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21+ Dreamy Attic Bedroom Ideas That Make Your Space More Cozier (2022)

Attic Bedroom Ideas Will Make Your Space More Cozier

Typically, when someone mentions an attic, you might think of a dark, dreary space that is not really used. As decor trends continue to grow, this space is becoming a popular place to decorate and dress up into An Attic Bedroom. 

It’s no wonder why lofts are starting to be a favorite space for many who want to create a spare bedroom in their home. Even better is that you can do this without putting forward too much effort. Today, we’re going to take a look at some really great ways to help decorate this often neglected space in your home. 

We will take a look at how to use different architectural styles to help create a lovely and modern space. We will also look at using specific design themes like a countryside vibe or a farmhouse theme in your roof space. We’re sure that our helpful tips will help you see the potential in your own attic. Get ready to be inspired!

How To Make An Attic Into A Bedroom

1. Rustic Attic Bedroom

Rustic Attic Bedroom
(Source: Roomester)

Create a minimalist attic bedroom by using white decor elements. You can also use it on the bedding, wall paint, and other fabric or upholstered accessories. Incorporate a rustic look by using a brick wall, a sloped ceiling, and wooden accents too. Because attics are naturally small, the white will help brighten up the space. 

2. Attic Bedroom with Functional Closet

Attic Bedroom with Functional Closet
(Source: lovePROPERTY)

Just because your room is in the attic does not mean you can’t incorporate a walk-in closet. Having a functional closet that is hidden in one corner of the room is fantastic for creating a well-put-together attic bedroom. If you want to create a masculine bedroom, use plenty of black tones throughout the room.

3. All-White Attic Bedroom Ideas

All-White Attic Bedroom
(Source: This Old House)

Create a stunning attic sleeping space by using all white. Help accentuate the room by incorporating a big art print or custom canvas that is hung right above the bed. If you have room, include a small chair in the corner too.

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4. Attic Bedroom with Large Window

Attic Bedroom with Large Window
(Source: Architecture)

If your attic has a beautiful sky window in it, then use the window alongside the bedroom decor. Allowing natural light to enter the space is a really great way to help brighten up the room. Pieces of furniture to incorporate include a simple mattress that is set on the floor.

5. Attic Bedroom Ideas with Fairy Light

Attic Bedroom Ideas with Fairy Light
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a farmhouse-style attic sleeping space by using quaint fairy lights throughout. String lighting that is strung on a slanted ceiling can create such a beautiful effect. If you like warm cozy atmospheres, the string lighting can help set this mood. 

If your attic is made out of wood, then string lights are a beautiful way to highlight the wooden structure too. Skip out on hanging up pictures, and instead use the string lighting to decorate with. 

6. 3D Industrial Attic Room Ideas

3D Industrial Attic Room
(Source: Litfad)

Use 3D wallpaper to create a really amazing 3D Effect tunnel design. This design works especially great if you have a V-shaped ceiling. Play around with different tones of gray, white, and black to put together this look. Because you want the focus to be on this 3D wall effect, be simple in the rest of the room’s decor.  

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7. Transparent Ceiling Ideas

Transparent Ceiling
(Source: DesignRulz)

You can create a stunning glass attic penthouse chalet if your attic is comprised of lots of windows. A look like this is fantastic if you have an open view or a stunning mountain view below. 

Typically, you’ll find attics like these along with oceanside homes and high mountain cottages. Decorate the rest of the room using decore elements that complement the outside. 

8. Led Light Attic Bedroom Design 

Led Light Attic Bedroom Design 
(Source: LiD Design)

Illuminate the attic by using LED bedroom lighting. The best type of illumination is tucked away under the outline of decor fixtures on the ceiling and floor. Using lighting in a recessed manner like this can give you a really modern look throughout your sleeping space. 

9. Creative Cartoon Ceiling Light Fixture

Creative Cartoon Ceiling Light Fixture
(Source: Pinterest)

An attic is a great place to set up a children’s bedroom. To create a marvelous kid’s attic bedroom, use-inspired designs from cartoon characters that your children love. You can mix a little bit of childish decor with modern decor by using trending design elements. For example, incorporate a pendant light to pull off an industrial sort of look.

10. Gallery Wall Art Attic Bedroom Ideas

Gallery Wall Art Attic Bedroom
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

A really neat design element to incorporate in a master attic bedroom is a photo gallery wall. A gallery wall full of personalized pictures is a fantastic way to create a personalized sleeping space. If you are going to go for this look, then try sticking with one color scheme. This will help you keep a sense of order in what is typically it’s a chaotic design. 

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11. Window Seat Between Bed

Window Seat Between Bed
(Source: Decorpad)

Set up a pair of built-in shelves and a bench on one side of your attic bedroom. This functional space can make your attic space really stand out. You can use it as a place to store your possessions and you can use it as a place to lounge in. 

