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25+ Beautiful Bedding Ideas to Cozy Up Your Bedroom In 2022

25+ Beautiful Bedding Ideas to Cozy Up Your Bedroom In 2022
(Source: Canva)

You spend a lot of your time sleeping and lying in bed, so it’s important to create a comfortable bed that matches your taste. A perfect layout for your bedroom should include the right Bedding Ideas as a part of decorations. 

If you want guidelines on how to style your bed, there are different options you can try out. Your master bedroom’s bedding design is important if you want to achieve comfy and cozy nights. Part of your comforter choices should include a beautiful blanket, pillow, and other items that blend with your bedroom décor choices. 

All this is important as your bedroom should be an oasis where you can relax and regain energy after a long day. To inspire you, here are bedding suggestions you can implement to transform your bedroom in a few steps. 

Master Bedroom Bedding Ideas

1.Functional Mattress Toppers

Functional Mattress Toppers: master bedding sets
(Source: Real Simple)

To get a comfortable night’s sleep, you must select a good mattress to form the foundation. If the mattress is not up to standard, it’s advisable to find an upgrade. A good layer below the sheets can give the mattress a fluffy look and feel. 

You can add a memory foam mattress pad or a feather bed under the sheets. Regardless of your option, you will create a marshmallow-like layer that welcomes you to dive into bed. 

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2.Pattern Bedding Set Ideas

Pattern Bedding Set Ideas
(Source: AliExpress)

Introduce some fun elements by trying out a Nordic style lattice on the duvet cover. If you have a canvas print in the bedroom, you want the décor elements highlighted all across to match up. 

A geometric pattern duvet cover can help you continue the design language or your theme for the bedroom. You can also use medallion print, which adds interest if you have a classic canopy bed. 

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3.Natural Linen Duvet Cover Ideas

Natural Linen Duvet Cover Ideas
(Source: Secret Linen Store)

A natural color scheme creates a soft feel in the bedroom. This is ideal for a neutral bedroom setting. For a greige bedspread, you can add a throw pillow that matches this design language. 

Subtle stripes on the bench at the foot of your bed will further add a neutral color scheme without creating a distraction. The pillows can be a good idea to add some hints of color. 

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4.All-white Bedding Ideas

All-white Bedding Ideas
(Source: Ridgely’s Radar)

To create a clean and luxurious feel in the room, you can opt for bright bedding sets. If you have a country-style bedroom with ruffled comforter edges, this is a great option. It also adds a feminine touch to the area, which balances out the rustic elements. 

On the floor of the bed, you can add a floral quilt. This adds some delicate pattern to the white quilt to kill the monotony. 

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5.Cozy Cable Knit 

Cozy Cable Knit 
(Source: The White Company)

One of the ideas, if you want to create a warm texture, is to explore cozy cable knit. Use cabled texture on the throw blanket instead of a comforter or quilt. 

On these beautiful bedding ideas, you can use an ivory blanket, which reminisces fishermen-style knit sweaters. It adds to the room’s nautical theme. To complete the beachy theme, add striped pillows and shades of blue. 

6.Decorate with Custom Pillow

Decorate with Custom Pillow: bedding ideas
(Source: House Beautiful)

Sometimes, all you need to complete your setup is a personalized pillow. For couples, you can each bring a decorative pillow that describes your personality. 

Matching pillows with the wall color and other features will create a seamless flow in the bedroom. Even the light artwork on the wall can be a reference point if you want to transform your bedroom décor. 

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7.Matching Bedding to the Theme of the Bedroom

Matching Bedding to the Theme of the Bedroom
(Source: Home Factory Shop)

For a luxurious bedspread, you can go for a theme matching your bedroom. This is easier to implement as it means you can borrow ideas from the curtain. For this, you can add a Marielle quilted throw to complete your cottage interior design. 

No need to worry about different color schemes as you only pick colors and features already present in the bedroom. 

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8.Monochromatic Bedding Ideas

Monochromatic Bedding Ideas
(Source Homedit)

If you want to create a simple look, one of the best solutions is to ensure everything is implemented in one color. For the ocean-themed bedroom, an all-blue setup would be ideal. 

Depending on the effect you want, there are different shades of the same color you can use to create the perfect bedroom. Your bedding can match the same color as your walls or the floor to ensure a continuous flow. 

9.Combine with a Variety of Little Patterns

Combine with a Variety of Little Patterns
(Source: Better Homes and Gardens)

This is a beautiful bedding idea you can embrace to create an eclectic look. It’s a fun project you can implement using a tiny pattern. 

You can utilize many small patterns with different colors instead of going with a single overwhelming pattern. The beauty is in the contrast, so for each color pattern, you should have a neutral background. 

10.Bedding Ideas with Jewel Tones

Bedding Ideas with Jewel Tones
(Source: MyDomaine)

One of the ways to add character and glamor into your bedroom is by using deep jewel tones and a bold scheme. 

This idea uses teal and fuchsia as the base colors, which allows you to have bold colors without creating an overwhelming look. A mix of patterns between a floral duvet and a leopard pillow gives instant interest.  

11.Custom Bedspread Ideas

Custom Bedspread Ideas
(Source: Walmart Photo)

Creating a perfect bedroom starts with identifying your needs and preferences. One of the options to create personalized bedspread sets is to customize your pillows and blanket with the patterns and shades you love. 

Also, you can add your best picture on the wall in a color that blends with the running palette in your bedroom. This helps you to express yourself and create something that will impress you every time you walk into the bedroom. 

