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Asian Bedroom – 25 Design and Decor Ideas Inspired by Asian Style

Asian-inspired bedroom with dark wood furniture

While exploring decor ideas, you should consider the Asian bedroom style, which is one of the most preferred design choices for a modern bedroom. Interior designers are borrowing ideas from Asian-inspired bedroom styles. Largely, an Asian-themed bedroom is a fusion of different elements from across the region.

Often, the style is dominated by Chinese and Japanese oriental influences, with occasional additions of Indian motifs. If you want to achieve comfort and relaxation in your bedroom, an Asian-style bedroom will give you the right trimmings to make you feel relaxed every time you step into your bedroom. Here are 25 Asian bedroom ideas you can try out.

1. Birds and Flowers

Birds and Flowers Bedroom Wall Decor
(Source: By Chloe Dominik)

If you want an Asian-inspired bedroom, you can explore contemporary ideas that incorporate flowers and birds as a part of the bedroom decor.

This includes adding touches on the walls and a simple vase matching the color theme and texture of your design language.

You can play around with soft colors, including soft greys combined with gold accents on the walls. This is an easy idea to execute as you don’t need major changes. You can simply add a matching wallpaper and a flower near the bed. 

2. Oriental Patterned Pillows

Oriental Patterned Pillows for Asian Bedroom
(Source: Cloud Nine Interiors)

You can use oriental patterned pillows to infuse that artistic look into your bedroom. This is an opportunity to include shots of color, texture, and pattern in your bedroom decor.

Toss pillows are an ideal choice if you want to instantly make your bedroom look better. The trick is using more than three pillows and finding patterns or colors that contrast with the bedding while merging with other accessories in your bedroom. 

3. Far East Inspiration in Asian Master Bedroom

Far East Inspiration in Asian Master Bedroom
(Source: Insplosion)

Source your inspiration for bedroom decor from the Far East. This East Asian-inspired theme includes the use of marble pieces and circle art in the bedroom, creating an ambiance that gives off a luxurious and grand atmosphere.

This is the ideal choice for an elegant master bedroom if you want to create a special space you will always love to spend time in. 

5. Combine Rich Colors

Combine Rich Colors in Asian Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

One way to create a magnificent bedroom is to master your color combination. In this case, you might want to try out rich colors like mauve and brown-tinted plum tones.

You can paint the walls with tones of purple if you want a soothing quality to your bedroom in places where deeper tones could be too overpowering. Mix toned-down options with rich accents for your bedding and other elements in your bedroom. 

4. Paper Lanterns in Modern Asian Bedroom

Paper Lanterns in Modern Asian Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

When it comes to decorating an Asian bedroom set, you also need to consider lighting options, which can set the mood and also contribute to the overall theme of your style.

Paper lanterns make it possible to match the shades in the lamps with your wallpaper. This is an opportunity to create soft lighting, perfect for setting a romantic scene in your master bedroom. 

6. Modern Korean-Style Bedroom for Teenager

Modern Korean-Style Bedroom for Teenager
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re decorating a bedroom for a teenager, you can go with a minimalist style and utilize a big window to plan the placement of furniture as you need to let in more natural lighting.

Here, you can use bright tones to show a colorful decoration. For this bedroom, small colorful items can create the perfect blend, and you can also get creative with nude colors. 

7. Display A Traditional Costume

Display A Kimono Above the Bed
(Source: The Society Inc by Sibella Court)

The Asian theme is also easy to achieve without changing up a lot of elements about your bedroom. Even displaying a traditional costume like a kimono can have a powerful effect.

It shows the culture and style preferences of the Asian people. Such traditional elements can add captivating colors and help you include beautiful designs in your bedroom. Often, they’re instantly recognizable, creating a focal point. 

8. Magnolia Painting with Antique Chinese Screens

Magnolia Painting with Antique Chinese Screens
(Source: griffinandwong)

Designing an Asian-themed bedroom does not mean doing a major overhaul, as antique Chinese screens with magnolia painting can have a powerful effect.

