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26+ Bedroom Colors That’ll Transform Your Sleeping Space in 2021

26+ Bedroom Colors That’ll Transform Your Sleeping Space in 2021

 Playing around with different bedroom colors is one of the best ways to help brighten up your bedroom in order to breathe a festive life into it. 

Plus, using different pops of color is one of the best ways to help display your personal style. 

Today, we are going to look at how you can use different bedroom colors to create colorful pops of color that help create cozy, gorgeous and inspirational sleeping spaces. Stick around to see what color you will fall in love with! 

1.Lavender Oasis

Lavender Oasis
(Source: Southern Painting)

Using a light lilac color can be a wonderful way to create a bedroom that exudes energy, simplicity, and beauty. 

Play around in the purple spectrum by using light lilac on the walls, and dark lilac on the bedding

Although this is a light color, you can help brighten it up even more by using touches of white as well. Use white through white framed artwork and personalized canvases for a nice airy look. 

2.Warm Vibe with Terracotta Bedroom

Warm Vibe with Terracotta Bedroom
(Source: Shelterness)

Create a really relaxing bedroom that is fit for all couples by playing around with earthy tones. This popular design idea has taken off in the past year because it’s incredibly relaxing and calming. 

Personalize this look by installing a custom photo such as a wedding image or an anniversary photo over the top of your bed. Add another element of personalization through photos that are set up on the nightstand as well. 

Be sure to also incorporate it in the bedding too. The possibilities are endless with this calming tone.

3.Bedroom Colors with Khaki

Bedroom Colors with Khaki
(Source: Arnotts)

If you’re looking for great relaxation colors for the bedroom, then green is a color that you absolutely must consider. 

This inspired shade of green can help reinvigorate your space, breath in a natural air to it, and brighten it up overall. 

Use green in the bedding, in the area rugs, and even on an accent wall. You can even go so far as adding beautifully potted and hanging plants.

4.Slate Blue Bedroom Colors

Slate Blue Bedroom Color Ideas
(Source: Roomdsign.com)

Creating a soft blue bedroom can be a calming design theme especially if you use soft blue in the background as it is reminiscent of clear skies, happiness, and clarity. 

Create a base white bed but then complement it using light blue throw blankets and light blue pillows. 

Keep the room light and airy by using white furniture and avoiding dark tones throughout the room.

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5.A Pale Shade of Gray

A Pale Shade of Gray
(Source: Decoholic)

If you really like neutral colors but don’t like to decorate with white, then using light gray can be a very clever way to create a subtle neutral design scheme

Incorporate light gray through a big rug, the bedding, and even the frames of pictures if you want to hang some up. If you want a little pop of color, you can add your favorite tone throughout the room as well.

6.Bedroom Colors with Dark Royal Hue

Dark Royal Hue for Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a teen girl that is all about royalty, princesses, and elegance, then decorating with deep shades of purple can be a great way to create a beautiful bedroom that uses dark colors. 

Incorporate this dark hue through bedding and decorative comfort items. If you have space for a sitting chair, you can also pull in a royal blue or purple in that way. 

Have fun with this room and don’t be afraid to design outside of the box.

7.A Cool Bedroom with Ice Blue Color

A Cool Bedroom with Ice Blue Color
(Source: Houzz)

Ice blue is one of the best bedroom colors for the master bedroom because it is calming, open, exudes an atmosphere filled with fresh air and relaxation, and is neutral yet gorgeous. 

Use a soft blue through the bedding, area rugs, and curtains. To help mix things up a bit, you can even pair your soft blue with the color gray as well. 

Incorporating elements of white throughout the room, furniture, and curtains can also be a nice addition too. 

8.Creamy Bedroom Colors

Creamy Color
(Source: Ideal)

The color cream can also help create a really nice and airy feel to your sleeping space. Pull this look together by using cream-colored bedspreads and linens. 

Your nightstand, dresser, headboard, and other furniture pieces should incorporate light-colored wooden furniture so that the room does not become overbearing or dark. 

Have fun personalizing the walls with family pictures but frame them in white in order to keep with the color scheme. 

9.Lemon Yellow Brings Contemporary Look

Lemon Yellow Brings Contemporary Look
(Source: Decorpad)

Create an exceptionally brilliant bedroom design idea by incorporating a loud pop of yellow. It’s easy to go overboard with this color so use it sparingly. 

