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21+ Amazing Bedroom Office Ideas in 2021

21+ Amazing Bedroom Office Ideas in 2021

As the number of individuals working from home continues to rise, it’s only natural that more people are exploring bedroom office ideas in which they can complete all of their tasks. 

But what happens if you don’t necessarily have any space in your home to dedicate to full-blown office space? Well, today, we’re going to take a look at some great ways to transform your sleeping space so that you have an amazing space to get all your work done in. 

In our list of great bedroom office ideas, we will take a look at some great ways to create a functional space that is peaceful, calming, and perfect for completing all your important tasks. 

1.Turn A Walk-in Closet Into a Bedroom Office Ideas

Turn A Walk-in Closet Into a Bedroom Office Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a beautiful and modern home office space by using plenty of white tones and bright lighting. One of the best ways to do this is by using a repurposed bookshelf that is repainted to be a bright white color. 

On the bookshelf, use plenty of white baskets to store away small items. If you have larger items that match the white tone that you can display, then the baskets can be part of the aesthetic as well. Other pieces that you can incorporate include a white chair, desk, carpet, and any other throw blankets or pillows. 

2.Great Bedroom Office Ideas with Glass Partition Walls

Great Bedroom Office Ideas with Glass Partition Walls
(Source: Savillefurniture )

If your home office also happens to share space with your bedroom, then a great idea to use is a glass partition wall. 

A glass partition wall accented by a white curtain can create a separate work area in your bedroom which is great for separating where sleep happens and where work happens. 

This partition will also make you feel like you have an extra space in your home that it’s designated just for work. 

Create this look by choosing an area of your bedroom that receives a lot of natural light to set up your office space. This will help brighten up what is a cool office space and keep you motivated and intrigued throughout your workday.

3.Home Office with Hidden Wall Bed

Home Office with Hidden Wall Bed
(Source: Murphy Bed Atlanta)

If you have a home that is limited in space, then consider this functional bedroom idea that will allow you to double up on your sleeping space. 

By installing a Murphy bed, you can create a versatile bedroom that transforms into your office room during the day. Create this modern look by using plenty of black tones and don’t be afraid to design your bedroom/office space using your favorite canvas print photos and artwork. 

The result is a nice modern space that works double duty as your home office and sleeping space. 

4.Working Space Under Bedroom Window 

4.Working Space Under Bedroom Window 
(Source: Times of Diego)

If you live in an industrial area or have a home with large windows, then set up your computer desk right beside the windows can be a great way to create an environment full of inspiration for you to work in. 

This home office design works great in a bedroom that uses an industrial theme or in an apartment bedroom. 

Accentuate the office space using other industrial elements including a stark black or white chair, a white desk, a metal-framed computer desk, and plenty of potted indoor plants.

5.Mobile Desk Ideas

Mobile Desk Ideas
(Source: SignTech)

If you want to create a simple and convenient workspace in your bedroom, then using a mobile, over bed and desk can be a great place to start. 

This contemporary style allows you to transition from the bedroom to the office in the easiest way possible. 

A home office idea like this is best for individuals who need a single computer or notebook to work on and don’t need lots of items, documents, and other gadgets to get their job done. 

The limited desk space on a mobile table like this is best suited for a single computer and a mouse and best.

6.A Small Desk Instead of A Nightstand

small Desk Instead of A Nightstand
(Source: Pinterest)

Swap out your nightstand for a small desk nightstand instead with this space-saving home office bedroom idea. 

Swapping out your nightstand will give you plenty of room which is always much appreciated in a small bedroom. 

Once you set up a simple table or small desk beside your bed, you can decorate the tabletop as you please but make sure you have plenty of room for all your necessary work items. 

Because space might be rather small, consider using stackable storage compartments like trays and small shelving to maximize your desk space. 

7.A Bedroom Office Ideas with Open View

A Bedroom Office Ideas with Open View
(Source: One Kindesign)

If your bedroom has glass walls, then you can create a stunning home office in your bedroom that plays off the natural beauty of the outdoors. 

