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21+ All The Striking Bedroom Ceiling Ideas To Style Up Your Space in 2021

All The Striking Bedroom Ceiling Ideas To Style Up Your Space in 2021

If you’re asking, “What should I put on my bedroom ceiling?” This is a question many people have while trying to customize their space to feature elements that highlight their preferences. Bedroom Ceiling Ideas can be a great way to unwind and get away from the stresses of everyday life. It should be a peaceful haven where you may gather your thoughts and relax.

All this begins with creating the right atmosphere, and a good master bedroom ceiling is a good place to start. While decorating your bedroom, you can find inspiration in different things to create eye-catching decorations that will transform your space. 

For some people, ceilings are often treated as an afterthought, yet a good ceiling can tie elements of your space together and provide a focal point. You can go subtle or bold. Here are 20 ideas to get you started if you’re seeking bedroom ceiling concepts.

1.Rustic Tin Ceiling Ideas

Rustic Tin Ceiling Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A tin ceiling is a unique addition to your bedroom as it results in a finish that will definitely awe your guests. These ceilings were a preferred design element in the early 1900s and still remain a good choice. They add some drama and moodiness to the bedroom, allowing you to create a personalized space. 

It’s the ideal option if you want to customize a small bedroom ceiling. For this ceiling design, you can work with different finishes, framing elements, and sophisticated stamped patterns. Quality tin plats are low maintenance, lightweight, and can last many years. 

2.Custom Crown Molding Design

Custom Crown Molding Design
(Source: Prompt Home Design Centre)

One of the best elegant pieces you could add to your bedroom is a beautiful crown molding. This is one of the reasons you will find most hold homes an attractive option as they’re fitted with crown molding, which offers timeless charm and detail that creates a unique atmosphere in your space. 

While working with panel molding, you can look beyond the frame and include a center medallion, which creates a “wow” moment in the space. While the intricate detail looks expensive, you can try out an attachable mold around the current light fixture. 

3.Modern Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

Modern Vaulted Ceiling Ideas
( Source: Decor Aid)

If you’re looking for something sophisticated, a wooden vaulted ceiling with a classic look will make the bedroom more modern and moody. You can take this to the finish line with top-to-bottom navy paint or a vaulted ceiling if you want a high-impact finish. 

This design matches the bedroom if you have a barn door in an attic bedroom. You can create a cozy space in a formal style, including inky art pieces for the backdrop. 

4.Plant Ceiling Creates a Natural Atmosphere

Plant Ceiling Creates a Natural Atmosphere
( source: DIY Morning)

This is one of the DIY projects you can embrace, as it includes using artificial plants to decorate your bedroom ceiling. Pathos plants can be considered nature’s chandeliers, so you can use these to add some creative touches to the bedroom.

If the room features a green and white theme, plants can blend in smoothly. The space can feel more open if you add some mirror to reflect the light. 

5.Wood Ceiling Design Ideas

Wood Ceiling Design Ideas
(Source: Toll Brothers)

Among the master bedroom ceiling ideas, you can embrace to transform your space is using wood to customize your bedroom. This is ideal if you have a wooden floor and some canvas print that highlights a natural theme. 

Wood creates a warm cocoon that is embracing when you need a place you can stay to relax. It’s a material that comes in handy if you want to implement a minimalist theme around the bedroom. 

6.Paint Your Bedroom Ceiling in The Opposite Color

Paint Your Bedroom Ceiling in The Opposite Color
(Source: Gyproc)

While sticking to one bold color is an easy idea to work with, you can explore false ceiling ideas, including different shades, especially opposing colors. In a girl’s bedroom, you can play around with pink and white.

If you have bold colors like pink on the walls, you can add a contrasting bright color like white on the ceiling. You can also use both colors on the ceiling if you know how to integrate them in beautiful patterns.

7.Unique Recessed Bedroom Ceiling Ideas

Unique Recessed Bedroom Ceiling Ideas
(Source: YLighting)

While customizing your ceiling, you should also remember to include bits about ceiling lights for the bedroom. If you want a minimalist look, recessed lighting is an option you should consider. 

Creating a beautiful painted ceiling is not hard. But if you want to avoid making the bedroom busy or crowded, you should opt-out of hanging fixtures and pair the ceiling with recessed lights to achieve a seamless finish. 

More bedroom lighting solutions to liven up your sleeping environment may be found HERE.

8.Black and White Ceiling Bedroom

Black and White Ceiling Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

In your primary bedroom, one of the easiest ways to transform the space is to create a dramatic pattern ceiling. For this transformation, you can use opposite color options. 

Black and white are ideal choices for this transformation as they can make the ceiling appear lower for that intimate feel. This adds some architectural interest, so it’s one of the best fixes for a boxy room, especially if the space is boring and you want to make it more interesting. 

9.Consider Ceiling Wallpaper for Your Entire Bedroom

Consider Ceiling Wallpaper for Your Entire Bedroom
( Source: Architectural Digest)

An easy DIY solution when you want to customize your bedroom with a wonderful design is to use wallpaper on the ceiling and walls. While it takes a bit longer to install the wallpaper, it works wonderfully on a ceiling as it would on a wall. 

You can fake a fresco with a unique artful print or play off your room’s base by picking the same pattern but with an alternative color. 

