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20+ Top Master Bedroom Flooring Ideas In 2022

20+ Top Master Bedroom Flooring Ideas In 2022
(Source: Armstrong Flooring)

Our collection of bedroom flooring ideas can help you design a master bedroom you’ll enjoy. 

It’s not only about what you place in the space when it comes to bedroom decor. It’s one thing to decide how to decorate your room’s walls. However, choosing what to do with your floors is extremely important.

We’ll take a look at some Stunning Bedroom Flooring Ideas today. So, it helps you narrow down your choices, have a look at a selection of materials and design styles.

Plus, learn how to play with textures and colors in order to pull off the room of your dreams. Let’s dive into our Bedroom Flooring Options to get your creativity flowing. 

What is the best flooring for the master bedroom?

1.Tile Floors for Bedroom

Tile Floors for Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Vermont light gray floor tiles can do an amazing job of brightening up your bedroom. If you live in a warm climate, these sleek grey tiles can really compliment and cool down your sleeping space. This can be a nice contrast from the warmth outdoors. 

As natural light filters into your room, these light-colored floors can help reflect the lighting. This will make the room appear cooler and brighter too. 

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2.Oversized Silk Rug for Master Bedroom

Oversized Silk Rug for Master Bedroom
(Source: The Spruce)

Create a cozy feeling in your bedroom by using an oversized silk rug. A silk rug can help you create such a comfortable master bedroom because the floor will be so welcoming and inviting. 

If you have young children, this can be such a comfortable place for them to crawl around in. Use calm and natural tones to help you create a calming contemporary look. 

Our collection of fantastic bedroom rug ideas can assist you in transforming your sleeping quarters.

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3.Natural Eucalyptus Flooring Ideas

Natural Eucalyptus Flooring Ideas
(Source: Ambient Bamboo Floors)

Natural eucalyptus hardwood flooring can be such a great way to create an elegant ambiance in your room. This budget-friendly flooring option will give you a sleek and put-together aesthetic. Consider using wide slabs of hardwood. 

This will make your bedroom feel more open and spacious. Compliment the wood flooring by using lots of bright white paint colors and linens. This will help brighten up your bedroom as well.

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4.Stylish Bedroom Concrete Flooring Ideas

Stylish Bedroom Concrete Flooring Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create an industrial vibe in your bedroom by using a unique material like concrete. Even faux concrete can help you create that really neat industrial aesthetic. 

A look like this works really well in a minimalist bedroom too. Allow the flooring to act as a statement piece by limiting the amount of furniture you incorporate in the room.

5.Koa Hardwood Floor Ideas

Koa Hardwood Floor Ideas
(Source: Houzz)

One of the most expensive hardwood flooring options you can opt for is a koa hardwood floor. Although pricey, these hardwood floor planks are incredibly beautiful. They offer a sleek and clean finish that is simply stunning. 

You can create a really marvelous bedroom by using these wood planks on the floor and on an accent wall too. Because this is tropical hardwood, it will look stunning in a beachside home or nature-inspired bedroom.

6.Terracotta Tile Flooring Options for Bedroom

Terracotta Tile Flooring Options for Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Give your bedroom a really beautiful and cultural vibe by using traditional terracotta tile flooring. Terracotta flooring is made out of clay tile and offers a really rustic and aged look. It also is perfect for creating a Mediterranean-style bedroom. 

Flooring like this will give your bedroom and notable personality all while promoting a cultured and calming environment.

7.Different Flooring in Bedroom

Different Flooring in Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a large master bedroom, consider using two-toned hardwood flooring to help separate the space. Using different flooring in the same room can help you signify when one part of the room ends and another part starts. 

If you have a studio apartment, this can be a great way to distinguish the bedroom from the sitting area. If you’re going to use two-toned hardwood, stick with the same type of material, just use a contrasting shade of it.

8.What About Bamboo Flooring?

What About Bamboo Flooring?
(Source: Houzz)

A really great flooring option to consider for a shabby chic style bedroom is bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a really light and bright natural texture that lends well to equally light and bright bedroom decor styles. 

Bamboo flooring is also a great option to use if you want to incorporate other bamboo materials in your bedroom. This charming material is a great way to personalize your bedroom. 

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9.Bedroom Cork Flooring Designs

Bedroom Cork Flooring Designs
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re looking for some cheap flooring ideas for bedroom floor designs, then cork is the way to go. Bedroom cork flooring can offer such a unique look to your bedroom. 

Unlike hardwood floors, cork flooring can also provide you with a warm underfoot. This is a stark difference from the cold surface of traditional hardwood. Plus, cork offers such a natural texture and look that it deserves a second glance. 

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10.Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Ideas
(Source: MSI Surfaces)

Linoleum flooring is an inexpensive flooring option to go with if you want something beautiful yet affordable. It’s also one of the best versatile flooring choices for bedrooms that see a lot of foot traffic. 

