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27+ Top Trending Bedroom Ideas With LED Lights (2022)

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If you’re looking for the best bedroom ideas with LED lights, you’ve come to the right place. Our list will explore some of the best styles, themes, and decor ideas using LED lighting. See how easy it is to transform your bedroom space with a simple lighting fixture.

One of the best aspects of using LED fixtures is their versatility. LED lighting can be incorporated in a range of rooms to set a range of moods. Read on to see how you can incorporate different styles on your own. See how easy it is to create a room that’s magical, inviting, and all your own. 

How To Decorate Your Bedroom With LED Lights

1. Fairy lights

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Fairy lights do an incredible job of transforming a bedroom. These LED lights are so easy to install and are effortlessly spectacular. One of the best ways to incorporate these lights is behind your bed. They can serve as an illuminated headboard. Pinning your favorite photos and artwork along the wiring adds to that touch of personalization. Just take a look at how wonderful this cozy fairy lights bedroom vibe is.

2. Hidden lighting

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Keep your bedroom looking cool and contemporary by using hidden LED lighting. This light display offers a really warm and sophisticated vibe to your bedroom. Because it’s inconspicuous, you can use it throughout the perimeter of your room. Keep the LED lights low for a more inviting and enchanting vibe. You can even install them higher if you want a more mature look in your bedroom. 

3. Versatile LED Strips

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Strip lighting is incredibly versatile and works so well in a bedroom. This bedroom LED strip lights display goes underneath the bed frame and bedside furniture. It helps illuminate the floor space giving off a really cool look. If you want to achieve a contemporary and mature aesthetic, this style is the way to go. It’s also a cool display for a children’s bedroom as well. 

4. Teenage Bedroom

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If you are wanting charming teenage girl bedroom ideas with LED lights, look no further. This bedroom design is absolutely marvelous. It adds a really feminine aesthetic to any space. Drape the LED lighting along the ceiling of the room. But, don’t be afraid to add additional lighting along the wall where your headboard is. You have a really fun look that is inviting and beautiful. 

5. Modern

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Aesthetic LED bedroom lighting can be a really fun way to add a futuristic appeal to your bedroom. This bedroom uses hidden LED lighting on the ceiling and on the flooring. The silver and white tones throughout the room help illuminate the calm in this bedroom. You can use any color palette you like and you’ll still get that futuristic vibe. 

6. Inviting

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This is one of the best aesthetic bedroom ideas with LED lights because it creates a welcoming environment. This fun and inviting bedroom design are easy to put together. Use LED lights underneath your bed to create a really vibrant atmosphere. You can use all sorts of colors, but bold pops of pink, blue, and green work best. This will create a very vibrant room that’s fun and full of energy. Keep the decor to a minimum throughout your bedroom. This will help you focus all your attention on the LED lighting. 

7. Cool

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Cool bedroom ideas with LED lights don’t have to be loud. This next look utilizes a simple LED pendant light. The pendant light offers a nice charm to the bedroom. It’s not overpowering, but it’s a beautiful fixture that catches your eye. This design is very simple and understated. Because of it, you can pair it with all sorts of bedroom aesthetics. 

8. In the Ceiling

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If you like keeping your room dark, but still want a beautiful lighting aesthetic, this style is for you. This is one of the best-LED ideas for bedroom designs that seek a mature look. Employ LED lighting through your ceiling. Hide the lighting behind molding to create a really unique effect. The end result is a stunning light strip display that is muted yet mature. 

9. Unique

(Source: Paola Galimberti)

If you have a unique design in your bedroom, then you’ll need matching unique lighting fixtures. This look is really cool because it utilizes strip LED lights to emphasize parts of your room that are meant to stand out. For example, this bedroom has a tiered wooden ceiling that defines the bedroom. When you dress this ceiling with hidden LED strips, the room comes alive. 

10. Furniture Style


The way you style your furniture can also emphasize how you should style your lighting. This bedroom LED lights room decor plays off of unique furniture. Incorporating lighting inside drawers, under cabinets, and on top of furniture are all styles to consider. This will help illuminate the room making it appear unique and appealing.

11. RGB

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Using LED lights for bedroom decor is one of the best ways to create personality in a room. Using a range of tones like pink, yellow, blue, and everything in between is an absolute aesthetic. This look is appealing, inviting, fun, and undeniably unique. Have fun with this style as you can apply it to a teenage room, a kid’s playroom, or even a young adult’s space. 

12. Create an Atmosphere

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String LED lights are one of the best ways to transform a sleeping space. One of the best ways to use LED light strip ideas or string lights is by creating a headboard. This headboard will serve as a unique focal point that draws attention. The end result is a really warm and inviting atmosphere.

13. Create A Personality


Desktop neon lighting is such a fun way to set the tone in a bedroom. Give your room a personality by using signage alongside neon lighting. Shelf decor including cute items that match the theme of your room is a great way to start. It’ll help you create a bedroom that’s unique to your own sense of style and personality. 

14. Teen Boy

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This teen boy room was designed for teenagers wanting a space of their own. The focus of this teen boy’s bedroom is muted dark colors. These colors are complemented with traditional decor items that define the space. Dark tones like black, navy and dark gray are great places to start. When you contrast these dark tones with bright LED lights, you create a really unique space.

