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17+ Awesome Accent Wall Design & Decor Ideas To Cheer Up Your Home

Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Create a beautiful focal point in your home using a unique and distinct accent wall. Your feature wall is a great way to play with colors, different material options, and different pattern schemes.

Whether you want to create a living pace that will intrigue your guests, or whether you want to design a space in your room that complements a unique centerpiece, we’ve got your covered.

We’ve got some amazing design ideas for unique wall decor that will help you create a beautiful environment fit for any space in your home.

Here Are Some Great Ideas:

1. Simple Objects Transformed into Something Truly Remarkable

Slats Transformed into Remarkable Accent Wall
(Source: CobbShops)

Wooden slats are an incredibly versatile way to bring an awesome yet modern look into your living space.

In large spaces, potions of black slats can be used as accent pieces, while variations of slat sizes, colors, and unique lighting fixtures can create an amazing aesthetic for smaller-sized rooms. 

2. Out of Horizontal and Vertical Patterns

(Source: Under Foot Inc Flooring Consultants) 

Shiplap is a distinct material if you want to create a focal point in your room.

Shiplap works great for a kitchen or dining room and installing your shiplap in diagonal angles allows you to create a nice illusion of a larger space if you are working with small spaces.

If your dining room receives a lot of life, using shiplap is a great way to compliment the natural components of the room too. 

3. Simple Paint Adds a Sense of Architecture 

Simple Paint Adds a Sense of Architecture
(Source: Pinterest)

You do not need to do any heavy-duty demolition in order to create a beautiful arch in your home. Painting an empty wall using a subtle color can help you create the illusion of unique architecture in your home.

Orange and green colors are great natural hues to go with and can be calming and a variety of spaces including your home office or even hallways

4. Try Some Wall Framed Hangings 

Wall Framed Hangings
(Source: Architectural Digest) 

Framed hanging pictures are a great way to draw your guests’ attention to a specific part of your living space.

You can avoid using damaging nails to hang your picture frames. Instead, use 3M wall tape for an easy and safe installation.

Play around with photos, canvas paintings, and abstract art of all sizes. 

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5. Corrugated Metal Walls In Interior Space

Corrugated Metal Walls In Interior Space
(Source: AprylAnn)

A corrugated metal wall is a neat way to create an industrial yet modern look in your kitchen. This unique material is perfect for eclectic kitchens that are limited in space.

Their reflective surface allows light to bounce off creating the illusion of a larger space. 

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6. Wrap Your Room in Bright Sunshine

Wrap Your Room in Bright Sunshine
(Source: Roomsign)

If you have a room that gets a lot of sunshine, then complement this room with light-colored wall decor.

Yellow is one of the two main colors of the year. Play around with this vibrant color along with other pastels to create a living room that boasts joy.

The open-air, bright design will transform any space into the most popular room in your home. 

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7. Wall Highlighted with Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper Ideas

Wall Highlighted with Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper Ideas
(Source: Interior Design Ideas)

Peel and stick wallpaper is one of the most effective ways to decorate any room without having to deal with the frustration that is actual wallpaper. This unique design is perfect for a master bedroom or office space.

Not only will it draw your attention to a particular wall, but it is a great way to add an element of personalization. Don’t be afraid to go bold with peel and stick wallpaper!

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8. Paneling An Accent Wall in Geometric Style

Paneling An Accent Wall in Geometric Style
(Source: Within the Grove)

Nursery rooms are best when they toe the line with simple and subtle yet bold and trendy.

Using wood trims to create geometric shapes is a neat way to create an eye-catchiness that allows a part of the room to pop out.

When using this style consider playing around with darker hues and light-colored furniture. 

9. Stone Wall With A Window Among

Stone Wall With A Window Among
(Source: donleybrick)

The latest trend in home decor is playing around with natural elements and incorporating them into your home. Faux stone can be a great feature to add to a bathroom space or a sunroom.

These natural hues look best when paired with light colors that allow them to really “pop”. 

10. Reclaimed Wooden Materials Create A Warmer Space

Reclaimed Wooden Materials Create A Warmer Space
(Source: Coastal Creative)

Reclaimed wood using pallet lumber is a unique way to play with a DIY decor idea that will add a unique personality to your home.

You can utilize dark-colored reclaimed wood in large spaces and lighter-colored reclaimed wood to create the illusion of more space in smaller rooms.

