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Bedroom Chandelier Ideas: 21 Perfect Options for Your Master Bedroom (2022)

Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

Finding the perfect chandelier for your bedroom gives you opportunities to customize the space to your taste and preferences. You can explore many creative ideas with lighting fixtures and ambient lighting. There are many Bedroom Chandelier Ideas you can explore if you want the perfect lighting options that can also complement your décor. If you’re among people asking, “How do I choose a Chandelier for my bedroom?”, there are different ways you can create a sophisticated, romantic setting. 

A good chandelier that complements your décor options is one of the ways you can transform the space. When choosing a chandelier, you need to consider different aspects, including placement, sizing, and safety. Here are some of the ideas for bedroom chandeliers you can use to transform your bedroom. 

Master Bedroom Chandelier Ideas

1. Bedroom Classic Chandelier Ideas

Bedroom Classic Chandelier
(Source: Home Design Lover)

One of the ways to create an aesthetic bedroom is to keep it classic. A crystal chandelier is among bedroom lighting ideas that are functional and also offer aesthetic benefits. It creates a twinkling centerpiece for your room. 

Crystal prisms are traditionally used to refract light and enhance impact around the room. This intricate design adds glamour and luxury to your bedroom, creating an instant wow factor. It’s a timeless design that distributes light in a mesmerizing way, creating an ambient glow. 

2. Empire Chandelier Ideas

(Source: Overstock.com)

A circular chandelier will offer a great centerpiece for your master bedroom. While picking a chandelier, it’s important to consider the room’s architecture. In terms of shape, circular chandeliers work well in a bedroom as their curves soften the angles of your bed. 

Wooden light chandeliers with a rounded structure can be enjoyed from different angles. Therefore, An empire chandelier is an ideal choice in this category. 

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3. Amazing Contemporary Lighting Ideas

Amazing Contemporary Lighting Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

For a contemporary bedroom, you want a chandelier that merges smoothly with your decor options. If you want a mid-century feel, you can find a chandelier that illuminates the large artwork in your bedroom. 

A ball chandelier with glistening clear crystals is elegant and can suit different decorative styles. The design can be a perfect fit if you also want to include wall lighting in your bedroom transformation project.  

4. Tiered Chandelier Ideas

Tiered Chandelier Ideas
(Source: Sofary Lighting)

This master bedroom lighting option comes with years of history. But if you want a 20th-century inspiration, a tiered chandelier is a good piece. Tiered chandeliers offer simplicity and elegance. For a unique look, you can go up to 11 tiers. 

Also, there are different shapes, including diamond-shaped arrangements. This gives enough lighting to illuminate your custom picture or any art pieces you have in your bedroom. Overall, The chandelier gives you room to express yourself, as you can also go for a simple three-tiered fixture. 

5. Antique Chandelier Ideas

Antique Chandelier Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

An antique chandelier offers immeasurable value. With such a piece, you can give your home some personality and life. A candle-style crystal chandelier gives you a unique lighting fixture. These chandeliers have history and character. 

It’s an opportunity to delve into the past to complement your surroundings. If you’re on a budget, you can always find a second-hand piece. It’s a good idea to save some money and also protect the planet too. 

6. Minimalist Space with Chandelier

 Minimalist Space with Chandelier
(Source: copycatchic)

A minimalist bedroom design means you also look for fixtures and pieces that maintain this theme. To honor the minimalist design language, you can get a minimalist ceiling lamp. This can create the perfect lighting, especially if you have an abstract picture. 

If the room is colorful, you can pair the décor with a metal chandelier. Finally, the result is a magnificent space you always enjoy being in. 

7. Bedroom Sputnik Lighting Fixture

Bedroom Sputnik Lighting Fixture
(Source: Pinterest)

The Mid Century space race also came with new benefits as it gave birth to a unique type of chandelier. A sputnik chandelier is inspired by the shape of the first earth-orbiting satellite. These master bedroom chandeliers feature globe-like bulbs and straight branches. 

On this chandelier, you can use multi-colored glass lampshades if you want an arty feel in your bedroom. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to express your creativity and create a space that satisfies your needs. 

8. Bohemian Lighting Fixture to Spruce up Your Bedroom

Bohemian Lighting Fixture to Spruce up Your Bedroom
(Source: Homebnc)

Customize your teen’s bedroom with natural elements. If you love the beach environment, you can bring the vibe into the bedroom through a small Boho chandelier. In a bohemian theme, you can explore rustic textures to lead the scheme. 

The chandelier completes your sea-breeze theme setup. It allows you to switch a crustal beaded cage for some netted fabric.

9. Colorful Balloons Chandelier for Kid’s Bedroom

Colorful Balloons Chandelier for Kid’s Bedroom
(Source: imall)

For a kid’s bedroom, you want something fun and modern. There are different ideas featuring LED bulbs that you can explore for inspiration. The sizing and placement of the chandelier can be applied to your kid’s room lighting. 

Some of the ideas to consider include suspending a nursery chandelier over the changing station. This creates a soft, diffused light for all your kid’s late-night needs.

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10. Bedroom Shabby Chic Chandelier Ideas

Bedroom Shabby Chic Chandelier
(Source: Town & Country Living)

To explore a French country chandelier, you can check out different vintage shabby chic chandeliers. The delicate and dazzling frame of a gorgeous chandelier can be the perfect option for industrial-these different ideas are featuring a room. 

