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24+ Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes for a More Aesthetic Atmosphere In 2022

 Beautiful Bedroom Color Schemes for a More Aesthetic Atmosphere In 2022
(Source: Pinterest)

Whether you’re designing a bedroom or living space, you always want to maintain a consistent color scheme throughout the room. Today, we’re going to look at some of this season’s trending bedroom color schemes

Our extensive list of different color palettes will look at tones ranging from bright and sunny to dark and mysterious. We’ll look at some trendy bedroom color combinations and how to incorporate them into your space. 

Best of all, we’ll also take a look at how you can find the right color combinations that speak to your personality.  Our extensive list of the best color palettes to use this season are sure to fill you with inspiration. 

Read on to see which of these color schemes is your favorite!

Aesthetic Bedroom Color Schemes 

1.Periwinkle Blue Trendy Color Schemes

Periwinkle Blue Trendy bedroom Color Schemes
(Source: Glidden Paint)

Perhaps the most trending color of the year 2022 is this periwinkle blue. This gorgeous shade can help you create a really calm aesthetic In your bedroom. Because this is a really light and airy color, you’ll want to use lots of white alongside it. 

Use different shades of this periwinkle tone to create a really harmonious environment. Create an accent wall using this blue. Then, tie it in throughout the rest of the room using throw pillows, blankets, and other decor items. 

With the Periwinkle Blue 2022 Color of the Year collection, you may discover even more amazing home designs.

2.Blue, Gold, and Tan 

Blue, Gold, and Tan 
(Source: Itakeyou)

Mixing together blue, gold, and tan can help you create a really calm environment. This is one of the most calming bedroom color schemes because it plays around with a bold blue and luxurious gold. 

Use the dark tone on an accent wall and incorporate the lighter shades on bedroom furniture. if you have an upholstered headboard or bedroom chair, this is a great place to incorporate the color tan as well. 

3.Green, Brown, and Gray Color Schemes

Green, Brown, and Gray Color Schemes
(Source: Pinterest)

This next bedroom aesthetic is one of the most calming and cool bedroom color schemes this season. Use a soft color palette that includes light gray, beige, and white. 

Then, contrast these soft tones using darker shades like forest green and dark brown. Together, these shades create a really natural aesthetic that is warm and inviting. 

4.Green Bedroom Color Schemes

Green Bedroom Color Schemes
(Source: Pinterest)

A green bedroom can be such a lovely base color for an elegant bedroom. The main tone of this room is an emerald green hue. Complement this regal hue by using lighter shades of green alongside warm tones like beige and tan. 

If you have a spacious master bedroom, this color palette can help you create a really elegant atmosphere. For an added dose of elegance, you can even combine royal textures like velvet, to give off that royal fee. 

5.Gorgeous Bedroom in Gray Hues

Gorgeous Bedroom in Gray Hues
(Source: Pinterest)

Gray color schemes are a wonderful aesthetic to consider because this color palette is neutral yet elegant. You can create a really nice look by having a color combination that consists of light and dark gray alongside charcoal black. 

These contrasting tones are really bold yet cool and inviting. If you want to add some warm tones, you can even incorporate light-colored wooden furniture as well. 

6.Monochromatic Bedroom Color Schemes

Monochromatic Bedroom Color Schemes
(Source: Itakeyou)

If you want to create a really clean minimalist look, then a monochromatic bedroom aesthetic is the way to go. When you use the colors black and white in your bedroom, you can create a really sophisticated atmosphere. 

Add some variation to the room by using different shades of black as well. If you want to include splashes of color, you can do so by incorporating wall art that has bright tones.  

7.Lavender and Champagne Color Combination

Lavender and Champagne Color Combination
(Source: Homebnc)

Lavender and champagne are really calming because they are bright and refreshing, yet warm and inviting. This color combination is great for putting together a charming bedroom. 

Use lots of champagne beige in your bedding, area rug, and pillows. Add in that pop of lavender by incorporating a bold lavender throw blanket. You can also incorporate wall art that has splashes of lavender as well. 