Incorporate it in a lemon tufted headboard, bold yellow curtains, and perhaps even a yellow area rug. 

The rest of the room should be nice and bright in order to help balance out the yellow. So be sure to use white bedding, white walls, and white furniture in order to balance out the energy in the room.

10.All Light Green

All Light Green
(Source: Pinterest)

The color mint can be an interesting color theme to go with because this unique color is not often used. Incorporate this light green hue through all the walls. 

Allow it to pop by incorporating it as a backdrop that is accentuated by white wall molding. You can also incorporate this color through furniture, linen, curtains, and other essential elements in your bedroom. 

11.Soft Black Paint Color for Bedroom

Soft Black Paint Color for Bedroom
(Source: Trendir)

Black and white can be a really great color scheme to design with because you can create a cozy yet calming atmosphere. 

To create this look, start by incorporating a soft black mural. Your black mural does not have to be that special, the simple color of it will be enough to make it stand out. 

If you would like, you can accentuate this black mural with white framed artwork or personalized photos. 

For the rest of the room, help brighten it up by using plenty of white. Use white bedding, white carpet, and even white curtains.

12.Blush Pink Color

Blush Pink Color
(Source: Awesome Decor)

Using a light shade of rose pink, you can create a really beautiful bedroom fit for any princess. One of the best ways to put this look together is by using a pink paneled wall. 

Also incorporate white in the bedding, as well as in the pillows, and throw blankets. 

For a little bit more beauty, you can even add a pink canopy over the bed frame to create a really fantastical setting. Have fun with this lovely shade and incorporate it any way you please.

13.Caramel Pumpkin

Caramel Pumpkin
(Source: Pinterest)

Caramel pumpkin is such a bold color because it looks like a beige color with a little bit more personality. 

You can create this timeless look by using it on your bedspread. Let this color stand out in the room by using it on your bedding only and using a lighter color throughout the rest of the room. 

A caramel pumpkin duvet is such a relaxing design theme to use because it creates a beautiful and timeless look, especially when you pair it with other light colors. 

14.All- Bright White for A French Look

All- Bright White for A French Look
(Source: Flipboard)

You can create a stunning French-inspired bedroom by going for an all-white bedroom design theme. 

To put this look together, you want to incorporate this bright hue through curtains, bedding, area rugs, and any other furniture in the room. 

If you have a large window, every sunny morning will help reflect the light and brighten up space even more. You can install a nice ceiling light if you have an arching wooden ceiling as well for another fantastic infusion of brightness.

15.Solid Deep Cobalt Blue

Solid Deep Cobalt Blue
(Source: Pinterest)

This bold cobalt color is such a stand-out hue to decorate with and it is incredibly relaxing as well. This is a really good color to design with if you are putting together a boy’s bedroom. 

Start by using a small blue bed that you decorate with cobalt-colored bedding. Help balance out the dark hue by using white linens as well. 

If you have built-in shelves, you can use them to store personal collections like baseball cards, toy cars, and any other important items. 

This is a great way to help keep the bedroom tidy. Because the strong color is so loud, keeping the rest of the room neat and organized is important.

16.Gold Bedroom Colors

Gold Bedroom
(Source: Room Design)

This stunning bedroom can be such a glamorous design idea if you have the space to accommodate it. 

Create this glamorous sleeping space by using a tufted headboard that also works as an accent wall. 

With matching nightstands and a bed bench that simmering in the sparkling hue, you can create an atmosphere that is just oozing with luxury. 

Don’t forget to add sheer curtains to help balance out the flow of light going into the room as well.

17.Gloss Red

Gloss Red
(Source: Apppie.org)

Creating a bright red floor can be such an impressive way to put together a unique, high-energy bedroom. 

This distinct look can only be paired with another distinct look, a gallery wall of special photos and important memorabilia. 

You can also keep with the monochromatic, futuristic look by using simple red square framed art. 

Bachelors, young men, and anyone who loves this color will simply love this design idea. Don’t forget to incorporate other important details like a unique red bedside lamp, and unique floating black nightstands. 

18.Greige Bedroom Colors

Greige Bedroom
(Source: Living Spaces)

Greige bedding has such a warm feel to it that it lends as the perfect design theme for a rustic bedroom, farmhouse bedroom, or even a modern bedroom design theme. 

