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26+ Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas To Transform Your Space Into A Coastal Oasis In 2022

26+ Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas To Transform Your Space Into A Coastal Oasis In 2022
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most popular bedroom style ideas this season is a modern beach-themed bedroom. It’s no surprise, given the number of people who enjoy the water. A bedroom with an ocean theme provides a sense of tranquility and relaxation.  

The vibes in an ocean-inspired bedroom can also create a harmonious environment to fall asleep in. Many children, will be able to sleep more soundly and relaxed in a relaxing environment like this. With all these reasons, why not give this unique design theme a go? 

To pull together a stunning ocean-themed bedroom, you’ll need lots of natural colors like blue, white, and green. When you pair them the right way, you can create an impressive bedroom that will easily be the most popular room in the home. 

Read on to see some of this season’s most trending styles for putting together a sleeping space inspired by the ocean. Be warned though, you’ll likely find several ideas that you will fall in love with! Let’s take a look! 

Modern Beach Themed Bedroom Design Ideas

1.Capture the Spirit of the Coast for Beach Themed Bedroom

Capture the Spirit of the Coast for Beach Themed Bedroom
(Source: jane at home)

Allow the ocean waves to be the focal point of your beach-inspired bedroom. You can pull this beautiful look together by using breezy colors like light blue and white. 

Accentuate the room by using plenty of white bedding and use blue hues through throw blankets and throw pillows. Pull together the coastal look by using a simple canvas that is framed above your bed’s headboard. 

If you’d like to add an element of the outdoors, you can also decorate using potted plants for a nice touch of fresh air. The result is a stunning beachy bedroom that will make you feel like you are on vacation mode year-round.

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2.Beach Themed Bedroom with Distressed Wood

Beach Themed Bedroom with Distressed Wood
(Source: Housegoeshome)

Having a bedroom theme designed around a distressed wood finish can be such a great way to put together an inspired bedroom. 

To incorporate this distressed finish look, consider using it on the furniture pieces you include throughout the room. A distressed bed set paired with a distressed night table and chest of drawers is a great way to pull in a vibe consistent with the beach. 

Be sure to use lots of light-colored finishes as well. Other color schemes to incorporate include gray, light blue, and even beige.

3.Natural Coastal Elements

Natural Beach Elements
(Source: Decoist)

You can create a refreshing and invigorating beach-inspired bedroom using this modern ocean-style decor theme. 

A great deal of this decor theme relies on using wood elements like bamboo decor pieces, reclaimed wood throughout furniture pieces, and other natural elements. 

The color palette to stick with includes white and blue because they both highlight and emphasize the beauty of the wooden elements that you use throughout the room. The result is a vibrant and warm feeling room. 

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4.Beach Coastal House for Kids

Beach Coastal House for Kids
(Source: Pinterest)

Create the perfect children’s room using this inspired children’s design theme to help pull together a playful space. Don’t be afraid to use pops of color including blue, green, and even yellow. 

These fun colors are sure to get your children’s attention, inviting them to relax and enjoy the room. Other ways to incorporate pops of color are through fun furniture elements including beanbags and children’s tables and desks. Have fun with this coastal house for kids and your children are sure to love it.

5.Dream about The Sea Life Beach Themed Bedroom

Dream about The Sea Life Beach Themed Bedroom
(Source: Lambs & Ivy)

Using a coastal design theme can be a great style to use in a baby nursery. The main objective behind this design theme is to use plenty of sea animals to help you decorate the space. 

This means getting a crib bedding set complete with a baby shark on it, painting the walls light color to reflect the ocean. And you can incorporate lots of aquatic animals through beautiful wall canvases that you can hang up. 

Get a hold of some fish wall decals and stick them onto the blue waves so that you can create a nice inviting atmosphere perfect for any little one.

6.Sea Creature Shell Mirror Ideas

Sea Creature Shell Mirror Ideas
(Source: Completely Coastal )

If you want to have some fun and create a beautiful DIY creation that is cheap yet an insanely clever accent piece, then try this next idea out. 

Pull together a collection of small square mirrors that you will hang up on an accent wall over your headboard. 

Before you hang these mirrors up, grab a hot glue gun and start gluing your favorite beach relics. It can be included conch shells, oyster shells, sand dollars, and other ocean finds around the edge of the mirrors. Your result will be a cute seashell framed mirror that will look stunning once it is hung up.