You can get linoleum floors in a range of colors and designs. In a natural wood tone, it lends well to a farmhouse-style bedroom. However, you can also opt for a more neutral color if you want a more contemporary look.

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11.Bedroom Laminate Flooring Ideas

Bedroom Laminate Flooring Ideas
(Source: Direct Wood Flooring)

Rustic oak laminate floors can help you create really beautiful floor space. This is a great option to go with if you want to style up a small master bedroom with wood floors.  Laminate oak comes in a variety of stains. 

Generally, however, you will find oak laminate in a darker shade. Pair your oak laminate with light tones throughout the room to help give your bedroom a nice balanced color scheme. Consider using matching oak personalized decor items to help compliment the dark floor tones. 

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12.Colorful Rubber Flooring for Kids Bedroom

Colorful Rubber Flooring for Kids Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Using soft rubberized mats is one of the best flooring options for children’s playrooms and bedrooms. A colorful rubber tile flooring will give the room a nice pop of color. 

Throughout the rest of the room, you can complement the rainbow floor by using rainbow linens and colorful paintings. Not only does this flooring option look amazing. But, it will be incredibly soft and comfortable for your children to play around with too. 

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13.Ceramic Tile for Bedroom Floors

Ceramic Tile for Bedroom Floors
(Source: The Spruce)

You can complement a vintage-style bedroom by using ceramic tile flooring. Ceramic tiles have a really cool look to them because they are the complete opposite of traditional carpets and hardwood floors. 

Unlike the warm feeling that a carpet might give off, ceramic tiles tend to cool things down. If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, the heat from the fire is a nice way to compliment ceramic tiles.

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14.Stone Floor Bedroom Ideas

Stone Floor Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most trending modern bedroom flooring ideas is a stone floor. Much like stone tiles and stone walls, stone flooring will give your bedroom a natural feeling. This unique design works really well for creating a contemporary-style bedroom. 

It’s also a great theme to go with if you want to create an upscale minimalist-themed bedroom. If your bedroom has a walk-in bathroom, this style can work great. The flooring can be an extension into the bathroom, helping to streamline your room’s design. 

15.Leather Tiles

Leather Tiles
(Source: InteriorZine)

One of the most durable materials you should consider for your flooring is leather tiles. This is the most suitable flooring choice for creating an elegant bedroom that also has a strong floor design to it. You can use a variety of different tones. 

Generally, however, for larger bedrooms, it’s best to stick with brighter hues. This way, the flooring won’t be the center of attention in the bedroom. If you have an accent or gallery wall, your flooring design will serve as a complementary design element, not a dominating one. 

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16.Fish Scale Mosaic Tiles for Bedroom 

Fish Scale Mosaic Tiles for Bedroom 
(Source: Walls and Floors)

A really charming design to consider is fish scale mosaic tiles. These tiles do a great job of creating an amazing flooring design. Their unique style is really distinct and can help you pull together a room full of personality. 

It’s a really fun and creative design that helps you create an atmosphere full of inspiration. 

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17.White Sandy Beach Glazed Tiles

White Sandy Beach Glazed Tiles
(Source: AliExpress)

If you’re looking for white bedroom flooring ideas, then this look might be for you. White glazed tiles with a sand-like design on them can help create a really charming and relaxing bedroom. If you’re creating a beach-themed space, then this look can work especially well. 

Help complement the flooring by using plenty of white throughout the rest of the bedroom. Play up the beach theme by throwing in shades of light blue, coral, and beige as well.

18.Bedroom Breathtaking Glass Flooring Ideas

Bedroom Breathtaking Glass Flooring Ideas
(Source: Sand In My Suitcase)

You can create an absolutely amazing design by swapping out your flooring for an all-glass design style. Glass flooring can do a fantastic job of creating a really clean and sleek aesthetic. 

This modern floor works really well in bedrooms that overlook ocean views or even mountain views. This simply breathtaking design idea is a great way to help your bedroom incorporate the outdoors.

19.Pattern Floor Tile for Bedroom 

Pattern Floor Tile for Bedroom
(Source: Blowing Ideas)

You can create an absolutely eye-catching floor by using patterned tiles. Pattern bedroom floors are a really fun way to create a sense of personality in your bedroom. 

You can incorporate a pop of color or you can keep it simple with black and white. Either way, this will help you pull together a really fun bedroom style.

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20.3D Epoxy Floor Design for Bedroom

3D Epoxy Floor Design for Bedroom
(Source: Decor Inspirator)

Give your flooring a splash of 3D by using epoxy. This creative floor style is a fun way to approach a DIY project. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating 3D flooring using epoxy. This is a great opportunity to add in your own personality, style, and creative design. 

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Picking out the right bedroom flooring ideas for your sleeping space can be a game-changer. We hope our extensive list has helped inspire you in your own home’s designs. 

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below which of these styles were your favorite? 

Do you think one type of material rivals another? Share with us your thoughts below! 

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