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30+ Cool Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas to Brighten Up Your Kiddo’s Room

baby boy bedroom ideas

If you are looking for some amazing ideas for decorating and designing a cool bedroom for baby boys, then you have come to the right place. Whether you have a newborn, small infant, or a growing toddler, our extensive list will cover some amazing decor designs for your child’s nursery.

For older kiddos, our list will cover some cool bedroom theme designs for your child. Our list of this year’s best baby boy bedroom ideas will lead you in the right direction for finding the best decor for your kiddo’s sleeping space. Let’s take a look!

1. Blue and Grey Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Blue and Grey Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: decoideas)

A blue and gray nursery for a 1-year-old baby boy is a great design pattern to go with because it creates a calming environment that is perfect for baby boys. You can use customized letters to spell the name of your baby out and paint it different shades of blue for a personal touch.

Moreover, you can also use shades of grey on different furniture including a baby crib or dresser to help balance out the tones of the room.

2. Modern Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Modern Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A chic and timeless look for any nursery is a modern design that is simple yet beautiful. You can still pull off a masculine look in the room for your baby boy by using popular colors like dark blue, gold, and white.

Find a table or a cozy chair with elements of this color scheme for a modern space that will also be comfortable and relaxing.

3. Beach Themed for Baby Boy Bedroom

Beach Themed for Baby Boy Bedroom
(Source: thespruce)

Cool blue and a blend of creamy and stark whites create a gorgeous color scheme for an ocean-themed nursery. For example, this baby boy’s room is complete with a nautical anchor patterned pillow, sailor-blue table and crib, and a set of name letter canvas prints.

For a beach-themed room, in addition to nautical elements, consider using light hues as well to help open up space.

4. Rustic Woodland Themed Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Rustic Woodland Themed Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: nursery.selbermachendeko)

If your home has a farmhouse theme or a very rustic design scheme, then a rustic Woodland design is a great way to dress up your baby boy’s room. Use a customized name sign on reclaimed wood Fort gray trust at the fact.

Of course, you can even use an aged cedar or Oakwood design for your baby’s crib. Use natural colors like dark green, tan, and varying shades of brown and other elements like the curtains and carpet.

5. Disney Mickey Mouse Themed Bedroom for Your Baby Boys

Disney Mickey Mouse Themed Bedroom for Your Baby Boys
(Source: wayfair)

Boys’ nurseries look amazing in Mickey Mouse style. You can go traditional red and black, play it modern with navy and light blue, or try neutral colors with grey or navy accents.

What you need is a Mickey Mouse LED, a crib mobile, and other Mickey Mouse-themed decor elements. Lastly, don’t forget to use bedding including a matching pillow and blanket set that uses the Mickey Mouse theme.

6. Safari Themed Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Safari Themed Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: ohlalot)

If an animal-themed safari nursery is on your mind, consider sprucing things up a bit with these adorable safari nursery details. There are so many ways to create a beautiful safari-themed bedroom for your baby boy.

Some of the best methods include decorating using a giraffe, panther, elephant, and deer wallpaper. Don’t forget other great accessories like a tiger head pillow and a lion rug. Get wild with this fun design theme.

7. Green Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Green Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: apluslifeblog)

A green crib is the hallmark of a classic, upscale baby boy bedroom. This green bedroom is finished using three main colors: green, white, and black.

Along with other easy-to-find green decorations such as a cactus-shaped green LED light and a small cactus-shaped pillow, the baby boy bedroom looks both classic and modern. 

8. Minimalist Style Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist Style Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: vivandtimhome)

Minimalism is one of the biggest trending design styles out there right now. Purge, keep what you need and love, and create and uphold spaces that feel clean, uncluttered, and attractive for their simplicity.

Creating a pale, soft color scheme of whites, creams, and beiges is a great way to carry out the minimalist theme in the baby boy bedroom. Still, if you do have smaller, unsightly items, storage boxes are a great way to conceal them.

9. Create A Playing Corner for The Baby Boy 

Create A Playing Corner for The Baby Boy
(Source: en.happy-spaces)

Additionally, create a special spot in the baby boy’s bedroom where your son is surrounded by their toys. Decorate their little play corner with a floor chair, a toys basket, and some dinosaur pillows.

Not only will this area bring his creativity alive, but it can be another spot in the room that is calming and relaxing. If there is space, don’t forget to add shelves for some book storage too.

10. Baby Boy Jungle Concept Bedroom Ideas

Baby Boy Jungle Concept Bedroom Ideas
(Source: prettyinprintart)

A baby boy jungle theme can be so fun because you can play with tropical elements like leaves,  greenery, and fun animals. Accordingly, consider using animal sticker decals or statues that highlight your child’s favorite jungle animal.