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12.Scallop Edge Duvet Cover Ideas

Scallop Edge Duvet Cover Ideas
(Source The White Company) 

To add new shapes to your bedding, you can use pretty scalloped edge duvets. This gives a simple look and ensures a smooth transition from the bed to the edges. It’s one of the guest bedding ideas you can use if you want to customize a space people will enjoy staying in. 

The scalloped edging adds character to the bedroom. If it’s paired with a muted coral with gray bedding, you can achieve a subtle mermaid vibe in the bedroom. 

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13.Boho Bedding Sets

Boho Bedding Sets
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re a fan of the boho-chic lifestyle, you can add this personality to your bedroom through beautiful comforter ideas. The style and patterns can feature on a tassel blanked, which can include anything, from plants to other forms of drawings. 

This adds a sense of liveliness to the bedroom. It can be the perfect choice for a festive mood all around the year.

14.Fur Plush Duvet Cover for Your Cozy Bedroom

Fur Plush Duvet Cover for Your Cozy Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

For an otherwise neutral color scheme, it’s important to add some texture. Some of the gray bedding ideas you should consider include customizing your primary bedroom with a fur plush duvet cover. 

This creates a luxury feel and can help you reflect a rustic vibe at the same time. The pillows can help to add some soft touches and color for contrast. 

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15.Color Combination Ideas

Color Combination Ideas
(Source: HGTV Photo Library)

It’s also important to invest in a bedding that features timeless color combinations. For example, on a white mattress, you can have an orange blanket and pillow, which give you the option if you want a warm color. 

Different colors can draw away some of the attention from your large pictures in the bedroom. Get luxury sheets that also come with a decorative edge for your bedroom. 

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16.Dark Masculine Comforter Ideas 

Dark Masculine Comforter Ideas 
(Source: Pinterest)

There are many ideas to customize a bedroom to feature a masculine look. For men’s bedding ideas, you can go with an all-black color scheme. 

Using a single hue can set the tone to create a minimalist bedroom. This is one of the options you can explore to create a relaxing bedroom that befits the masculine profile. Mix and match your duvet and pillow shams with a one-tone cotton sheet. 

17.Pretty Velvet Comforter Set Ideas

Pretty Velvet Comforter Set Ideas
(Source: English Elm)

If you want to make the bedroom lush and relaxing, you can embrace velvet set ideas. For a girl’s bedding, a pink color scheme will fit the style perfectly. 

Cozy velvet offers an instant feel of luxury on your bed. You can add a velvet blanket in navy blue, which gives a sophisticated feel without being stuffy. Having a linen headboard can serve as the second layer of texture. 

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18.Cozy Fall Bedding Sets 

Cozy Fall Bedding Sets 
(Source: Paper and Stitch)

You can replicate the rustic vibe by choosing earthy tones for your bedroom. There are different options you can use to create an autumn theme in your bedroom. 

A rustic look is bold and can help you express your personality. It works perfectly if you want to also display some art in the bedroom. Explore your creativity to create the space you want to be in. 

19.Sage Green Color to Refresh Your Bedroom

Sage Green Color to Refresh Your Bedroom
(Source: Poster Store)

Green is a color that denotes nature. It’s a calming option you can use if you want to create a relaxing, natural vibe in your bedroom. 

If you have green accents on the gallery wall, you can continue the same design language in your beddings. You don’t need to use a plain green cover as you can include the color in simple patterns and hues.  

20.Coastal Bedding Ideas

Coastal Bedding Ideas
(Source: Sugar Beach)

Explore the blue ocean beach vibe with a nautical duvet cover set. This beach bedroom inspiration comes with an assortment of decorations, including patterns that mimic fish scales. 

You can also make it an artistic presentation with fish printings in blue on a bright background. You can opt for this if you’re inspired to explore the waters. It’s a design that expresses your passion. 

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21.Chic Vintage Floral Duvet Cover

(Source: AliExpress)

When you think of princess bedding decor ideas, you cannot go wrong by suggesting a floral duvet design. The classic floral print is the perfect option, as you can never go wrong with this. 

Sparsely printed floral duvets and those featuring simple colors offer a modern feel. You don’t want to create a look that feels dated, so you must be creative when using this option. 

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22.Striped Bedding Ideas

Striped Bedding Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

For a preppy look on modern bedroom ideas, you cannot go wrong with striped black and white bedding. 

All you need is to find a simple color scheme and get some contrast that does not steal the limelight in the bedroom. Striped decorations will make the bedroom feel larger as these add extra depth and elongated lines. 

23.Funny Kids Bedding Sets

Funny Kids Bedding Sets
(Source: Pinterest)

It’s always a fun project decorating a kid’s bedroom. When looking for bedding that will capture your kid’s favorite options, you should always go with things children love. 

A cartoon blanket will surely excite your kids as it features characters they enjoy watching.

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24.Christmas Bedding Set Collections

Christmas Bedding Set Collections
(Source: Canadian Log Homes)

To set the festive mood without making it permanent in your bedroom, you can use bedding, as these are things you can easily switch. 

A custom blanket and pillow will capture the mood you want to create in this space. Find the right colors for the winter holiday spirit. Red and white seem to work perfectly for Christmas decorations. 

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25.Aesthetic Bedding Duvet Ideas

Aesthetic Bedding Duvet Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

For the ultimate aesthetics for a teenage son, you can opt for the galaxy comforter set. This will help you create an incredible sleeping space. 

When it comes to aesthetics, you can communicate any ideas as long as you stay within the style requirements of your bedroom’s theme. So, pay attention to color options. 

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If you’re looking for the best bedding ideas, there are plenty of options you can choose to transform your bedroom. 

These are some of the ideas you can use to get started on your project. Explore the suggestions and customize options to suit your needs.

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