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Beautiful Bedroom Ideas for Women: 25+ Feminine Decor Ideas for Every Lady

bedroom ideas for women

Any lady will tell you that their sleeping space is the area of the home where they can wind down, relax, and collect their thoughts after a long day. That’s why having a bedroom that appeals to your personal sense of style is so important. Let’s take a look at some amazing bedroom ideas for women that are sure to create a harmonious, peaceful, and luxurious space.

Our extensive list of elegant, stylish, and feminine decor ideas has something for every lady out there, no matter if you’re a young adult or well into your golden years. We’re sure that you will find a design idea that you will absolutely fall in love with.

Bedroom Decor Ideas for Women

1. French Country Design

Bedroom Ideas for Women: French Country Design
(Source: thecottagejournal)

A French country decor theme complete with an old-world feel and countryside vibes is a beautiful way to decorate any space into a feminine oasis.

You can decorate using eclectic design pieces or hone in on your favorite French province and decorate with that region’s design style in mind. Whichever specific theme you choose, you are sure to fall in love with the beauty that is a French countryside design theme. 

2. Floral Heaven

add flowers to women's bedroom
(Source: girlandtheworld)

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons, so it only makes sense to decorate with this season in mind. Hundreds of flowers bloom in spring so you won’t have a hard time with spring-inspired designs.

Feel free to add flowers to your bedroom, whether it’s a vase, a floral bedspread, or a floral screen. You can even decorate using a floral mural or artwork. As long as the colors are subtle and appropriate, you really can’t go wrong. 

3. Winter Bedroom Decor for Women

Winter Bedroom Decor Ideas for Women
(Source: greenweddingshoes)

Bedding, throws, pillows, and blankets are some of the best ways to add a wintry feel to your bedroom. Make it plaid or tartan, add knit and faux fur pillows, throws, blankets, and you’ll instantly get a cozy wintry feel for your bedroom, so much so, you’ll probably never want to leave!

Don’t forget the details like matching the rugs and curtains – the curtains can be plaid, too, and layered knit or fur rugs are sure to make your bedroom cozy and wintry.

4. Bohemian Style for Women’s Bedroom

Bohemian Style for Women’s Bedroom
(Source: realtor)

A bohemian-style bedroom design can be a really neat aesthetic if you’re looking for a calming and relaxing environment. Macramé Inspired artwork and furniture are great places to start.

Add in elements like a rattan swing chair, beaded art, and other elements that give off a boho-chic aesthetic. Don’t forget to tie the room together using lace or ruffled white beddings complete with personalized pillows. 

Custom special throw pillows for women at 365canvas.com

5. Minimalist Bedroom 

Bedroom Ideas for 25-Year-Old Women: Minimalist Style
(Source: theeverygirl)

You can never go wrong with minimalist-inspired sleeping space. Clean lines, a restrained palette, and a stripped-down simplicity define a timeless minimalist bedroom fit for any 25-year-old woman.

It is time to start thinking seriously about practical kinds of stuff in your bedroom so that it doesn’t look cluttered with unnecessary items. Use this as an opportunity to highlight personal milestones through decorative plaques, medals, and photos. 

6. Maximalist Style for A Young Lady

Maximalist Style for A Young Lady
(Source: desiretoinspire)

An eclectic anti-minimalist design can be a great approach to decorating any young lady’s sleeping space. With a little bit of inspired creativity, the combination of patterns and textures, you can create a room full of lively and chic elements.

7. Take Advantage of The Space Behind Bed

Take Advantage of The Space Behind Bed
(Source: west elm)

If you are low on space, then it can be a good idea to use the space behind the bed practically and multi-functionally. Among the most popular solutions is to put some kind of storage there.

This could be a large dresser, a shelving system, or even a fake wall with built-in compartments. You can also decorate with personalized canvas prints or desktop plaques above the bed to make your bedroom not only functional but also good-looking too!

Decorate your shelves with personalized canvases and plaques from 365canvas.com

8. Appealing Attic Bedroom

Appealing Attic Bedroom
(Source: aspiremetro)

Turning your attic into a bedroom is a great idea even though some people think that attic space is unusable. Designing a romantic attic bedroom with pastel green and dreamy floral decals is a pretty idea for a single woman’s bedroom who lives with her family.