This can include an elephant, monkey, snake, or any other animal that’s a part of your child’s imagination.

11. Farmhouse Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Farmhouse Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: homestratosphere)

If you’re planning to create a farmhouse-style bedroom for your baby boy, consider using wood. One of the best elements for this theme is using reclaimed wood, as it is a must for a farmhouse sleeping space.

Along with a stained wood interior, you can use other elements including layered rugs, faux fur, jute, and other rustic stuff you like.

12. Traditional Bedroom for Baby Boys

Traditional Bedroom for Baby Boys
(Source: justsimplymom)

Sometimes simple can be best and in a traditional bedroom for baby boys, it’s one of the best ways to create a calming and relaxing space.

To create this beautiful interior, use classic colors such as creamy white and soft beige. Set up a white crib and other white pieces of furniture to help tie the room together.

13. Chic-Styled Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas 

Chic-Styled Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: decoist)

Blue is arguably one of the most versatile colors when it comes to decorating your home, and its many shades can be used to create diverse themes that range from chic and refined to eclectic and playful.

Think of designs that incorporate blue and white stripes, a fancy ceiling fan with the same concept, or lovely murals that draw the attention of your child.

14. Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas In Grey

Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas In Grey
(Source: amazon)

The color grey is such a calming and versatile color to design with. It is also one of the most relaxing colors too which means it’s perfect for designing a baby boy bedroom.

Indeed, this neutral color can draw inspiration in your child and you don’t need to do much with it either! Hang up personalized signs and other imagery that uses the color grey in a bold way.

15. Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces
(Source: livetteswallpaper)

If you live in an apartment or a tiny house with a limited baby boy sleeping space, you can create a hallway-style bedroom with a walkway in the middle and cabinets and shelves at two sides of the bedroom.

Use natural wood tones combined with white to widen and brighten up the small space of your baby boy’s bedroom. If you have windows in the area, decorating with white curtains can help brighten up space as well.

16. Giraffe Themed Bedroom Ideas for A Baby Boy

Giraffe Themed Bedroom Ideas for A Baby Boy
(Source: hgtv)

Giraffes are such regal animals, and with a grand presence and beautiful markings in a subdued color palette. It makes them the perfect animal to design with when putting together a baby boy bedroom.

Thus, if you’re considering a nature or animal-themed baby room but haven’t settled on the main event, consider a giraffe nursery that will wow. 

17. Colorful Rug Highlight The Floor 

Colorful Rug Highlight The Floor
(Source: thebooandtheboy)

There are tons of accent pieces that can tie baby boy’s room decor together, from printed crib sheets to the perfect artwork and prints. One of the most underrated pieces however is an area rug.

Use a multi-colored rug to brighten up the whole space of a baby boy’s bedroom.  If you want to tone things down a bit, you can use neutral color rugs that accent the decor around the rest of the room as well. 

18. DIY Fabric Banner Hanging for Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

DIY Fabric Banner Hanging for Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: futuristarchitecture)

Pennant banners are not only simple to make, but they offer a versatile and chic way to decorate any area in a nursery or baby boy’s bedroom. You can make your unique banner as large or as small as you like using as many or as few fabrics as you want.

Because this type of triangle banner is often installed for parties, it is extremely suitable for a baby boy’s birthday or the first day of a newborn’s home arrival.

19. Hanging Baby Mobile for Your Little Boy’s Bed

Hanging Baby Mobile for Your Little Boy’s Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Baby mobiles are essential accessories to a nursery. Not only do they help to keep a little newborn entertained, but they also add charm and decoration to space.

They will add such color and charm to the baby’s crib and your little baby boy is sure to adore watching them move. Find a baby boy mobile that compliments the decor of the rest of the room.

If the room has a lot of colors, use a mobile that reflects that. Popular mobiles include animal, ariel, and object themes. 

20. Keep An Old-But-Elegant Vibe

Keep An Old But Elegant Vibe
(Source: cotemaison)

More precisely, this room is designed in a charming antique style, decorated with toys that are uniquely dated but still beautiful.

Elements of an old but elegant space include fighter planes, an old gas cylinder, a retro lamp and pair of vintage sconces, and old horse-shaped sliding chairs. If you have actual momentos that are old yet vintage, you can incorporate them into the room as well.

21. Sport Themed Bedroom Ideas for Toddler Boys

Sport Themed Bedroom Ideas for Toddler Boys
(Source: bedbathandbeyond)

This idea can be for mothers with active and sporty sons who dream of becoming an athlete in the future.