A home office set up like this works great in a master bedroom where you can set up a floating desk that is as beautiful as the outdoor view below you. 

The natural beauty of the outdoors and the natural light that flows through, despite the fact that your working and sleeping space is in the same room. It will serve as a fantastic source of motivation, allowing you to be more productive and efficient at work. Conceal Your Office Space with Curtains

7.A Bedroom Office Ideas with Open View

A Bedroom Office Ideas with Open View
(Source: Renovation)

A clever way to divide up your room is by using a dark curtain that separates your bedroom from your home office space. Separating different areas of your room like this will allow you to have a designated workspace that is private and meant only for working. 

By using black curtains you will create a sense of separation from your sleeping area. Accentuate the black curtains by using bright white furniture in your home office. If you can set up the office next to a window where light filters in then this can be a great way to help brighten up space as well.

8.Bedroom Office with Barn Door

Bedroom Office with Barn Door
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a rustic bedroom design theme, then you might want to consider incorporating sliding barn doors as a way to open up the office when you’re ready to use it. 

The barn doors will conceal the office so that it is out of sight anytime you want your bedroom to be just a bedroom. Slide your barn doors over on either side when you are ready to work to reveal your office. 

Depending on your room size, you may need to create custom barn doors that will fit into the room. While this home office look can be created in any size bedroom, the master bedroom will typically be the best because of the ample space. 

9.Corner Desk Ideas for Small Bedroom

Corner Desk Ideas for Small Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Small spaces crave creative ideas, that’s why this L-shaped desk is set up in a great way to create a home office in a part of your home even if you are constantly battling a lack of space. 

If you can, try to create an office space next to a small window. The natural light that filters through will automatically make the room feel bigger. 

Speaking of making the room feel bigger, use plenty of white and white-toned furniture to help open up space as well.

10.Turn a Small Closet into Your Office

Turn a Small Closet into Your Office
(Source: DigDigs)

Transformer your closet area in your bedroom into an office space that you can get all your work done in. Because closets are a necessary and functional part of any bedroom, don’t lose out on the closet space in your bedroom. 

Instead, set up your closet office in the guest bedroom as an alternative if you can. There are many different ways to set up a closet office, but one of the best is by keeping the doors intact so that they can continue to open and close them. 

Keeping the doors intact will also allow you to continue using Parts of your closet for storage as well. While this is a rather unique design, it is certainly one that could work for your home.

11.Chic Bedroom Office Ideas

Chic Bedroom Office Ideas
(Source: Hunker)

Create an awesome workspace in your bedroom by playing up the chic bedroom design thing that might already be there. 

To pull off this stylish look, simply match the color scheme of your existing bedroom. This means using lots of corals, white, earthy tones, and other bright colors. 

These colors working together will create a calming office space that is comfortable and beautiful. 

Because this bedroom theme is all about being personalized, be sure to display plenty of personalized photos on your desk and wall to create an intimate yet personal setting.

12.White Office Setup for small Bedroom

12.White Office Setup for small Bedroom
(Source: Cate St Hill )

Pick a portion of your bedroom and transform it into a small office setup that is not only beautiful but functional too. 

You can give this part of your bedroom a makeover by using all white furniture including a white desk, white floating shelves, and other white elements that you incorporate. 

If you can, set up your desk area in the corner of the room that gets lots of natural light. The outdoor light will reflect off of your white furniture and create the illusion of an even bigger space. Plus the natural light will help motivate you to be your best throughout the day. 

13.Office Desk Plants 

Office Desk Plants 
(Source: Plant care- Omysa)

This inspired bedroom office idea takes a very natural approach by utilizing plenty of indoor potted plants. 

One of the best aspects of using potted plants around your home office is that it gives you clean, fresh air all while creating an atmosphere that is naturally relaxing and inviting. This is a vibe that lends itself especially well during the workday. 

You can play up the indoor potting plants throughout your office by using custom pictures that also highlight some of your favorite plants and greenery. 

Set up your custom wall prints as a gallery wall and tie in personal elements by placing photos of loved ones and pets on your desk. 