How To Make a Seashell mirror

7.Fishnets Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas

 Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A fishnet hanging over the top of your child’s bed can be a great way to create a chic nautical bedroom design. This light blue decorative fishnet can encourage your child’s imagination and inspiration because they create an aesthetic that is reminiscent of ocean waves crashing over the bedroom walls. 

To get the full effect, it’s best if you use white throughout the rest of the room. For a little girl’s room, you can dress up these fishnets with some copper wire fairy lights. It can serve as a beautiful night light during the nighttime hours and during the day, it will be a beautiful and unique accent piece to the bedroom’s overall decor. 

How to Hang a Decorative Fishnet

8.Red and Coral Bedroom 

(Source: Pinterest)

Don’t let the color red for you. When you mix it with a teal blue, you can create a nice coral pattern that is perfect for putting together a coastal-themed bedroom. 

To create this look, you want to incorporate red accent bedding throughout the teal overlay. By creating a coral pattern with teal blue, you can pull together this coastal look. Use the artwork as a great opportunity to incorporate elements of teal and red. 

For example, displaying beautiful elements over the top of your bed’s headboard can be a great way to add symmetry to the room and tie the room together. Incorporate a little bit of red and coral accents throughout the room for a beautiful look overall. 

9.Fish-adorned Wallpaper

Fish-adorned Wallpaper
(Source: Pinterest)

Wallpaper is back in style, especially when it has a lively ocean mural displayed on it like this fish-adorned wallpaper. A cool mural like this will create such a dramatic effect that lends itself well to a dramatic bedroom. 

There are a variety of different murals you can choose from. If you want something a little darker, then you can complement the room by using dark elements as well. 

Lighter colors will compliment a lighter-themed mural too. Because you are creating a dramatic bedroom, have fun putting together this unique idea.

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10.Bring A Surfer Vibe for Your Bedroom

Bring A Surfer Vibe for Your Bedroom
(Source: Business Wire)

If you want an ocean-themed bedroom that is cool, calm, and collected, then a surfer-themed bedroom can be a great way to go. 

You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy this overall look. The vibe gives the bedroom is one of total relaxation. Because of this, it’s a great theme to go with if you are decorating a teen’s bedroom. 

The neutral tones can work for both a boy’s room and a girl’s room so have fun with how you dress the space up. Incorporate photos of great big waves, images of surfers, and even an actual surfboard leaning against the wall. 

Don’t forget to bring an element of the ocean into the room as well by decorating using potted plants and seashells you have collected in the ocean.

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A Gallery Ocean Creature Wall
(Source: Poster Store)

A gallery wall is a great way to decorate any bedroom, especially a bedroom that is aiming to achieve an ocean feel it. There are many ways you can start decorating an ocean-styled gallery wall. 

One of the best ways to start is by utilizing plenty of light colors including white, beige, and teal. Stick with white frames, silver frames, or a mixture of both to highlight this look. 

You can use a mixture of artwork including landscapes, images of your favorite sea creatures,  and even personal photos as well. 

Arrange the wall using big frames and little frames to create a really powerful accent wall that is stunning and memorable.

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12.DIY a Coastal Nightstand

(Source: Pinterest)

A really neat way to pull the ocean into your bedroom is by transforming an old dresser into an adorable seaworthy accent dresser. 

What makes this idea such a great one is that it can be a fun makeover that you can do right at home. The best part? It’s a great project to work on if you are someone who is on a budget. Start by finding a mural image, poster, or wrapping paper of your favorite picture of the sea. 

If you don’t want to use a picture, you can use a pattern reminiscent of the sea like a seafoam color or a pattern of birds, anchors, or seashells. Use Mod Podge and apply the glue all over the dresser and onto the image. 

Stick the image onto the dresser and then carefully cut out the parts you need to open doors and screw and knobs. When it dries, apply Mod Podge to seal in the mural. The result is an adorable-looking dresser that is simply stunning.

13.Variety of Fishes Beach Themed Bedroom

Variety of Fishes Beach Themed Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a cozy rustic bedroom that is heavy on a coastal theme by decorating using a variety of fish. 

What makes this bedroom such a cool look to go with is the fact that you can use all types of unique textures, vintage decor items, actual catches that you frame, and other objects reminiscent of the ocean. 

Stick with a dark color palette and you won’t have an issue mixing different items to create a cool bedroom design theme. Because a look like this is so specific, it’s great for decorating a beach house that you visit throughout the year.

