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32+ Inspiring Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom Into a Calming, Relaxing Space

Are you looking for some amazing bathroom wall decor ideas? Our extensive list will highlight some of the most trending wall designs and decor themes that will make your bathroom an oasis of peace, calm, and tranquility. 

The power of color, customized signage, and theme-appropriate decor items can really work wonders in any space, especially a bathroom. You don’t have to invest a lot of time or money either when it comes to sprucing up your home’s restroom.

By playing with materials you already have and revamping objects through DIY projects, you can breathe new life into your bathroom in a way that is affordable and reaps amazing results. 

In our exhaustive list, we will take a look at different design and decor themes that will work in any type of home. Our list will take into consideration some of the most trending elements coupled with in-demand design materials.

If you are someone who has an eye for design but is not quite sure how to piece together different elements, our list will help guide you in how to pair different pieces with different wall designs.

The best part is, no matter the style of your home or your personal preferences, we know you will find a design idea you will fall in love with. Whether you live in a beachside residence, a cityscape, or out in the country, we are sure you will find some inspiration with our beautiful designs that are as exquisite as they are unique. Let’s take a look! 

1. Farmhouse-Style Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Farmhouse-Style Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A farmhouse-style bathroom is a popular aesthetic that is quaint, cute, and simply beautiful.

This relaxing design style is perfect for country powder room themes and it brings an elegant appeal to the farmhouse design idea.

Play around with old items that you can upcycle, repurpose, and paint for a beautiful bathroom design idea. 

2. Nautical Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Nautical Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Impressive Interior Design)

If you have a beach home or just love the beach, then you may want to incorporate a nautical design theme.

This relaxing blue and white theme will brighten up your restroom and you can decorate using nautical elements like an anchor sign and a scattering of seashell decor items

One of the best ways to put an aquatic-themed room together is by using actual pieces you might gather from beach trips you’ve collected over the years. 

3. Rustic-Style Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

 Rustic-Style Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest) 

If you have a large space in your bathroom, then playing around with a rustic style bathroom theme can be a neat way to decorate.

Use natural elements including reclaimed wood on the floor, rough stones on bathroom walls, and even galvanized metal and cast iron on your hardware and fixtures.

These natural elements provide different textures for a subtle rustic style

4. Modern Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Modern Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: sassytownhouseliving)

A modern bathroom design theme is timeless, classic, and oh so beautiful.

One way to brighten up your bathroom space is by using marble and brass fixtures, a sleek glass-walled shower, and a white marble bathtub. You can’t go wrong with these stunning design elements.

If you don’t have a large bathroom, this can be a great design style to go with a smaller-sized powder room as well. 

5. DIY Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas With Materials in Your Shed

DIY Bathroom Wall With Materials in Your Shed
(Source: Ideal Home)

Have fun putting your restroom together by playing around with easy and cheap DIY bathroom wall decor ideas.

Upgrade your walls with projects that include hanging fiber rope potted plants, repurposed mirror fixtures, and other DIY projects using things you already have.

Go crazy with the color scheme or keep it simple with light, airy tones. 

Gallery Wall Art With No Photos Necessarily
(Source: HGTV)

Who says gallery walls are just for hallways and living spaces? Decorating your bathroom with a gallery wall is a unique way to style up your restroom walls.

Playing around with wall art and chic wooden frames can create an impressive appeal, especially in half bathrooms and powder rooms. 

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7. Greenery Styled Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Greenery Styled Bathroom Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most beautiful ways to liven up your bathroom and bring out a fresh, natural feel to it is by utilizing small plants and other natural elements.

Besides, green canvas paintings can make the space feel alive and light colors like white and light green can cool down space for a relaxing feel. 

8. Try A Concrete Bathroom Wall Instead of Using Tiles

Try A Concrete Wall Instead of Using Tiles in Bathroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Ditch traditional bathroom wall tiles and play around with this aesthetic trend that is rooted in inspiration from minimalist enthusiasts.

This unique concrete bathroom wall look will oddly brighten up your room if you pair it with light-colored bathroom fixtures and light wall paints. 

9. Floor-to-Ceiling Window Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 

Floor-to-Ceiling Window in Master Bathroom
(Source: lovePROPERTY)

If you have a master bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, decorating the walls using elegant curtains can bring out the luxurious appeal.

Also, his and her vanities can exude comfort with customized decor like his and her soaps, signage, and towel racks.

In addition, warm colors on wall curtains and wall signage can really pull the room together for a cozy appeal too. 

