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25+ Bedroom Door Decor Ideas to Express Your Personality

bedroom door decorations

While the rest of your house might be decorated excellently, you also want the doors to stand out. Through bedroom door decor, you can transform your bedroom interior. The door leads to your sleeping space and is an opportunity to express your personality with cool accessories and other DIY ideas. There are many cool things to put on your bedroom door that will contribute to your theme. 

If you often walk around the bedroom and feel like the door is too plain, there are several ways you can change that. Even if you have an amazing bedroom setup, it’s normal to want upgrades on parts like your doors and windows. The bedroom door is one of the things often forgotten in bedroom transformation projects. It’s a simple part of the puzzle that can help you enhance your bedroom’s look. Here are creative ideas you can use to decorate your bedroom door. Most of these tips are affordable and are DIY-friendly. 

1. Bedroom Door Decor with Nails

Bedroom Door Decor with Nails
(Source: domino)

Besides serving as an element of decor, you can also use the door for additional functional benefits. Using nails, you can create hanging points on the door for a picture or any artwork you love.

Just ensure to pencil in the pattern for straight lines and to have a clean, modern look. With the nail above the door, you can also use it to hang your coat when you get back from work. 

2. Hang a Dreamcatcher

bedroom door decor ideas: a dreamcatcher
(Source: livemaster)

There are many types of decorations you can use to transform your bedroom door from a plain look to an artistic presentation. In a girl’s bedroom, you can find the perfect dreamcatcher bedroom door decor piece.

To match the bedroom’s theme, you can find the perfect color as these art pieces come in many colors and patterns. It’s a simple DIY job that involves picking the right dreamcatcher to match with other elements in the bedroom. 

3. Board and Batten and Trim

bedroom door featuring board and batten
(Source: luluandgeorgia)

Sometimes, beauty is in the simplicity of your layout. An anesthetic bedroom door featuring board and batten can transform your space if you’re looking for a minimalist look.

This style gives you a door that is rustic and chic. The vertical lines create shadows and provide textures to your home interior. This is an ideal option to create a masculine space or a rustic vibe. 

4. Save the Memories

hang pictures surrounding the bedroom door frame
(Source: Society19)

Other options for bedroom door decor include using the space to hang pictures of your best memories. Customize the door frame like a massive picture frame, creating the perfect space to showcase lovely moments in your life.

Also, this is a space you can use for some artwork or other creative ideas. It’s an opportunity to express your creativity and embrace new ideas. 

5. Button Pumpkins

bedroom door decor with Button Pumpkins
(Source: A Cultivated Nest)

Button crafts are a nice project you can easily work on with friends or family. You don’t need to think hard on this one as it gives you the freedom to chat and enjoy the experience.

Use a pallet board to make a DIY pumpkin button, which you can place on your door as a decoration. Seeing something you made will give you a unique kind of satisfaction. Be creative and enjoy the moment.

6. Geometric Painting

bedroom door decor ideas: Geometric Painting

Art is a big opportunity when you want to decorate your bedroom door. Your bedroom door corner is a perfect place for some bedroom door art. This does not need to be complex, as you can have any geometric painting.

You can find ideas online for geometric objects you can paint without much experience in painting or without special tools. Find colors that match your bedroom decor options to ensure a smooth transition into the design. 

7. Asian Inspiration

bedroom door decor ideas with Asian patterns
(Source: thearchitectsdiary)

The Asian continent offers some of the best forms of decorations for bedrooms. If you want to infuse Asian inspiration in your bedroom design, there are many Asian patterns that will look magnificent on your bedroom door.

Most of these patterns are easy to do, so you don’t need to go through a difficult process to implement the project. All you need are some tools you can use to make grooves on the door, and some paint to create the desired look. 

8. Harry Potter Style

bedroom door decor: hang a personalized Harry Potter door sign
(Source: Etsy)

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you can find ideas from the famous series to decorate your bedroom door. A personalized Harry Potter door sign for your bedroom is an amazing addition to your home.

It’s an item that will make the bedroom a special place for you.  This can be an idea if you want to surprise your son or daughter, especially if they love Harry Potter. 

9. Bedroom Door Decor with Colorful Stripes

Bedroom Door Decor with Colorful Stripes
(Source: awwsam)

For birthday bedroom door decorations, you can get started with colorful stripes. Color makes the bedroom lively and can also create the illusion of space if the bedroom is small.

The stripes offer a focal point, which takes away attention from other imperfections in the bedroom. Combining stripes and multiple colors can help you create a beautiful bedroom. 

10. Fashionable Finds Behind the Door

Behind the bedroom door decor ideas: showcase a formal dress on the blank door
(Source: Lonny Magazine)

Add some pop of personality with behind bedroom door decor. If you want a minimalist space, you can showcase a formal dress on the blank door.

To take this a step further, add a textured accent to create a swoon-worthy focal point in the bedroom. It’s a simple integration you can complete without making changes to the door itself. 

11. Colored Acrylic Door Name Sign

bedroom door decor: Colored Acrylic Door Name Sign
(Source: Etsy)

Personalizing your bedroom door with unique decorations does not require a lot. Sometimes, all you need is to place a colored acrylic door name sign at the center of the door.

This idea is excellent if you want to decorate a kid’s bedroom. They will appreciate having their names on the door. Just ensure to find the right color depending on your kind’s preferences. 

12. Bedroom Door Decor with Wallpaper

Bedroom Door Decor with Wallpaper
(Source: DH Gate)

If you love art and don’t want to worry about creating it yourself, wallpaper is the perfect solution to decorate your bedroom door. This could be a door mural, sticker, or wallpaper featuring your favorite ideas.