The chandelier will stand out in modern industrial bedrooms. They create a tantalizing, glassy brilliance, which brings a different dimension into the space. It will complement the space even if you have open pipes, concrete, and brick walls.

11. Industrial Chandeliers for Bedroom

Industrial Chandeliers for Bedroom
(Source: One Kindesign)

If you have a large bedroom, you can get a floating bedroom chandelier. The intricate and delicate frame of a lovely chandelier appears out of place in a rough and practical industrial space with open duct pipes, concrete, and brick walls. 

However, if you can integrate the chandelier in a sparking way, it can be a perfect combination. The chandelier stands out, and its glassy brilliance creates a different dimension in your bedroom. 

12. Gorgeous Bedroom with Victorian Chandelier Ideas

Gorgeous Bedroom with Victorian Chandelier
(Source: Decoist)

A Victorian bedroom is not complete without breathtaking aesthetic lighting fixtures. This classic design can work with modern touches by replacing the boring track lights with a unique ceiling chandelier. 

This allows you to achieve that vintage feel without killing the modern theme. Most Victorian bedrooms feature more ornate ceilings. Then, the chandelier adds to the room’s grandeur and can draw your eyes towards the unique ceiling. 

13. Modern Crystal Chandelier Ideas

Modern Crystal Chandelier
(Source: Pinterest)

Crystal chandeliers are the most popular option for modern bedrooms, especially for people looking to add some goodness to their bedrooms. If you have a large canvas on the wall and you want a modern look, a LED ceiling chandelier will complement your design. 

An Arxeel lighting fixture will be a perfect addition to the bedroom for a contemporary feel. In a large bedroom, for example, a cascading chandelier provides a focal point and can give the room a sense of timeless opulence. 

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14. Functional Chandelier Ideas for Bedroom

Functional Chandelier Ideas for Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Another creative way to integrate an elegant fan is through a modern reversible chandelier fan. A glimmering pendant will blend beautifully with personalized pictures, especially if you choose a color scheme that matches. 

Ultimately, your chandelier fixture can work dually as a beautiful work of art. In this concept, you can also use a traditional chandelier, which will blend seamlessly with a rustic theme. 

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15. Macrame Chandelier Ideas

Macrame Chandelier
(Source: Pinterest)

There are different ways you can customize a girl’s bedroom. This includes hanging abstract pictures and pastel paintings. So you can create a simple setup that will radiate the thematic elements you want in the bedroom. 

While customizing the bedroom, a macramé chandelier will complete the setup with the right lighting and also function as a decor piece. For instance, Play around with options to find the perfect color combination to create a unique bedroom. 

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16. Perfect Bedroom with Luxurious Chandelier

Perfect Bedroom with Luxurious Chandelier
(Source: Pinterest)

A gilded crystal chandelier is the best way to communicate luxury in the master bedroom. To create an elegant bedroom, you can use a gilded fixture to set the scene for a comfy contemporary bedroom. 

It also creates a royal bedroom that elevates your space to a high glam. For the chandelier, find pieces that match the color palette in your room. If you have silver touches, a glass chandelier that highlights the theme is a good pick. 

17. DIY Chandelier Ideas

DIY Chandelier Ideas
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

You can also play around with funny light fixtures if you’re looking for something creative. If you have beautiful statement lighting, crystal chandeliers are a perfect combination. 

You can find handmade fixtures that will be ideal if you want to work on a DIY project. Therefore, Swingarm lamps with branches are a flexible option that can give off bright light without harsh shadows. 

18. Acrylic Star Ceiling Light Decoration

Acrylic Star Ceiling Light Decoration
(Source: Obeki)

To create a trendy kid’s bedroom, you need to work with a few creative ideas. A pretty chandelier is a good place to begin, but you need to add more elements to highlight your ideas.

Besides, some custom pictures will highlight some of the favorites of the room’s occupant. To add some drama, you can feature dark hues and use a gold chandelier over the bed. 

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19. Lantern-inspired Chandelier for Bedroom

Lantern-inspired Chandelier for Bedroom
(Source: SFGirlByBay)

If you’re looking for the best bedroom chandelier, a glamorous pendant or chandelier can be the perfect light source. Therefore, a lantern-inspired chandelier allows you to create a romantic bedroom featuring an autumn vibe. 

Also, you can make the space a bid dynamic by using two matching pendants framing the bed. Even a single warm chandelier at the center can trigger the autumn vibe. 

20. Wonderful Chandelier Ideas for Bedroom

Wonderful Chandelier Ideas for Boho Bedroom
(Source: Daily Dream Decor)

To complement your DIY chandelier ideas, you also need to ensure you have some natural lighting fixtures in the room. Chandeliers don’t only serve as a source of light, as you can use them as a statement piece. 

Therefore, it’s important to introduce other elements in your design, including plants. Greenery makes the room lively and can work well depending on the central theme you have picked to highlight in the bedroom.  

21. Beautiful Bedroom with Cloud Chandelier Ideas

Beautiful Bedroom with Cloud Chandelier
Source: Circu Magical Furniture)

For aesthetic lighting fixtures, you can go with cloud chandeliers. These are perfect if you have white tones and want to create a romantic bedroom. 

A modern drop chandelier can be a good addition to this setup, especially if you also have a silver palette to merge with the white theme. In addition, this color combination helps you to create a luxury experience without doing too much. 

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In conclusion, If you’re looking for the perfect way to customize your bedroom, one of the options is to embrace different bedroom chandelier ideas. These are some of the suggestions you can use to get started with your project to transform your bedroom.  

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