10. Disney-Style Bathroom Wall Decor for Kids

Disney-Style Bathroom Wall Decor for Kids
(Source: yourwdwstore)

Personalize your children’s bathroom with a Disney wall theme.

Play around with colorful wall decal and sticker designs that highlight the colors white, black, and red.

Also, fish decals for bathtubs are fun for kiddos to enjoy with bath time and animal lovers can enjoy eclectic animal decals that blend well with a Disney theme. 

11. Eclectic and Quaint Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Hand Mirrors on Wall
(Source: vogue)

An eclectic and quaint bathroom wall design works great for a variety of design themes.

Whether it’s a retro design theme or a French country inspiration that plays with vintage mirrors and other rustic elements, mixing together eclectic pieces can be a fun way to decorate your restroom walls.

When decorating, make sure to play with items in the same color palette. 

12. Bathroom Wall Decorated With Love Themed Art 

Bathroom Wall Decorated With Love Themed Art
(Source: Sincerely, Not)

A love-themed bathroom wall design is a beautiful way to play around with personalized canvas art, song lyrics, and inspirational quotes.

This bathroom design idea is perfect for a couple sharing a bathroom space or for someone looking for a bright and refreshing bathroom theme. 

13. Wood Shiplap Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 

Wood Shiplap Bathroom Wall
(Source: paynesgray)

Shiplap bathroom wall designs are as timeless as they are beautiful.

Whether you have a modern designed home or a farmhouse theme, horizontal shiplap wall accents coupled with light colors can bring out the beauty in your bathroom space.

14. Romantic Feeling with A Bathroom Wall Candle Holder

Romantic Bathroom with Candle Holder
(Source: flickr)

With this gorgeous bathroom wall decor idea, the design relies heavily on old sconce candle holders, warm colors like mahogany and brown, and polished hardware that brings out a rustic shine.

Playing with these elements can create a romantic feel in a drab bathroom space. If you have an older home or just really like that romanticized design theme, this can be a great style to work with. 

15. It’s Time To “BATH” Sign Wall Art

It’s Time To “BATH” Sign Wall Art
(Source: Etsy)

Play with signage art using any large “BATH” sign. The bigger the sign, the more attention it will draw to your bathroom space.

Play around with pretty bathroom elements like hanging succulents, bathtub accessories, and other light-colored design pieces that will brighten up your bathroom’s wall.

As a general rule of thumb, if your sign is eclectic, then let the focus be on it. If it’s simple, accentuate it with additional wall decor. 

16. Fire And Water Elements Make A Warm Vibe

A fireplace is designed beside a bathtub
(Source: Trendir)

A bathroom fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere that makes getting in the bathtub an experience that is romantic and luxurious.

This unique style works best in bathrooms that have ample space. Your wall fireplace can be accentuated with dark color paints and mahogany fixtures. 

17. Corner Wall Shelves Instead of Big Cabinets Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas 

Corner Wall Shelves Instead of Big Cabinets in Powder Room
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

If you are limited on space because you have a small bathroom, corner shelves are a great way to decorate your walls and be practical at the same time.

As a result, a nice small shelf can make a world of difference as far as storage goes and it can serve as a neat way to display beautiful bathroom art. 

18. Don’t Forget That Some Useful Kinds of Stuff Also Make Aestheticism on Your Bathroom Wall

Hooks Also Make Aestheticism on Your Bathroom Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

The best type of bathroom wall decor is the one that can serve a practical function as well.

Metal towel hooks against shiplap walls or light color tiles are a beautiful and modern way to spruce up your bathroom wall decor.

Thus, you can add a touch of color using decorative hooks as well.

19. When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do! 

Decorate your bathroom wall with a bathroom rules wall art
(Source: 365canvas)

Play around with funny signs with contemporary humor quotes or find a way to decorate your bathroom walls using funny bathroom rules that are framed or even engrained on a plaque.

Back framed quotes and canvas prints are a fun and convenient way to create an inviting space in the bathroom.

20. The More Rudimentary, The More Attractive 

One of bathroom walls is installed red bricks
(Source: Pinterest)

Redbrick walls have grown in popularity because they can create such a fancy, accent wall allure that is primitive yet still modern and trendy.

If you are designing using a red brick wall, let the wall do most of the speaking by hanging minimal pieces of artwork on it.  

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21. Applied Bathroom Wall Molding

Applied Bathroom Wall Molding
(Source: Decorpad)

Bathroom wall molding is a simple technique that really allows white walls in your bathroom to stand out.

This unique wall design is bright and inviting all while creating an upscale, luxurious look. Installation is easy and all you need is thin lumber material for this exquisite and relaxing design idea. 