8.Black and Earth Tone Color Schemes

Black and Earth Tone Color Schemes
(Source: Fab Mood)

Warm tones like mocha and different shades of brown can help you create a really cozy atmosphere. To create this aesthetic, play around with different dark tones within this color palette. 

Create a light-colored accent wall using tan or a light brown. Then, use darker shades of brown in your bedroom furniture. Help brighten up the space by incorporating light brown in the bedding, curtains, and other linens in the room. 

9.Dusty Rose and Gray

Dusty Rose and Gray
(Source: Fab Mood)

You can create a charming bold style aesthetic in your bedroom by using a combination of warm and light tones. To create this look, consider a white or beige fabric headboard with matching bedroom furniture. 

When it comes to the bedding, pull in dark tones like mocha, light brown, and even dusty rose. Together, these warm colors will help balance out the space all while creating an inviting aesthetic.

10.Navy Blue and Yellow Color Combination

Navy Blue and Yellow Color Combination
(Source: Fab Mood)

One of the most brilliant master bedroom color schemes is navy blue with a pop of yellow. This contrasting color palette can help you create a really upscale and vibrant bedroom. Use the bright yellow in furniture pieces like a bed frame or end of the bed bench. 

Reserve the navy blue for wall decor and accent pillows. Incorporate a burst of yellow on any wall art or bedroom decor pieces as well. 

11.Mauve and Brown Bedroom Color Schemes

Mauve and Brown Bedroom Color Schemes
(Source: Pinterest)

Soft earth tones are one of the most trending aesthetics because of the natural and calming beauty they provide. This color palette is perfect to use in a rustic-themed bedroom. 

It’s also a great color scheme to consider if you have a bedroom that has lots of windows and allows for lots of natural light to filter in. To upgrade this look, you can even bring in decore pieces like faux branches and potted plants as well.  

12.Blush and Gray

Blush and Gray
(Surce: Fab Mood)

Blush and gray is a really cute color combination that is perfect for a young adult or teenage bedroom. This is also one of the best small bedroom color schemes because the vibe is trendy and modern. 

Use a combination of grey and blush throughout your bedroom furniture, linens, and bedroom decor. If you have light fixtures or other pieces of hardware on then consider incorporating gold. These touches of gold will give the room a really glamorous look. 

13.Dark Color Schemes

Dark Color Schemes
(Source: Fab Mood)

Bold colors like navy blue and maroon are really great for creating a dark yet cozy sleeping space. This brown-red color palette is great for a large master bedroom or even a boy’s bedroom. You will want to stay away from light tones like beige and white. 

Instead, use mirrors and natural light from the outdoors to help brighten up the space. Incorporate maroon pillows and contrasting navy blue blankets for this masculine aesthetic.

14.Classic Color Combination Ideas 

Classic Color Combination Ideas 
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most classic color combinations is a blue and white bedroom. Not only does this aesthetic look very clean and tidy, but it’s a classic modern decor style. To create a bedroom like this, you’ll want to rely on using white on all parts of the bedroom. 

Use white on the accent wall, wall art, and even furniture pieces. Bring in the blue throughout the bedroom linens including a sailor blue bedding set. If you’re going to use wall art, consider customizing a large decorative personalized picture that plays around with hues of blue.

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15.Best Bright Color Schemes

Best Bright Color Schemes
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really happy feeling bedroom by using a bright color palette. This look is great for putting together a teenage bedroom. Not only is it fun and inviting, but it’s a bedroom style that will automatically give you that happy feeling. 

Use bright shades like orange and yellow throughout the whole bedroom. Tie in darker tones like green and red through bedroom linens and even wall art.

16.Light Gray and Gold 

Light Gray and Gold 
(Source: Pinterest)

A light grey and gold bedroom aesthetic are perfect for someone who is looking for an upscale bedroom design. Not only does this design offer are you really modern look, but its luxury style inspiration is very clean and neat. 

If you have a large bedroom, you can even create an accent wall using trim molding. Swap out traditional light fixtures for elegant wall sconces. Also, incorporate grey tufted furniture and a gold nightstand for an upscale thought. 

