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25 Baby Girl Nursery Ideas Every Little Princess Will Love

nursery ideas for girls

There’s no shortage of baby girl nursery ideas when you’re putting together a sleeping space for your little one. Today, we’ve got a fabulous list of charming and unique design and decor ideas that you and your little one are sure to love.

Our list will look at some trending styles that use lots of different colors and tones. We’ll also look at how you can play around with patterns and prints to create a vibrant nursery. If you are looking for some inspiration, you have come to the right place. Read on to see which of these baby girl room ideas you will fall in love with! 

1. Neutral Tones

baby girl room ideas with neutral tones
(Source: Sharon Montrose)

Neutral tones are a great color scheme to use in a nursery. Even if it’s a baby girl’s nursery, the neutral tones will lend really well to a girly vibe. Some great shades to incorporate include beige, white, and gray. Divide the wall so that the bottom half is a base neutral tone while the top half features a sort of pattern. Stripes, dots, and simple wall art are all great ways to style this look.

2. Impactful Statement

Impactful Statement in baby girl's nursery: putting together a bold accent wall
(Source: Lauren Muckler)

Create a statement piece in your girl’s nursery room by putting together a bold accent wall. A great theme to consider is an animal print. A leopard print can be a really modern way to give the room a fun vibe. For the rest of the walls, paint the nursery a color that accentuates the accent wall. For example, a bold burnt orange like the one in this look creates a really warm space.

3. Modern Glam

modern baby girl nursery: Modern Glamorous nursery room
(Source: Michelle Chan Photography)

Board and batten wall decor is a design scheme that is here to stay, at least for the next couple of years. This design idea is really great for putting together a glamorous nursery room. Incorporate shades like rose gold, white, and blush pint to pull together this stunning look.

Add an air of freshness and vibrancy to the room by setting up some lovely house plants as well. Elements like large windows, high ceilings, and lots of mirrors can all help pull together a charming space. 

4. Princess Theme

baby girl nursery decor: Princess Theme
(Source: Patrick Cline)

A light blue shade, not pink, is also perfect for putting together a baby girl’s room. Even though this color is traditionally suited for boys, it’s a great hue to go with if you want to put a spin on your little girl’s nursery.

Incorporate touches of blue to all aspects of the room including the wall paint, bedding, and accent furniture. When it comes to the girly appeal, use linens like satin and lace to give off a really feminine appeal. Your little one will quickly learn to love the beautiful tones in this bedroom. 

5. Simple Color Blocking

simple and creative way to style a girl nursery: Simple Color Blocking on wall
(Source: Paige Christensen)

Color blocking is a really simple and creative way to style a bedroom, especially a nursery. To pull off this look, you want to use bold paint colors that stand out alongside neutral tones.

Use this bold color to paint geometric shapes like rectangles and ovals. These shapes can also serve as a functional piece of the room. For example, you can paint an oval on the wall that also doubles up as a sort of headboard.

6. Playful Twist

Hollywood Regency-style nursery room for baby girls
(Source: Rachel Owens)

Give your little one’s room a playful twist by incorporating retro decor elements. The goal of this style is to put together a very Hollywood Regency-style nursery room. Incorporate elements like a name sign for your baby that uses a neon light.

Use furniture that has a modern retro-chic vibe as well. Keep elements of infancy by using pastel tones like baby pink or baby blue. Also, decorating walls using Greek key wallpaper is a really fun way to incorporate this unique style. Match the wallpaper with an equally stylish Greek key rug.

Get Greek Key Wallpaper at jillsorensenlifestyle.com, Greek Key Rug at society6.com, and Neon name sign at etsy.com

7. Timeless Pastels

Timeless Pastels
(Source: domino)

A color palette full of pastel tones can be a great way to dress up your baby girl’s bedroom. You can create this lovely look by using calming hues including baby blue, lime green, and of course soft pink.

You can add a little bit of texture to the room by using powdered prints as well. If you’re going to do this, however, don’t go with bold prints. Instead, use textures and patterns that are soft and mellow.

8. Bunny Theme

Bunny Themed Nursery
(Source: Vanessa Heins)

A bunny rabbit-themed room is such a classic style to go with when you’re putting together a girl’s nursery. Pull this look off by using rabbit print artwork that you can hang up on the wall. Accentuate the rabbit decor by using light shades like pastel green, beige, and soft yellow.

You can have other decor elements like customized pillows and blankets that have rabbit prints on them as well. A bedroom like this is really unique yet thematic, making it a great fit for a little one.

Get this Bunny Rabbit Printable Digital Download at etsy.com

9. Floral Theme

Floral Themed nursery
(Source: @thecrownprints)

A floral-themed bedroom is an absolutely charming style to go with when you’re putting together a baby girl’s nursery. There are so many different ways you can incorporate floral into the room.