Depending on the color scheme you use, you can turn a bland room into a cozy room with this simple design idea.

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11. All White But Remarkably Gorgeous

All White Accent Wall But Remarkably Gorgeous
(Source: Norstone)

Don’t Be intimidated by an all-white design aesthetic. An all-white design scheme using different textures of materials such as stacked stone can create a light and airy room.

If the room has plenty of natural light sources, you can skip light fixtures all together during the daytime.

12. Concrete Accent Wall Panels 

Concrete Accent Wall Panels
(Source: Homedesigning)

Who says concrete is only meant for the outside of the house. Concrete texture wall panels are a great interior wall design idea.

When you couple concrete panels with lighting fixtures, you can create a unique look for a bedroom, a home office, or the main living space.

13. Natural Brick Highlighting Your Wall 

 Natural Brick Highlighting Your Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most iconic wall decor ideas for smaller homes, especially condos and studio apartment homes is a brick wall.

Natural red bricks are a great way to customize the personality of your home. Natural red brick offers not only a cool look, but it can give a warm and inviting atmosphere.

14. Make Your Own Wine Focal Point 

Make Your Own Wine Focal Point on Wall
(Source: Blue Grouse Wine Cellar)

 If you have a passion for wine and have amassed a wine collection, then you can let your bottles serve as the unique wall decor in your kitchen or dining room.

Using glass shelves, you can display your favorite wine for a visually appealing aesthetic. Play with dark hues, wooden designs, and you’ll have a great talking piece for your room. 

15. Combination Between Color and Wooden Art

Combination Between Wall Color and Wooden Art
(Source: Homesthetics)

Play around with dark paint and wooden art to create a sleek, modern wall design idea. Pair dark earthy hues like navy blue with different wooden art pieces for a unique style that works great in a small bedroom or home office.

16. Neutral Color Can Create A Focal Point

Neutral Color Can Create A Focal Point
(Source: Spacejoy)

Play with natural paint colors like gray, white, and black, to create a gorgeous and modern style design theme. Use darker colors as the accent wall hue and surround it with lighter colors to help pull the room together. 

17. Sparkle Accent Wall Ideas

Gold Sparkle Accent Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’ve got an eye for all things sparkly, then glitter tile wall decor is a great way to accentuate any living space, especially one that has a fireplace.

Subtle gold glitter tiles can make for a glorious addition to a focal wall, especially if there is natural light it can catch.

This unique design idea is the perfect example of how a little bit can go a long way 

Do’s and Don’ts Tips

DON’T be afraid of using bold colors.

Turquoise Dining Room Accent Wall
(Source: NORD)

Bold colors can help draw your guests’ attention to a specific part of a room and can act as a great way to highlight special centerpieces. Don’t shy away from playing around with bold colors, but be sure not to go overboard either.

DON’T forget that there is more to accent walls than just paint.

Decor Wood Slices on Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Paint is one way to create accent walls, but don’t forget about playing with different images as well. Customized wallpaper and different textures can go a long way in creating unique design themes. 

DON’T forget that wallpaper is a gorgeous choice for accent walls.

Gorgeous floral wallpaper for accent wall.
(Source: House Beautiful)

While wallpaper can be tacky when it covers a whole house, don’t be afraid to play with the wallpaper when you use it to make one part of your room stand out.

DO think about other ways to use paint color.

Using black, grey, white, and yellow paint colors to make a geometric accent wall.
(Source: Pinterest)

As you play around with paint, don’t be afraid of using different paint colors in the same room. Play around with geometric shapes and textured paint brushes to incorporate more than one color. 

DO try a neutral color.

Brown accent wall color.
(Source: Pinterest)

Neutral colors can be incredibly calming and there is no need to avoid them when you are redesigning your space. Earthy tones compliment natural decor really well, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere.

DO control colors balance of room’s walls

white and grey walls create color balance of room’s walls
(Source: Glidden Paint)

Balance color choices and use an equal amount of dark colors and light colors when you are putting together a room. Using too much of a darker or lighter shade can throw off the zen in any room. 

Designing a space using an accent wall is a great way to bring in a sense of personalization that allows your guests to know a bit more about who you are. Don’t be afraid of using unique design aspects to spruce up a bedroom or living space.

Let us know in the comments section below what your favorite design idea is!

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