Explore thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets to find vintage art pieces you can add to your decor to achieve the effect you want.

Thrifted pieces can help you breathe new life into your bedroom. You can use wall art if you want to round out a color instead of displaying a specific image. 

9. Circular Sliding Door

Circular Sliding Door
(Source: Pinterest)

To display an oriental-themed design, you can also incorporate circular sliding doors, especially in the balcony of your master bedroom.

A sliding door can demonstrate the Asian design, but it also lets you enjoy the views outside and can create a positive ambiance in your space. If your bedroom is vibrant, a round-headed door can add a comfy feel and make the space chilled-out. 

10. Thai Inspired Bedroom Decor

Thai Inspired Bedroom Decor
(Source: Elle Decor India)

Explore Thai-inspired decor ideas by adding a few earthen jars to your bedroom. This works perfectly in a wooden bedroom, which is the epitome of an earthy interior design.

The design is no less earthy if you include modern elements, so check out some creative wooden interiors for inspiration to know how you can incorporate decor elements that will exemplify Thai style. 

11. Wood Is Mostly Used in Asian Bedroom

Wooden Asian Bedroom
(Source: Small Design Ideas)

One of the best ways to create an Asian-themed bedroom is by exploring the use of wood for different panels. Wood is the ideal option if you want to display floor-to-ceiling bedroom decor.

An exotic wood panel can be a great choice for decorations, which you can use to cover the ceiling, walls, and floor. Wood is decorative in itself, so you don’t need to do much, and it’s also a good material for soundproofing. 

12. Buddha Head Art

Buddha Head Art on Bedroom Wall
(Source: HGTV Photo Library)

Asian decor ideas offer you many choices, including canvas art, which you can display on your walls and other fixtures. For a Zen-themed bedroom, Buddha head art is one of the top choices for decor you can work with.

You can also try out abstract art instead of a mirror. This amps up your space above the neutral dresser if you want to add a large-scale piece of artwork. 

13. Asian-Style Statue

Asian-Style Statue
(Source: Houzz)

A standing statue offers one of the easiest ways to transform your bedroom for an Asian theme. The statue blends perfectly with abstract drawings, which can stand out against your bedroom’s pastel walls and curtains.

This works even on a minimalist mid-century bedroom with a single piece of art spanning the width of your headboard. Other ideas that can go along with an Asian-style statue include a wall-sized poster that makes a statement and black frames on the gallery wall.

14. Folding Screen Headboard in Chinoiserie Trend

Folding Screen Headboard in Chinoiserie Trend
(Source: Houzz)

If you want a style close to the Chinese motif, the Chinoiserie trend might be the thing for you as it imitates the motifs.

You can decorate your bedroom with a chinoiserie floor screen, a style you can also display on the headboard. To set a backdrop, you can add a chinoiserie folding screen, which can complement your bedroom and blend with a tiger print accent chair. 

15. Lotus and Buddha Table Lamp

Lotus and Buddha Table Lamp
(Source: Decorpad)

Table lamps are opportunities to communicate your style and decor preferences. Having the right bedside lighting will make a big difference in communicating the Asian-style bedroom style.

A lotus and Buddha table lamp is a recommended piece you can add to your bedroom to contribute to the Asian theme. The lamp should offer the perfect form and functionality for your needs, so explore different styles to know what works best for you. 

16. Mountain Watercolor Art

Mountain Watercolor Art Behind the Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Decorating the walls is an essential part of interior design, so you can be playful with decorations that mimic nature to create the perfect landscape. A mountain watercolor art piece will bring your bedroom to life.

Along with this design, you can use metallic accents, which pop and add dimension to complement the layers of textiles that add a soft texture. You can also use a mural on the wall, including a printed wallpaper. 

17. Decorate the Asian Bedroom with Antique Porcelain Vase

Decorate the Asian Bedroom with Antique Porcelain Vase
(Source: baptistebohu)

If you need a few touches or polish to achieve the Asian theme in your bedroom, a floor vase is a good idea. Floor vases can complement your home’s decor and highlight popping colors in the bedroom.

