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33 Bedroom Styles and Designs That Are Popular In 2022

bedroom styles and designs

Everybody has settled into 2022, and it is time to implement your New Year resolutions, starting with interior designs that express your personal style. You don’t need to procrastinate any further, thanks to unique bedroom styles that will improve your room’s aesthetic. There are plenty of sources where you can draw your inspiration, helping you design your dream room. Feeling a little unmotivated? Worry not. This article brings you the latest types of bedroom styles to adopt this year. Now, you won’t have any more excuses explaining why you still put up with a depressing bedroom design. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Eclectic Bedroom

Eclectic Bedroom
(Source: By Georgia Grace)

Emily Ward from Pierce & Ward is your go-to designer for an eclectic bedroom design with a mixture of different styles. This design features a blend of the different pieces to create an edgy look that steers you from the conventional bedroom interior design styles. Achieve an eclectic design by combining the pieces that appeal to you most, even if they aren’t obvious matches.

2. Cottage Bedroom

Cottage Bedroom
(Source: Boutique Retreats)

If you are a sucker for coziness in your bedroom design, then a cottage look might be the best match for you. Boutique retreats have this amazing design featuring an organic texture to create a cottage bedroom. The room’s overall appeal is subtle, with low ceilings, wooden floors, and small windows. Exposed beams also create a natural blend of art and design.

3. Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian Bedroom
(Source: Scandinavian)

A Scandinavian design is one of the simple bedroom designs you can find. This style features a less intricate decor that is the perfect definition of tranquility. The Scandinavian style doesn’t involve a wide range of colors, with white being the most dominant color. There are no ornate touches either, but that doesn’t limit the design from being trendy.

4. Coastal Bedroom

Coastal Bedroom
(Source: Carrie Brigham Design)

If you look at the coastal bedroom theme by Carrie Brigham Design, you will understand why it is on this list. The beachy vibe that this decor emanates will remind you of summertime on the most pristine sandy beaches. This design can range from rustic to modern, the common denominator being a dreamy theme with an airy feeling, just like the coast!

5. Traditional Bedroom

Traditional Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

It seems like traditional bedroom decor isn’t going away any time soon. And this is mainly due to its timeless appeal that keeps drawing people to it. Traditional doesn’t necessarily mean that the design is outdated. The style is elegant and fuses rich hues, comfortable furniture, and layered textures in primary bedroom decor. Moreover, there is a subtle formal hint and layers of symmetry like the one featured in Houzz.

6. Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom
(Source: IG_jade_elise_collins)

No one does Boho bedroom styles better than Jade Elise Collins (on Instagram). A bohemian bedroom is an eclectic design that showcases cultural, vintage, and natural bedroom decorating ideas. You can incorporate bright colors in a small room to create a focal point while using earthy colors to pay homage to the bohemian style. The good thing with boho style is that you can play around with decor ideas to create the room of your dreams.

7. Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary Bedroom
(Source: Manolo Langis)

A contemporary bedroom design is a sleek style that has a calming effect. Achieving a contemporary aesthetic in your bedroom is pretty easy if you love sophisticated styles. Also, embrace modern trends to guarantee you a chic bedroom design that looks as inviting as it sounds. A good contemporary bedroom inspiration is the design by James Magni and Jason Kalman in a California home.

8. Modern Bedroom

Modern Bedroom
(Source: Behance_knife in your heart)

Behance_knife in your heart is a good reference point for modern bedroom designs. This decor embraces luxury by incorporating the best modern decor aesthetics. For instance, you can create a sleek look in your bedroom with rich materials and luxe beddings for ultimate comfort. Also, include a hint of color that doesn’t take attention from the popular design you have worked hard to achieve.

9. Modern Classic Bedroom

Modern Classic Bedroom
(Source: Menna Thabet)

Modern classic is a design that reintroduces classic decor from popular eras in the past. For instance, you can achieve sophisticated appeal by introducing a modern appeal to Victorian decor. The Roman, Art Deco, and Greek styles are also part of modern classic designs. Incorporating these classic designs with a fresh and modern twist results in an elegant room, just like a Menna Thabet design.

10. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom
(Source: Rohit Bhoite)

A Rohit Bhoite design comes to mind when discussing mid-century modern room decor. This decor is a practical design that takes individuals back in time, showing how people decorated their rooms in the 1950s. Such a design features classic furniture, gray walls, and a high ceiling. You can switch the lookup and create an urban feel by incorporating a beautiful area rug in the room.

11. Country Bedroom

Country Bedroom
(Source: Simon Brown)

A country bedroom design is a perfect bedroom interior design style for individuals who want to keep their rooms simple and cozy. The design alludes to the simple life in the countryside, so it is best to keep things modest. Also, natural materials like brick, wood, and stone are more prevalent in this design.

12. Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby Chic Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Shabby chic is a design that dates back to the 18th century. This trend is timeless if looking it up on Pinterest is anything to go by. Also, shabby chic is a phrase coined in the 80s and refers to a cozy yet elegant room. You can create a feminine bedroom using this design featuring vintage décor, rustic accessories, and layers of refreshing fabric.

13. Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom
(Source: Greg Perry Design)

More designers are embracing the farmhouse bedroom design thanks to its timeless appeal. You can create this homey appeal with silhouettes of old-style crafts for added character in the design. Try having shiplap walls in the room, complete with wall sconces for a unique look. Worn wooden furniture and a classic metal bed set against a mostly white palette are a perfect finish to a similar design by Greg Perry.

14. Americana Bedroom

Americana Bedroom
(Source: Overstock)

As the name suggests, an Americana style bedroom is a casual and appealing design that speaks patriotism when walking into it. The cool-looking design also blends the patriotic feel with a country house or primitive look. The style also incorporates easy-to-care materials. This makes it the go-to design for families with small children.

15. French Country Bedroom

French Country Bedroom
(Source: Decoratorist)

You can’t talk about the popular designs right now without mentioning a French country bedroom design. This style features a subtle hint of ornate decor originally from old world France. The Provence countryside is a major influence in this design and incorporates relaxed textures and rustic hues. Thoughtfully implement this design as the designer did, and you will have a muted and gentle aura in your space.

16. Paris-Themed Bedroom

Paris-Themed Bedroom
(Source: Jadore Lexie Couture)

Jadore Lexie Couture is one of the best Paris-themed bedroom interior designers. The designer knows the importance of beautiful accessories to complement the white and gold tones throughout the room. Also, a crystal chandelier and an antique mirror are important elements of a Paris-themed interior. Keep the color palette subtle to create cozy bedroom vibes that speak volumes about your taste and style.

17. Transitional Bedroom

Transitional Bedroom
(Source: Nada Shehab)

A transitional bedroom theme lies somewhere between classic and contemporary bedroom designs. Lacquered finishes and straight-line furnishings are elements you need to consider when creating this theme. Amalgamating those two enables you to create an equally feminine bedroom as a masculine one. Carefully balance traditional and modern design elements to maintain an appealing bedroom aesthetic.

18. Chinoiserie Bedroom

Chinoiserie Bedroom
(Source: James Fennell)

A chinoiserie theme is one of the bedroom decorating ideas you need to try out in 2022. This bedroom design features a seamless blend of Western interior decor and Asian culture. The designer of this design perfectly blended the two, creating a unique chinoiserie bedroom. One of the interesting features in the room is the bamboo bed. The walls are covered in wallpaper comprising beautiful Chinese art for an effortless look.

19. Mediterranean Bedroom 

Mediterranean Bedroom
(Source: Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty)

2022 is going to be a big year for Mediterranean decor. This decor is currently one of the most popular interior design trends because of its infusion of luxury and comfort. A Mediterranean master bedroom design typically features earthy color palettes. Besides, rustic decor and European enthusiasm help combine traditional, modern, and contemporary aspects in this theme.

20. Tropical Bedroom

Tropical Bedroom
(Source: Jenna Sue Design)

Jenna Sue design knows how to tweak coziness and beauty into a room to create a tropical appeal. Notice how she uses natural-inspired elements to create the perfect bedroom compared to a small haven. A braided jute rug is a classic addition under the upholstered canopy bed to add character to the room’s flooring. Also, incorporate woven blackout roman shade and complete the look with faux palm leaves for a tropical bedroom vibe.

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21. Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalist Bedroom
(Source: StyleRow)

A minimalist bedroom design is one of the sophisticated styles featuring simple elements. The room has a stripped-down feel and features a subdued palette and clean lines. For instance, this bedroom interior design is gorgeous and practical, giving room for the minimal features to stand out. Notice how the cool circle swing meant for the outdoors is creatively included in the room as a hanging chair.

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22. Maximalist Bedroom

Maximalist Bedroom
(Source: Architectural Digest)

Maximalist interior design styles also made it to the list of popular bedroom designs in 2022. This bold theme features various colors, objects, textures, patterns, and prints in one room. Don’t shy away from combining most of your favorite accessories and art pieces if you go for the unique maximalist bedroom theme. Then creatively incorporate them to create a chaotic-yet-coordinated appeal that doesn’t appear too messy.

23. Rustic Bedroom

Rustic Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

Looking for peaceful, laid-back, and confined bedroom decorating ideas? How about a rustic bedroom theme that guarantees you a calming and relaxing time when you step into the room? You can opt for the log cabin look in this theme, complete with a high ceiling. Then add some western-style features like dark wood and a stone fireplace with a mantle.