14.Beach Themed Bedroom with some Shiplap

Beach Themed Bedroom with some Shiplap
(Source: Houzz)

Shiplap is a great material to use if you are putting together a coastal-inspired bedroom. Consider swapping out wall paint for some shiplap instead. 

This coastal style theme depends a lot on cool and light hues to achieve that breezy vibe necessary for a beach room. Use plenty of white, light teal, and even light gray to pull together a relaxing bedroom. 

A look like this lends itself well to a seaside cottage bedroom theme or a home that is right alongside the beach. 

When you are in a room like this and you open up the windows, you will feel like you are right along the shore as the salty ocean air filters through. Have fun dressing this room up with personal items like pictures and favorite accent pieces. Just remember to air on the lighter side of the color palette to keep up with this lovely theme.

15.Shabby Chic Decor Bedroom

Shabby Chic Decor Bedroom: beach styles
(Source: Pinterest)

Shabby chic has a super cute design theme to go with if you are putting together a girl’s bedroom that is consistent with an ocean theme. 

This casual space lends itself well to young girls who want to create a cozy space for themselves. Incorporate plenty of great elements like light teal fabrics, light-colored distressed furniture, and cute design elements like small sailboats. 

Incorporate ocean-themed pillows and plenty of seashells scattered around the room to play up that ocean vibe. Of course, because this is a shabby chic bedroom don’t forget to incorporate a beautiful crystal chandelier that ties the room together as well. 

16.Seashell Bed Style

Seashell Bed Style
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are ready to commit to the ocean theme, then why not go bold with a mermaid headboard as part of your bed frame. 

A really loud statement piece like this seashell bed can pull together a beautiful bedroom, especially one that is designed for young girls. If you want to add a little bit of luxury to the bedroom, you can step it up a notch by using a velvet headboard. 

This look will be overly stunning and adorably cute at the same time. And while a look like this works for a young girl’s bedroom as we mentioned earlier, it can also be a great look to go with for a young woman’s bedroom too. 

Don’t be shy about using plenty of fun girly colors like coral, light pink, and plenty of white. 

17.Textural Sand Beach Themed Bedroom

Textural Sand Beach Themed Bedroom
(Source: A Taste of Koko)

Model your bedroom decor after a textured sand beach theme. You can do this by using plenty of sandy colors like sandy tan, bright red, yellow, and the burst of orange. 

When you play around with these different colors, you can create a really beautiful shoreline feel that is simply wonderful. Start by finding a vibrant area rug to lay down in the center of your room. 

Then, overlap your bedding using a variety of bright and color-inspired linens. Don’t forget to add different accent pieces like a white wooden nightstand or some hanging potted plants for a nice outdoor feel as well. 

18.Dark Navy Furniture Bedroom Design

Dark Navy Furniture Bedroom Design
(Source: Living Spaces)

Who says a bedroom inspired by the beach has to be all bright colors? You can pull together a stunning bedroom with an ocean vibe by using dark gray hues like dark navy. Navy is a really elegant color that is reminiscent of dark ocean waves during the nighttime. This look lends itself really well to a beautiful beach-themed bedroom. 

Start by using a dark bed and incorporating furniture around navy blue. You want to brighten up the room a bit so be sure to use white linens, white wall paint, and other elements of white to help balance out the dark hue. Your overall look will be one full of elegance, calm, and relaxation. 

19.Cozy Cottage Beach Bedroom

Cozy Cottage Beach Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Putting together a cozy cottage bedroom is a perfect design style to use if you want to design a bedroom so it is reminiscent of the ocean. 

To pull together this beautiful bedroom that has the spirit of the ocean embedded throughout it, you will need to use a lot of white and beige. 

Start by using bedding that has a bright white hue to it. Then, complement it using plenty of white decor pillows. Above your bed, consider hanging up a sailboat model as a solid accent piece that helps tie the room together. 

Any furniture, nightstands, or other pieces you incorporate in the room should also be a nice shade of white as well. As with any cottage bedroom, you can absolutely use a metal frame bed in a darker hue to help set the tone.

20.Boho-Beachy Bedroom Decor

Boho-Beachy Bedroom Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a marvelous boho beachy bedroom by using a canopy bed that has white curtains draped around it. Even if you don’t have a canopy bed, you can still put this look together by draping the curtains from the ceiling. 

A white curtain in your bedroom that is draped around the bed can create a really romantic feel to the room. The look also creates a really beautiful design that is reminiscent of beachside cabanas in the Caribbean. 