One of the best ways is by using floral wallpaper. If your room has an archway in it, then use the natural architecture to accentuate the floral accent wall. You can also consider using floral elements in bedding, accent furniture, and even artwork in the room. 

Get this Mila Wallpaper at shop.projectnursery.com

10. Monochrome Decor

Monochrome Nursery Decor with bedding accents
(Source: etsy)

Monochromatic decor can be such a great decorative style for a baby girl’s room. When you are putting together this look, avoid using prints and patterns. Instead, aim for monochromatic hues like gray and light pink.

When it comes to the child’s bedding, use light colors to help balance out the tone in the room. Some popular tones to go with include maroon, pink, and even dark purple. 

11. Dreamy Purple

Dreamy Purple in a girl's nursery
(Source: nickanddalicia)

Dreamy purple like a light lavender or soft lilac is ideal for putting together a little girl’s nursery. These feminine tones offer such a majestic and feminine feel to the bedroom. Have these tones in the room stand out by incorporating lots of white alongside them.

For example, consider using a soft purple on the wall in an accented form. Then, use lots of white to accentuate the purple. Incorporating carpet and accent furniture in this hue is also a great way to tie tone into the room. 

12. Lovely Lemon Drop

girl nursery with Lovely Lemon Drop theme
(Source: Christopher Stark)

A lemon-drop-themed bedroom is such a charming way to decorate a nursery. This look is so beautiful, light, and vibrant, it’s an absolute must in any little girl’s nursery. Start by installing an all-white acrylic crib in the room. Then accent the room with lots of white furnishings and linens.

Incorporate lemon drop decor through the curtains, the wallpaper, and even the lighting fixtures. By playing on pops of yellow and light green, you’ll create a really whimsical and calming space 

Designed by Dina Bandman Interiors

Get this abstract lemon wallpaper at etsy.com

13. Earthy Tones

earthy-toned nursery
(Source: modernburlap)

Play it boho with an organic and earthy-toned nursery. A bedroom like this will use a lot of neutral earthy tones like beige, wood, and white. You’ll want to incorporate as many organic materials as you can.

Consider using a bamboo crib, and other bamboo furniture fixtures. Rattan and braided tapestries are other elements to consider using throughout the space as well. Have fun with this style as you connect and play around with the earth’s natural tones. 

14. Navy and Girly Tones

white and navy nursery for girls
(Source: Casa de Valentina)

Who says navy works just in a boy’s room? Navy and white can be such a great color combination for putting together a baby girl’s sleeping space. To pull off this look, you’ll start by creating a navy accent wall. Using a herringbone pattern on the wall is a great way to draw attention to the room.

Throughout the rest of the space use lots of white tones to help brighten up the room. If you have the room, incorporating an accent chair can be another great addition. Add a pop of color to the space by incorporating a dark coral or goldenrod accent pillow as well. 

Get your baby girl a cute accent pillow at 365canvas.com

15. Combine with Wood

girl nursey design ideas: Combine with Wood
(Source: worksofe)

Create a really cozy nursery with a rustic touch by using lots of white alongside woodland tones. A bedroom like this gives off a really comfortable and warm vibe. Your little one will fall asleep with ease every night as they settle into this welcoming bedroom.

If you want to create an accent wall, utilizing all-white shiplap is a great way to do this. Bring in the freshness of the outdoors by incorporating a potted plant in the corner of the room as well. 

16. Vintage Pieces

using vintage pieces in a girl's nursery
(Source: studio-mcgee)

Pull in some beautiful vintage pieces into your baby girl’s space to create a really modern yet cozy bedroom. A bedroom like this will look like it’s pulled straight out of an interior design magazine. Start by incorporating a beautiful pendant light that draws attention into the room.

Then, incorporate light and airy curtain linens that complement the rest of the space. If you want to add in a pop of color, you can do so using a light green knotted rug or even a metal floor lamp. Other elements to consider including are an ottoman for you to rest on and a side table for your little one’s belongings.

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17. Mix Patterns

Mix together patterns and colors in girls' nursery
(Source: Thomas Kuoh)

Mix together patterns and colors to create a really eclectic and vibrant bedroom. A space like this will be such a whimsical environment that your baby will love. Plus, because it is full of colors, it’s a perfect space for her to engage and interact with.

When it’s time to play, your little one will have an opportunity to experience all the beautiful colors around them. And this is something that’s critical to childhood development, especially during the formative years. Incorporate a colorful garland, beaded artwork, colorful wallpaper, and lots of patterns and textures. 

18. Mid-Century Modern

baby girl's room in mid-century modern decor style
(Source: roomfortuesday)

Keep it nice and classy with a mid-century modern decor style for your little one. A look like this is really easy to pull off. Start by using a wooden crib that is traditional yet beautiful. If you’re going to incorporate furniture in the room, allow it to match the wooden tone of the crib.

