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28+ Beautiful Bedroom Lighting Ideas That Brighten Up Your Sleeping Space in 2021

28+ Beautiful Bedroom Lighting Ideas That Brighten Up Your Sleeping Space in 2021

Using the right bedroom Lighting in your sleeping space can absolutely transform it. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our best bedroom lighting ideas into this handy list for you.

we’ll go over some of the most trending light fixtures for the season. Not only that, but we’ll dive into the latest trends that pair well with these beautiful lighting fixtures.

Whether you have a minimalist design theme, a farmhouse appeal, or a rustic vibe going on in your bedroom. Our lighting design tips will cover some of the most functional ways to use lighting in your bedroom. 

As well as some of the best ways to incorporate lighting in a manner that creates a comfortable, relaxing, yet vibrant sleeping space. Let’s get started!

1.Aim Pendant Light for Bedroom

Aim Pendant Light for Bedroom
(Source: Homelights)

A modern style lighting fixture like a black aim pendant lamp can be a really fun way to add flair to your bedroom. Hang this fixture from the ceiling and allow it to drape down in a part of your room that also serves as your focus point. 

This can be a corner, on either end of your bed, or in the center of the room. You can add other elements to this part of the room like a personalized canvas print that uses the color black and white.

Or a small desk with other personalized items that reflect the pattern scheme of the black aim pendant lamp. 

2.Striking Shelf Lighting Ideas 

Striking Shelf Lighting Ideas
(Source: Ofdesign)

If you have shelves in your bedroom, consider making the shelves a focal part of the room by adding shelf lighting. 

This hidden lighting fixture is gorgeous because it creates a really unique and even dramatic mood to the atmosphere. 

Whatever the size of your bed, platform beds are a great accent to unique bedroom lighting design ideas. Do not overload your shelf with objects, instead put on display your most special and decorative items

3.Lighting Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom 

Lighting Accent Wall Ideas for Bedroom
(Source: Apppie.org)

If you have an accent wall, then a stunning look you may want to consider is lighting that accentuates your accent wall. 

Using indirect bedroom lighting ideas in this manner creates a stunning yet simple look that is hard to ignore. 

If you need a little bit more of a functional lighting fixture, you can incorporate two statement pendants on either side of your accent wall. It can help accentuate the beauty of the room all while keeping it illuminated. 

This minimalistic design idea pairs really well with a room that only uses a platform bed and does away with additional nightstands, desks, or dressers.

4.Master Bedroom with Lighting Headboard

Master Bedroom with Lighting Headboard
(Source: DecorPad)

Who says light fixtures are only supposed to be installed on the ceiling? One of the best ways to set up a light fixture is in a method that allows it to be a part of the room’s decor. 

This interior design element works really well in bedrooms that have wooden floors. The unique position of the lighting allows the fixture to put a spotlight on the wooden floor to really draw attention to the bottom half of the bedroom. 

You can set up this light fixture by incorporating it in the headboard or installing it directly into the wall. Pair this modern look with some artwork framed over top of your bed and you have got a lovely environment that is elegant, yet modern. 

5.Bedroom Led Ceiling Lighting Design Ideas 

Bedroom Led Ceiling Lighting Design Ideas
(Source: IndiaMART)

This modern method is perfect for creating a contemporary bedroom that works especially well for men. 

To pull this unique look off, you want to work with the whole bedroom in mind. Add LED lighting on the base of your bed by using a lighting bed platform design theme. 

Next, consider transforming your ceiling into an accent ceiling where you can add additional strips of LED lighting that complement the LED lighting bed platform. 

This look works really well because the top of the room and the bottom of the room complement each other with beautiful bedroom lighting ideas.

6.A Country Theme with Vintage Chandelier

A Country Theme with Vintage Chandelier
(Source: Pinterest)

This vintage country chandelier lighting fixture works really well with bedrooms that utilize a farmhouse or rustic bedroom design theme. 

It works particularly well with country homes because the design of this chandelier fits the aesthetic of the home so well. 

Be minimalistic with your country theme chandelier because you don’t want all the focus to go onto it. 