Pull together this beautiful look by using a stunning coral painting that is hung above the headboard of your bed. If you have space, you can accentuate the main coral painting by using smaller canvases with images of the sea on either side of your bed as well.

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21.DIY Coastal Shadow Box 

DIY Coastal Shadow Box 
(Source: Pinterest)

Coastal shadow boxes are such a great way to display some of your most favorite items from the ocean. To pull this look together, collect some of your most favorite seashells that you want to put on display. 

Set them up in a shadow box frame that has a brilliant blue as the background color. Then, find a section of your room that you want to hang them up in so that they are displayed proudly. You can do this in a reading corner of the bedroom, or directly over the headboard. 

A handmade design piece like this is one that is absolutely fantastic because it has such a personalized element to it. 

Looking at it will leave you inspired and will pull you back into your memories of when you collected those ocean pieces. 

How to Make a Shadow Box Frame

22.Beach Themed Bedroom with Bedding Sets

Beach Themed Bedroom with Bedding Sets
(Source: Appie.org)

A coastal bedspread is one of the best ways to go if you’re short on time, inspiration. Or simply want a fully designed bedroom with a beach theme without having to put much thought into it. This is one of the easiest ways to put together an ocean-themed bedroom because the design element is already put together for you.

With many bedspreads, you’ll also find that there are matching curtains, linens, and other elements you’ll need to include in the room. 

Once you have these main pieces together, you can easily decorate the rest of the room by finding similarly themed images, and decor items to display around the room. 

You can always play it safe by adding in white-colored furniture as this will always pair really well with coastal-themed bedding. 

23.Coastal Nautical Knobs

Coastal Nautical Knobs
(Source: Completely Coastal)

Sometimes the beauty is in the details. And one of the best ways to incorporate beauty in your sea-inspired bedroom is by swapping out the knobs in your nightstand for some coastal-themed knobs. 

An impressive look like this utilizes coral-inspired knobs on a nightstand. Or dresser can be a really beautiful way to dress up the details of your bed. Of course, a look like this can work both ways. 

You can swap out dresser knobs for a bedroom that is full-blown in a beach theme. Or you can incorporate this design element in rooms that take a much more muted approach to decorate around the ocean. Either way, the end result is a beautiful bedroom that has stunning design details.

24.String Lights with Ocean Creature

(Source: Pinterest)

String lighting is a stunning method to create a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom. Copper wire fairy lighting, in particular, is used to create a wonderful design that resembles the ocean. Whether it is a starfish or just a random set of fairy lights, the lights themselves do a fantastic job of creating a warm vibe indoors. 

Some of the best fairy lights to use are seashell string lights that incorporate seashells into them. 

This design element works particularly well in the bedroom of a small child. The lights can also be used as a night light. Have fun putting together your beachy bedroom with this sparkling design idea. 

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25.Nautical Bunk Bedroom Ideas

Nautical Bunk Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Cottage Home Furniture)

If you have kiddos who are sharing a room, then an amazing design idea to consider using is a nautical bunk bed set up that is complete with an overhang set for a captain to look out from. This amazing design theme can be a dream bedroom for a pair of kiddos who want to be captains as they sail through the night. 

Some fun design elements to consider include an aqua accent wall, lifebuoys as wall decor, and circular mirrors that are reminiscent of ship windows. 

Use lots of ocean tones and beachy decor items to put this look together. The end result is a bedroom your little ones will absolutely love. 

26.Incredible Dream Bedroom with Speedboat Bed

Incredible Dream Bedroom with Speedboat Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Get creative with the bed frame in your child’s bedroom by incorporating a speed boat-shaped bed for them to sleep on. 

This eye-catching design theme is great for young children, teenage boys, and even setups for guest bedrooms in beach houses. What makes this look so attractive is the fact that it’s very funny without being childish. 

Using dark colors like navy blue and dark brown, you can create a really mature vibe to the room all while allowing it to be fun and carefree. Have fun with this look and don’t be afraid to add other decor elements to it like a sailor’s telescope, a lifebuoy, and even a model sailboat. 

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With all the different ways to put together a coastal theme in your sleeping space, it’s no wonder why a beach-themed bedroom can be one of the most fun bedrooms to put together. 

Which of these wonderful design ideas has been your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. 

If you know someone who lives on the beach, loves the beach, or simply wants to feel like they are falling asleep at the beach every night, then be sure to share this article with them as well. Here’s to happy decorating and inspirational adventures through your beach bum bedroom. 

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