You can also opt for all white furniture to help balance the hones in the room. Because wood can be such a dark tone, be sure to use lots of white throughout the rest of the room. White linens, white wall paint, and a white area rug are the way to go.

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19. Elephant Theme

elephant-themed nursery
(Source: rachelparcell)

An elephant-themed nursery is such a charming style to go with if you’re putting together a little baby girl’s bedroom. What makes a room like this so wonderful is the level of imagination and creativity it will inspire in your baby girl.

Incorporate an elephant rocking horse that serves as a decorative yet functional piece. Give the room a nice splash of glam by using a gold accent crib or gold fixtures throughout the room. You can also incorporate potted plants to give off a really nice jungle vibe too. 

20. Fabric Accents

baby girl room ideas with Fabric Accents
(Source: @emilyfollowillphotographer)

Fabric accents are always a safe way to go when you’re putting together a little girl’s nursery. You can use these types of fabric accents on furniture pieces like an accent chair or an ottoman.

If you’re using a crib liner, this is also a great way to incorporate this pattern as well. Because these patterns can be overwhelming, it’s important to use a lot of white throughout the rest of the room. Use white in the bedding, the curtains, and the wall paint to help balance out the space.

21. Double Up

Double up the crib for twin baby girls
(Source: Remodelista)

If you have to double up your crib space because you have twins in your hands, you’ll find plenty of ways to dress up your space. One of the best ways is by using matching cribs, matching picture frames over top of the cribs, and complementary decor pieces.

By keeping both sleeping spaces relatively similar, you’ll create a cohesive feel throughout the room. And because two cribs mean more furniture, you’ll want to stay on the lighter color scheme. This way, your room will feel a lot bigger than it actually is.

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22. Windowsill As A Shelf

Windowsill As A Shelf
(Source: Nina van Ewijk)

Use the window in your baby girl’s nursery as a shelf to store some wonderful decorative pieces. If you have a smaller size bedroom, this is a great way to use the space wisely so that you’re not overwhelming the room.

The shelf is a great storage space for things like potted plants, stuffed animals, and even linens. Depending on how big the window is and how much of a shelf you have, you likely won’t want to use curtains. Instead, opt for blinds or shades that are easy to pull down.

23. Cactus Theme

Cactus Themed nursery for baby girls
(Source: Jandaco)

A cactus-themed nursery is such a charming style to consider when putting together a baby girl’s sleeping space. This type of decoration lends really well to a variety of styles, spaces, and nursery room sizes. You can start by creating a cactus accent corner that serves as the focal point of the room.

Level up the cuteness by adding in a cactus-themed teepee as well. Use fun types of decoration like a puff ottoman and a wire-framed crib to help accentuate the room’s desert theme.

Get this Lucca Cactus Wall Decal Set at shop.projectnursery.com

24. Add An Elegant Oversized Mirror 

Add An Elegant Oversized Mirror
(Source: Arhaus)

Create a really girly bedroom by adding in an elegant oversized mirror. This type of decoration is really great to use especially in smaller nurseries. It will make the nursery appear much larger than it actually is.

Plus, if you have a window in the room, the reflection of the light will make the space seem a lot brighter as well. If you’re incorporating the mirror in an all-white room, then opt for a gold-rimmed mirror. This will give you a really glamorous look.

Get this Amelie Floor Mirror in Gold at arhaus.com

25. Stylish Polka Dots

girl's nursery theme: Stylish Polka Dots
(Source: Raquel Langworthy)

Quaint little polka dots are such an adorable design theme to use in a little girl’s nursery. Incorporate these polka dots by using an all-white background with light pink polka dot patterns.

You can complement the wall by using a similarly patterned bed set. If you have space for a white shelf, style it up with matching decor elements too. A room like this will give your little one such a cheerful space for them to fall asleep in.

26. Hang a Baby’s Art

Hang a Baby’s Art above the baby's crib
(Source: Extra Space Storage)

The best type of artwork is the kind that is unique to your little one. For this reason, using unique and custom artwork made by your baby girl is a great way to decorate the nursery. Consider using a handprint or footprint mold made by her.

You can also use personalized canvas art like this design too. Hang these pieces of artwork up over the crib and avoid using other artwork that might distract from your little one’s masterpiece. 

Get your baby girl this cute custom wall art at 365canvas.com


It’s easy to see why settling on just one look for your little one’s nursery can be difficult. There are so many different ways to use colors and patterns, it can quickly become overwhelming settling on a style.

We hope our extensive list has helped make the journey easier for you. Let us know in the comments section below which of these baby girl nursery ideas were your favorite. Know someone who has a little girl on the way? Be sure to share this article with them as well!

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