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23+ Bedroom Door Ideas – Designs and Styles to Spruce Up Your Sleeping Space (2021)

bedroom door ideas

The entryway of your bedroom plays a small role in the way your room is designed. However, not using the right type of door styles in your sleeping space can throw off the whole vibe. Today, we’re going to look at some fabulous bedroom door design ideas. Our bedroom door ideas will look at the most trending styles this season. We will also play around with different materials, and color schemes too.

Having the right type of door can set the precedence of the overall theme in your bedroom. No matter if you have a funky-shaped door, or a nontraditional one, it’s important to style it right. Our extensive list of trending styles is sure to inspire you. Read on to find some interior bedroom doors styles that you are sure to love!

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Sliding Door Ideas with Glass

Floor-to-Ceiling Sliding Door Ideas with Glass
(Source: planete-deco)

Indoor sliding doors can help you create such a marvelous look in your room. They can be functional sliding doors or purely decorative. This is a great way to separate your room into two.

Use glass doors to help your room feel large and open, but use sleek or sheer curtains to help you keep your privacy. You can add to the harmony of the room by setting up potted plants on both sides of the sliding doors. 

2. Wood Sliding Doors

Wooden Bedroom Pocket Doors
(Source: El Mueble)

A really wonderful wooden sliding door design is using a wood slat door. This type of design style is very sleek and elegant yet sleek and clean. Because of this, it works great in a minimalist-themed bedroom or a shabby chic bedroom. Complement the wooden doors by using lots of natural tones like white, beige, and even navy green and blue.

3. A Door Within A Door

bedroom door ideas: a small door integrated into your large door
(Source: designboom)

Have a small door integrated into your large door for a really creative design element. A style like this can work really well in a children’s bedroom. This can be a fun way for them to gain entry into the room. You don’t have to dress up or design this door in a spectacular way. Its unique structure will speak for itself.

4. DIY Bedroom Panel Door

bedroom door ideas: DIY door made out of wooden panels
(Source: Love Create Celebrate)

A really neat DIY project is a DIY door made out of wooden panels. This is a really affordable way to create a sleek and unique look for your bedroom. Use wide panels to put the door together. When you paint it, opt for a bold color like black or navy blue. This will give your door a really nice pop of color that commands attention.

5. Pocket Bedroom Doors

(Source: regardsetmaisons)

Pocket bedroom doors are a really fun way to incorporate functional pieces in your bedroom. Fancy pocket doors can help you split your room in half when you want some privacy. Open them up, and you’ll have a nice spacious area too. This is one of the best bedroom door ideas for small spaces because of the versatility it provides. 

6. Folding Bedroom Doors

Folding Bedroom Doors
(Source: decorexpro)

Bifold doors like the ones you would find in a closet can help you create a really neat bedroom. This type of style works well in all types of rooms, but especially well in studio bedrooms. The doors can help you create an instant wall.

This will help you separate the space in two. You can incorporate a sleeping area and a sitting area. And because you can create a definite separation, these doors allow you to decorate each space independently of the other. 

7. Bedroom French Patio Door

Bedroom French Patio Door
(Source: estliving)

One of the most classic bedroom door styles is a French patio door. A French bedroom door design with glass panels is a great option to use for balcony spaces. The glass will allow you to have the natural light filter into the air. Keep the bedroom bright and airy by using sheer or sleek white curtains.

8. Translucent Sliding Door

(Source: Houzz)

A sliding door separator can be a great way to divide a bedroom that has a home office in it. This home office door is a great option because it provides ease of access. You can easily come in and out of the room without sacrificing space.

Also, because the door slides open, it will take away any obstructions that a traditional open door might bring. To keep the office separate from your room, use an opaque glass, or dark wooden sliding door.

9. Bedroom Lacquered Door

Bedroom Lacquered Door
(Source: Garofoli)

One of the most glamorous bedroom door ideas is a lacquered painted door. The lacquer paint creates a really nice sharp glaze over the door’s surface. This glazed look lends really well to a luxurious or elegant themed bedroom.

10. Bedroom Mirror Barn Door

 Bedroom Mirror Barn Door
(Source: homeadore)

If you have a small space and want to make it appear larger, this idea is for you. Consider using a mirrored sliding door. The reflection of the mirror will help accentuate the size of the room. You can also use a mirror sliding barn door for a master bedroom too. The mirror can serve as a functional piece for you when you get ready in the morning.

11. Bedroom Door Designs in Wood

bedroom door ideas: slab of wood as a sliding door panel
(Source: Pinterest)

Sliding doors are a great way to incorporate personality into your bedroom. Some cool doors for bedrooms are doors that are unique in their own style and shape.

For example, using a slab of wood as a sliding door panel can be a fun way to close off the bedroom space. You can also use distressed or reclaimed barn doors instead.

Vintage doors and doors that tell a story can really lend to the personality of your room’s aesthetic.

12. Hand-Carved Barn Door

Hand-Carved Barn Door
(Source: Etsy)

Hand-carved barn doors are really unique bedroom door ideas to incorporate into your sleeping space. Typically, the more intricate the carving, the more it will stand out in your bedroom. You can even consider a barn door that has a splash of color to it.

If you’re going to go this route, stick with neutral colors. It’s best to have a room that plays with lots of white tones. This will allow the unique design of the door to stand out.