Put together this look by incorporating a greige rug, lots of wooden furniture. Whether it’s a wooden nightstand, a wooden bed frame, or even a wooden end of the bed sitting bench. 

Add a little bit of color by using a lightly patterned area rug to the floor and you can even match this pattern to a throw blanket or throw pillows too.

19.Peach Tone

Peach Tone
(Source: Pinterest)

Create this interestingly designed Scandinavian-themed sleeping space that’s perfect for a bedroom or kids’ space that your children enjoy. 

This pretty lock relies on this soft coral color that is as beautiful as it is relaxing. Not a lot of effort needs to go into creating this high-impact look either. 

Simply paint the walls with this bass tone and decorate using very simple items that will serve as a functional piece.

20.Intense Turquoise Bedroom

Intense Turquoise Bedroom

If you really like colors of natural appeal, then this restful bedroom can be the perfect theme for creating an aqua-inspired environment. 

Use an accent background complete with geometric shapes for the perfect focal point of this energetic atmosphere. 

What goes along well with this aqua-inspired theme in tones of yellow so be sure to use yellow items including abstract art, lamps, lighting fixtures, and even decorative pillows and throws.

21.Warm Brown Tones

Warm Brown Tones
(Source: AVSO.ORG)

This cozy brown design idea is perfect if you want to create a really masculine atmosphere in your bedroom. 

What makes this design thing one of the best is it creates such a calming effect. This warmth really is played up by natural wood and flooring, and furniture that appeals to natural elements.

If you have space, you can incorporate an end of the bed bench for storage or for sitting. On your nightstand, infuse a little bit of your personal life by displaying a nice picture of friends or family as well. 

22.Design with Sage Green Color

Design with Sage Green Color
(Source: Awesome Decors)

Transform a rustic brick wall into a green brick wall that helps open up space and create a really inviting outdoor feeling. 

This uplifting color can help brighten up your space all while giving it a breath of fresh air. You can also literally add in a breath of fresh air by decorating with lots of potted indoor plants too. 

Frame personal items in white and decorate them using light-colored canvases and you’ll have an environment that is simply stunning.

23.Stunning Silver

Stunning Silver
(Source: Decor Home Ideas)

Silver bedding is a perfect start for decorating with monochromatic color. Using silver bedding will help you create an elegant sleeping space that is as relaxing as it is beautiful. 

To help brighten up space, even more, you can use a large wall mirror as well. This wall mirror will help reflect light to help brighten up space even more. 

Don’t be afraid to incorporate other hints of silver through wall art, decorative throw pillows, and personalized canvases too.

24.Navy Hue Bedroom Colors

Navy Hue
(Source: The Spruce)

This coastal hue will create such a dreamy atmosphere because it’s the perfect mix of the outdoors, the ocean, and all things relaxation. 

To pull this look together, start by creating a deep marine wall throughout the whole room. Allow the white moldings to contrast this deep hue. Be sure to also use plenty of white items for decorative purposes too. 

This dreamy look can work really well for a nursery or for a child’s bedroom.

25.Deep Beige Hue

Deep Beige Hue
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are looking for a more classic and modern design theme, then this traditional look that plays around with plenty of cream tones can be the best way to go. 

Use green tones in the bedding, the area rug, and any other element that uses fabric. If you are going to incorporate a nightstand and a bed bench, play up the warmth of the room by using wooden furniture pieces. 

If you want to brighten up the room, then light-colored wood and furniture pieces like a beige nightstand work best.

26.Best Blue Sky Bedroom Colors

Best Blue Sky Bedroom
(Source: the sleep judge)

If your master bedroom has plenty of beautiful views, large windows, and an open feeling, then one of the best master bedroom colors to go with is this beautiful sky-tone hue. 

By incorporating a light blue floor through a large area rug and pairing it with a blue sofa, you can create a really inviting and calm atmosphere. 

Incorporate this color and other similar colored elements through sky blue bedding, decorative pillows, and throw blankets. 

If you like to play with bedroom colors, then our list is expected to help you expand your design toolbox.

Let us know in the comments section below which of these bedroom design ideas have been your favorite. Also, be sure to share this article with someone you know who loves colors just as much!

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