22. Vertical Mixed Horizontal Stripes

Vertical Mixed Horizontal Stripes Bathroom Wallpaper
(Source: Interior Design)

Play around with mixed horizontal stripes and a black and white color scheme for an interesting yet modern bathroom wall design.

If you don’t want to mess around with paints, striped wallpaper can offer you plenty of options for neat vertical and horizontal wall designs. 

23. Bring To Your Bathroom Wall A Familiar Iconic Shaped Toilet Paper Storage 

Bring To Your Half Bathroom A Familiar Iconic Shaped Toilet Paper Storage
(Source: Etsy)

Practicality is always best, and especially suitable in this fun, texting, toilet paper wall design idea that also serves as a storage option for bathrooms that have a tight fit.

Using a wall decal or some grey paint, you can pull off this funny bathroom wall design in no time, for instance.

24. Rustic Pattern Play on Your Bathroom Wall

Rustic Pattern Play on Your Bathroom Wall
(Source: rachelbernhardt)

Rustic pattern play is a fun and decorative way of covering your restroom’s walls. The bigger the space the better.

If you don’t want to paint the design on, you can use rustic wallpaper for easy full coverage. Stick with light neutral colors and add a pop of gold through light fixtures and hardware. 

24. Inspired Bathroom With Natural Stone Wall 

Inspired Bathroom With Natural Stone Wall
(Source: Novocom)

Also, a natural stone wall is a great way to create a rustic wall theme that exudes a spa-like atmosphere.

This unique design idea can be a bit overwhelming, so focus on one wall that you think would look best with the natural stone tile fixtures and turn it into the accent wall.  

26. Decorating A Simple Vintage Mirror As A Highlight of Bathroom Wall

Decorating A Simple Vintage Mirror As A Highlight of Bathroom Wall
(Source: Architectural Digest)

You can make a small rest room feel spacious by decorating a blank bathroom wall with a wooden or metal vintage mirror that is matte gold.

Pairing this design with bathrooms that have gold fixtures and bright lighting can create a relaxing and inviting bathroom. This design works great in powder rooms too.  

27. It’s OK to Put A Canvas Art in A Bathroom

It’s OK to Put A Canvas Art in A Bathroom
(Source: pufikhomes)

Personalize your bathroom with canvas art that shares your favorite print, quote, or painting.

Canvas art makes redecorating your bathroom easy and simple so that you can always change things up when you feel the need. 

28. Ombre Bathroom Wall Effect Ideas

Ombre Bathroom Wall Effect
(Source: Pinterest)

An ombre bathroom is a colorful and cute design idea that is too easy, you would be remiss if you didn’t try it.

Section off different parts of a blank wall and paint it using a dark gradient on the bottom that gets lighter as you go up.

Play with any paint color you want but bright colors work best! 

29. Aquamarine Bathroom Border Wall Decor Ideas

Aquamarine Bathroom Border Wall
(Source: realhomes)

Cooldown the atmosphere of your bathroom using an aquamarine color scheme. Create an eye-catchy pattern using a rectangular shape, blue tiles, and other aquatic elements.

Besides that, clean fixtures, silver hardware, and a simplistic mirror will all help you pull off this look. 

30. Inspiring Gold Touches for Bathroom Wall

Inspiring Gold Touches Wallpaper Behind Bathtub
(Source: homethangs)

Gold touches on your hardware, bathroom fixtures, and wall tiles are a great way to add an element of glam to your bathroom decoration.

Gold texture frames make for a good option if you want to hang up art, and white walls make for a brilliant backdrop, for instance.

31. Bathroom Tropical Wall Art Ideas

Bathroom Tropical Wall Art Ideas
(Source: Americanflat)

Similarly, play around with a tropical design bathroom idea using large leaf plants, botanical wall art, tropical print canvases, and other greenery wall portrait ideas that play up the tropical design theme.

32. Recessed Niche Help to Save Space

Recessed Niche Help to Save Bathroom Space
(Source: Espacios Creativo)

Organized bathroom niches love the idea of minimalism.

This modern bathroom wall design keeps cluttered bathroom elements like shampoo bottles and perfumes out of sight all while highlighting the clean, light, modern look that organized aesthetics is all about.

For this look, light gray hues and a white color scheme work best. 

In conclusion, with our extensive list of different bathroom wall decor ideas, we are certain you will find a design theme that you will fall in love with.

Let us know in the comments section below what some of your most favorite designs for your bathrooms are.

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