13. Japanese-Style Barn Door

Japanese-Style Barn Door
(Source: Dwell)

A really neat look to consider is Japanese-style barn doors. These doors have the aesthetic of Japanese decor. They are a nice balance of wood and glass.

To really pull off a Japanese-style theme, try to go as minimalist as possible with your bedroom decor. Incorporate lots of wood, beige, and white for your color scheme. Of course, a platform bed can be a great addition to the type of room too.

14. Bedroom Minimalist-Style Barn Door

Bedroom Minimalist-Style Barn Door
(Source: Pinterest) 

A simple farmhouse door with wooden panel construction and wrought iron hardware can be a stunning look. The type of barn door and design works especially well in a simple bedroom like a minimalist decor theme.

Of course, it also lends really well to a rustic theme or farmhouse. Complement this barn door by incorporating a potted plant right next to it.

15. Bedroom Double Barn Door

 Bedroom Double Barn Door
(Source: Lela Burris)

Double barn doors in your bedroom can be a really great way to separate your sleeping space into two portions. In order to keep this look very calm and not overbearing, use two narrow barn doors.

The two narrow doors should be the collective size of a traditional barn door. You can add an air of elegance to this look by using barn doors that use glass and wooden panels.

16. Circular Exterior Door Frame 

Circular Exterior Door Frame 
(Source: Home Bunch) 

Master bedroom exterior door ideas can be tricky to decorate with. You want to have the right style in order to complement the outdoor views. One way you can settle on a door is by focusing on the door frame.

Use a unique exterior door frame like this circular construction. A look like this will be loud and commanding. However, done right it can create a really neat look in your bedroom. 

17. Cool Bedroom Door Ideas with A Door Art

Cool Bedroom Door Ideas with A Door Art
(Source: The Sun)

You can get creative with bedroom door decorations by using artwork. This is a great opportunity to personalize your door so that it reflects your own sense of style.

Also, dressing up your door in different types of artwork helps create a hidden bedroom door. Some classic ideas to consider are large-scale posters that you can put right over the top of the door. You can also opt for a collage design instead.

18. Alternative Bedroom Door Ideas

Alternative Bedroom Door Ideas
(Source: Behance)

Skip the doors completely and opt for a bedroom curtain instead. Hanging up a bedroom curtain is a really functional yet easy way to separate a bedroom into two spaces.

The curtain can be a great time for you to play around with colors and patterns. This will help you create a sort of faux accent wall. If you prefer, you can also keep the curtains of solid color too. This will give your bedroom an air of maturity.

19. Master Bedroom Double Door Ideas

Master Bedroom Double Door Ideas
(Source: Home Bunch)

You can amp up the personality of your room by swapping out the traditional door for a curved door instead. If you have an arched doorway in your bedroom, consider this style.

Hang up arced hinge bedroom door panels. Because these doors will serve as a statement piece, paint them as such. Use a bold color, or a bold pattern to help him stand out.

20. Arched Single Door

Arched Single Door
(Source: Sophie Allegra) 

A really simple yet sleek aesthetic is a wooden door with a curve on top. A simple door like this can give your bedroom a lot of personality. If you are setting up a minimal bedroom, this look lends really well.

If you’re opting for a more vintage or mid-century look, the style can work just as well too. The wood can be overbearing, so use it sparingly throughout the rest of the room. This will help balance the room out.

21. Bedroom Door Ideas Combined with Medieval Architecture

bedroom door ideas: Medieval Architecture
(Source: Scout & Nimble)

Medieval architecture is all about curved high doors with metal hardware. You can replicate this look in your bedroom if you have an entryway with a high arch. A really subtle way to emphasize this design theme is by limiting it to the doors only.

22. Interior Bedroom Door Ideas with Iron and Smoke Glass

bedroom door ideas with iron and smoke glass
(Source: candellabra)

A really traditional bedroom closet door idea is using iron and smoked glass that plays around with dark hues like black, gray, and even light shades of white. This style works really well in a masculine-themed bedroom. It also serves really well in an industrial or even steampunk style bedroom too.

23. Fancy Bedroom Door Ideas in Moroccan Style

Fancy Bedroom Door in Moroccan Style
(Source: imgur) 

Some of the most unique bedroom doors are designed after different cultures. One such style that lends really well to door design is Moroccan style. Consider installing traditional Moroccan sliding panel doors.

These doors will typically have a carved construction to them. They may even play around with mosaic tiles as well. Keep it standard with black and white, You can also opt for more vibrant colors like turquoise and purple.

25. Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Door

Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Door
(Source: style-files)

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors are one of the more modern bedroom door design styles this season. This look works really well in all sorts of bedrooms but especially well for loft bedrooms.

If you have a bedroom with high ceilings, then this look can work very well in your sleeping space. Keep it simple by using white and black throughout the bedroom. This will help to accentuate the glass door. 

Who knew there could be so many different ways to dress up your bedroom door. Bedroom door styles are ever-evolving. Luckily, the door in your bedroom is something that you can easily take out and replace. 

With our fantastic list of bedroom door ideas, we’re sure you’ll style it up more than once. Which of these styles has been your favorite? Be sure to share with us in the comments below! We hope our extensive list has helped inspire you into finding the right door style for your room.

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