15. Cute

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One of the easiest ways to create a cute bedroom atmosphere is by using LED lighting. These cute bedroom ideas with LED lights play around with twinkle lights and cute pendants. One of the best ways to put together this look is by creating a reading nook or lounge corner. You’ll have a charming atmosphere that is inviting and pleasing for you to enjoy.

16. Purple Pop

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Give your bedroom pop of bold color for a stark look. This purple-themed bedroom uses hidden purple LED lights around the ceiling of the room. Not only do these lights illuminate the room, but they serve as room decoration with lights. It’s a fun and easy way to add color and personality to your space.

17. Sparkling light

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Install hidden LED lights over top of your bed and compliment them with dangling pendant lights. This look creates a really elegant accent for your bedroom. This is a nice touch for those wanting a more mature and sophisticated look. Using LED lights for room decor is the easiest way to transform it into a regal space. 

18. Glowing under the bed

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If you have a big bedroom and want a unique way to dress it up, consider LED lights under the bed. These glowing lights are a perfect way to create an enchanting, mature, and contemporary feel to your room. Big bedrooms with LED lights under the bed can also be a great way to dress up floor space. Lighting will give the appeal that you’re using more decor elements than you actually are. This helps you save on clutter and unnecessary furniture.

19. Headboard

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Headboard light ideas are fun, and abstract, and come in all sorts of ideas and styles. This look is really unique because it creates the illusion of several headboards floating together. Surprisingly, this is also one of the easiest DIY headboard projects to put together. Using strip lighting behind square blocks of wood will help you achieve that unique look.

20. Gorgeous

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This is a gorgeous bedroom design and a really great way to create an aesthetically pleasing space. This LED light aesthetic bedroom uses LED strips from the top to the bottom of the room. The hidden LED strips cast an illuminating glow on the soft tones. This helps you create a really warm environment that looks elegant and charming. 

21. Golden

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This bedroom gives off Vice City vibes thanks to the golden aesthetic. This is one of the best-LED bedroom ideas if you want something boisterous, loud, yet royal. The gold tone throughout the room pairs nicely with the golden LED strips. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with this bold color. 

22. Warm up the Bedroom

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Play around with different ideas for LED light strips to create a warm atmosphere in your space. Hidden warm LED lights can help you create that enchanting vibe many are after. You can use LED light connectors to attach several light strips to one another. Allow the strips to go around the frame of your bed or even your room. This will cast that really warm illuminating glow.

23. Asian Themed

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This Asian-inspired space is a really nice room with LED lights that don’t pop out instantly. The lights are very muted through the different pendant lighting fixtures. These fixtures have an Asian inspiration to them, creating a very relaxing and mellow feel. Along with the calming tones, this is a very relaxing oasis to look towards for inspiration. 

24. Light Vault

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One of the best-LED lights for bedrooms with high ceilings is a light vault. A light vault utilizes LED lighting to illuminate a specific part of the ceiling. Throughout the rest of the bedroom ceiling, pockets of LED lights help complement the light vault. The overall look is very mature, clean, minimalistic, and undeniably beautiful. 

25. Metal and Light

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Mobile LED lights that play around with metal, glass, or even crystal components can create a really beautiful effect. This LED light fixture is a perfect addition to a child’s room or even a nursery. These types of light fixtures come in a range of shapes and styles. However, crystal and metal fixtures create the most unique effects. The shadows will keep your child entertained and it’s a nice way to doze off. 

26. Plexiglass and Light

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This really unique look is perfect for creating an LED accent wall. This LED wall utilizes hidden LED lights that are textured behind plexiglass. The result is a really unique wall that is as appealing as it is downright cool. It creates a really incredible effect that lends well to all sorts of bedroom styles. It’s an especially unique style for rustic or farmhouse-themed bedrooms. 

27. Warehouse Loft

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Industrial-inspired rooms like a warehouse loft pair really well with LED lights. These LED lights are hidden behind wall molding in order to create a  cool effect. This end result is very modern and also warm and inviting. If you live in a loft, studio, or open industrial space, this look is one to try out. 

28. Greenish Glow

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When you’re playing around with LED light ideas, you should often focus on the primary color of the room. For example, a bedroom with a strong presence of green tones lends really well to LED lights. The lights cast a very refreshing glow over top of your green bedroom decor. This will help you to create an inviting and calming atmosphere. 

29. LED Skylight

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Swap your traditional Lighting Display for an LED skylight. An LED skylight is a practical fixture that can illuminate your entire room. But the best part is, this is a really cool element that can also focus the attention of you and your visitors. Skylights give off a very modern feel. They work perfectly for any bedroom that is open and airy. Tones like white end gray are nice hues to compliment  LED skylights.  

30. Illuminate Round Glowing

(Source: Laurence Katz)

Unique room ideas with led lights tend to play around with different shapes. This bedroom uses glowing circular light fixtures that amplify the warmth in the room. The geometric look pairs really well with other angled patterns and shapes. It’s a nice muted look to put together if you want a mature bedroom. 


There are so many different ways to utilize LED bedroom ideas and led strip ideas in your bedroom. With each method, the decor principle is to create a room that speaks to your sense of personality. We hope this list of the best bedroom ideas with LED lights has helped inspire you. Let us know in the comments section below which of these styles were your favorite. 

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