Instead, hang up some personalized artwork throughout the room to help draw the attention in that direction as well.

7.Modern Floating Cloud Pendant Light for Bedroom

Modern Floating Cloud Pendant Light for Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A floating cloud light fixture design theme is perfect for creating a charming and dreamy baby room. 

These creative bedroom lighting design ideas are not only cool but it works with a variety of baby bedroom design themes. You can incorporate it into a nautical-inspired baby nursery, or even a super girly baby nursery. 

Because these cloud light fixtures are so versatile. You can create a whole cloud-themed nursery complete with cloud art, a cloud crib moine, and even cloud wall decals for your little one to enjoy. 

8.Basket Pendant Light for A Pretty Bedroom

Basket Pendant Light for A Pretty Bedroom
(Source: TLC Interior)

A really beautiful design theme for a girl’s room is a black basket lighting fixture

This contemporary style lighting fixture creates such an amazing look because it is sleek, modern, and inexpensive compared to other pendant-style light fixtures. 

One of the best parts about using a basket pendant light fixture is that it can go well with a variety of design themes for a girl’s bedroom. 

Whether it’s a monochromatic room or an eclectic design theme, this universal basket pendant is simple, universal, and visibly stunning. 

9.Mounted Reading Lights

Mounted Reading Lights
(Source: Hooked To Books)

These vintage-style mounted bedroom light fixtures create a really unique look because they are reminiscent of old lantern oil lamps. 

This vintage-style light fixture is perfect for tying together a bedroom that uses lots of warm colors. 

The result is a really perfect and functional light fixture that creates such a relaxing experience. Before you go to bed, you can use these rustic-style lanterns to get in a quick read before bedtime.

10.Backlit Paneling Bedroom

Backlit Paneling Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

You can use backlit paneling to highlight an accent wall or a wall with beautiful large canvas artwork. 

Lighting features that highlight artwork does two things. Not only do they provide a calming atmosphere because of the dim lighting, but the lighting fixture also serves as a type of artwork in itself. 

Bedroom lighting decor ideas work great in minimalist spaces, large bedrooms, and monochromatic bedrooms

11.Minimalist Long Wall Lamp 

Minimalist Long Wall Lamp
(Source: Pinterest)

A long wall lamp that is displayed in the middle of your accent wall or right above your headboard can be a really great design feature for a minimalist theme bedroom. 

This design trend is popular because of its sleek trendy look that does away with clutter. 

This trendy aesthetic can be used with different colored LED lights if you want a more spunky look or a soft white for a warmer, more relaxing atmosphere.

12.Fabric Shade Wall Sconces Bedroom

Fabric Shade Wall Sconces Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A pair of oversize wall scones made out of fabric can create a really great aesthetic if you are aiming for a contemporary and modern lighting design theme. 

Oversize sconces made out of fabric help not only to radiate the light throughout the room, but they create a really pleasing look that blends with a variety of bedroom design themes. 

Aim for lighter color fabric if you have white walls and want to create an airy atmosphere. For a warmer room, play around with a darker fabric in your oversized sconce lighting fixtures.

13.Natural Light with Open Sleeping Space 

Natural Light with Open Sleeping Space
(Source: Dwell)

If you have plenty of natural lighting coming into your bedroom already, then consider incorporating recessed lighting in the ceiling or along the glass wall as a way to enhance the natural light that you already have. 

This look works especially well in a large bedroom. Recessed lighting and ceiling fixtures help illuminate certain parts of the room allowing you to create a really warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Complement the natural light by using plenty of white tones, greenery, and even wooden accents throughout the room too. 

14.Simple Recessed Lighting Bedroom

Simple Recessed Lighting Bedroom
(Source: Novocom)

Recessed lighting in the ceiling can be a great way to brighten up a space lacking in natural light or relatively smaller. 

Recessed lighting, especially along a unique ceiling can help create a vibrant yet modern and contemporary look. 

Complement this unique lighting fixture by using plenty of white elements. Incorporate white in the bedding, any canvas art you hang up, and even in the wall paint. 