14.Working Area Under Loft Bed

Working Area Under Loft Bed
(Source: CCA School Gurgaon)

If you have a small sleeping space, setting up a work area under your loft bed can be an ingenious solution to having a great sleeping space and a great office. 

This home office design theme is perfect for a minimalist because the goal here is to use as few unnecessary items as possible. 

Your workspace under the loft bed will give you plenty of room so you can set up a section where you use one or two baskets to put away small items that can give the illusion of clutter if left out. 

As with the color of this small space, it’s best to stick with the color white to help brighten up the room a little bit.

15.Masculine Desk Design Ideas

Masculine Desk Design Ideas
(Source: Novocom. top)

Create a modern home office space that is inviting yet masculine by using this black and white design theme. 

Men need large spaces to get work done so be sure to have all the elements that will help them along during the workday. 

This means setting up a big board, a large curved desk, and an ergonomically black chair that is comfortable and relaxing to work out of. 

Play up the black and white theme by setting up the desk next to a window where lots of natural light can filter in throughout the day.

16.The Headboard Transitions Into A Desk

The Headboard Transitions Into A Desk
(Source: Contemporist)

Another clever option to consider for a home office that lives in your bedroom is this innovative bedroom design theme. 

Allow your headboard to transition into your desk space for a creative way to get work done in a room that might be rather small. A headboard desk is also a great way for splitting up a large bedroom into two areas. 

You can pull off this inconspicuous look by having a headboard that has built-in and side shelving. This will allow you to store away your office belongings during the day so that your headboard appears to be just that – a headboard.

17.Create A Corkboard Wall 

Create A Corkboard Wall 
(Source: Idea Blog)

A corkboard is such a great way to create an amazing wall that is functional and useful. If you have a home office, a corkboard wall is especially helpful for allowing you to tack on important documents, post its, and dates. 

You can create a corkboard wall by yourself using some simple DIY tactics. Once you have your corkboard wall set up, complement it by installing a floating desk that maintains the industrial and innovative workspace theme. 

A look like this uses lots of natural tones that play up the corkboard wall, so have fun decorating and dressing up your work in a way that is natural yet inviting.

18.Industrial Bedroom Office

Industrial Bedroom Office
(Source: Awesome Decors)

Industrial theme bedrooms can be one of the best home office spaces because of the inspirational look they provide. 

If you have a brick wall in your bedroom, then this can be the perfect backdrop for setting up an industrial desk space for you to work in. 

Plus it’s a great backdrop for creating an engineer workspace or another professional like a writer or architect who prefers a simple style but doesn’t require a lot of decors. 

A workspace like this lends itself especially well to a men’s bedroom in a bachelor pad. 

19.Home Frame Kid’s Desk 

Home Frame Kid’s Desk 
(Source: Handmade Haven)

If you’re creating a study area or workspace for your child, then a great starting point is a handmade home-framed desk space like this one. 

What makes this workspace a fantastic one to consider is the reality that because the space looks pretty, organized, and overall fun, your children are more likely to want to spend more time in it working or studying. 

For an add a touch of personalization, allow your child to help you when you set up this fun and creative work area. This will allow them to create a personal attachment with the desk that they are sure to love. 

20.Custom Home Office with Cabinet Storage

Custom Home Office with Cabinet Storage
(Source: California Closets)

Having a built-in wardrobe or built-in storage space like shelving and tables can be a great way to put together a home office right in your bedroom. 

The different storage space options will allow you to decorate all while putting away items so that they are out of sight. 

A great color scheme to go with while using this design thing is a gray-toned one. If you have enough room you can also incorporate a gray, black, or brown sofa to help create a lounge area in your workspace for you to relax in as well.

Whether or not you work from home, having a peaceful home office can be a great way for you to get all your work done. 

But as with any space in your home, you can’t just have any old office area, it’s important to have an office space that is calming, relaxing, and enjoyable. 

We hope that our array of bedroom office ideas have helped inspire you into creating a space that is relaxing, calming, and one that leaves you in peace and at ease as you work. 

Be sure to let us know in the comment section below which of these office space ideas and hacks were your favorite and why! 

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