For a modern look, you can choose transparent glass vases, which come in many shapes. Fill the vase with branches of your choice, leaves, or faux flowers. 

18. Feng Shui Dragon Imprinted on the Asian Bedroom Interiors

Feng Shui Dragon Imprinted on the Asian Bedroom Interiors
(Source: Wendy Morrison Design)

Dragons are one of the most ideal ways to bring the Asian theme into your bedroom. There are many options for an Asian dragon print, including an abstract art piece featuring a green-horned monster.

This is among the preferred options because of the simplicity and complexity. You can even have the dragon theme displayed on a hand fan. 

19. Bamboo Bed Frame

Bamboo Bed Frame
(Source: Chicago Magazine)

An Asian-style bed is also a great way to convert your bedroom to feature the Asian style. To create a bamboo-themed bedroom, you can check out ideas on beds with a mambo frame.

The frame is an opportunity if you want to add dreamy drapery, which can go a long way in elevating your overall style and theme. You can add a canopy without making your bedroom claustrophobic.

20. Place A Little Monk Statue on the Nightstand

Place A Little Monk Statue on the Nightstand
(Source: Houzz)

Explore tabletop decor for opportunities to incorporate elements that can create the Asian style look and feel.

A monk statue on the nightstand can work perfectly if you don’t have a glass or ceramic vase you can use to display dried branches on the sideboard. Art adds a unique story to the bedroom, so explore different options to go along with the statue. 

21. Asian Bedroom with Chinese-Style Cabinets

Asian Bedroom with Chinese-Style Cabinets
(Source: Interiors Online)

Cabinets are an opportunity to express your personality while building an Asian bedroom. You can use Chinese-style cabinets featuring a knotted tassel.

Alongside your bed, you can add a split cabinet, especially if you want a design that can work perfectly in a compact bedroom. On the cabinets, you can display different styles, including creative carvings. 

22. Frame the Asian Bedroom Interiors with Wood

Frame the Asian Bedroom Interiors with Wood
(Source: Home Stratosphere)

A wooden theme is a perfect option if you look to include an earthy interior in an Asian-style bedroom. You can use wood on the window or as a decoration above the bed.

The natural wood floor is a compliment to a wooden bedroom, and you can add a four-poster bed with a fur blanket, which is perfect if you want to create a back-to-nature feel.

23. Asian Pagoda-Inspired Mirror in Bedroom

Asian Pagoda-Inspired Mirror in Bedroom
(Source: ciaonewportbeach)

A bedroom mirror is among decor accents that will do many things at once. It makes your dressing area, visually enhances the interior, and adds a decorative element to your bedroom.

An Asian pagoda-inspired mirror in your bedroom is versatile as it can achieve all these things while adding a unique style element. You get both convenience and style. 

24. Inspired by Grinding Ink and Mixed with Natural Materials

Bedroom Inspired by Grinding Ink and Mixed with Natural Materials
(Source: baptistebohu)

Experiment with grinding ink blended with a rattan furniture set, including a chair, table lamp, and romantic elements on the headboard.

Black and white can unify the different furniture styles, and white makes the room feel serene, while yellow accents add a bit more energy and fun. You can also mix neutrals on the furniture and other sections of the room. 

25. Metal Wall Plaque Inspired by Mandala

Metal Wall Plaque Inspired by Mandala
(Source: The Wow Decor)

Metal wall decor will add personality to your bedroom as it allows you to create a statement piece.

If you’re looking for oriental decorating ideas, you can experiment with earth tones for your wall decor. Along with the design, you can incorporate metal with some hardware like accessories around the bedroom. 

If you want to transform your bedroom, the Asian style is one of the easiest options to include in your bedroom. It features colorful elements and animated features, which add serenity and a welcoming atmosphere. These ideas will guide you to get started with your bedroom transformation. 

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