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21+ Top Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas In 2022

21+ Top Master Bedroom Curtain Ideas In 2022

As a part of your bedroom décor, the windows are one of the areas you should focus on to create a cozy space. There are Different Bedroom Curtain Ideas you can implement to light up your bedroom. 

The best combination for master bedroom design ideas includes pieces that are functional and stylish. While the best bedroom curtain will not take physical space like furniture, picking the right one can make or break your room. 

Often, you’ll not realize this until after hanging the curtains up and comparing pictures. Using curtains, you can emphasize the running theme. To create a picture-perfect bedroom, you don’t need a steep budget. Here are ideas you can use to get started with finding the right curtains for your bedroom. 

Spectacular Curtain Ideas for Master Bedroom

1. Drawer Pull Curtain Ideas

Drawer Pull Curtain Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

For an arched window, you can use drawer pull curtains. These are DIY projects you can quickly implement to transform the atmosphere in your bedroom. The curtains are made better if you understand how to find innovative hanging techniques. 

It’s an opportunity to be creative and express your personality. Instead of using rods or rings, you can use drawer pulls for an extra flair. This is a great idea if you’re stylish.  

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2.White Sheer Ideas

White Sheer Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Color is a key part of decorating your bedroom. You can set the mood using the right colors. If you want a bright bedroom, an all-white theme is something you should consider. This can work perfectly for the curtains, especially if the windows illuminate a large canvas. 

So, even when the curtains are drawn, you will still get some lighting to keep the room bright. That brightness offers a calming effect that will make you want to relax. 

3.Blush Cotton Curtain Ideas

Blush Cotton Curtain Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can draw some inspiration from African prints when choosing bedroom curtains. While you might go for a white background, some touches of pink can be a great addition to your selection. 

Panel sheer curtains are a good way to express your artistic side. You can create unity between the white walls and the sheers by picking colors and texture that complements your style. 

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4.Marigold-Yellow Curtain Ideas

Marigold-Yellow Curtain Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re craving pops of color on your cotton velvet curtains, there are different ways you can integrate this idea. Dark horseradish is one of the most interesting colors if you want to set a cheerful mood in the bedroom. 

This choice will brighten your room and always set the mood when you want to clear your mind and relax. Muted shades of color in other parts of the room can help you communicate your style better. 

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5.Vertical Striped Sheer Ideas

Vertical Striped Sheer Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

For your master bedroom, you can go for striped sheer curtains. These are a good choice when you want an option that lets in lots of light. You can use the curtains to highlight other features in the room. 

Lighting makes the space lively and can remove that claustrophobic vibe if the bedroom is small. It’s the best choice if you want to have both privacy and the light without drawing the curtains open. 

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6.Modern Marble Curtain Ideas

Modern Marble Curtain Ideas
(Source: AliExpress)

One of the master bedroom curtain ideas you can execute if you love the look of marbles is modern marble curtains. 

You can find unique drapes cheaply to transform the look of your bedroom. The curtains are still sheer enough to allow enough light in. In addition, they’re bold enough to serve as a statement piece in the bedroom. 

7.Drop Cloth Ideas

Drop Cloth Ideas
(Source: CuterTudor)

Sometimes, a minimalist-chic aesthetic will transform your space into a place you love to spend time. Using canvas drop cloth curtains, you can change the look of your bedroom windows. 

This can match well with a personalized pillow, so keep in mind the colors and texture. These floor-to-ceiling drapes give you a black-out coverage and can be pulled back to allow in more light. 

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8.Black and White Curtain Ideas

Black and White Curtain Ideas
(Source: Apppie.org)

If you want to create a masculine bedroom, you should focus on getting color and texture right. If you already have white sheer drapes, black and white curtains can be a good option to improve the look.  

You can also go with a black curtain to match other white elements within the bedroom, especially if the walls are in the same color palette. Even the picture on the wall should feature this theme. 

9.Neutral Curtain Ideas

Neutral Curtain Ideas
(Source: homemydesign.com)

For a small sleeping space, you can transform your bedroom through a stunning window. One of the ideas is to use neutral-colored drapes, which are a preferred design staple. On the drapes, you can feature different geometric patterns, or choose monochromatic pom-poms. 

Contrasting stitching also makes for an attractive window statement. The idea is to ensure your window curtains don’t steal the spotlight. This is a setup that blends perfectly in a minimalist theme.

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10.Separated Area with Cottage Curtain Ideas

Separated Area with Cottage Curtain Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A private bedroom with a custom picture deserves chic style window curtains. This is the perfect choice for a girl’s bedroom. 

Cottage curtains add a bit of creativity as you can create an expression that perfectly befits the room’s occupant. These curtains can go along with other décor elements in the bedroom, including art pieces and flooring. 

11.Palma Fringe Curtain Ideas

Palma Fringe Curtain Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You don’t need perfection to have the best-looking bedroom curtains. For a hippie-chic appeal, a beautiful fringe curtain will work perfectly in your bedroom. 