10.Shiplap Ceiling for Sleeping Space

Shiplap Ceiling for Sleeping Space
(Source: Pinterest)

A shiplap ceiling is one of the trends projected to linger around longer. When you use shiplap paneling, you can elevate your space without working on the entire room.

You can add some interest with a large picture on the wall above the bed. A tray ceiling bedroom is easy to install if you’re working with shiplap paneling. It adds warmth to the room and works better than drywall. 

11.Wood Beam Bedroom Ceiling Ideas

Wood Beam Bedroom Ceiling Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

For a room a Scandinavian style, you can explore rustic decorations with natural textures. To make the ceiling blend in the design, you can use exposed wood beams, which add some interest to the bedroom. 

You can punctuate a creamy palette with dark beams for a curated lodge experience. Play around with natural textures and pair dark wood with woven light fixtures. Also, add thick corded pillows in different shades to match the rest of the bedroom. 

12.Grasscloth on The Ceiling

Grasscloth on The Ceiling
(Source: One Kings Lane)

If you’re considering high ceiling bedroom ideas, one of the options is to use natural materials for your transformation project. This design flows from the bedroom’s walls which are sheathed in a blond grasscloth.

The cloth extends to the ceiling and is assembled in a checkered pattern, or any pattern that you find the ideal for your space. Check the pastel color that best matches your bedroom décor options. 

13.Vintage Striped Ceiling for Kids Bedroom

Vintage Striped Ceiling for Kids Bedroom
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

You can achieve a pretty ceiling with a vintage striped design option, especially for a kid’s bedroom. Red and white are some of the contrasting colors that add some interest to the space if you’re customizing the bedroom for your kids. 

This bedroom ceiling paint design extends partially to the ceiling, where you can have an antique Spanish chandelier. A DIY project like this is an opportunity to explore your creativity as it requires making artistic patterns. 

14.3D False Ceiling Designs

3D False Ceiling Designs
( Source: HTT Design)

There are many 3D wallpaper designs you can use if you want to create a false ceiling design. Some people will highlight some of their favorite things, including the space, the sky, or any other natural elements you might have in mind. 

This is among the amazing designs for a small bedroom with a low ceiling. You can easily blend an Oceanside charisma with European elegance using a modest palette. A hand-painted motif mural can also work in this situation if you want the ceiling to appear higher. 

15.Industrial Ceiling Bedroom Designs

Industrial Ceiling Bedroom Designs
( Source: Decoist)

When decorating industrial interiors, there are many options you can embrace, including temporary solutions. For example, you can use a concrete ceiling with exposed steel beams or wood. 

Also, on the walls, you can add a large canvas print featuring a color palette that blends with your room’s theme. Because the design is rustic, you can also use a wooden floor, but this does not mean you cannot have some contemporary elements. 

16.Cathedral Ceiling Ideas

Cathedral Ceiling Ideas

(Source: One Kindesign)

Customizing your master bedroom does not need to be a complicated process as you can also install a cathedral-style ceiling. This works in a rustic interior, which can feature a rustic chandelier

To complete the setup, you can add a hand-painted mural wall. This rustic design allows you the freedom to explore different options, including artistic elements that contribute to the theme. You don’t need to completely refine the interior when doing a rustic transformation. 

17.Led Ceiling Fan Ideas

Led Ceiling Fan Ideas
(Source: The Home Depot)

Lighting is a big part of bedroom transformation that you should prioritize to create a functional bedroom. For the modern vibe, you can use the ceiling fan to transform the space with LED lighting. 

If you have artwork in the bedroom, good lighting will bring the idea to life. Explore different patterns and colors to bring your ideas to life and create a custom space that makes you feel at home. 

18.Bedroom Draped Ceiling Ideas

sleeping space with Draped Ceiling Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

To create a romantic bedroom, you can explore a Moroccan theme featuring cozy and soft features. While customizing the ceiling, there are different draped ideas you can work with to transform your space. 

This means using flowing colors in stripes or any other options that will blend seamlessly with other design elements in the bedroom. 

19.Glass Ceiling for Contemporary Bedroom

Glass Ceiling for Contemporary Bedroom
(Source: Reddit)

A contemporary setting can feature many types of elements. It gives you an opportunity to create a unique design. 

For modern bedroom ceiling ideas, you can insist on having natural light in the bedroom through a glass ceiling. This creates the feel of a larger space, and it also brings you closer to nature, especially if you love the outdoors vibe. 

20.Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Designs

Sloped Ceiling Designs
(Source: We Heart It)

If you have an attic bedroom, this gives you an opportunity to customize the space to feature a sloped ceiling. 

Also, you can customize this space to use the large windows for natural light, which removes the claustrophobic feel. You can integrate the windows on the ceiling, allowing you to open them for the fresh air. 

21.Funny Cartoon Ceiling for Kids Bedroom

Funny Cartoon Ceiling for Kids Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

If you want to customize a kids’ bedroom, you can find some inspiration from the playground.

A cool cloud ceiling with a custom picture on the wall will work well to make the space fun and welcoming for kids. Find out what your kids love and try to replicate the effect throughout the bedroom.


Improving your bedroom features a series of steps, including adding unique elements to transform the ceiling. 

If you want ideas to get started, these suggestions are an ideal option for your project. Create a space that will soothe you whenever you need to rest and unwind. 

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