24. Romantic Bedroom

Romantic Bedroom
(Source: puffy)

Puffy is one of the sites that showcases romantic and cozy bedroom designs. Most romantic themes feature ambient lighting and soft textures to set the mood for a romantic appeal. Couples will have a field day with this design that features romantic hues like rich black, earthy caramel brown, or ruby red. Also, factor in beautiful indoor plants and florals to complement the romantic vibe.

25. Asian Bedroom

Asian Bedroom
(Source: Ekta Khanna Design Studio)

Asian-themed interior design typically showcases renowned Eastern societies’ culture. This theme pays homage to various cultures, including the Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai. Besides, many Asian-themed interior design elements blend two or more cultural mediums. However, the most distinguishable oriental designs originate from the Chinese and Japanese. Embellished textiles, large murals, and vibrant colors are prominent features in this theme. A perfect example of this style is a room designed by Ekta Khanna Design Studio.

26. Japanese Bedroom

Japanese Bedroom
(Source: Dreamstime)

Japanese bedroom styles feature a relaxing, Zen-like feel. Subdued colors and natural materials take center stage in this design. Besides, the Japanese theme’s natural materials include cloth supple straw mats named tatami mats. Other natural elements include bamboo and stone, which beautifully complements the earthy hues commonly associated with Japanese interior decor.

27. Victorian Bedroom

Victorian Bedroom
(Source: Mary Prince Photography)

As the name suggests, a Victorian bedroom theme is a design that heavily borrows from the interior decor in the Victorian era. This 19th-century era featured exquisite and lavish styles that many individuals emulate to date.

For instance, old-fashioned Victorian rooms like those featured in Mary Prince Photography are highly decorated with ornamental furnishings. Sentimental drawings or pictures, patterned wallpaper, tapestries, and rich palettes are also outstanding Victorian-era features.

28. Gothic Bedroom

Gothic Bedroom
(Source: R|HAUS Design)

A gothic bedroom theme is a design you’ll go for if you are into the spooky yet stylish decor. R|HAUS Design has this gorgeous bedroom design that perfectly blends dramatic art and glamor.

Also, a gothic theme speaks volumes about your bold confidence and personality. Incorporate various decorative elements in a dark-themed bedroom to achieve this look. You can also add curved baroque furniture and chic fabrics to emulate a royal bedroom theme.

29. Art Deco Bedroom

Art Deco Bedroom
(Source: Alvina Lenke Studios)

Alvina Lenke Studios came up with this gorgeous Art Deco-inspired bedroom design, prompting its inclusion on this list. You can never go wrong with art deco with all its buoyant shapes and well-balanced designs.

Luxury and glamor are the end product of this very popular style in the early 20th century. Also, bold figures and resonant colors combine to create the dreamy vibe that art deco is famous for.

30. Vintage Bedroom

Vintage Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

This list won’t be complete without vintage bedroom decorating ideas that have constantly proven to be timeless. A retro bedroom perfectly fits in this context with all its classic features. The features include rustic accessories, delightful floral wallpapers, and gentle hues. Other outstanding features in this theme are the weathered floorboards and homey furniture.

31. Industrial Bedroom

Industrial Bedroom
(Source: planete-deco)

An industrial bedroom design is a contemporary style that you should try in 2022. Not only is it trendy, but it also features a conservative and chaos-free appeal. The minimalist features in this design make it one of the most attractive bedroom styles for men who don’t want a room that appears too busy. Besides, an industrial bedroom design blends rugged material like metal with clean and sleek furnishings for a well-balanced look.

32. Steampunk Bedroom

Steampunk Bedroom
(Source: KuDa Photography)

Ever heard of steampunk decor? Well, this style is not new in the interior decor space. The motive behind steampunk is to celebrate the 19th-century era where innovation and invention were common. Also, the steampunk design features a blend of stylish interior design elements from the Victorian era and the vigor of industrial gear. KuDa Photography perfectly captured this fantasy in a steampunk room design, complete with a wheel bed.

33. Moroccan Bedroom

Moroccan Bedroom
(Source: Dr.Prem)

A Moroccan bedroom interior design closes this list as one of the most popular bedroom designs right now. Moroccan architecture features strong, rich colors to show decor finesse that you can borrow in your bedroom theme. You can also achieve this look with luxury fabrics to showcase your sophisticated taste.

Final Notes

There you go! Those are the 33 bedroom styles and designs that are popular right now. You can incorporate them into your bedroom interior design styles, and you will marvel at the masterpiece you’ve created. The designers and studios mentioned in this article should be your go-to sources for images that will help you picture the best bedroom design for you.

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