Using this minty green color laced with floral decals is also a really nice way to brighten up what can often be a dark space. With a little creativity and a lot of love, you can create your own dreamy oasis in what is often a hidden part of the home. 

9. Airy Scandinavian Bedroom

Airy Scandinavian Bedroom Design for Women
(Source: alvhem)

The eye-pleasing design style of a Scandinavian interior can be portrayed as stunning, elegant, and minimalistic. This effortless aesthetic can be quite charming and it’s surprisingly easier than it looks.

Use neutral colors, though other colors may be added to the color scheme, such as shades of blues, mauves, soft grays, and milky whites. These colors help to capture the light and create a soothing atmosphere you will love to wake up in.

Also, these soft colors are suitable for any lady, no matter if she’s coming of age or well into her 50s.

10. Glam Pink Palace

pink and rose gold theme
(Source: Pinterest)

Who says pink it’s just for little ladies? A pink bedroom can be the perfect design theme for any 20 year old. Using different hues of this rosy color including blush pink and salmon pink, you can create a sweet living space that is irresistibly cute.

Accentuate the room using naturally pink elements like pink roses and pink artwork. Rose gold can also be a great accent color to use as well!

11. Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby chic style with plants
(Source: Jonathan Hoekklo)

Shabby chic with a few tropical elements can be a fantastic way to turn a bland space into a fantastic yet feminine one.

If you have an arc window, consider using natural lighting as a way to highlight other natural elements including a mini palm tree, potted plants, and other jungle elements.

Darker-hued paints can be a great way to balance out the room as well.

12. Classy Bedroom with Smart Storage

Classy Bedroom with Smart Storage
(Source: alvhem)

An idea for a women’s bedroom in gray and cream. All two colors used proportionally can create a charming space for older ladies or young gals who want to give off a more mature look to their sleeping space.

The niche between the custom cabinetry is decorated with classy wallpaper which turns the niche into a beautiful headboard. The great space-saving storage system surrounds the bedhead which is not only ideal for a smaller room but also makes the niche stand out.

13. Luxury Bedroom Ideas for Women 

Luxury Bedroom Ideas for Women
(Source: dezignark)

A master bedroom is a perfect space in your home to create a modern design that is luxurious yet inviting. Incorporate a beautiful chandelier and light-colored modern furniture too.

Exceptional materials like high-quality bedding and beautiful decorative accessories will make the mark of the luxurious space. Pay attention to the details too as this will help pull together the luxurious feel.

14. Go Miniature with a Wood Carved Single Bed Frame

Go Miniature with A Wood Carved Single Bed Frame
(Source: pinterest)

Allow your bed frame to stand out by incorporating a carved beauty made from hardwood that’ll make your bed the show-stopping centerpiece of your entire bedroom.

Because a wood-carved bed frame can be a loud piece in the room, especially if the room is small, consider balancing this out by using light colors such as cream, ivory, white, and beige with some gold accents.

These colors are very much in style and pair well together.

15. Beach Themed for Women’s Bedroom

Beach Themed for Women’s Bedroom
(Source: The Palm Co.)

There are so many types of great coastal-themed elements to turn your bedroom into a serene beach retreat. This bed set this half-height timber-paneled wall can often be the anchor points of what is a nautical, beached-themed bedroom.

If you can pull it off, you can also incorporate a focal point which is the coastal-inspired canvas that is simply stunning. Accentuate this unique element using nautical artwork including starfish, seahorse, and seashell artwork. The creativity and fun in this bedroom design are perfect for any gal in her 20s. 

16. Industrial Style with a Feminine Look

Industrial Style with a Feminine Look
(Source: Pinterest)

A special feature of this style, when applied to women’s bedrooms, is that masculinity prevails but still shows elegant femininity.

Among the strong details typical of the industrial style decor theme, place a bed covered with floral bedding and decorate a few small flower branches in the room to help balance out the masculine feel.

If you’re a fashion designer, you can even put a stylish mannequin in the room both to make the room more feminine and look more tasteful.