Adorned with a sports theme, your child will fall asleep dreaming of home runs, goals scored, and free throws galore. Decorate your little athlete’s bed with a ball bedding set to have them have a better sleeping habit.

22. Adventure Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas

Adventure Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas
(Source: geanieoommen) 

Create an accent design by designing a mountain and forest screen behind the baby boy’s crib. It could be something as simple as a different color on the accent design or changing the texture with wood, stone, paint colors.

For a little bit more Adventure, you can create a mural that you actually paint on or paste on using a roll-on mural or wallpaper

23. Wood Car Jeep Floor Bed for Twin Baby Boys

Wood Car Jeep Floor Bed for Twin Baby Boys
(Source: ohhappyplay)

If your twin boys are so obsessed with cars, let’s find them a car bed when it comes time to switch them from their cribs. This unique sleep setup can be turned into a DIY project.

You just need to draw your idea down and give it to a woodworker who can help you bring the idea to life. 

24. Jumanji Styled Bedroom for A 4-Year-Old Boy

Jumanji Styled Bedroom for A 4-Year-Old Boy
(Source: etsy)

Regardless of whether you or your kids love Jumanji, you can bring the natural appeal of this popular movie to life that any little boy is sure to love.

The scene throughout the movie is nature, forest, plants, leaves, and a cowboy style with a vintage suitcase box.

The special feature of this idea is that your baby boy’s bedroom will be decorated with a wood house bed and vintage suitcase box as a bedside table 

25. Install A Creative Hanging Bassinet

Install A Creative Hanging Bassinet
(Source: etsy)

A creative hanging bassinet using macrame, boho-chic design, and light and Airy curtain fabric is a creative way to set up a newborn nursery.

Not only is this cradle design really unique, but it’s very natural, inspiring, and overly relaxing. Accentuate this hanging cradle with potted plants and light-colored furniture. 

26. Place A Rocking Chair 

Place A Rocking Chair
(Source: article)

Baby or infant boys love to be rocked, and in any nursery, the most used furniture besides the crib or bassinet is the wood rocking chair.

The perfect rocking chair is one that is stable, comfy, and timeless. When you find the right infant rocker, you can look forward to loving every second you spend rocking your little one to sleep.

And once they get older, the rocking chair becomes the perfect place for a long bedtime story.

27. Sailboats Hanging From The Ceiling

Sailboats Hanging From The Ceiling
(Source: m.lonny)

If you are thinking about hanging something fantastic from the ceiling, creating a whimsical focal point without considering installing an expensive chandelier, then you may want to consider this idea.

You can hang navy blue and white sailboats or whatever your baby boys like on the ceiling to attract their attention. Hanging structures like these can also be a fun way to create a contrasting accent in the room.

28. Place A Wooden Rocking Horse 

Place A Wooden Rocking Horse
(Source: decopeques)

Boys from toddler age to four years old will love this rocking horse idea. This toy keeps the baby boys playing calmly and does not disturb you when you are busy with housework or cooking.

In addition to being able to be put in the baby boy’s bedroom, this is a portable decorative item so you can place it anywhere in the house as long as you can keep an eye on your baby child.

29. Bring Sky To Your Baby Boy Bedroom With Ceiling Art

Bring Sky To Your Baby Boy Bedroom With Ceiling Art
(Source: sklardesign)

Whether you have baby boy kids or not, I’m sure you enjoy looking at all the cute things you could one day include in their room’s design.

Try a sky-inspired design and use colors such as pastel blue and white to make the clouds stand out. Then if you install spotlights in the ceiling they’ll look like suns glowing in the sky.

That would be a really fun fantasy and a great look for a tray ceiling because you can work with the existing design.

30. Remove Nursery Closet Doors for More Space

Remove Nursery Closet Doors for More Space
(Source: extraspace)

Whether you’re raising a baby in a one-bedroom apartment or you live in a smaller home that requires you to create shared kids’ bedrooms, all you need is a little creativity to create the perfect small nursery for your baby.

If your baby’s room has a closet, remove the closet doors for an open-concept feel.

This not only helps a small space nursery feel bigger, but it also means you don’t have to open and close closet doors every time you need to quickly grab clothes, shoes, diapers, toys, or other stored items.

We hope our list of the best baby boy bedroom ideas has helped you create the perfect sleeping space for your little one, whether it be a big kid room or a sweet nursery.

Let us know in the comments section below which of these decor themes is your favorite and which you are looking forward to trying out in your own home!


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