appeal well to a countryside-themed room. Incorporate lots of white with a fixture like this in order for it to stand out. 

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11.Steampunk Bedside Pendant Light

Steampunk Bedside Pendant Light
(Source: Mega Lighting)

Steampunk decor is all about industrial, metal, and dark-toned decor. One great way to use light fixtures that reflect steam bunk is by using large, exaggerated, vintage bulbs. 

Large light bulbs that have faux steam knobs on them can be a really fun way to pull out steampunk design. Use commanding metals like copper and distressed gold to help draw attention to the steampunk light fixtures too. 

12.Modern Long Cable Bedroom Pendant Light Ideas

Modern Long Cable Light Ideas
(Source: AliExpress)

Long wired pendant lights that have a wired texture to them can be a really neat addition to any room. This unique textured look works especially well in a contemporary or modern styled bedroom. 

You can use warm light bulbs if you want to create a cozy atmosphere with ambient light. If you prefer, you can use bright LED lights instead for a more illuminated look. 

13.Rattan Woven Pendant Light Ideas

Rattan Woven Pendant Light Ideas
(Source: Arturest.com)

One of the most charming ways to create a light and airy bedroom is by using matching light fixtures. Large woven rattan pendant light fixtures can help you create such a charming master or guest bedroom. 

Their light and weightless look lend well to a naturalistic or Mediterranean bedroom. Pair these types of lights with lots of white, beige, and natural earthy tones. 

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14.Globe Pendant Light for Kid’s Bedroom

Globe Pendant Light for Kid’s Bedroom
(Source: Aliexpress)

Globe hanging pendants that represent the planets in our solar system are perfect for a child’s bedroom. These fun pendant lights are colorful and will keep your children inspired. 

Depending on the type of light bulbs you use, you can create a really cozy environment. You can hang several of them along the middle of the bedroom ceiling. You can also display them over a nightstand as well. 

15.Coastal Glam Pendant Light

Coastal Glam Pendant Light
(Source: Capitol Lighting)

If you have a master bedroom that follows a beach theme, then this coastal glam pendant light is perfect for you. This unique pendant light offers a very naturalistic and beachy vibe it. The look pairs especially well in a bedroom that has white bedding and furniture. 

Colors like gold can be fun ways to help glam up this pendant too. For more of a commanding look, you can also hang this pendant up directly over your bed. 

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16.Industrial Bedroom Pendant Light Ideas

Industrial Light Ideas
(Source: AliExpress)

An industrial-themed bedroom is easy to identify thanks to the distinct lighting that goes into this theme. Even if your bedroom is not committed to this look, you can still create an industrial feel to your space. 

Swap out your ceiling light for large pendant lights that feature metal cages over the bulb. This unique look will create a very rustic tone that is also charmingly beautiful. 

17.Glass Water Pattern Pendant Lights

Glass Water Pattern Pendant Lights
(Source: iMall)

A really interesting pendant style is a grey-toned mirrored hanging pendant. These types of pendants are often made of glass and have a reflective finish. They create such a unique look to space because if hung low enough they can complement a nightstand. 

A pendant like this hanging over a desktop plaque can create a really unique aesthetic. They can serve as a neat statement piece all while helping to add harmony to the room. 

18.Blue Magic Pendant Light for Bedroom

Blue Magic Light for Bedroom
(Source: At Charlotte’s House)

Incorporate a blue magic pendant light in your son’s room. This curious pendant hangs high and can appear to be floating because of the translucent chord that supports it. 

This pendant looks really charming in a child’s room that follows a blue theme. Hand it in the middle of the room or use a pair to hang on either side of a personalized canvas.

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19.Cartoon Bedroom Pendant Light Ideas

Cartoon Pendant Light Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can have fun with your pendant light fixtures by opting for fun and creative installments. One great option to consider is an artsy pendant light that utilized metal wiring to create fun shapes. 

You can even opt for pendants that are designed to reflect people or animals. Cartoon-shaped pendant lights can be a great way to put together a fun yet mature children’s room. For a splash of color, you can even spray paint the metal elements to create a really neat hue. 

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20.Bedside Pendant Lights

Bedside Pendant Lights
(Source: Shelterness)

If you have a farmhouse-style bedroom, then bedside pendant lighting can work well as lighting fixtures. Pendant lights are also a really great way to replace your bedside lamps. To create a really warm vibe throughout your room, use pendant lights that have a light brown or beige shade over them. 

You can also swap out the bulb for a warm-toned bulb instead. Keep the bedside table clean not cluttered so opt for simply designed pendant lights. 

21.Concrete Bedroom Pendant Light

Concrete Bedroom Light
(Source: hepartshome.com)

Faux concrete bedroom pendant lights can be a really fun way to dress up a room. This rugged take on more traditional fixtures pairs really well in a masculine-themed bedroom. 

If you are trying to aim for a more industrial feel, then these types of pendant lamps work great as well. The stand-out feature of these lamps is the style and the materials used. You’ll find there are so many different ways to play around with them to create a stunning look. 

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22.Simple Long Pendant Light

Simple Long Pendant Light
(Source: AliExpress)

If your master bedroom has a blank wall, one of the best types of lighting to use should be a simple pendant. A simple long pendant light that hangs over the nightstand can really help you frame your bedroom’s hanging art. 

This is especially true of artwork hanging above the headboard. Create a really mature look by using a muted, black hanging pendant. 


We hope our extensive list of bedroom pendant light ideas has helped spark your imagination. There are so many different ways you can dress up a bedroom using a pendant lighting fixture.

This is mainly in part because of all the different types of pendant light fixtures there are. Which of these stunning styles has been your favorite? 

Let us know in the comments section below. Know someone who needs to transform the lighting in their bedroom? Be sure to share this article with them as well!

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