Brightening up space with plenty of white will also create an environment that looks new and refreshing.

Create a bright gallery over headboard
(Source: Dwell)

Create this really cool DIY headboard by using three of your favorite custom photos, recessed lighting, and some creativity. 

This fantastic light fixture headboard serves as a way to showcase some of your favorite photos. Hang the images over the bed where the headboard would normally go (or over an already existing headboard) and then border the custom photos using recessed lighting. 

This overhead DIY wall design not only creates an appealing aesthetic, but it serves as a really neat headboard to help frame your bed.

16.Crystal Chandelier Make A Regal Bedroom

Crystal Chandelier Make A Regal Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most spectacular light fixtures that are timeless, classic, and simply stunning is a crystal chandelier. You can incorporate a crystal chandelier that complements the current design theme of your bedroom. 

Of course, larger bedrooms will require a larger chandelier so be sure to shop with the size in mind. Depending on the style, you will be able to pull off a romantic look that is fit for any couple’s bedroom. 

If you want to accessorize using wall art, select a unique picture that is minimalistic, yet personalized to pair with your beautiful crystal lighting.

17.Combine Stone Wall and Lighting

Combine Stone Wall and Lighting
(Source: Pinterest)

Natural stone and intentional lighting fixtures work really well together. Even better is if you are looking to create a masculine-themed bedroom, then this is the design route to go with. 

Start by shopping around for all black furniture including a black bed and a black nightstand or end of the bed bench. 

Once you have the furniture in place, consider adding unique elements that complement the stone design theme. One of the best ways to do this is by using a golden or marble bedside sleeping lamp that goes beside your bed.

18.Make An Artistic Statement 

Make An Artistic Statement
(Source: Alexnld.com )

You can create a really neat artistic statement by using abstract fluorescent, neon, or LED-based ceiling lights. 

Depending on the unique ceiling light you use, you can create a really good vibe throughout the whole bedroom. 

One of the best ways to incorporate this type of light fixture is by using a monochromatic color scheme throughout the room that helps brighten up the room even more. 

Consider using muted colors and patterns throughout your bedding, area rugs, and even though the furniture. Limit the use of an accent wall because you really want the ceiling lights to be the artistic statement of the room

19.Save Space with Small Sconces 

Save Space with Small Sconces
(Source: YLighting)

If you are limited on space and have a small bedroom, you can go a long way by using smaller sconces for light fixtures. 

Consider using a white sconce to decorate with as this bright color will help make the space feel open and bigger. This is especially true if you have a small bedroom with windows that allow the natural light to shine through. 

Painting over a black or rusted sconce using a white spray paint can help create a rustic look like that of a farmhouse theme. Play around with the different colors you have available to achieve the design scheme that you really like.

20.Funny Cartoon Lighting Bedroom

Funny Cartoon Lighting Bedroom
(Source: Qassimmall)

If you are looking to spruce up a teenage bedroom, then using funny cartoon-inspired lighting fixtures like a basketball chandelier or a cartoon-themed lamp for studying can help pull this look together. 

Because cartoon themes typically play around with a lot of warm colors, use plenty of wooden elements, dark hues, and other warm tones to help decorate the space. 

For a little bit more inspiration, you can even include a large picture framing the cartoon character or design aesthetic that you were aiming for.

21.Make A Funny Bedroom

Make A Funny Bedroom
(Source: Estiluz)

Using cute lighting fixtures like balloon sconces can make for the perfect backdrop and design theme for any children’s bedroom, especially if it’s a younger child’s bedroom. 

Using these cute light sconces can also emphasize this fun-themed bedroom. If you can incorporate different color balloon sconces or even light bulbs that change color, you can create an atmosphere that not only is pretty but one that is adorably fun too. 

22.Industrial Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Industrial Bedroom Lighting Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a beautiful modern designed bedroom that is bright, airy, and simply relaxing with this open-air-inspired look. 

The light fixtures that you want to center around with this look are metal industrial pendants as they will complement a black and white theme perfectly well. 