The edges don’t have to be seamed perfectly. These curtains are ideal if you want a laid-back appeal that matches your other style elements. To add some dramatic elements, pops of color can do the trick to improve the look of the curtains. 

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12.Bedroom Macrame Curtain Ideas 

Bedroom Macrame Curtain Ideas 
(Source: Pinterest)

There are people who love a natural vibe with an earthly tone. If this is your preferred style, a farmhouse style can influence your choice of curtains. Macrame curtains are ideal if you love the look of hand-woven fabrics and tapestries. 

Instead of getting two, you can stretch one out on a single rod to outfit your window. This helps you show off the design without incurring a cent more. 

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13.Bamboo Beaded Curtain Ideas

Bamboo Beaded Curtain Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Another way to highlight natural elements in your bedroom is to get bamboo beaded curtains. This DIY dense beaded door curtain comes in different patterns. It’s an option you can explore if you love artistic expression. 

You can find different types of beads that can go well with other décor touches in your bedroom. The beads offer a gentle sense of separation. They can filter light while allowing plenty of thoroughness. 

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14.Pom Pom Blackout Drapes 

Pom Pom Blackout Drapes 
(Source: Decorpad)

If the sitting area in your bedroom is near the window, you can use this section to create a relaxing space. A pom-pom border curtain offers a simple design you can use to transform the space into a style of your preference. 

There are colorful pom-poms that add whimsy effects. Also, you can install a blackout curtain panel to darken the room for movie watching and resting. 

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15.Chloe Patchwork Gauze Curtain Ideas

Chloe Patchwork Gauze Curtain Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Get urban outfitters curtains to add a breezy-boho look into your bedroom. It’s a classic design that features warm colors for that welcoming mood you want in your bedroom. 

The curtain allows natural light in and can be finished in soft cotton. Match this look with other items in the room, including a painting, or contrast with the wall color. 

16.Curtain for Headboard Ideas

Curtain for Headboard Ideas
(Source: Elle Decor)

Besides adding curtains to your windows, you can also find options you can use to create a custom headboard. These curtains featuring muted mustard are a perfect fit for a master bedroom if you want a royal feel. 

You can also try out varying shades of blue or other warm colors that help you create the mood you like in the bedroom. Get inspired by your imaginations to create something that lights you up whenever you enter the bedroom. 

17.Bedroom Floral Curtain Ideas

Bedroom Floral Curtain Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Floral curtain ideas are an option you can try out if you want to customize a vacation home. This can be a perfect guest bedroom idea featuring colorful prints and patterns. Floral curtains create a lively mood in the bedroom. 

The design language inspires happiness and the desire to connect for beautiful experiences. For floral print curtains, you can use neutral colors, especially if near the garden. The curtains continue the botanical theme in the rest of your room. 

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18.Bedroom Cartoon Curtain Ideas for Kids

Bedroom Cartoon Curtain Ideas for Kids
(Source: LivingRoomReference)

Instead of just plain old patterns, you can have fun with the curtain design. A nursery theme is a good idea if you want a curtain for your kid’s bedroom. 

A style inspired by the playground is a perfect choice as it allows you to have a bit of fun with different characters. This adds some personality to the room and makes it a place one can enjoy. 

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19.DIY Starfish Tie-Backs

DIY Starfish Tie-Backs
(Source: Homebnc)

You can draw your inspiration from an ocean-style design language. While you can use a different color for the handmade bedroom curtain tieback to create a bit of contrast, you use color blocking in the bedroom. 

For the tieback, a starfish shape can be a perfect artistic touch. This means matching your curtains to the walls. Cobalt blue is a color that brings out that ocean theme. You can add variations with different shades of the same color. 

How to DIY Nautical Curtain Tie Backs Monkey Fist Knot

20. Caribbean Canopy

Caribbean Canopy
(Source: Houzz)

Canopy beds are an attractive decorating addition to your bedroom, especially if you’re interested in a beach-themed bedroom design. A blue canopy bed complements this idea and can help you create a relaxing atmosphere. 

The inspiration of this curtain makes it possible to be creative with other touches in your bedroom. You can try out shades of blue on the walls or other items like the sheets. 

21.Bedroom with Pretty Curtain Ideas

Bedroom with Pretty Curtain Ideas
(Source: Walmart)

When looking for a window drape that fits perfectly in a girl’s bedroom, you can be creative with bright colors. A rainbow curtain gives you an opportunity to play around with a colorful combination, which adds dramatic elements to the bedroom. 

You can also find pink curtains, which are the ideal choice for decorating a girl’s room. Touches of white on the window treatments will make the bedroom cute and warm. 

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Decorating your bedroom includes highlighting different elements to ensure everything is in sync with your design preferences. 

The curtains are a good way to add character and style to your bedroom. Use these tips to get started with your bedroom transformation project. 

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