17. Wild And Natural Hues 

Wild And Natural Hues: decorating the bedroom in accordance with modern farmhouse style all while embracing the contemporary
(Source: veranda)

Using found objects, antiques, or old-timey memorabilia as decor is a popular way to decorate the bedroom in accordance with modern farmhouse style all while embracing the contemporary.

In this design idea, an old desk and chair add charm beside the headboard. A tree branch poster bed, wild pillow, and fluffy blanket are making the wild and natured feelings too. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this wild yet natural decor idea.

Remember to stay within an “earthy” toned color scheme including tan, brown, and beige, and you should be well on your way to creating a stunning space. 

18. Personalize Women’s Bedroom with a Large Portrait

Personalize Women Bedroom with Large Portrait
(Source: Pinterest)

This type of design can beautifully show the strength, confidence, and bravery of women in their 30s. Install a large portrait or personal picture so that it can express both art and your personality.

The large portrait can be a cool focal point in your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with the portrait, especially considering it is in the privacy of your bedroom. 

19. Subtle Golden Touches

bedroom decor ideas for women: Subtle Golden Touches
(Source: teresasapey)

You do not need to gild out the whole room but a small item can still highlight the royalty and style associated with golden elements. That’s why this design theme is ideal for a grown woman’s bedroom decor.

The gold accents in a bedroom will always give you the perfect bedroom decor, which will allow you to live like a queen in your own castle.

20. Charming Black

Charming Black Bedroom for Women
(Source: pinterest)

Black can be a difficult color to work with as a major color in women’s bedrooms, but for some women with a strong personality, black can be ideal.

You can use more contemporary furniture like the sconces and bedside tables that are shown here, without taking away from the black color scheme. Don’t be afraid to design using this bold color especially since the final look can be stunning. 

21. Calming Lavender

women's bedroom ideas with soft shades of purple
(Source: Annie Schlechter)

Lavender is an incredibly calming and relaxing plant so it only makes sense to decorate with this anchor color as well. Soft shades of purple can be the perfect base paint for creating a relaxed environment.

Complement this sweet color with bursts of white. Because lavender can also be empowering, use this color scheme sparingly. If your wall paint is going to be lavender, then balance out the room with lighter shades through the bedding, artwork, and other accessories. 

22. Cozy Mood

Cozy Attic Bedroom for Women
(Source: Max Burkhalter)

Using a blue and white color palette can create a cozy and romantic bedroom.

Whether you decide to paint your bedroom white and use accessories in blue tone colors or the other way around, you’ll always end up with a pleasing, nice, and warm color scheme. 

23. Attractive Bed for Small Bedroom

Attractive Bed for Small Bedroom
(Source: architecturaldigest)

Install a bed upholstered in floral fabric or any other striking pattern you like to contrast the color of the room. It will be the accent furniture in your small bedroom.

If you want to do something to make an interesting change in your limited sleeping space, try finding an eye-catching bed, like this one to help make the room more appealing. 

24. Bedroom Makeover Ideas With Pallet Bed

Bedroom Makeover Ideas With Pallet Bed
(Source: amazon)

Otherwise known as farmhouse chic, the style brings a natural feel due to Earth tones complemented by rough textures like rope and wood.

This DIY design project is so easy to put together because you just bring the wooden pallets together to form a rectangular or square base as you like, then put the mattress on top.

Combine using other elements like wooden furniture, tree branches, leaf strings, and round rope rugs to complete this DIY decor project.

25. Create Different Zones in a Room 

Create Different Zones in a Room
(Source: Molly Culver)

If you live in a studio apartment, create a feminine bedroom that you can work, play, love, and entertain, as well as use as a living room, relaxing, and workspace in the same space.

Have fun with earthy tones like tan, beige, and even dark gray to pull off this relaxing and calming look. 

26. Statement Wallpaper

Statement Wallpaper
(Source: Paul Raeside)

If you have high ceilings, consider embracing patterns and rich colors that bring a wonderfully cosseting feel to women’s bedrooms. Use an area rug, striking bedding accessories such as this teal table lamp, and bolster pillow to brighten up and help the whole space look more subtle too.


Our expansive list of amazing bedroom ideas has a little bit of something for every lady out there, regardless of your age or personal style.

What type of design theme did you find to be the most wonderful? Let us know in the comments section below what your favorite decor theme was and why you love it!


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