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17.Orange Bedroom Color Schemes

Orange Bedroom Color Schemes
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really Tuscan-inspired bedroom by using a bright color palette that relies heavily on the color orange. Burnt orange will be the darkest tone of this color palette so consider using this hue on your curtains, and accent decor pieces. 

For the rest of the room, you can create a sunny oasis by using plenty of yellow, beige, and tan. Pull in some light green through potted plants and flowers to help drive this bright color scheme home.

18.Taupe and Pale Pink 

Taupe and Pale Pink 
(Source: Pinterest)

Soft tones remain to be one of the best decor themes to consider this season. If you’re putting together a teenage girl’s bedroom, consider using a taupe and pale pink as your base. 

Play around with these two hues and use them in tandem on bedroom linens and furniture pieces. If you want to add an earthy element to the room, you can even incorporate pine wood furniture as well.

19.Navy Blue and Gray Bedroom Color Schemes

Navy Blue and Gray Bedroom Color Schemes
(Source: Itakeyou)

You can create a really relaxing retreat by opting for a navy blue and gray bedroom aesthetic. These are the best paint colors to use if you want to create an atmosphere that is almost spa-like. Use the darker tones to create an accent wall that drives the focus of the room. 

Then, use lighter shades of grey on the bedding and on the window curtains. You can add finishing touches by hanging up personalized wall decor. You can even incorporate beautiful white orchids on the bedside table. 

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20.Pastel Color Palettes

Pastel Color Palettes
(Source: Pinterest)

A really pretty color combination to consider is a pastel color palette. Pastels are really soft and quaint and can help you create a really pretty bedroom. 

One of the best ways to incorporate pastels in your room is by limiting them to the bedding and other decorative bedroom pieces. You can even use pastels in the wall art that you hang in the bedroom. When it comes to the wall and flooring, stick with light colors like white or light gray.

21.Romantic Colors

Romantic Colors
(Source: Fab Mood)

You can create a berry and mauve romance bedroom that is oozing with charm and love. These tones are very romantic and charming because they take a darker, cozier take on the traditional romantic red tone. 

If you and a loved one or sharing the space, you can even create a personalized canvas that shows off special dates like your engagement or wedding.

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22.Boho Look

Boho Look
(Source: Fab Mood)

You can create the perfect boho-chic style bedroom by playing around with earthy tones. This color palette consists of lots of natural hues including brown, tan, beige, and even navy green. 

For a boho-inspired bedroom, you can play around with these brown and green color schemes any way you like. One of the best ways is by creating a gallery accent wall with your favorite personalized photos. Use a mixture of different picture frames that incorporate these natural tones. 

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23.Mauve Earth Tone color palette for bedroom

Mauve Earth Tone color palette for bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most trending girl’s bedroom color schemes is a rose gold-inspired bedroom. To create this look, you’ll need to rely on lots of mauve earth tones like Rosie pink, dusty pink, and of course accents of rose gold. 

One of the best ways to pull together this look is by using mirrored furniture. The mirrored furniture will help reflect the light throughout the room. They also offer an air of elegance and charm. Accent the furniture with matching table decor. 

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24.Burgundy, Gold Mustard Bedroom Color Schemes

Burgundy, Gold Mustard Bedroom Color Schemes
(Source: Pinterest)

This next color scheme is perfect for creating a darling space. A color palette that consists of burgundy, burnt orange, blush, and blue-grey is perfect for creating a sophisticated and eye-catching bedroom. 

If there are areas of the room where metal hardware is used, consider painting over them with a gold mustard hue. If the bedroom has high ceilings, you can even add in a modern crystal chandelier. This style maintains the aesthetic of a girly bedroom, all while adding in an air of sophistication and class. 


When you are looking at different bedroom color schemes it’s important to consider two things. Ask yourself, what color schemes speak to your personality and the mood you’re trying to convey. 

Picking the right colors can help you create a bedroom that is welcoming, charming, and undeniably stunning. Which of these bedroom color palettes do you find to be the most beautiful? 

Be sure to share with us in the comments section below! 

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