It looks excellent for nature wall art as you can present different scenes to match your bedroom theme and style. A temporary wall decor option allows you to switch with the seasons. 

13. Cow Themed Bedroom Door

Cow Themed Bedroom Door Decoration
(Source: Marinn)

Get cows in the bedroom with unique customization options for your bedroom door. This is among the cute bedroom door decoration ideas that will add some personality to the space.

If the bedroom is painted white, you can get a white wallpaper with black patches mimicking the patterns on a cow. This style can be extended to your duvet to create a smooth transition.  

14. Paint Part of an Old Door

bedroom door decor ideas: Paint Part of an Old Door
(Source: Tua Casa)

Art comes in many forms, sometimes expressed through incomplete pieces. You can create a unique presentation by painting part of your old door. For this project, you can use a contrasting color like millennial pink.

This makes the bedroom door art stand out, especially if you have a different color scheme for the rest of the bedroom. It’s a project that can work perfectly for a girl’s bedroom. 

15. Bedroom Door Decor with Poker Inspiration

bedroom door decor with poker-inspired wallpaper
(Source: Houzz)

For people who love poker and want decorated door ideas, one option is to find peel and a stick poker-inspired wallpaper.

A decal print will look good on the door as you can stick it on and remove the decoration any time you want to try out something else. This option allows you to work with different styles and colors depending on the seasons. 

16. Gamer Name Sign

Gamer Name Sign on the Bedroom Door
(Source: Etsy)

Gamers will love bedroom door decor that highlights their love for gaming. For a kid’s bedroom, you can offer a custom gaming gift featuring their name. This includes a controller sign, which you can hang on the door.

It defines the mood for your bedroom and can be a good addition if you have a small gaming setup somewhere in the bedroom. It will always welcome you to your happy place. 

17. Bedroom Door Decor with a Roped Bell Garland

Bedroom Door Decor with a Roped Bell Garland
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a unique doorknob for the door leading to your bedroom. You can get a little creative with a roped bell garland that features charms for the chimes.

This can work on different occasions, including Christmas, where you can use rusty bells and Christmas tree garland. You can create it with a string of eight bells on a cord for that unique effect. 

18. DIY Faux Stained Glass Sliding Barn Door

DIY Faux Stained Glass Sliding Barn Door
(Source: Lovely Indeed)

Faux stained glass gives you a beautiful and colorful option if you want a project you can work on at home.

You can work on this bedroom door decor idea using simple tools, including a spray bottle, a squeegee, colored window film, and baby shampoo. The result is a colorful sliding barn door that will transform the lighting in your bedroom.  

19. Turn It into A Bookcase

turn the bedroom door into a storage door with a bookcase integrated
(Source: amazon)

There are many creative ways to hide a door. One of them is to create bedroom storage for your stuff without destroying the modern decor options in your room.

This solution will turn the open space into more space for your favorite books. When you shut the door, the shelves look built-in, which is an excellent look and creative use of space. 

20. A Wreath in Scandinavian Style

decorate the bedroom door with a Scandinavian-style wreath
(Source: Chrissy at Organise My House)

Wreaths come in handy in many situations. For bedroom door decor, you cannot go wrong with Scandinavian wreath decorations.

These can be available in different colors, patterns, and textures, giving you the opportunity to customize your space to your liking. A bedroom door wreath can communicate different messages, including using it to celebrate a wedding or anniversary. 

21. Paint the Door the Same Color with Wall

painting the bedroom door matching colors to your walls
(Source: Design Milk)

Another DIY option for fancy bedroom door decor includes painting the door matching colors to your walls. This means you can work with rich colors and maintain a continuous flow of style.

You can find cool painted doors, which you can customize to match the colors in your bedroom. In a minimalist bedroom, you don’t want to use many conflicting colors, so keeping everything within the same palette is ideal. 

22. Bedroom Door Decor with Washi Tape

Bedroom Door Decor with Washi Tape
(Source: Remodelaholic)

For nice bedroom doors, you don’t always need to get expensive materials to decorate the door. You can use Japanese paper tape if you want a homemade solution to decorate your bedroom door. The tape can help you create different geometric shapes. Choose a color that stands out against the color of the door. 

23. Decorative and Functional Hooks

bedroom door decor with decorative and functional hooks
(Source: The Nordroom)

While bedroom door decor can improve the look and feel of your bedroom, it can also serve a functional purpose. Use decorative hooks for a vintage look or to create a space that best illustrates your preferences. The hooks can be a good place for your valuables or a coat at the end of the day. 

24. Multifunctional 3 Panel Barn Door

Multifunctional 3 Panel Barn Door
(Source: whiteshanty)

Style should also factor in function. A multifunctional barn door can offer different panels, including a corkboard, a whiteboard, and a chalkboard. This style helps you create cool doors for bedrooms, especially if you want to keep notes and reminders that you can see every time you walk into the bedroom. 

25. Holiday Bedroom Door Knob Hanger

hang a knob hanger on the bedroom door

If you have things to hang on the bedroom door, you can have a knob hanger on the door. This is a good place for your favorite ornament, so a doorknob hanger will hold the valuable item and also display it excellently. 

26. Hang A Funny Canvas

Hang a funny canvas on bedroom door
(Source: amazon)

Establish a discipline system for your child’s bedroom with a fun bedroom rules wall art. Attach it to the back of the door so it can be easily seen. This canvas not only makes a creative and unique bedroom door but also brings a cool look to their bedroom.

Customizing your bedroom to feature your favorite pieces is an exciting process. If you’re looking to transform your bedroom door, these ideas are an option to get started. Most of the ideas highlighted here are DIY, so you can work on the project to transform your bedroom. 

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