A great place to set this up is by a window. Have the bench be right underneath the window so that you can look out and enjoy the day. This will also allow it to serve as a great reading nook. If you have twin beds, then this setup works really well in between both beds.

12. Storage Bed Frame in Attic Bedroom 

Storage Bed Frame in Attic Bedroom 
(Source: Decorpad)

Another great idea for a kid’s room in the attic is incorporating pieces that do double duty. For example, you can set up a cozy attic bedroom with a bed that also doubles up as a storage space. 

Twin beds that have pull-out drawers underneath them can really help you limit the use of space. And because kids will tend to have lots of belongings including toys, books, and clothes, this can come in handy. 

13. Small Office in Attic Room Ideas

Small Office in Attic room
(Source: HGTV Canada)

If you have a large master bedroom in the attic, then you can designate an area that will serve as your workspace too. A great place to set up your works space is by a small window. 

You don’t need much to put this look together. Simply set up a desk against the window, and put all your work gear on it. If you have the space, you can even incorporate a small bookshelf on the side as well. 

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14. Country Attic Sleeping Space

Country Attic Sleeping Space
(Source: Pinterest)

An attic with a wooden accent is one of the best places to create a farmhouse-style bedroom. There are so many elements you can use in an attic like this. One of the best is a hanging chair that is secured to one of the wooden beams on the ceiling. 

When it comes to the bed, swap out your traditional bed frame and use a wooden pallet instead. Wooden pallets will give you that nice rustic vibe on your bed and throughout the room as well.

15. Seating Area for Attic Master Bedroom

Seating Area for Master Attic Bedroom
(Source: ArtStation)

A really functional piece to create in a couple’s bedroom is a seating area or a living room. You can create this space by setting up a large sofa opposite where your bed is. 

If you have the space, you can even incorporate a coffee table in the middle of the room too. Stick with furniture pieces that are on the smaller side so that they don’t take up too much space in your room.

16. Bring Nature into Your Attic Bedroom

Bring Nature into Your Attic Bedroom
(Source: Reddit)

Add a little greenery to your small attic bedroom to create a vibe consistent with the outdoors. You can add greenery by using potted plants on the foot of your bed. If you have a window sill, this can be a great place to do it too. Low on space? No worries. 

Set up hanging potted plants on your bedroom ceiling to create the vibe of fresh air. If you really love this look, you can even include a natural headboard made out of pallets that are dressed in small vine plants.

17. Navy Attic Bedroom

Navy Attic room
(Source: Blender Artists)

Navy blue can be a great paint color for attic bedrooms. Because it can be a little dark, one of the best ways to use it is by creating a blue accent wall. Keep the rest of the walls nice and bright by using white paint. 

You can complement the blue accent wall by matching it with a dark blue bedding set. This will help you create an aesthetic bedroom that is mature, yet calm and enjoyable. 

18. Vintage Attic Bedroom

Vintage Attic Bedroom
(Source: Hello, Scarlett Blog)

If you have an old attic bedroom, then you might want to consider creating a vintage attic vibe in it. This type of bedroom design works great in attic bedrooms that have wooden beams going from the ceiling to the floor. 

Add in design elements including displaying old-fashioned photographs on the walls. You can incorporate custom photographs of you and your loved ones as well if you want more personalization.

19. Incorporate Attic Bedroom and Bathroom

Incorporate Attic Bedroom and Bathroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Some attics have enough room that they can be separated into a bedroom and a bathroom. If your attic is spacious like this, then one of the best ways to design it is by using glass walls. 

Glass walls work well as partitions and will also help you create a room that is nice and open. This is great for attics in general because these spaces tend to be smaller. Create a comfortable leisurely atmosphere by using lots of bright colors to complement the glass. LED lights and skylights are other great ways to help brighten up the room.

20. Scandinavian Attic Room

Scandinavian Attic Room
(Source: Mountain Laurel Handrails)

A Scandinavian-inspired design can be so fitting for an attic bedroom. Scandinavian decor helps create a modern vibe because it uses bright colors and natural elements. 

If you have a window, allow the natural light to reflect off of your bedding. You can also use string lights over a platform bed to help brighten up the space during the evening hours too.

21. Bohemian Attic Bedroom

Bohemian Attic Bedroom
(Source: Sortra)

One of the best attic bedroom ideas for a teenage girl is a rustic boho style. This type of design plays around with lots of earthy tones like white, beige, and navy green. 

Pull this beautiful look together by using a bed canopy. Dress up the canopy bed with matching curtains and fairy lights as well. Use lots of natural elements like macrame, and even rattan decor to help emphasize the boho-chic look. 


There is so much potential that exists in what is often the most neglected space of the home. We hope our list of eclectic attic bedroom design ideas has helped inspire you. 

What type of attic do you have in your home,  and what do you think is the best way to transform it? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. 

If you know someone who has an attic that can use a beautiful transformation, be sure to share this article with them as well!

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