You can even utilize a pipe light in parts of your bedroom that need a little brightness. Complement your industrial-themed pendant lighting with black molding throughout the room and you’ll have a contemporary bedroom that is absolutely wonderful to relax in.

23.Sputnik Chandelier Bedroom Ideas

Sputnik Chandelier Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Bonlicht Lighting)

This next design idea is perfect if you want to create an elegant and charming bedroom decor theme. Start by using a golden sputnik chandelier with large clear glass light bulbs. 

Then, decorate the bedroom using accessories that highlight the golden accent in the light fixture. You can do this by using a gold-trimmed bed set, furniture with hints of gold, and even side lamp tables that incorporate touches of gold. 

This chandelier works best in a master bedroom and even better in one that utilizes lots of white. The result of using this charming chandelier is a bedroom that is charming, elegant, and sophisticated. 

24.Custom Neon Lights for Bedroom

Custom Neon Lights for Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Get creative with a neon wall sculpture that captures the theme of your room perfectly. You can use a DIY custom design or you can use a generic neon wall sculpture that has an uplifting or inspiring phrase. 

Neon lights also pair really well with tropical indoor plants like a potted palm. However you choose to design around your neon sign, your result will be simply fantastic. Neon wall scriptures give bedrooms an added touch of personality and flair. 

It also makes for the perfect design element if you are putting together a teenager’s bedroom, a dorm room, or a young adult’s bedroom.

25.Romantic Bedroom with Canopy Lights

Romantic Bedroom with Canopy Lights
(Source: Pinterest)

Fairy lights are one of the best ways to put together a magical bedroom decor theme. One of the best ways to incorporate fairy lights or string lighting is over the top a canopy bed. 

Create a whimsical atmosphere by using a white bed that incorporates a white sheer canopy. You cannot go overboard with the string lights, so you can lay them out in any fashion or organize them by allowing them to drape over the bedposts. 

Your result is a stunning visage of twinkling lights that create a relaxing, cozy, and simply magical environment.

26.An Amazing Bedroom With Moroccan Ceiling Ideas

An Amazing Bedroom With Moroccan Ceiling Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A Moroccan design theme is an incredibly appealing aesthetic because it plays with fantastic colors as well as unique and iconic decor pieces that create a charming atmosphere. 

It’s for this reason that a Moroccan-inspired bedroom is so easy to fall in love with. To create this Moroccan-inspired theme, start by incorporating Moroccan lanterns as the main lighting fixtures. You can find Moroccan lanterns of varying sizes but focus on ones that complement the overall size of your bedroom. 

Throw in other elements of Moroccan design by using a wooden lattice headboard and other colorful design elements like pillows, throw blankets, and even area rugs.

27.An Unique Bedroom with Tripod Light

An Unique Bedroom with Tripod Light
(Source: Decoist)

Tripod lamps are a really fun type of lighting fixture to use especially if you are decorating a teenage bedroom or a young child’s bedroom. 

These light fixtures have geometrical features that make them fantastic bedroom lighting design ideas that utilize lots of shapes and solid colors. Use tripod lamps of varying sizes so that you can set them up as floor lamps or bedside lamps. 

For a child’s room, incorporate lamps that are framed in white fabric. For bedrooms designed for couples and adults, darker tripod lampshades are the way to go.

28.Combine Ceiling Fan and Lighting

Combine Ceiling Fan and Lighting
(Source: Pinterest)

A really cool light fixture to play around with is a ceiling fan that also doubles as a beautiful light fixture. This type of light fixture plays around with the look of a fan all while functioning as a primary artistic piece. 

This lovely bedroom light fixture can complement the decor that you already have in place. 

If you’re not sure how you want to design your bedroom but really like this type of lighting, then opt for a neutral color. That way, your light fixture will blend in with a variety of bedroom design themes. 

A bedroom’s light source has transformed from your traditional light bulb to a vast market full of different light fixtures of every color, style, and design. 

We hope our extensive list of the best bedroom lighting ideas has helped spark your interest in redecorating your own sleeping space. 

Let us know in the comments section below which of these bedroom light fixture ideas are your favorite. 

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